Rookie Blue's Gregory Smith Previews 'Awkward' Hook-Up Fallout, (Not) Working With His Brother

Rookie Blue Season 4 SpoilersRookie Blue fans, rejoice! The show finally returns this Thursday (ABC, 10/9c) with a fresh episode.

Dov, however, might be wishing the gang was still on a NBA finals-forced hiatus when his spontaneous hook-up with Chloe follows him to work in this week’s installment.

Below, his portrayer, Gregory Smith, talks about the resulting “ultimate ride of shame,” Dov’s “lighter” year and working — but not really — with his brother Doug Smith (Big Love).

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TVLINE | This season’s theme is adapt or get left behind. What changes are ahead for Dov?
Oh man… There’s a lot that he needs to change, coming off the relationship that he was in in Season 3. Right off the bat, that’s been established. He takes this vow of celibacy to try and get himself back on track until he meets the illustrious Chloe Price, who shakes up his life.

TVLINE | The storyline last year was pretty dark for Dov. But they’ve also given you comedic material in the past. Where does this season fall for him?
It’s definitely a lighter season for Dov. Last season was exceptionally dark. I really liked it, but it was very dramatic. This season, he’s in a much more grounded place, and the drama is more emotional and personal rather than professional.

TVLINE | Viewers are soon going to learn that Chloe is also an officer at the precinct. What ramifications does that have for Dov?
She’s an officer at our precinct, but there’s also a deeper connection, which puts Dov on a collision course with somebody that he doesn’t want to be on a collision course with.

TVLINE | How are Chloe and Dov working together?
At first, it’s incredibly awkward because they hooked up in a bathroom stall at the end of Episode 2 and then they’re riding together in Episode 3. It’s like the ultimate ride of shame.

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Rookie Blue Season 4 SpoilersTVLINE | Does she really like Dov? It seemed like she almost approached him like it was a game.
[Laughs] Yeah. It starts that way where she’s toying with him. [Laughs] But they definitely find a kindred spirit in one another over time.

TVLINE | So there’s potential there for more than just a one-night stand?
I think so.

TVLINE | Is Chris’ impending departure still affecting Dov in future episodes?
Yeah. The potential that he may lose his best friend – and that is something that is dealt with throughout the season – Dov takes it very, very hard.

TVLINE | But he might gain Gail as a roommate, which sounds amazing.
[Laughs] Yeah. And potentially very dramatic.

TVLINE | Will we actually get to see Gail move in at some point?
I don’t know if I can answer that.

TVLINE | Your brother, Doug, is guest-starring this season. Did you get to work with him?
No! He was also on an episode of Everwood. But on both shows, we’ve never had a scene together. It just so happened that Dov was out of town. He had a storyline that was outside of the city. But we never even worked on the same day. It’s very funny because when I came to set one day – when he was shooting that, I was prepping Episode 12, which I directed – and I saw him walking around with his shirt off. I was like, “Doug, what are you doing here? You just got here, and you’re already walking around with your shirt off.” The wardrobe ladies were all doing his laundry for him. Typical. [Laughs] He just moved right in.

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