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How I Met Your Mother Final Season Premiere: A Curse, a Bear, a Locket Twist and 6 More Teases

How I Met Your Mother Season 9 SpoilersTVLine has met the mother — or, more accurately, we’ve seen How I Met Your Mother‘s one-hour season premiere (airing Sept. 23 at 8/7c), and we’re sharing some scoop to celebrate.

How will the mom fare when she’s introduced to a member of the group? Will Ted and his locket/Robin fixation ruin the wedding? And what’s up with the big, fuzzy surprise Barney has in store? Read on for intel on those questions and more!

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Ted’s quest to give Robin her locket takes some unexpected twists. He really has had quite a week.

Robin’s flower girls are going to look so cute next to the ring bear. Yes, you read that right. Ring bear.

 Remember when Wayne Brady told TVLine he would be singing a little Kenny Rogers/Dolly Parton tune? First, our song guess was spot-on. Second, he’ll be singing both parts, split-personality-style. On a related note, prepare to see a lot more of Barney’s bro James this season and to be a little heartbroken — and scared for Barney and Robin — when he reveals why he’s getting divorced.

As you may have glimpsed from the newest HIMYM promo below, Lily is indeed the first person to meet the mother (sorry, she still has no name), and the newbie provides Ted’s distraught pal with some much-needed comfort and some delicious cookies. Even though there’s biting involved at one point, we’re willing to bet she’s got the Lily stamp of approval.

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 Fans will learn that the mom shares some of Ted’s very dorky road-trip tendencies.

Barney and Robin realize that by bringing together their wacky relatives, they’ve invited a whole cavalcade of wild cards that could ruin their wedding. That rogues gallery includes their friends Ted, who gets a lot of “poor, single you” pity from Roger Bart’s hotel worker, a boozy Lily and a stranded Marshall.

 Speaking of Marshall, after he and Sherri Shepherd’s very angry plane passenger get booted from their flight, his quest to get back to New York involves an environmentalist’s worst nightmare.

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Just how close is the engaged couple? Closer than either Barney or Robin might like.

A flashback to 1807 Moscow, featuring both Neil Patrick Harris and Brady, reveals the troubling (and hilarious) story of the Stinson Curse.


HIMYM fans, what are you most looking forward to seeing? Hit the comments with your thoughts!