Matt's Inside Line: Scoop on The Mentalist, Teen Wolf, Walking Dead, Chicago Fire, Glades & More

Red and ItchyWill The Mentalist‘s hunt get 14 percent easier? Is Teen Wolf‘s Scott a true alpha male? Which Scandal storyline has Kerry Washington cheering? Will The Glades wedding go off without a hitch? Read on for answers to those questions plus teases from other shows.

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What do you know about Season 6 of The Mentalist? –Brooke
Gale Bertram. Ray Haffner. Bob Kirkland. Sheriff Thomas McAllister. Brett Partridge. Reede Smith. Bret Stiles. What I know… by way of series boss Bruno Heller… is that “by the end of the premiere episode, there may be one less suspect” in the hunt for Red John. Who do you think will fall off the list first?

Will Teen Wolf’s Scott become the Alpha before the midseason finale (airing Aug. 19)? –Anonymous_A
“Scott is well on his way to becoming an Alpha,” answers exec producer Jeff Davis. “Whether he remains a True Alpha — one who doesn’t have to kill or steal the power — and who survives to make up his pack, might be the important questions.”

VIDEO | Teen Wolf Announces Winter Premiere Date, Reveals Hair-Raising New Trailer

How about some juicy Scandal scoop to celebrate Kerry Washington scoring an Emmy nomination? –Miranda
Are you suggesting that in the course of congratulating Miss Emmy Nominee last week, that I pumped her for scoop? Handled! First, we batted around theories on who ratted out Liv to the press, and Washington believes Mellie is “too obvious” a culprit. (Plus, she noted, “Mellie got [Fitz] back at the end, so I don’t know why she would do that.”) Washington then relayed the cast’s excitement about Scott Foley being upped to series regular, though we both agreed it’d be a shame if Jake stayed in “the hole” all season long. On the topic of the premiere, she was skeptical that it will pick up with Olivia and her dad still in the car, saying, “I really love how the show plays with time and jumps all around, so I hope there’s some of that.” But one of the Season 3 stories that has Kerry most jazzed is this one: “Shonda [Rhimes] has teased that we are going to get more backstory on Harrison” – finally, I say – “and when I heard that, I was jumping up and down in the hair-and-makeup trailer like, ‘Yeah!’”

I was wondering if you knew how many episodes Scandal has this season? Also, are they doing what OUAT is doing with the show running? –Lizzie
Scandal as of now is working off a 22-episode order, and if the second part of your question meant to suggest “airing non-stop”-ish/in repeat-free chunks, I have nothing to report on that. Yet.

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Info request: Person of Interest! –Katherine
How will Root extricate herself from the loony bin? And who is the mystery woman Hersh and Terney were reporting to in the finale? If you have a couple minutes to spare, I invite you to watch Michael Ausiello throw hit the cast with such Qs in this Comic-Con video:

The Glades is my favorite summer show!!! Any details on Jim and Callie’s upcoming nuptials? –Kari
As the wedding gets closer and the to-do list continues to grow, so will the list of family and friends that come out of the wood work — some more welcome and expected than others, I hear. That throws a few wrenches in their plans… and potentially ruins Jim’s big surprise for his bride.

Call me crazy, but I can’t wait for The Neighbors to come back this fall. Any scoop for me? –Hailee
1. You crazy. 2. Would you believe those puckish aliens – the ones many of us a year ago predicted wouldn’t last long, let alone beyond a whole season – take a dig at the once-buzzy, now-deceased Smash in the season opener?

VIDEO | The Walking Dead‘s Andrew Lincoln on the Return of ‘the Old Rick’ in Season 4, Romance With Michonne and ‘the Most Appalling Loss’

I’m so excited for this next season of The Walking Dead — the trailer looks so good! But I’m starting to get scared for the lives of the prisoners. Is there any word of another major character getting killed off? I don’t know who I’d spare first. Maybe Carl… –Rebecca
But… Carl just scored a glossy magazine cover! That’d be just cruel. While I can’t say if we’re due for another major death anytime soon, it’s looking like there will be warm bodies to fill any gaps. For midseason, the show is casting the recurring roles of John Tyler, a rough-around-the-edges and vulgar man with a propensity towards violence; Wayne Kesey, a gent in the 30s/40s whose book smarts are his main tools in survival; and Jordana Barraza, a Latina with a shameful past but a desire to learn right from others.

Considering Cote de Pablo’s (incredibly disappointing) departure from NCIS this fall, does the show have plans to introduce another female agent (as they did when Sasha Alexander departed)? Or are they planning something very different to fill the void? –Cassaundra
While I haven’t heard anything about a replacement for Ziva per se, I do know that — as teased by NCIS boss Gary Glasberg — we will in fact be laying eyes on McGee’s new (and yet-to-be-cast) honey: Delilah, a “perky, smart, eccentric and downright lovable” computer wonk at the Department of Defense. And that role is possibly recurring.

Anything “burning” on the Chicago Fire front? I desperately miss the folks at 51. –Vikki
Here’s something that’s “heating up” – a love life! Blonde beauty Larisa Polonsky, who guested last season as Otis’ Russian cousin Zoya, is set to recur during Season 2, pouring drinks at her cousin’s bar and ultimately “lighting Cruz’s fire,” as a love interest.

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Could you please tell me if Jeff Eastin plans to explore more about Neal’s mother on White Collar? – Ellie13
In a word (or three_, not right now. As a note I was just slipped from the White Collar writers room explains: “Having spent time with dear old Dad last season, Neal is done looking backward for now, and will be focused on moving forward in his life for Season 5. But the story of Neal’s mother is definitely a tale we hope to tell down the road.”

On Rookie Blue, will Marlo sharing her secret with Andy keep us from getting “McSwarek”? –Deb
As detailed in Vlada Gelman’s preview for this week’s episode, Andy and Sam already have obstacles. And Marlo’s bipolar secret sure won’t help matters. “This revelation and its repercussions will play out over the season in a way that, I hope, is dramatic for Sam and Andy and Marlo,” says EP Tassie Cameron. “In the immediate present, sharing that news with Andy — the last person she would have wanted to tell — was very, very difficult for Marlo. It’s very private, and something that can jeopardize not only her relationship but her career.” For Andy, too, “It will be a struggle, to know something about your former boyfriend’s new girlfriend like that. And part of what I hope is interesting about the next few episodes is how Andy’s handling it.”

Ioan Gruffudd has to return to Necessary Roughness, right? I mean, that storyline totally hasn’t been wrapped up. –Allie
Alas, Gruffudd’s Nolan Powers is not due back this season, though he could possibly return if the USA Network drama earns a renewal.

Can you share anything about who ends up in the hospital on The Fosters? –Mariana
You can probably already guess who ends up in the hospital from the promo, so let us instead tease that the dire situation opens the door for some touching and emotional flashbacks revealing how Stef and Lena came to create their loving family. Also in the hour: Wyatt does something that should endear him to even the most hardcore Callie/Brandon ‘shippers (who, by the way, will not want to miss this episode).

Love The Bridge. And Demian Bichir’s TV wife is beautiful. Who is she? We need more shows like this and more of this beautiful lady actress –Starvafo
Marco’s Mrs. Is played by Catalina Sandino Moreno, a Colombian actress whose credits include Love in the Time of Cholera, Fast Food Nation and the title role in 2004’s Maria Full of Grace. (And grace is what Alma will need if she ever finds out what her husband did last night!)

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  1. Shari says:

    Ugh Scott Foley. so bland.

  2. Jamie says:

    Yay for The Mentalist scoop. I can’t wait for the new season.

  3. Cynthia says:

    Thanks for The Mentalist scoop!

  4. Thanks for The Mentalist scoop!:)

  5. c-mo says:

    I’ve really enjoyed Necessary Roughness this season so hopefully USA will see its merits and renew for another season so we can see more of Nolan Powers!

    • Sheila says:

      It was bad enough that he gave Dani a cry for help message and then no one talked about him again, but they’re really going to just drop his story altogether? Jeez!

  6. J says:

    Loving all this Mentalist scoop! Please keep it coming! I don’t know who will fall off the suspect list but I am sure I am going to enjoy seeing it.

    • macchief says:

      I don’t have a clue who may fall off the list either, but if I had to guess I’d guess that it will be Haffner. Only because he had asked Lisbon last season if she wanted to leave the CBI and join the PI firm he was forming.

  7. Ken says:

    Those casting roles for The Walking Dead sound a lot like Abraham, Eugene, and Rosita! The gang might be heading north in the second half of the season!

    • Jake says:

      Makes me think they’ll be done with the prison and The Governor by mid-season. THANK YOU!! I was afraid that storyline was gonna get dragged out for the whole season (good to know the writers know better)

    • Teag says:

      Was just about to say this. I hope they don’t butcher Abraham’s character. And he better be a regular for season 5.

    • Mallory says:


    • Winnie says:

      That’s exactly what I thought when reading those descriptions. I hope Eug–er, Wayne’s backstory – and haircut – is similar!

  8. Jane says:

    I’m completely over “McSwarek” on Rookie Blue. Lets branch out and make Andy more than just part of the never ending romance drama with Sam. Andy really does need to know when to let it go already.

  9. Adriana says:

    Finally some Mentalist scoop!

  10. Kim R says:

    Regarding The Mentalist….can all of them fall off the list BUT one? I’m so tired of the Red Jon thing. :)
    The interview with POI….I was sitting here wondering where Jim Caviezel was and what character did the guy in the hat play. Duh.
    Rookie Blue…last season I was so frustrated that they broke up “McSwarek” but when this season started and he had moved on to another cop (he said he couldn’t do his job and date someone on the job) I got over him. I hope Andy’s character gets to move on and not moon. :)

  11. Babybop says:

    As long as they don’t kill off Daryl, I’m fine with whatever happens in Walking Dead…

  12. Gia says:

    Woohoo for The Mentalist spoiler!

  13. george says:

    Who falls off The Mentalist list is irrelevant since it’s a fake.

    • @george says:

      Why do you think it’s a fake? Didn’t Bruno Heller tell EW at the end of last season that the list was legit?

      • Mark says:

        Many people don’t believe that Mr. Heller was telling the truth when he said the list was legit, because the don’t think the shows creator would give away such information. However since the scoop that there maybe one less suspect at the end of the premiere came from Mr. Heller, then if that actually happens then it will show everyone that Mr. Heller was telling the truth about the list as well.

      • macchief says:

        Many people don’t believe that Mr. Heller was telling the truth when he said the list was legit, because the don’t think the shows creator would give away such information. However since the scoop that there maybe one less suspect at the end of the premiere came from Mr. Heller, then if that actually happens then it will show everyone that Mr. Heller was telling the truth about the list as well.

  14. Shoes says:

    Obviously those walking dead casting names are just cover ups like how they used Roy stark for bob stookey. It seems like we’re going to get a healthy dose of Abe rosita and Eugene!

  15. luli says:

    I just want to know if Allison and Issac are going to happen! I don’t want that couple in my tv!!! Maybe a new love interest for Scott, but not for Allison…. It’s time that Scott moves on, at least for a while…..

    • Nick says:

      Not gonna happen. Clearly Allison and Scott are gonna get back together, only question is when. We were very close to get a kiss in the cabinet scene a couple episodes ago, so my guess is that we’ll have some smooching at the end of midseason 3 and the cliffhanger will be will they/won’t they.

  16. karlee says:

    McGee’s new squeeze sounds like an Abby clone…

  17. Natalie says:

    One less suspect. Uh oh. Thanks for spoilers on my fave show, Matt. :)

  18. Alichat says:

    Last night’s episode of The Bridge just threw me for a loop. I did not expect Bichir’s character to just mount the first person that came onto him. Disappointing turn for that character.

  19. arial2 says:

    Re The Mentalist: I think Brett Stiles is dead. Malcolm M. is probably too busy with his other series to be an active player this season. Too bad because I loved his Mentalist character: creepy, but in a lovable way. I’d love Gale Bertram to be Red John because he’s one of the few peripheral characters I really liked. It’s nice when a show succeeds in fooling the viewer.

    • macchief says:

      Brett Stiles will probably be said to be out of the country, like he almost always seems to be when something Red John related comes up, for most of the season. I don’t see them killing off the only character they have shown to have the same abilities as Jane, or at least not this early in the season.

  20. BJG says:

    Thanks for the Delilah scoop on NCIS. Really looking forward to meeting her. It would be nice to see one of the field agents have a lasting relationship outside of work. Though I hope they do the same with Delilah as with Palmer’s Breena – mostly talked about & seen on a occasional episode. Would love to see a double date with Tim & Tony or even hear about it.

    • Classic NCIS fan says:

      ^^THIS!^^ I hope “Little Joe” McGee’s newest gf isn’t a wacko or ends up dead in short order. It would be fantastic to see one of the agents have a nice, loving, behind the scenes romance ala Palmer/Breena. As much as I am not interested in too many soapish tropes on NCIS, I’m really looking forward to seeing Delilah! A double date could be epic! Now THAT I would love to see! =)

  21. HAP says:

    I have to say that I was somewhat taken aback by the casting of Corbin Bernsen as Jim Longworth’s dad on The Glades this season. Geezo, this guy has been Shawn Spencer’s dad on Psych for seven seasons. Just doesn’t make sense, especially since Psych has at least one more season left.

    • Tania says:

      HAP right now what doesn’t make sense is your comment. Just sayin’.

    • suzi says:

      I thought of Henry Spencer too, but a good actor will make you forget other roles if he truly inhabits the one he’s in, and Bersen did just that.

  22. Raejas says:

    The neighbors is hilarious cant wait for it to start again. Does it have a premier date yet? Scandal would have to be the smartest show on TV! Love love love it.

  23. Jessie says:

    Thanks for the info on The Fosters. That is my new favorite show and I couldn’t believe how it ended last week! Can’t wait for the next episode!

  24. Patrick Maloney says:

    Bret Stiles might finally get killed off, like I’ve been theorizing since the first time I saw her

  25. 4theloveoffilm says:

    Many thanks for addressing my question! I appreciate the substitute scoop. :)

  26. Larry McD says:

    It couldn’t have hurt to mention that Catalina Sandino Moreno was nominated for a Best Actress Academy Award for “Maria Full of Grace.”

    • Diane says:

      Thank you. And Demian Bichir was nominated for a Best Actor Oscar. Yet FX or the press hardly ever mention that. I don’t understand.

  27. slb says:

    thanks for the info about The Mentalist. Can’t wait for season 6 to begin!

  28. JBC says:

    Good White Collar, focus on Neal and Peter going FORWARD. I like the sound of that. Have watched a few S1 episodes lately and just love when the writers focused on Neal and Peter’s relationship as they solved crimes. Such good stuff. Keep the Soap Opera feel out of it and it will be great.

  29. JBC says:

    All I can say for NCIS is that McGee doesn’t need a new love interest, he needs to establish a relationship with Abby, IMO.. Why not right?

    • ClassicNCISfan says:

      already did that many seasons ago

      • kath says:

        Any love interest that McGee or anyone else gets will be temporary. The producers are determined to make this group completely emotionally warped — no one except Vance got a normal relationship and his wife died.

        Am I bitter about 8 years of teasing Tony/Ziva and now never getting it? Or even McGee or Ducky in a real relationship? Yes. There are only so many times I can be interested in “a Marine is found dead”; at least let the characters on the show grow and mature..

  30. Iya says:

    I didn’t I think I would because it’s not the type of show I usually watch, but I’m really loving The Fosters! I really wish they would stop with the Brandon/Callie pairing though, and I’d like to see more interactions between all the family members.

  31. Nick says:

    As a huge TW fan I think nobody questions that Scott will become an Alpha, and even if he’ll have to kill someone bad or not does not bother me that much. The really pressing questions that I wanna see answered are:
    who’s the Darach?
    what is the connection between the Darach and Deucalion?
    what’s the ultimate aim of Deucalion a.k.a. the Demon Wolf?
    And on the same flow of the previous question: we know that villains in Teen Wolf have many layers of planning: plan A, plan B, … plan Z. We never really know what they’re really after. So the question is: what are Gerard and Peter planning? I’m sure both still have a big role to play in the development of season 3, like last episode showed.

  32. Babygate says:

    No Callie/Brandon coupling on The Fosters, please. I know they are not blood related but the idea is that eventually they would/could become foster siblings and the idea of a romantic relationship is beyond creepy. Give Wyatt a chance!

    • Jessica says:

      I could not agree more. I think Callie understands the repercussions and Brandon isn’t used to being attracted to a foster sibling. It weirds me out

    • Aimee says:

      THIS!!! I didn’t like Wyatt at first but he has really come around and turned into a decent guy. He and Callie have great chemistry. Brandon and Callie should not happen. Like babygate said….it’s just kind of creepy.

    • Pat says:

      Brandon needs to back off. Callie explained to him in great detail how a relationship with a foster brother would seriously mess up her life. She would be forced into a group home, labeled “unstable” and probably never see her brother Jude again. And yet Brandon keeps on pushing her. He won’t get in trouble, so why should he care. Ugh! I get why they are going there with the story but it’s making me hate Brandon who is otherwise a really nice guy.

    • Hilary says:

      The scene with Callie and Wyatt in the movie really sealed it for me. Those two have great chemistry and are fun. Brandon is a nice guy but he’s boring.

  33. GTS says:

    Did you talk to Kerry Washington before or after the table reading of season 3’s premiere?

  34. KYMel says:

    Thanks for the spoilers, Matt. I wonder if the NCIS execs are withholding the interesting spoilers because they are planning something really big for Ziva’s departure or because they don’t have anything interesting to talk about. Whether the comments were positive or negative, the Tiva storyline was what created the most buzz in the forums. Without the controversy, there really isn’t much left to talk (or argue) about. I hear the crickets chirping in the balcony.

    • Matt Webb Mitovich says:

      I’m seeing Gary next week. Sit tight….

      • ClassicNCISfan says:

        please remember that there’s way more to NCIS than romance and ziva – can’t wait til she’s gone…
        would love to find out more on Gibbs and Tony that has nothing to do with ziva. How about Vance? will Abby ever grow up again? Will Ducky’s Jordan ever be mentioned again? Who are the new writers? and most important – can GG finally leave Mike Franks in his grave without the ghost rising again.

        There’s plenty to enjoy and discuss about this show without ziva around bringing it down….

        • suzi says:

          I don’t want Abby to “grow up”, or change, they can keep resurrecting Mike Franks as often as they like, and of course, Ziva never brought the show down. IMO, of course

        • kath says:

          There is more than romance and Ziva …. but so much of it has been done to death. Tony has grown up a number of times but it never sticks and never will as long as he has to play second fiddle to Gibbs. (Yawn) There’s nothing more to do with Gibbs than hasn’t been done a dozen times except put him in a relationship and I don’t want to see that because every time the show has done it,it’s been cringe-worthy. McGee is stuck in a rut and Abby is stuck permanent adolescence. Ducky won’t get more than one episode a season and I really don’t care about Palmer or Vance

          I’ve been thinking about it and with Ziva gone, there’s nothing left that holds my interest after 10 seasons because nothing ever changes. It’s the same thing over and over again. I held on for because I liked the character of Ziva, she was different and a twist on the other characters but now it’s same old, same old.

      • estefania says:

        I am so sad because cote leaves, I love her and cast , she is one of the important part inside this puzzle callss NCIS and now this is losing one piece.but I hope gary glasberg doesn’t kill ziva off and let opening door for coming her back… about TIVA , the fans want happy ending for tony and ziva, many many years teaser and the wondeful evolution in season X, I hope they will be couple off screen and tony could name her in the show, and I love to see that ziva let agency, because she pregnant with tony’s baby and this let open door for ziva back, I know , it is afan girl dream, but I hope other who disagree with me , no offense my wishes about it

      • estefania says:

        I am so hard cote de pablo fans I will miss som much , but I wihs the best in the world and always support her in whatever she does, because she is so talented, gorgeous, funny, but I love if she doesn’t go , because her charcater bring some new feelings , funny, zivaism , this charcater is so deep, mysterious, funny, Donald bellisario created one of the most important female character on tv History.

      • Rose says:

        Forget about Ziva leaving – the real question to ask GG is what are they going to do about the fact that the little DoJ weasel was right about all the bad/illegal things that Gibbs, Ziva et al have done during the past seasons – how can they possibly rehabilitate the NCIS crew, knowing that they have broken the law, killed people for revenge, and basically undermined everything they have sworn to uphold!! how can they arrest anyone for committing the same crimes they have – ask GG that if you get a chance!!

  35. Brig says:

    I love POI but in your video Jim C seems like kinda a jerk in person. He came across like he was really annoyed with having to talk to you. Good thing he is easy on the eyes.

    • JBC says:

      It seems as though he couldn’t get a word in edgewise, Michael and the others were doing the talking. He did mention about his comic con stuff. He is a classy guy imo. Seems kind of shy.

    • Mel G says:

      I suspect it more to do with the interviewer’s personal background than with JC being shy.

      • JBC says:

        Jim C mentioned to one reporter that he’d filmed until late hours the evening before, got to bed at 3am, was up at 5am to catch a plane, studied his script aboard the flight and then went straight to ComicCon. So, he was probably just exhausted. Love POI and Jim Caviezel’s Reese. Great acting.

        • brenna says:

          Completely agree. Love Jim Caviezel and his protrayal of Reese. Saw him in another interview and he was very funny. It’s nice that he doesn’t have to always be the one to talk. Amy Acker didn’t get to say anything either. And by the way, Caviezel and his wife have 3 children. Two are adopted and had medical problems when they were adopted. I read an article about it. They both sound like wonderful caring people.

  36. AT says:

    Any idea when the premiere of White Collar can be expected?

  37. Paola(from Italy) says:

    Are we going to see the mentalist season 6 promo any soon?? waaaaa wake me up when september (almost) ends!!!

  38. Allison says:

    The Fosters has won me over! I am excited to hear we will see some of the backstory between Lena and Steph. I love their characters and the two actresses who portray them are doing a fantastic job. They are absolutly believable as a couple. They have great chemistry and I love the banter and little comments they make to each other.

    • Sara says:

      I agree! Steph and Lena have become my favorite TV couple (and I’m straight!). I don’t know who the writers are but they deserve major kudos for creating these realistic characters. The two actresses who are playing them are just knocking it out of the park!

  39. Luis says:

    I’m betting Bertram is the odd man out.

  40. Sarah says:

    The thought of Ziva being replaced makes me feel kind of sick.

    • KyMel says:

      You are not alone. The only reason I am still coming to the spoiler page is to get an idea how they plan to end her story. I haven’t decided whether or not to watch those eps. I am definitely not watching after she leaves. The Tiva storyline was the main draw for me. Without her or Tony, it is (for me) just another cop show & I am not really interested in that.

  41. GeeMa says:

    Love The Mentalist, but am so done with the Red John story. It needs to end. It would be interesting to see who Jane becomes when his family’s killer is dead. Does he stay with CBI, or leave? They’ve become his family now.

    • Susan says:

      Same here. I hope they wrap up Red John this season. Except … I’ve had this nagging suspicion from the beginning that Patrick Jane himself is actually Red John. Does he know it? Or does he have multiple-personality disorder? Either way, likable and charming as he is, he is still a con man, and we see every week that he enjoys needling even those closest to him. I just hope I’m wrong, that he finds Red John ASAP, and the show will go on as a weekly whodunnit with Patrick Jane as a brilliantly mischievous crime solver. (And if he goes on being a tortured soul even after he gets his revenge, finding it empty justice, that will just make him all the more compelling).

      “Lost” is over, and, sadly, recent attempts prove to me that its magic can never be recreated. Let’s get back to good, old-fashioned, cleverly written *episodic* TV in the vein of the classic and timeless “Columbo.” In fact, Patrick often reminds me of him.

  42. grayton says:

    Really sorry to see Ziva off of NCIS, but if that is final, why don’t they bring back EJ Barrett for a while? She and Tony had lots of chemistry and it was fun to see how she perturbed Gibbs, although I suspect he really liked her as long as she didn’t date within the team….

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