Grey’s Anatomy Recap: Sleep No More

Grey's Anatomy Season 10 DerekBailey (the newborn, not the doctor) runs his parents so adorably ragged in this week’s Grey’s Anatomy that Derek takes a nap in the car while on a milk run and Meredith is forced to admit, “I smell like an old couch.” Wait. It gets better…

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THE PARENT TRAP | When Bailey gets hungry, Derek turns to Meredith and deadpans, “My nipples are of no use to him.” Later, Mer reveals that no, that isn’t a new kind of styling gel in her hair, it’s baby vomit. And why won’t the infant doze off, like, ever? “He hates sleep,” Derek deduces. But the hour isn’t all bleary-eyed one-liners for the couple…

FOOD FOR THOUGHT | Since Bailey (the doctor, not the newborn) allows Richard to talk her out of giving him a feeding tube, Shane gets tough with the doctor-patient and completes the unpleasant task himself. Afterwards, however, Richard rips Mer a new one for not letting him go when he was so close to death. He even says, “I chose the wrong person” as next of kin. Ouch.

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LET’S (NOT) TALK ABOUT SEX | Cristina delights in teasing Alex about the fact that he’s yet to consummate his relationship with Jo (who has taken to wearing sexy undies every day, just in case). He wants it to be special, he says. It will be special, Cristina replies. “She’s the thing that’s special.” So, finally, after Jo kicks her study buddies out of Alex’s house, they seal the deal. OFF SCREEN?!

BEYOND THERAPY | Though Callie shows up at her and Arizona’s couples counseling session, it’s only to tell her wife that she won’t be participating in couples counseling. In fact, she’s so sick of picturing Arizona and Lauren getting it on that she can’t even watch One Tree Hill reruns. Meanwhile, Cristina gets Owen to (reluctantly) agree to date other people. (Nooo… )

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STATUS REPORT | Elsewhere at Grey Sloan, Leah dithers so much about whether to tell a patient’s husband that she cheated on him with his brother that April hands over her Most Annoying Doctor on the Show sash to her. April also learns that she passed her boards. (Were we worried?) And, finally, Jackson and Owen decide to throw an extravagant fundraiser. (Cue Debbie Allen in marabou feathers in 3, 2… )

Okay, your turn. What did you think of the episode?

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