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Once Upon a Time Season 3 Preview: Captain Swan Feelings, 'Demon' Pan and 12 More Teases

Once Upon a Time Season 3 SpoilersTVLine took a trip to Neverland (or at least Burbank) to screen the first two episodes of Once Upon a Time Season 3 (premiering Sunday at 8/7c), and we came back with a treasure chest of teasers.

Read on for the scoop on Captain Swan, Peter Pan’s introduction, angry mermaids and much more.

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The season premiere opens with a flashback to 11 years ago, during which Emma faces an emotionally conflicting moment that showcases some of Jennifer Morrison’s best work on the series.

As we told you, Greg and Tamara really should have asked the Home Office more questions about their mission.

Believing that Neal is dead, Emma and Hook — who notes that he spent quite some time with Baelfire — drink to their fallen friend/loved one. While this scene is touching, there’s plenty of flirty ones between them, too, thanks to Hook, who seems to be winning over more than one member of the Charming family.

Mermaids are mean! And liars! So basically, they’re fishy mean girls.

Even meaner than the creatures from the ocean? Peter Pan! Hook sums it up perfectly when he says, “He’s a bloody demon.” And yes, viewers will meet Pan rather soon into the return. All we’ll say is the actor behind the villainous new character nailed it.

Regina is forced to work with Emma, Snow, Charming and Hook to get back Henry, which provides for some fantastic one-liners.

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While Storybrooke isn’t seen in the first two episodes, you’ll still get a glimpse of that world through Rumple’s personal crisis.

There are five people on the Jolly Roger: Emma, Snow, Charming, Regina and Hook. Four out of those five throw punches at one another in the season opener.

 The Oct. 6 hour will feature flashbacks to the Enchanted Forest shortly after Charming woke up Snow from her sleeping curse. The Evil Queen — sporting some spectacular couture — presents them with an offer that forces Snow to accept who she really is, while Emma is facing the same challenge in the present. Be warned: There will be tears.

For those puzzled by Rumple’s (or is it Mr. Gold’s?) appearance in this clip, his “half-and-half” look will be explained.

Another realm gets name-checked in the second episode, and no, it’s not Wonderland.

Some real-life fairytale films get hilariously referenced, prompting one person to ask, “What’s a movie?”

Henry + pixie dust = weeee!

It’s all about belief. And in Neverland, not having an imagination may be your greatest downfall.