The Walking Dead Recap: Whodunit

The Walking Dead Season 4“In the criminal justice system, the people are represented by two separate yet equally… ” Hey, wait a minute — that’s not The Walking Dead at all. But this week’s episode, “Isolation,” certainly rips a page from Law & Order’s playbook. As a result, by the end of the hour, we know that Karen and David (who?) were killed by… Keep reading. We’ll get there.

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MOTIVE | Early on, Tyreese expresses his upset over Karen’s demise by lashing out at Daryl and slugging Rick (who retaliates so brutally, he sprains his own hand). Later, though Tyreese and Rick make up — “It’s on both of us,” says Tyreese, even though his souvenir from the fight is the creepiest, most beat-up eye this side of the Governor’s — Karen’s grieving beau suggests that the cop isn’t doing enough to find her killer. In fact, the way he sees it, Rick’s inaction suggests that “murder is okay in this place now.” To prove him wrong, Rick goes all CSI on the crime scene and then shocks the hell out of us (well, me, anyway) by asking Carol, “Did you kill Karen and David?” Even more shocking, instead of reply, “Who the hell is David?” she answers simply, “Yes.”

SPECIAL VICTIMS UNIT | Meanwhile, as all of the most vulnerable survivors — the old (Hershel) and the young (Carl) — are segregated from the infected, one new character (Sasha) after another (Lizzie) after yet another (nooo, not Glenn!) comes down with the deadly flu. “We don’t get to be upset,” Beth reminds Maggie (even though she clearly is upset). Soon, Hershel and Carl are having what appears to be a contest to see who can go stir-craziest the fastest. Hershel wins, sneaking out to get elderberries — a natural flu remedy, he notes. (And they say TV isn’t educational!) Maggie, of course, flips when her father wants to bring his medicinal tea to the infected. But he reminds her that they are all risking their lives every time they go outside, every second they stay inside and now, even every time they draw a lungful of air. “The only thing you can choose,” he concludes, “is what you’re risking it for.” (His reward for his good deed: a faceful of blood because Caleb — a fellow doctor, no less — can’t be bothered to cover his mouth when he coughs!).

HIGHWAY PATROL | Finally deciding that sending “positive vibes” Sasha’s way and standing guard over the infected might not be the absolute best use of his time, Tyreese joins Daryl, Michonne and Bob’s expedition to a veterinary clinic 50 miles away to score some antibiotics. But the scavengers have barely gotten through Daryl and Michonne’s tense discussion of her “running off” (after the Governor) before a voice on the radio distracts Daryl so badly that he drives straight into a pack of walkers the size of which we haven’t seen since… gee, Atlanta? It is a literal s–t-ton of zombies! For a minute there, it looks pretty bad for them and, for another minute there, it looks even worse for Tyreese — when the others make a break for it, he remains in his seat, staring with his one good eye. He snaps out of it, however, just in time to take out some rage issues on a whole mess of walkers and rejoin the others on the run.

Okay, your turn. What did you think of the episode? Did you guess when Carol had her meltdown that she had killed Karen and David (who?)? Do you think Rick will keep her secret? Now that Hershel is again looking at whiskey glasses a la Sue Ellen Ewing, will he and Bob form an AA for survivors? And what about poor Glenn? The show wouldn’t — couldn’t — kill him off… would it? Hit the comments!

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