Post Mortem: Good Wife EPs on 'Unbound' Will, Kalinda's Loyalties and Alicia's Breakdown

Good Wife Season 5 SpoilersThe following contains major spoilers for Sunday’s episode of The Good Wife.

Well, that was one ugly episode of The Good Wife – and we mean that in the best way possible.

In the game-changing hour, Will confronted Alicia about her plans to leave the firm with Cary, then proceeded to try to fire her. Meanwhile, Lockhart Gardner and Florrick, Agos & Associates battled it out in a nasty race for clients. (Read our recap of “Hitting the Fan” here.)

Below, executive producers Robert and Michelle King discuss Alicia and Will’s office “break-up,” his new passion, the newbie firm’s problems, Kalinda’s allegiance and more.

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BROKEN HEARTS | After years of flirtation, Alicia and Will went from reminiscing about the time they had sex in the bathroom to going at each other’s throats – and not in a sexy way. “We ran the course on the love triangle,” confesses Robert. “The flip side of that is just as exciting.” While the decision to leave started brewing right after Alicia and Will kissed again, “in her head, she’s trying to convince herself that it’s nothing personal,” says Michelle. “She wants to believe that it’s actually a professional decision.” But of course, it’s difficult to keep feelings out of the equation when there’s so much history, as evidenced by Alicia’s breakdown in the elevator. “It’s an echo of Kalinda in the second year,” explains Robert. “First of all, elevators seem to figure metaphorically in the show quite a bit. Alicia and Will had a romantic high in an elevator. There was a loneliness to the moment and an exhaustion coming off this race. It felt like we needed to pay allegiance to the emotional side with Alicia of, ‘Yes, it’s a race, but oh my God, what a loss. What a loss of someone I love, but also really like.’”

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A WILL REIGNITED | “Will’s conversation with Kalinda is illustrative of where we’re going,” previews Robert. “Will is really a man reborn. One of the things we wanted to avoid was too much of the tragedy of a break-up like this. Will is finding a new dedication to his passion…. Will’s kind of unbound.” And he’s not the only one who has found a new momentum. The writers “realized nothing can go backwards. It just really is this new day, this new paradigm for the show. So we kept finding new ways to illustrate that in both of the law firms.” Adds Michelle: “Any story that we could have told before this episode, we have to kick out.”

The Good Wife Season 5 SpoilersTHE START-UP | Alicia and Cary’s nascent venture will continue to face “all the problems arising out of starting a new firm,” teases Robert, noting that the next three episodes are titled “The Next Day,” “The Next Week” and “The Next Month.” Office space will be at the top of their list of issues. “They can’t keep working out of Alicia’s home.”

FRIEND OR FOE | Can everyone’s favorite investigator be trusted? “What we love about Kalinda in this whole storyline is she is friends with all these people,” says Michelle. “And so, we love playing the struggle in her of where she should make her alliances, where her allegiance should be.” Robert adds that the P.I. Is “guilty” of keeping Cary’s secret for months and “has to show where her loyalty lies.” Meanwhile, Diane will remain “pretty pivotal” to the action at Lockhart Gardner. “Christine Baranski was saying on the phone last week she’s had more climaxes this year than a French whore,” shares Robert with a laugh. “Battle lines are drawn. It becomes angrier between these people.” But can Will move past everything that’s happened with his partner? “We try not to rush forgiveness,” says Robert.

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