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Grey's Anatomy Romance Report: Who's Happy? Who's Sad? Who May Be Laughing Yet Mad?

Greys Anatomy RelationshipsThe road to romance for any Grey’s Anatomy pairing has never been an easy one, but at least two couples have a slice of bliss being served to them as Season 10 opens.

Veritably headlining what series creator Shonda Rhimes hopes to be a “lighter, funnier” cycle for the ABC drama are the titular Meredith and her husband Derek, whom she says “probably” have the most happiness ahead of them of anyone .

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“Although with a new baby, [being] post-surgery and the sleep deprivation, I doubt it’s going to be all happiness,” she adds with a chuckle. Still, with the plane crash and ensuing legal/career drama behind them, and now a pair of beautiful children in their arms, don’t the marrieds pretty much have it all? “That depends on what your definition of ‘having it all’ is,” Rhimes notes. “And that’s sort of one of the things we’ll be exploring this season, for both of them.”

Rhimes also puts nascent lovebirds Alex and Jo in the “happy” camp, and with nary a caveat. “I want us to have fun with them” as they explore their new romance, Rhimes says. “Because they’re one of our happiest couples, Jo and Alex are playing our humor a lot, which is nice.”

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On the flip side, Rhimes says that Callie and Arizona — in the wake of both the latter’s cheating and her unresolved amputation issues being outed — have the most work ahead of them, and a “definitely large amount,” at that.

“For them, there’s a lot going on…. There’s no, ‘In this episode, they’re going to get back together,'” the show boss warns. Instead, “We’re mapping out the characters and I’m seeing where that takes us, and it’s really interesting.” And also even a bit… funny? “I want this season to feel lighter and funnier for everybody, and even in Callie’s pain, it’s very funny,” Rhimes promises. “Its painful in a funny way as opposed to just dragging us down in misery.”

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Placing second in the troubled waters contest are Cristina and Owen, who at season’s end bumped up against, and hard, their ongoing disagreement about having a family. But in revisiting the aftermath/that stalemate again, “We have some really good plans,” Rhimes says. “We’ve really talked about what’s different now and how things have changed, so I don’t feel like we’re planning to tread the same ground we’ve gone over before. We’re going in a different direction.”

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