Grey’s Anatomy Recap: Fight Club

Grey's Anatomy Season 10 In this week’s Grey’s Anatomy, Meredith would be better off wearing boxing gloves than surgical ones. Not only does she get — as the episode’s title suggests — the “Two Against One” treatment from Alex and Stephanie in the OR, but Cristina and Ross… well, keep reading. I’ll tell you what they do.

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TOYS “R” US | Early on, Mer is having a pretty good day. The fancypants 3D printer that she needs for her research has arrived, and she’s used it to make — ta-da! — a fork! (Hey, she’s gotta start somewhere.) Unfortunately, her determination to prove to Cristina (and maybe also herself) that she isn’t a good doctor, she’s a great one, is obvious — so obvious that Alex and Stephanie side against her when she gets overly ambitious during surgery. Later, at Ross’ urging, Cristina asks Mer if they can use her printer to save a baby’s life. Mer’s icy response? Submit a proposal to the board. (Whoa.) It’s a time-sensitive issue, Cristina pleads. “Well,” Mer retorts, “then you’d better get to work!” (Again, whoa.) But, since Cristina has never been the type to take no, much less hell no for an answer, as the hour ends, Mer discovers her ex-BFF and Ross shanghaiing her new toy! (This isn’t gonna be pretty… )

GERM WARFARE | Meanwhile, Bailey alternates between being pissy with Ben about his return to his old job at Grey Sloan and displaying symptoms of OCD. Foremost among those symptoms? She freezes during surgery and becomes so paranoid that the patient will contract an infection that Ben is forced to fib to Jo so his wife won’t seem as crazy as she is.

SACK TIME | Though April and Matthew’s Pre-Cana counseling reveals that they’re 90 percent compatible — what, is he hot for Jackson, too? — there’s still one issue that they haven’t resolved. No biggie, says the bride-to-be. “We’ll get a joint checking account!” Uh, no — it’s the issue of her having had sex and him having not. To put his mind (etc.) at ease, they agree that she’ll deflower him that very night. And then, of course, she changes her mind.

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VITAL STATS | Elsewhere, Richard saves the patient next door (Lanie Kazan), Emma interviews with Callie for a position at Grey Sloan (which she decides against taking), Arizona starts admitting (to April, at least) that she’s hooking up with Leah, and Derek pulls a Mark, needling Jackson until he agrees to be a better teacher to Leah.

Okay, your turn. What did you think of the episode? Should Mer and Cristina have already kissed and made up by now — if not for the sake of their friendship, then for the sake of the board and their patients? Is Miranda being too hard on Ben? (He moved back to be with their family, after all.) How big is the explosion gonna be when Callie finds out about Arizona and Leah? Are we really supposed to think April is over Jackson now? Do you think she is? Hit the comments.