The Originals Preview: Can a 'Reckless and Fearless' Tyler Get the Upper Hand on Klaus?

The Originals Season 1 SpoilersVampire Diaries resident Tyler is coming to The Originals with revenge on the brain and a darker attitude.

No longer just the dutiful minion of his sire Klaus, Tyler is armed with some strategic intel on the Original. And he’s not the only one who may be on the receiving end of Tyler’s wrath.

Not to be outdone, Klaus has some feelings about a certain break-up back in Mystic Falls.

Here’s what you need to know about The CW’s first Originals/Vampire Diaries crossover, airing Tuesday at 8/7c — and who may be traveling between the series next.

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MAN ON A MISSION | Tyler arrives in New Orleans with one main objective: “Revenge against Klaus, which is a reoccurring theme,” Michael Trevino previews. “With this second act of revenge against Klaus, it’s going on his territory.” But how does one go about getting payback against a centuries-old, powerful hybrid, especially when his demise could lead to the death of your friends and loved ones? “Whoever wants Klaus out of the picture, he’ll probably be coming to join up with them, to make friends with them,” teases Joseph Morgan. For example, “Marcel might be one” of the new faces Tyler teams with, Charles Michael Davis hints. “He’ll shake things up and definitely have interactions with multiple characters.”

FILLING IN THE BLANKS | Although we won’t see flashbacks of Tyler’s time in the Appalachian range, “We will find out that he’s been, like you could imagine, roaming around with different wolf packs all around the mountains, and that’s how he’s been gathering his information,” Trevino says. “With that, he comes fully loaded with information not only to give to Hayley, but to back-stab Klaus – not in a physical way, but in a threatening way.”

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A DARKER TYLER | “I feel like he’s a little different,” Joseph Morgan says of Klaus’ former siree. “They’ve really turned him into this guy with nothing to lose. And the tone of our show, anyway, is more adult. … So [Tyler] really comes into this absolutely reckless and fearless [as] someone who’s lost everything.” Trevino also describes his Originals appearance as echoing “Tyler from [Vampire Diaries] Season 1” when “he wasn’t really a nice guy.” So could he be considered the villain of the episode given that he’s interfering with the show’s “hero”? “It depends on how you look at it,” concedes Morgan, noting that Originals viewers who haven’t watched Vampire Diaries might see him as a bad guy. But for his part, Morgan says, “I don’t think Tyler’s necessarily the villain, but he is as layered a character as Klaus or Marcel. They’ve given us reasons to root for him.”

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WOLFY COMPLICATED HISTORY | Having played a part in the murder of Tyler’s mother, Hayley’s “probably not on his good side right now,” says Trevino. So he sets out “to make her realize it.” And Hayley being pregnant with the baby of Tyler’s biggest enemy doesn’t help matters. Says Phoebe Tonkin: “We realize he’s a little disappointed in Hayley and the situation that she’s in.” Meanwhile, the mystery of the wolf that saved her life will also be addressed. “We learn a bit more in The Originals Season 1 Spoilersthe coming episodes exactly who that wolf is, why that wolf is following Hayley and why there are werewolves when it’s not a full moon,” Tonkin teases.

GIRL IN THE MIDDLE | The fact that Tyler broke up with the object of Klaus’ affection, Caroline, will likely come up during their confrontation. “You would figure that Klaus is going to take a jab or two,” Trevino previews. “He’s going to be a smartass and… ruffle Tyler’s feathers, so to speak.”

ANOTHER VISITOR | Who will be the next Mystic Falls resident to travel to The Originals? Davis is hoping for another witch, Bonnie, while Daniel Gillies jokes that maybe Katherine could come for “a hot weekend” with Elijah. Unfortunately, it doesn’t seem like a certain blonde will be making the trip any time soon. “It sounds like there’s a lot going on in New Orleans without throwing Caroline into the mix,” says Candice Accola. “Caroline’s really focused on staying in college right now and going through a break-up.”