Preview: Rookie Blue Baddie Brings Back Old Feelings -- Plus: Is There Hope for Andy/Sam?

Rookie Blue Season 4 SpoilersOn Rookie Blue, there’s two things you can count on: Criminals, and a good love triangle… or two!

This Thursday’s episode (ABC, 10/9c) finds the two elements intersecting when a copycat kidnapper forces the precinct to revisit one of their most traumatic cases — one that marked the end of several relationships, including Andy and Sam’s romance. And now there’s two new pegs in the love square — Nick and Marlo — complicating matters even further.

Here, executive producer Tassie Cameron previews the emotional ramifications of this week’s episode and the future of Rookie‘s tortured lovers. She also weighs in on whether Andy and Nick truly have feelings for each other.

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TVLINE | A bad guy from the past returns this week. How does he re-enter the picture?
As you know, it’s probably the worst case in 15 Division’s history – the person responsible for the death of a beloved fellow officer. How he re-enters the scene, I hope, will come in a surprising way, so I don’t want to say too much about that. But we all felt that with cases like that, the repercussions are huge. There are shock waves that are big and go beyond the case itself into why Sam and Andy broke up, where Traci’s at emotionally, where everybody’s at emotionally. We thought it was an interesting way to get to have a look at where everybody’s at and how that affected them and is still affecting them.

TVLINE | Who would you say is having the toughest time dealing?
The person at the heart of this story is Gail,  the survivor of this horrible situation. She’s always felt guilty and somewhat responsible for Jerry’s death, and she’s the one who has the biggest story in this episode. Also, we’ve tried not to dwell on it too much — because what’s there to say? — but this was a very emotional episode for Traci, who finally gets to articulate where she’s at. And for Sam and Andy, who are working together on this case, it was the beginning of the end of their relationship. So it’s hard for everybody.

TVLINE | Andy and Sam are long overdue for a talk about what really went down. Is that something that they’re going to address head on in this episode?
I wouldn’t say head on, but the subtext speaks pretty clearly in this episode.

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TVLINE | Being a very traumatizing time for Gail, who does she rely on, given everything that’s going on in her relationship with Nick?
That’s a very good question, and that’s, in some ways, one of the biggest parts of the story. She’s trying to rely on herself and that doesn’t always work.

TVLINE | We have to talk about the ending of the last episode. Did Gail really go off with that detective and do you-know-what?
You will learn the answer to that in this coming episode. Gail’s a pretty self-destructive character. Did she or didn’t she? You’ll know by the end of the episode.

Rookie Blue Season 4 SpoilersTVLINE | Andy and Nick don’t even seem to be aware of how close they’ve grown and what that’s doing to the people around them. Are they going to start to become more self-aware of it?
Yes. That’s a pretty good observation. Nick may have a clearer understanding of where he’s at re: Andy than Andy does re: Nick.

TVLINE | You can make a case that they’re just close friends. Are you willing to say that this is definitely a love triangle and not just a case of they’re really, really friendly?
[Laughs] I think Gail certainly believes it is. I’m getting so much flack on Twitter from my love triangles that I don’t even want to comment. [Laughs] For sure, it’s a complication. … We’ve done a more conventional love triangle before, and it worked in the life of the series, and it was the right thing at the right time. But if there’s something getting in the way of Sam and Andy, it had to look very, very different. And it had to be as real and authentic and believable and viable as possible.

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TVLINE | Luke (played by Eric Johnson) is also back this week. What can you tease about his interaction with everyone in the precinct?
He’s in a few episodes this season; we’re thrilled that he’s been willing to come in. When Luke enters the scene, I feel like there’s a palpable sense of  urgency to his presence as a detective and authority figure. So in a sense, he’s there primarily in a procedural way, but of course, he’s got his own dynamics. He was there for Gail during the fallout of the original crime, and he is there for her again in a mentorship way.

TVLINE | As I’m sure you know, the Andy/Sam fans are very worked up, and they really want to know if there’s any hope for that relationship.
That relationship is obviously very important to us, the writers, and to the show, and it’s always in our minds. It’s not like we ever forget that, you know? That said, we’re trying to build a real, honest story arc. As the season progresses, things are going to come to a head, in a way. These things are not going to be unaddressed by the end of the season.

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  1. Sarah says:

    Sam’s a douchebag, Andy should be with Nick!!

    • Yes, Sam’s a douchebag, and Andy deserves so much better. Yes, Nick’s a super nice guy, and Andy deserves one of those. But so does Gail. Maybe Gail isn’t supposed to be with Nick, but she’s one of those false bad girls, who’s actually a good person underneath, and deserves to be with a good guy. It took her like four seasons to actually get close to people, to trust them and build friendships. If Andy and Nick get together, it’s going to destroy all her sense of trust. I would hate to see that for her, as much as I do like Andy and Nick together, so, I’m torn :(

      • Lisa London says:

        Agreed. Chemistry is not all in a relationship – Sam and Andy have tried to make theirs work before only based on that and it didn’t work. Andy is right to try to move on; it’s the healthy thing to do. Nick is good for her and frankly, he’s easy on the eyes! I feel bad for Gail but her abrasive side is coming to bite her in the @ss…

    • Sarah says:

      Personally, I don’t see Sam as a douchbag at all. I agree with what someone said earlier about Nick being the real bad guy, especially when it comes to his relationships. He pulls the trigger on Andy when they are undercover, claiming he knew the gun was empty but could have been just a cover. Andy is forced to cover for him with the shooting last season because he was hungover. He left Gail at the alter, left her again when she finally wanted to give the relationship a chance, lied to her about not being allowed to come home, and only asked Gail to move in because he thought Andy was still into Swarek. Now yes, the on again off again relationship between Andy and Swarek could get quite annoying but, the worst thing Sam did was have a reluctancy to commit. The relationship between them has been building from the very first show. To end the show with them not together would be heartbreaking.

      • Sara says:

        A reluctancy to commit…which he overcame by the final episode. It was Andy that walked away.

        • Cameron Webb says:

          He treated her like crap the entire season (jumping off of her and out the door before her breathing even returned to normal, left her without an explanation, wouldn’t return her calls, told her he loved her only when there was a possibility she would die and even then he made a joke out of it. I totally understand why she couldn’t trust that he was serious. She comes back and the guy who “couldn’t be a cop and be with her” could do all that with another officer and was even into PDA… I think Sam was the one who screwed up … several times and several ways…. Not sure I want her with Nick but am sure I want Sam to suffer just as much as she has….

    • Jessamarie1 says:

      Totally agree. I vote for a lot more of Nick.

    • Catherine says:

      I agree with everyone that thinks that andy should be with someone other than Sam but I don’t think nicks the answer either the only time andy was truly happy was with Luke so he should come back if he could forgive her for her first slip with Sam then she can forgive him for his one night stand and it seemed as if he still has feelings in the last episode of season 3while he was watching her leave

  2. Kira says:

    LOVE McSwarek!!!! This is just a speed bump on their road back to each other

  3. K. says:

    There better be hope for Sam and Andy, I want those two back together soon! Please…..

  4. Yeah, I like her better with Nick.

  5. Rebecca says:

    Sam and Andy! I don’t see Andy and Nick together. That being said I do trust the writers, so I know they will do all the story lines justice!

    • Raya says:

      I completely agree! I can’t see nick and Andy together it just doesn’t work. I like Sam and Andy because they are completely different from one another and they look REALLY good with each other!

  6. Allison says:

    Biggest bunch of crap. Tassie doesn’t care at all about us fans. She writes for herself not her audience

    • Ari says:

      I’d rather have someone who writes for themself than gives in to audience sniveling and whining. A lot of great shows have been ruined because the writers have given in to the audience pressure.

    • Rebecca says:

      Wow Allison angry much…if you disagree that much please stop watching. She sh

    • Jen says:

      Someone’s having a temper tantrum. Without Tassie and Co we wouldn’t have RB, don’t like it? Don’t let the door hit your vile ass in the way out

    • Bbrown says:

      That is the way it seems

  7. cass says:

    I can ‘t believe how the writers destroyed Sam’s character, so Andy could have a viable love interest, of all people Nick. It’s really too hard to watch and honestly makes no sense. I’m only watching the show because of my beloved Sam. No way can they repair McSwarek. too bad wasting the natural chemistry of Ben Bass and Missy Peregrym. this show is so over.

  8. Dani says:

    Nick is such a goody-to-shoes. He is verging on Mary Sue levels at this point. The senior officers love him because he has military experience, and he doesn’t seem to do anything wrong. Chris wasn’t that perfect, and I’m definitely going to miss him.

    And please get rid of that new officer. (Not Sam’s new girlfriend). The crazy one who stalks Dov. She has no redeeming qualities and there is no way a person like her can be a cop (can also be said with Peck). She is giving real Toronto cops a bad name.

    • Kathryn says:

      I feel like it’s really only the cast comments about Nick being trustworthy that make it seem that way. Nick is no Prince Charming. He dumped Gail at the alter, pursued her again, lost interest once she finally started to fall for him again, left her after she’d been through two BIG traumas, didn’t bother to find out whether she actually left (just used that as his Free Pass to avoid blame), emotionally cheated on Gail while he was gone, asked Gail to move in only because he saw Andy still mooning over Sam. Basically, he’s easily as much of a commitment risk as Sam ever was.
      Other not so stand up moves: helet Gail, Andy & the rest of the rookies take all the blame for the booking shooting when Andy was covering for his lame hungover ass, pulled the trigger on Andy based on feeling the extractor under pressure. Nick has a boatload of flaws.

  9. Amy says:

    OMG. McCollins. Yessssssssss. I cannot wait. Sam is a jackass. I can’t wait for Nick/Andy. This is gonna be so good.

  10. Lola says:

    I know the show started out with Andy and Sam as the main couple, but I was never really feeling them. I’ve always felt that they were forced. I loved Andy with Luke, before the writers ruined him by cheating on Andy. I love the Nick/Andy dynamic and how its a slow and genuine building relationship. Just because the show started with Andy and Sam doesn’t mean they necessarily have to be the endgame. I’m over it and I want Andy to move on with anyone, her and Sam are not good together.

    • Eliza says:

      My thoughts exactly. I loved Andy & Luke together. I tried to get into Andy & Sam but I was just not feeling them whatsoever. Tbh I thought they were pretty terrible together. Now, Andy & Nick– I love their friendship and I’m open to them exploring a relationship shall it come to that.

  11. Yasmin says:

    I love Nick and Andy together, I’m so glad the show is heading towards that. IMO they have a great relationship, and I actually feel something so magical with these two. Ahh I’m so excited!

  12. Patty says:

    I love, love, love Andy and Sam. That being said, once they got together, it seemed like Sam somehow changed. Andy was happy with Sam, but Sam seemed like he wasn’t sure anymore, so I was happy when she blew him off to go undercover. If there’s any hope for them, he needs to get back into her good graces (and that Margo, Marlo, whatever her name is, chick, needs to go). I’m liking Andy and Nick, but feel bad for Gail in that scenario.

  13. MonicaF says:

    I hate Sam and I hate Andy and Sam together. I want to see her with Nick! However, anyone that doesn’t realize that Andy and Sam are endgame is just fooling themselves! The EP just basically said above that Andy and Sam’s relationship is the central theme of the show and that any other relationships are just story arcs! It sucks, but it’s true!

  14. Diane says:

    I’ll begin watching again if I hear Sam and Andy get back together. If not, the first two seasons were great (all around).

    • Natalie budd says:

      I was also disappointed with the nick and andy thing. Sam and andy belong together. They love eachother. They both made mistakes, and learned from it, please have them back together and get married. Also have traci start dating the new dective. They are cute together

  15. Alana says:

    Yey! MCcollins!!! I`m loooving that! Hope they go trough with Andy and Nick! Missy and Peter have an amazing chemistry on screen! I loved McSwarek as well, but hey, the world changes!! I think Luke and Gail could work. Or maybe Diaz and Gail back together…

  16. Nicola says:

    I love Sam and want Andy to be with him in the long run but recently I’ve really enjoyed the vibe between her and Nick. He has seriously grown on me.

  17. TLG says:

    While I liked Andy initially with Sam we cannot forget that he pushed Andy away and shut her out. While the Andy/Nick undercover and gone felt abrupt it does seem to have helped Andy show growth and confidence as a cop. For her and Sam to get back together their needs to be growth for that relationship too. I do prefer seeing Andy and Nick together and its evident he has feelings for her. Gail is pretty cold and somewhat immature and she is usually pretty abrasive. I can see Nick being drawn to Andy’s confidence and softness that Gail actually lacks. Who is Gail outside of work We get a better picture of Andy through her relationships with Luke, Sam and her peers.

    I want to see Traci with someone too.

  18. Kali says:

    Wow, it really makes me sad to read how many people like Andy with Nick. Don’t get me wrong, everybody’s entitled to their opinion. It just seems to me that rooting for Andy with Nick is tantamount to ignoring everyhting that has been happening on Rookie Blue since day one. All the chemistry that existed between Sam and Andy from the beginning and that grew into something beautiful and real over time. Their partnership on the job, the way they complement each other.
    I know it has been anyhting but smooth sailing between Sam and Andy for a while now, but having watched Rookie Blue from the beginning and being crazily observant about everything, I cannot help but be invested in Sam and Andy, as individuals and as a couple.

    I don’t exactly understand why things always have “to come between Sam and Andy” but this is a drama and it would be truly naive to expect things to be easy for the main couple of a show. However, I’m worried with do many people actually rooting for Andy and Nick – something that my experience with the show would NEVER allow – that these obstacles have been taken too far.

    • Or maybe people just perceived the show in a different way. Because I’ve watched the show from day one, with my mother, and not for a single day we’ve wished for Andy to be with Sam. He always treated her badly, and she always deserved better. This is all very personal to a person’s view of the world, rather than the show’s writing, and the fact that so many people DO want Andy with Nick actually gives me hope that not all girls want to fall for the guys who treat them badly.

      • Kali says:

        Wow! Sam treated her badly? They guy who mentored her and was there for her whenever it mattered, the guy with whom she felt safe and who throughout had her back? Are we talking about the same person?
        Well, I do admit that Sam is having a hard time opening up and that, as great as he is at his job, he has a lot to work on when it comes to relationships, but he’s always loved Andy. He was even her break-up buddy after Luke cheated on her and proved over and over again that he has a heart of gold.
        But, you’re right…more often than not it’s all about perception. And our expereinces in life determine our perception.
        I just don’t get why people think Nick is so great to be in a relationship with. He up and left Gail before their wedding and we never really got an explanation as to the why. Plus, he’s emotionally cheating on Gail at the moment and, in spite of his awareness for his feelings for Andy, hasn’t had the decency to talk to Gail about it.
        Well…I guess we can’t influence where Tassie & co are planing to take the show anyway. All I know is that Sam and Andy definitely got under my skin and that’s quite the achievement. So, at the very least, kudos for that :) Til the very end I’ll holding out hope though…in Shakespeare’s words, I’ll bear it out, “even to the edge of doom.”

        • Rebecca says:

          Kali!!! Could not agree with you more! You said it all. Thank you.

        • Kira says:

          You said everything I was thinking :) Even though Gail is not handling this the right way I feel bad for her :( Getting screwed over by the guy you love twice is heartbreaking. Having it involve one of your best friends makes it even worse.

          • devon says:

            everyone just needs to chill out and allow others their opinions. some people are going to always love the andy/sam dynamic and some will love the andy/nick dynamic and others still want to see andy/luke together. either way, there was chemistry with andy and all 3 guys. i love a realistic love story. not everyone ends up with the person who they imagined themselves with. we can only hope to end up with someone that we want to be with. i have seen and loved andy with luke and sam. but i am ready to see where it goes with nick. he is a good friend and a girl could be so lucky to have a companion like that in her life. as far as gail….not a good match. i see no chemistry there. i honestly could care less about that relationship. she needs to find someone she can make fire with. (just sayin) :)

      • Carly says:

        How does Sam treat her badly? He cares more about her than Luke ever did!!!! He actually loves her

  19. Sar says:

    I love that Andy is moving on…because that’s life. When someone breaks your heart, you move forward. She moved ahead in her career and focused on HERSELF. What an empowering thing to see! I love that she has chemistry with two different but important men in her life. I love her journey and am excited to see this season play out, especially knowing we have next year to look forward to as well.

  20. Kristin says:

    “There are shock waves that are big and go beyond the case itself into why Sam and Andy broke up” I’ve seen the episode and that is severely misleading.

    As for subtext? Enough! You can’t rely on subtext forever, eventually you have to have them articulate stuff!

  21. Jess says:

    LOVE Nick and Andy – love how they’re building it. Look at Dawson’s Creek – everyone was all gung-ho for Dawson and Joey but the true romance was Joey and Pacey — Nick and Andy are Joey and Pacey (I hope)!

    • Actually, most people I ever knew wanted Pacey and Joey to be together ;)

      • dmac says:

        I have a big problem with St. Andy, she jumps from relationship to relationship with the men she works with, how is that even acceptable? Let’s not forget to mention that she is getting close to Nick knowing how much it hurts her friend, what kind of person does that? I don’t want Sam with Andy, I want him to move on she is way to toxic.

  22. Amy Leigh says:

    I am so excited that McCollins is finally really happening! I have loved the development that the writers have given them and it’s given me so much hope that they won’t put Nick/Andy together for a couple of episodes and then break them up suddenly and go right back to Sam/Andy. The smiles on both Nick and Andy’s faces when they’re together says it all. They belong together not with two people that make them miserable 99% of the time.

    • dmac says:

      Did you really combine their names??? This show is so much more than love triangles or at least it use to be before the fan girls starting high jacking the show. I get so sick of the same old storylines just to please a particular base…this is Twilight it is Rookie Blue.

  23. SoS says:

    So does this mean Ben Carlson is back? He’s such a great actor, I hope they write something interesting for him.

  24. icha says:

    No mccollin for me…Sam always there for Andy….he just a normal person who can makes mistake but that never change his loves for Andy… I can’t believe Andy very easy to fall in love to nick after Luke & Sam.

  25. kprice says:

    I personally miss Luke. Even though he’s a cheating douche bag-he sure is nice to look at!!! Bring him back please!!

    • Jess says:

      Remember Andy going to do whatever she was going to do with Sam till the lights came on? She’s a cheating douche bag too. Don’t know why she’s still on a pedestal. Sam move on! Save yourself from the ever precious and perfect McNally!

  26. Kim R says:

    Totally unrelated but is Chris really gone? :)

  27. meli says:

    So no one really feels like Andy is moving from one person in the division to another. So I guess next year when she starts something with chris you guys are all gonna ship MCDIAZ and applaud her for being able to move on. right???

    • Ryan says:

      This is honestly my biggest issue. In numerous interviews over the years, Tassie has explicitly stated that “15 wouldn’t be a graveyard of Andy’s boyfriends”. Im sick of them pairing her with people from the division. Branch out. I’d be much more on board with Nick if he was undercover with her from another division but having her believably date numerous men from the same small working group makes me really roll my eyes when I read the “natural progression” bs we keep getting fed in interviews. Sam/Andy might not be healthy but I agree with the nick/Andy are to brother/sister argument. I feel like they act like siblings so I have some real issues there with the chemistry, and I just don’t buy nick as a stand up guy knowing that, while Gail is a piece of work, the writers have conveniently made him look innocent by having her cheat (you know she did) when he left her. Twice.

      SPOILER: Andy/Nick is serious and will happen this season. The spoilers are out there if you choose to find them.

  28. H says:

    I really wish I could see the chemistry between Nick and Andy. To me, it’s like a brother and sister having an affair. YUK! plus Nick is the most boring character I have ever seen. so one-dimensional. well have fun Nick/Andy fans. We all know it’s not going to last. so enjoy it while you can.

  29. sarah says:

    I am not understanding all this hate towards Sam. He is just the same that he has been since the start, He was devastated when Jerry died and yes he took it out on Andy but he still loves her and they are the end game.
    I really like Nick too, and I am just find if they have them be a couple for awhile.

  30. Evelyn says:

    Totally floored and rather grossed out by the adoration or even the inclination that a Andy/Nick pairing is one that is a healthy choice for Andy. It would have been much much much more empowering to see the women stand on her own two feet vs. being lead into a relationship with a two time loser. Why Andy, after having experienced the heartache she has already, would even consider falling into another relationship, this time with her friends 2 time ex-boyfriend who she knows full well has a tendency to leave women at the alter or get back with women while he is clearly into someone else. Nick’s relationship track record is severly not trustworthy or one that gives anyone a reason to think that he would be Andy’s knight in shining anything.

    Yes, Sam has his issues and he screwed up and yes, I can deal with them being apart (will never back the idea that Sam with Marlo or Andy with Nick is a viable relationship as Tassie puts it in the interview) while they grow as people. Growth does not need to be through another person. Also these aren’t love triangles .. these are two people who have broken up and now one is with another person and soon the other will be with someone else.

    It frustrates me to no end, and does not make me feel valued as a viewer or fan to see the shows creator laugh off the pleas of fans on twitter for a mere answer to valid questions that could perhaps help make watching this show this season less hideously painful.

    Lastly, I think its time that subtext becomes ACTUAL text and dialogue. And I do wish that by the end of this season, the Sam and Andy “relationship” is addressed in a real, honestly and VERBAL way between the two of them.

    Its clear from this interview that both Marlo and Nick are pawns to get Sam and ANdy from point A to point B. Honestly Sam and Andy have enough of their own baggage and issues to deal with that are more than capable of keeping them apart, we don’t need them with other people to accomplish growth. Would have been more creative and original (which these writers used to be) had these journeys been told without all added drama.

    At this point, the constant and unwielding heartache and pain of this show has left lots of people needing to step back, care less and protect themselves from more pain. I don’t see that being the role of at TV show. I’m all for realism, but what about entertainment.

    • Steven says:

      I don’t think she’s laughing off pleas, I think fans are being nasty to her. Re read what she said. What do you want her to do, give in to the opinions of 5.5 million viewers that watch weekly? Could you get that many people to have the same opinion? The creators should be given some credit they are the CREATORS this is their baby.

      • dmac says:

        Yes, if these 5.5 million viewers quite watching the show. You are completely delusional if you think the writers should stick to their vision when their viewers are vehemently apposed to a particular storyline. Many a show has been cancelled when their show runner ignores their viewers and sticks their vision.

        • jan says:

          you think 5.5 million viewers all share the same opinion? you’re the delusional one. and reminder they got a season 5 for a REASON

        • DeeDee says:

          Actually from what I have seen, seems half are on board for McCollins and the other half holding out for McSwarek so what vision are they supposed to have? And lets not forget the ones that love Callahan with Andy or want her to be with someone outside 15 or the people that think she should be on her own

        • devon says:

          the creators of lost did it. its the creators who have a vision then lose it because of the tug o war between their creativity and the outside world. i say let them do their thing. sometimes its nice not having control over something or not know what to expect. sometimes that why people escape to tv world

        • Steven says:

          dmac I just meant that if the creators listened to the outside world it would never get written as there are too many opinions, particularily with this show becuase there is such a huge following aka 5.5 million viewers. and thanks for calling me delusional but really I’m not.

    • StellaBurke says:

      I agree with you Evelyn. For me, I do not like a new characters coming in and push out the characters I grow to love and care about. Now they push out Chris. I do not find Nick characters interesting at all. Same with Chloe. I think the fanfic writers are more creative.

  31. Kathryn says:

    I have to say, Tassie’s answer about Andy/Nick and love triangles confuses me. How is having him develop a crush on her & having Andy jump from a relationship with dark intense brunette commitment phobe to blonde chatty commitment phobe not a conventional triangle? And how is it showing growth for Andy??

  32. Steven says:

    To some of these ‘die hard fans’ I’d really like to know, how many hours of the day, every day, all week do you spend criticizing this show, it’s creators, it’s writers, and its characters? Maybe you should tally it up and think of better things to do with your time. Tassie and company, keep doing what you’ve been doing for coming up to FIVE years. Haters exit to the left.

  33. Katherine says:

    I’m an Andy and Sam person. I love the show but I feel like Sam needs to do a 180º and have a moment of total honesty. We are tired of the tough act yesss we get it you have trouble opening up but enough of that show a little of that love you are bottling up for McNally and for the love of all things yummy drop this Marlo woman in a corner.

  34. DeeDee says:

    I love this show, glad it was picked up again.
    lots of love from BC

  35. leblanc says:

    Great Interview tvline! I like this season alot and the new recruits but miss Sandy :-(

  36. Kelly says:

    I feel like it’s definitely over between Andy and Sam and maybes Andy might get with Nick and that Gail is going to prob. get with Luke. I love anys character and wish she would date around and be with a really interesting fun guy so I guess nick is alright.

  37. Cory says:

    i feel bad for gail!

  38. Amie says:

    Total loyal fans! First lets be happy they renewed RB for another season! I love the whole Andy/Sam thing but life is what it is and pp grow apart and grow up. Nick is a great balance because he’s a keeper. Not afraid to take chances and lets face it….friends first…lovers nxt last. You never forget your first..never forget the one that got away and Ike Tracy..never forget the one who loved you even in death. If Tess and her team didn’t write the stories like they do..we wouldn’t count the winter months away till the next season. We wouldn’t bother at all
    In fact, it would be another soap opera your grandma would watch.

  39. Amie says:

    What I’m curious about…what about Oliver? Lets face it. He has had a rough time of it. He has such a big heart and deserves a love interest on the show. He adores his rookies and they of him. How about we take a break from Andy, Sam, Luke and Nick thing and start showing some love and support for Oliver!!

  40. Kristin says:

    I love Andy and Nick. I think they are really good together. They have fun with each other and that’s what it should be! They are friends first, and it seems they are building a strong bond. Lucky Andy, because I would love to get my hands on him!

  41. Kristin says:

    I think andy and nick have such a chemistry! I just can’t help watching them.
    I loved andy and Sam together the first three seasons even when she was with Luke, but now I can’t even imagine her with him at this point. It seems like so much has happened that them having an actual healthy relationship isn’t in the works. She has a real shot with Nick, and it’s obvious nick adores her.

    I never really got the whole nick and Gail thing anyway, I would watch them & something about it just seems so forced.. Not to mention he never really seemed 100%into it.. & I think Gail has feelings for dov, I’d love to see that develop into something

    And please bring Luke back on a regular basis, his character in this show is fantastic, even without Andy.

  42. jodi says:

    andy should go back with luke!

  43. janae says:

    Most of you are saying that you don’t like that the writers have put andy and nick together. If you don’t like it don’t watch it

    • Amie says:

      Well RB fans!!!!!! I loved that Oliver found someone. And good for him to throw it in his ex’s face! Loved it! He needed someone who matched his heart!! Ty Tassie and writer’s. As for Andy…pp grow up. Life changes! ! Pp get hurt and some don’t fight hard enough….example Sam. He’s has a past that n three years shares with who..not Andy but Marlo! That should day something in its self. I thought after that hidden side would be given to Andy, the person e finally said those 3 words to?!. So what can u say? Andy is not a mind reader! So then there is Nick. break up buddy and 6 months undercover. I think Andy and Nick have more together in one season than Andy and Sam. I truly have a soft spot for Andy and Sam and would love them together but who ever said real life had happy ever afters??!!!!

  44. steph2323 says:

    Andy and Sam are meant to be. Andy and Nick are like brother and sister. You cant have Andy getting with the whole precinct. She needs to be with Sam and keep her girl next door charm. I think its a really bad idea if Andy and Nick get together.

  45. M says:

    Come on, guys. Swarek and Andy are great together but I find it kind of hard to believe that they would go back together after what happened. Sam broke her heart. So did Andy, yeah, but I don’t really remember her agreeing to meet him at the Penny’s. I guess running away wasn’t the smartest move, but I guess I unterstand her.
    Even if I love them, I don’t think Sam deserves her.
    And I really like Andy and Nick relationship. I can’t really see them romantically involved, but their relationship is genuine and really nice. They have great chemistry as characters and actors. After six months undercover, they are very close and I just love how they joke around and smile all the time. Nick and Andy remind me of Noelle and Franck. Best friends and now husband and wife.

    And I guess I like Sam with Marlo. Well, I like seeing Sam unhappy because I think he deserves to grief. But I also like Marlo and I’m pretty sad for her.
    And I really found Gail and Nick boring. I like Gail with Chris, because they were so differents. And I like her new girlfriend. They are both so mean. And perhaps soulmates !

    So i would say it doesn’t matter. I want to see Sam to kneel and beg, but I so not want to see Nick sad and his friend-love-ship with Andy go wrong.
    And I don’t want Gail and Marlo to hate Andy, because in this show friendship is still the best.

  46. Van says:

    I LOVE Andy and Nick together. I was a huge Andy and Swarek fan, but my allegiance has changed since seeing the chemistry and true friendship that Nick and Andy have. It is more real. They were friends first which is the BEST start to a relationship. I love how they get one another. Please, please, please keep these two together!

  47. Love me some Andy and Nick, great chemistry!

  48. Elisabeth says:

    Ugh! First of all…I don’t like Nick. He’s not the angel he makes himself out to be. Second, Sam is awesome. What you see is not all there is to him. He was abused as a child and watched helplessly as his sister fell apart after being gang raped. He’s been abandoned by everyone he’s ever loved including Andy. And as for him abandoning her, people do strange things when they are grieving. Third, I’m kind of sick of watching the writers turn Andy, who started out as kind, giving, and intelligent turn into a moron. Working on her third work romance in 4 seasons (thereby making her the department slut), leaving a child alone in a vehicle to be kidnapped…etc. C’mon really??

  49. Elisabeth says:

    P.S. I’m not hating on the writers…I know I’m about to get bashed for that. They do an amazing job. I would just like to see Sam’s character explored a little more to show his true self. And I would be sad to see Andy reduced to a bumbling idiot to helpthe show and the storyline progress.

  50. Bbrown says:

    I watched last nights episode and was so disappointed with Andy and Nick. I used to be a fan – no longer – it is time for the writers to go in the direction fans want and that is Andy and Sam. Nick is not man enough for Andy and Sam may be wired a little tight, but true love should win out!!!

    • Emma says:

      I agree with you. I am also disappointed with last nights episode. I hope the writers realized that they need to go the direction the fans want. Why are the reduce Chris character and give more screen time of Nick and Marlo? I really don’t like it.