Preview: Rookie Blue Baddie Brings Back Old Feelings -- Plus: Is There Hope for Andy/Sam?

Rookie Blue Season 4 SpoilersOn Rookie Blue, there’s two things you can count on: Criminals, and a good love triangle… or two!

This Thursday’s episode (ABC, 10/9c) finds the two elements intersecting when a copycat kidnapper forces the precinct to revisit one of their most traumatic cases — one that marked the end of several relationships, including Andy and Sam’s romance. And now there’s two new pegs in the love square — Nick and Marlo — complicating matters even further.

Here, executive producer Tassie Cameron previews the emotional ramifications of this week’s episode and the future of Rookie‘s tortured lovers. She also weighs in on whether Andy and Nick truly have feelings for each other.

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TVLINE | A bad guy from the past returns this week. How does he re-enter the picture?
As you know, it’s probably the worst case in 15 Division’s history – the person responsible for the death of a beloved fellow officer. How he re-enters the scene, I hope, will come in a surprising way, so I don’t want to say too much about that. But we all felt that with cases like that, the repercussions are huge. There are shock waves that are big and go beyond the case itself into why Sam and Andy broke up, where Traci’s at emotionally, where everybody’s at emotionally. We thought it was an interesting way to get to have a look at where everybody’s at and how that affected them and is still affecting them.

TVLINE | Who would you say is having the toughest time dealing?
The person at the heart of this story is Gail,  the survivor of this horrible situation. She’s always felt guilty and somewhat responsible for Jerry’s death, and she’s the one who has the biggest story in this episode. Also, we’ve tried not to dwell on it too much — because what’s there to say? — but this was a very emotional episode for Traci, who finally gets to articulate where she’s at. And for Sam and Andy, who are working together on this case, it was the beginning of the end of their relationship. So it’s hard for everybody.

TVLINE | Andy and Sam are long overdue for a talk about what really went down. Is that something that they’re going to address head on in this episode?
I wouldn’t say head on, but the subtext speaks pretty clearly in this episode.

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TVLINE | Being a very traumatizing time for Gail, who does she rely on, given everything that’s going on in her relationship with Nick?
That’s a very good question, and that’s, in some ways, one of the biggest parts of the story. She’s trying to rely on herself and that doesn’t always work.

TVLINE | We have to talk about the ending of the last episode. Did Gail really go off with that detective and do you-know-what?
You will learn the answer to that in this coming episode. Gail’s a pretty self-destructive character. Did she or didn’t she? You’ll know by the end of the episode.

Rookie Blue Season 4 SpoilersTVLINE | Andy and Nick don’t even seem to be aware of how close they’ve grown and what that’s doing to the people around them. Are they going to start to become more self-aware of it?
Yes. That’s a pretty good observation. Nick may have a clearer understanding of where he’s at re: Andy than Andy does re: Nick.

TVLINE | You can make a case that they’re just close friends. Are you willing to say that this is definitely a love triangle and not just a case of they’re really, really friendly?
[Laughs] I think Gail certainly believes it is. I’m getting so much flack on Twitter from my love triangles that I don’t even want to comment. [Laughs] For sure, it’s a complication. … We’ve done a more conventional love triangle before, and it worked in the life of the series, and it was the right thing at the right time. But if there’s something getting in the way of Sam and Andy, it had to look very, very different. And it had to be as real and authentic and believable and viable as possible.

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TVLINE | Luke (played by Eric Johnson) is also back this week. What can you tease about his interaction with everyone in the precinct?
He’s in a few episodes this season; we’re thrilled that he’s been willing to come in. When Luke enters the scene, I feel like there’s a palpable sense of  urgency to his presence as a detective and authority figure. So in a sense, he’s there primarily in a procedural way, but of course, he’s got his own dynamics. He was there for Gail during the fallout of the original crime, and he is there for her again in a mentorship way.

TVLINE | As I’m sure you know, the Andy/Sam fans are very worked up, and they really want to know if there’s any hope for that relationship.
That relationship is obviously very important to us, the writers, and to the show, and it’s always in our minds. It’s not like we ever forget that, you know? That said, we’re trying to build a real, honest story arc. As the season progresses, things are going to come to a head, in a way. These things are not going to be unaddressed by the end of the season.

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