Is Scandal's Liv an Alcoholic? Why'd Castle Snub Kate? Is SNL Best Not Live? And More TV Qs!

Saturday Night Live Wes AndersonWe’ve got questions, and you’ve (maybe) got answers! With another week of TV gone by, we’re lobbing queries left and right about shows including The Good Wife, Revenge, Supernatural and Revolution!

1 | What’s the verdict on The Carrie Diaries‘ Lindsey Gort’s as young Samantha?

2 | For a show with ‘Live’ in the title, why is it that Saturday Night Live‘s pre-taped Wes Anderson spoof — The Midnight Coterie of Sinister Intruders — turned out to be last episode’s only real source of laughs (Weekend Update notwithstanding)?

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3 | If Apollo bars were an actual candy, would Once Upon a Time be guilty of shameless, clumsy product placement?Once Upon a Time

4 | What’s with the dumbing down of Revenge‘s Conrad? We can maybe get past him buying that Huntington’s diagnosis hook, line and sinker, but believing Charlotte was automobile-savvy enough to both find his car’s brake lines and cut them?

5 | Yes, we get it — Homeland‘s Carrie likes to go off her meds. But why flush her entire supply of everything, making it easy for a snoopy dad or sis to discover they’re gone? Also: Dana bought an Aquafina at a gas station for under a dollar?

6 | The scenes depicting Libby’s miscarriage on Masters of Sex were heartbreaking enough. Did they really have to show us the dead fetus, too?

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Good Wife7 | What kind of scenario did The Good Wife‘s Alicia, Cary & Co. envision where leaving the firm wouldn’t have been ugly? Or was it warranted? And would the security guards really need to grasp Alicia’s arms as they escort her to the elevator?

8 | On The Mentalist, if the victim had used an exercise band to sling the gun from the balcony, wouldn’t it have been found at the crime scene since he keeled over immediately thereafter?

9 | Would Witches of East End‘s fun-loving Aunt Wendy have really silenced Mrs. Thatcher with that creepy-crawly bramble ball — especially knowing that the shifter left the innocent woman thinking her husband was murdered by Wendy’s sister Joanna? And wasn’t Dash’s less-than-freaked-out reaction to the offending item a tip-off that he’s more connected to the magical world than we’d initially believed?

10 | Castle‘s Alexis didn’t include her father’s fiancée in the dinner invitation because….?

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The Voice Cee Lo11 | Can a contestant on The Voice (or American Idol or The X Factor, for that matter) make a worse song choice than Train’s overused “Hey Soul Sister”? Also: Why, Cee Lo, why?

12 | Anyone else disappointed Supernatural sent Dorothy back to Oz? Can she come back soon?

13 | If The Originals’ Elijah really does have feelings for Hayley, does that make her more likable in your eyes? Or does it lower your opinion of Elijah?

14 | Is it possible that Sons of Anarchy‘s Wendy didn’t actually fall off the wagon? After all, we never saw her shoot up. Maybe she pulled the needle away from her arm because she changed her mind? And does anyone else experience massive Shield déjà vu every time CCH Pounder’s DA Patterson name-checks the Byz Lats?

Person of Interest15 | On Person of Interest, how did none of Finch’s Googling of “John Glover” turn up the Smallville actor?

16 | Did Arrow‘s Laurel really trumpet that the DA’s office is out to “end gun violence”? Bold stance there! And how big a shame is it that Black Canary’s identity had been spoiled for some? Jaws would have been on the floor.

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17 | Um, for how long exactly was Revolution‘s Jason separated from his father? Seems awfully quick for the lad to have been brainwashed into a heartless Terminator.

18 | Nashville‘s Scarlett is afraid to blow her big break, so she goes to Avery, the guy who did blow everything? And isn’t Music City Music Festival a bit redundant?

19 | Should The X Factor consider basic grammar lessons for its contestants before arming them with Twitter accounts? (To the boys of Restless Road, it’s saw, not “seen,” for cryin’ out loud!)

Vampire Diaries20 | Vampire Diaries fans: Caroline and Tyler as Bonnie and Clyde, or Caroline and Matt as Jackie O and JFK?

21 | Who else wants to raid Mary’s closet on Reign? We don’t care if they’re not historically accurate, that black and gold dress with the high collar was delicious.

22 | Were you digging Grey’s Anatomy‘s snippets of Derek/Ben bromance? And were we simply hopped up on Halloween candy or do we actually like Leah now?

23 | Next time Scandal has Jake take his shirt off, can they please make sure he turns the lights on in his apartment first? Any other fans getting the feeling that Olivia might be an alcoholic? And you didn’t really think she would leave the Fitz Phone in the trash can, did you? (But how funny if a curious custodian found himself on the phone with the president!)

24 | Why must Project Runway All Stars torture us with close-ups of insects?

Hit the comments with your answers — and any other questions you care to throw out there!