Grey's Anatomy Recap: Papa Was a Rolling Stone

Grey's Anatomy Season 10 RecapFor most of this week’s Grey’s Anatomy, Alex dodges Jo so completely and totally that she becomes all but convinced that he’s dumping her. (Seeing as she passes her intern exam without even a “Way to go!” from her boyfriend, I can’t say I blame her!) But by the end of the hour, she probably wishes he had just dumped her, because… well, keep reading. I’ll fill in the blanks.

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PAPA DON’T PREACH | Fueling Jo’s paranoia is the fact that Alex is going out every night (and staying out… late). Where? “It’s none of your business,” he huffs. (Not cool, dude.) Soon, we learn that, while Jo is diagnosing Richard’s “pancreatic pseudo cyst” (mm-hmm), Alex is hanging out at a dive bar listening to his dad play. One thing leads to another, and when the guys talk, Jimmy recognizes Alex… as a doctor from the hospital. (Doh.) Later, after Alex admits that his dad taught him how to play, they jam together, and Jimmy whips out a photo of his son… and it’s a whole new (and also estranged) family! Natch, Alex is hurt beyond words. Well, almost beyond words. “Do this kid a favor,” he yells. “Don’t ever go back!” (At least when Alex decks him, it appears that Jimmy finally realizes who he is.) Afterwards, Alex is extra pissypants and blames Jo for pushing him to reunite with his father. (No good deed… )

LIFE SWAP | Shane is so guilt-stricken when the interns get lab coats with their names on them – and one arrives for Heather (RIP) – that he stops working with Derek. And I mean stops aggresively. “I’m not interested,” he snaps at his would-be mentor. (Whoa.) Nonetheless, Shane’s still a rising star at Grey Sloan: It’s his bright idea that enables Cristina to save Jere Burns (whose marriage to Annie Potts seems like the wacky sort that would’ve been perfect on The Love Boat). Score one for Sharky.

DECISIONS, DECISIONS | Against all odds, Shane isn’t the only one to quit on Derek this week: Callie also bails on their research project – the one that she got involved with to help Arizona. “When you lost interest in her, you lost interest in this,” he argues. And, since she can’t argue with that, she decides to stick with it after all. Meanwhile, Leah runs around dying for someone, anyone to guess (or care) that she made out with Arizona… until Arizona makes it clear that it was a one-time mistake. Which she then goes on to make twice by sending Leah a booty text.

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SIGNS OF THE TIMES | Though, sure, Cristina saves Jere Burns, that’s cold comfort when she learns on what she dubs “Bring Your Girlfriend to Work Day” that Owen didn’t even tell Emma that she’s his ex. Just as (maybe even more) ouchsome, she’s getting the cold shoulder from Meredith, who’s decided to continue her mother’s research. “I think I’ve ceased to exist,” Cristina theorizes. But Mer, still steamed at her BFF for benching her after she had Bailey, offers a different perspective: “You don’t have time for people who want things that you don’t want.”

DIVIDE AND CONQUER | Speaking of last week’s epic Mer/Cristina argument, it’s still fresh in Mer’s mind when she gets home and tells Derek that she’ll be picking up where her mom left off. Cool, he says basically, because he’s going to be working a lot on his research project, too. How are they ever gonna manage? They’re gonna manage, he explains, because he’s only going to be working on his research project. He’ll perform fewer surgeries, thereby making himself available more for the kids and giving Mer the time she needs to shine. Now, that’s teamwork.

Okay, your turn. What did you think of the episode? Could you believe what a jerkwad Alex’s dad is? And what a jerkwad Alex was, blaming Jo that way? (She may have pushed too hard, but she was only trying to help.) How soon and how much will Arizona regret trysting with Leah? How much longer will Shane be able to keep his deep, dark secret? And are we being set up for the saddest of all possible exits (short of death) for Cristina – a goodbye in which she’s cut off from everyone she loves? Hit the comments with your thoughts, concerns and especially your wild speculation!

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