Elisabeth Moss Reveals Why Upcoming Simpsons Guest Gig Wasn't on Her Bucket List

The Simpsons Season 25 Spoilers Elisabeth MossMad Men‘s Elisabeth Moss is no stranger to playing baby mamas with drama (Season 1 Pete, you know what you did), but an upcoming episode of The Simpsons will find Peggy’s portrayer in an even more awkward situation than waking up, post-partum, to find Don Draper sitting next beside her hospital bed.

“I’ve been pregnant on a lot of stuff and have had babies before on TV and in movies, but this is the first one delivered by Homer,” the actress tells TVLine with a laugh. “It’s an important occasion.”

Read on to hear Moss preview her episode of the Fox animated series, which airs Sunday, Nov. 17, at 8/7c.

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TVLINE | We know that your character names her child after Homer – I assume, in the beginning at least, she’s very enamored of this man who helps her when she goes into labor in an elevator.
Absolutely. The basics are that she gets stuck, and he is there for her in this incredible moment, and she’s obviously very grateful to him. When they first told me a little bit about the storyline, I laughed out loud. For me, to not only be on The Simpsons but to have a scene with Homer, it’s the greatest honor.

TVLINE | Were you a fan beforehand?
Yeah… It’s such a groundbreaking, brilliant show. I swear to God, it was one of the coolest moments of my life to be asked to be on it. It was one of those moments that you’d never even put on your bucket list, because who gets to be on The Simpsons?! But when you do, it’s such an honor.

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TVLINE | We know that Homer wants to bond with your character’s child, but he’s not known for being the best dad on the planet. Can you give us a preview of how that goes?
That’s what’s funny about it… He takes [the delivery experience] really to heart and wants to be a part of the child’s life. As grateful as she is for what he did, obviously she has a life of her own and other plans and a baby daddy. [Laughs] That’s where the humor in the episode in my story is, that Homer, who’s such a horrible father, bonds with this baby.

TVLINE | You’ve done animation voice work in series like Batman and Animaniacs. Any tips you picked up along that way that helped with this gig?
These [Simpsons] guys are such experts. I’ve never really done a comedic voiceover like this. These guys, after 25 years they have it so down. I went in there just wanting to do whatever the director and writers wanted me to do. They know a lot more about how to make this good and funny than I do. It’s so different from my day job; I think I said a couple of times, “Is this OK? Am I doing all right?” [Laughs] They were like, “It’s great.”

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TVLINE Some of your Mad Men co-stars, like Jon Hamm and John Slattery, have voiced characters on The Simpsons before. Did you discuss your episode with them beforehand?
I think I told them about it. You know, the person I told first, actually, was Rich Sommer, who is probably the biggest Simpsons fan on the face of the planet. [Laughs] He’s a really big fan of the show. He was the first person I texted because I knew that he would absolutely just keel over and die. [Laughs] And I think he did.