Castle Recap: Getting the Hook

Castle Season 6 Beckett FiredThis week on ABC’s Castle, the murder of a former sitcom star was anything but funny business for both the boys at the 12th (abetted by Castle) and a visiting Beckett and McCord.

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THE RECAP | Charlie Reynolds ala “Dewey Hancock” on the 1990s sitcom 2 Cool for School is found impaled on a giant construction hook. Catching wind of the crime — and in the midst of a fit caused by Pi’s continuing… existence — Castle dashes to the crime scene and begs onto the case.

The first lead takes Ryan, Espo and Castle to Dewey’s agent, who said the victim seemed suspiciously flush with cash. That’s about when Beckett and McCord show up, claiming a federal interest in the case which they cannot disclose. RySpo amusingly ask whose side Castle is on, even questioning the timing of his “visit,” just as Kate’s in town.

The boys’ next stop is Ramon Russo, who played opposite Charlie on 2 Cool for School — but the big lunk says that he and Charlie were still friends, and in fact were shooting a reunion movie on the down low. (A leap as incredulous as any February two-parter, that such news could stay secret in the TVLine age. Anyway….) Next up is producer Hank Harper, who’s been known to cook the books but in this case insists he didn’t, lest he run afoul of their Russian investors.

Ultimately, the boys realize that Charlie had found that the Russians were smuggling guns into the country — something McCord and Beckett didn’t know but the CIA did, seeing as they’d been using Charlie to get intel on Russkie gangster Ivan Renkov. McCord is then forced to shut down the NYPD’s murder investigation, upsetting the boys greatly. A sympathetic Kate slips Castle a thumb drive containing intel that leads to Charlie’s co-star/lover Svetlana, with whom he was going to run away. Ramon got wind of that plan and, fearing he’d lose his resurrected meal ticket, confronted Charlie, ultimately pitching him of a roof and onto the hook.

When Beckett then sees the CIA pressure Svetlana to spy for them, she leaks info to the press to safeguard the innocent woman. But she apparently got caught doing so, and at episode’s end, just as Rick presents his fiancée with a key to their apartment in D.C., McCord darkens the doorway to announce that Kate’s been fired.

THE REVIEW | So there you have it. Kate’s D.C. career Screeches to a halt, offset though by Rick’s romantic, grand gesture. Neat, tidy. I know the “tale of two cities” structure had its detractors, but I could have stood to see it last maybe one more episode. Yes, the anvils were aplenty from McCord, always spelling out for us why Kate wouldn’t ever be satisfied (“We don’t always get the whole picture” and such), yet it still ended a bit abruptly. (And right there, in the doorway? Where Rick and, for McCord knew, others would witness the humiliation?) That said, it ended for the most noble of reasons, Kate wanting justice in all its forms, not only for the guilty but the innocent, too.  (Did Kate subconsciously clumsily tattle to the press on purpose? That’s for her and Dr. Burke to sort out someday. It’ll be interesting, though, to see how she lives with this “failure,” if she even deems it such.)

Notable Quotes:

* “Do you know what my favorite position is…? In person.”
* “I’m willing to let you guys exclusively benefit from my out-of-the-box crime-solving mind.”
* Not a quote but: The Nikki Heat movie went straight to DVD?!
* “Yeah, you are a tool, all right….”
* “Not so fast, Clarice.”
* “Castle, you’re not going to Castle me on this!”

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