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Supernatural Scoop: Jensen Ackles and Jared Padalecki Tease Dean's Big Secret About Sam

Supernatural Season 9 SpoilersSomeone’s got a secret on Supernatural, and it’s a major one.

When the CW series returns Tuesday, Oct. 15, the Winchesters will have to band together like never before to deal with the aftermath of Metatron’s actions in Heaven, not to mention handling Crowley and his ilk.

But all of that may prove difficult when a key piece of intel threatens to pull the brothers apart.

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“They’ve got angels, they’ve got demons and all the other stuff in between to now deal with,” star Jensen Ackles previewed at Comic-Con. “They’ve got to figure out how to navigate the terrain with all the new elements. They’re really going to need each other more than ever at this point, and they’re going to have to rely on each other more than ever, which is going to be difficult because there’s a secret that Dean is harboring right now from Sam.”

So what is this hidden info, which Ackles called “one of the bigger issues of the series” and “a massive wrench” in the brothers’ relationship?

“It really heavily involves Sam,” revealed his costar Jared Padalecki. “It even has a lot to do with why Sam’s still alive.”

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While the outcome of the secret is good – Sam’s still here, after all! — the elder Winchester is not feeling so great about keeping it under wraps. “Dean is continuing to lie to Sam, and he’s hating it every step of the way,” continued Padalecki. “And Sam can’t really tell. Sam’s like, ‘OK, I remember our conversation about teamwork, so I’m going to take you at your word.’ But when Sam finds out, s–t’s going to hit the fan.”

Padalecki, however, is optimistic. “I hope Sam will understand,” he said. “I’m sure there will be a time when he does not, when he’s upset just because Dean begged him to stop something and offered honesty and partnership and then, right off the bat, is keeping a secret… I like Sam being alive, so I hope he forgives the guy.”

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In the meantime, the Winchesters will find themselves fighting side by side. “Given the fact that the brothers chose each other, essentially, instead of closing the gates of Hell, that has now given them a lot to deal with,” teased Ackles, adding that the enormity of their new fallen angel reality means “they’re really going to have to unite… For right now, they’re on the same page. We’ll see how long that lasts.”

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  1. tp says:

    Here comes the complaints, in 5…4…3…2…

    • Kresh says:

      nah not really, nobody knows what this is about ^^

    • Tvfanatic says:

      Love it….literally fell off my chair you made me laugh so hard

    • Stephanie says:


    • kate says:

      nailed it.

    • rowan77 says:


    • Al says:

      I don’t know why fans would complain about. After all this kind of storyline is something the writers never did. Such a refresh from previous seasons!

      • Team Free Will says:

        Al won the first complaint award. Congratulation.

        • Al says:

          YAY! Thank you!

          I want to thank Jeremy Carver and the writers for the excellent creativity and original drama. Without them, I would never won this award!

        • solicita says:

          Aren’t you guys always complaining when Sam isn’t front and center? So now it’s not ok for anyone else to complain when, let’s see, a story that’s been told for 8 years now is being told again. I guess since once again something is wrong with Sam, Dean keeps a secret and Sam is changing into something superspecial, again, there’s no reason to complain. ‘

          New would be if Sam would actually, you know, revolve around Dean for once instead of the same lame and boring story about Dean being all about Sam and Sam, as usual, being so self-important, he can only think about himself.

      • Allen92909 says:

        Something they never did? Are you kidding me…the brothers are always keeping things from one another and lying. I can’t wait for the new season though.


    • jen says:

      Favorite post ever!!

    • Kara says:

      IKR? So over the complainers.

    • f_m says:

      Smug bobbleheads like you are why this show has become an embarrassment to watch.

    • Carrie says:

      Even if the article were about the brothers uniting forever, never lying to each other again and always treating each other with perfect kindness, certain fans would find something to complain about. Somehow Dean wouldn’t have enough of a storyline or Sam wouldn’t be getting enough screen time. How about actually watching and waiting to see how things play out before jumping to conclusions and declaring it a terrible idea?

      • cute as a button says:

        word. also, conflict = required. in what world do brothers (or anyone, for that matter) spend that much time together and not fight about stuff?

        • Nico says:

          My world apparently. I’ve spent years under the same roof as my brother and in our 25+ years no over emotional fights. We watch supernatural together because the sibling interactions are so accurate. That said, this time they better handle it maturely, after a couple season of this it’s about time they act like big boys and not over emotional children.

          Sure tempers run hot and bad things happen but with brothers there comes a time when you know your going to step on each others toes and do things that piss off your brother but at the end of the day your sibling unit cohesion makes sure that someone’s got your back, always.

          • cute as a button says:

            aside from the fact that your life would make really boring television, what part of that is not true of Dean and Sam? they fight about stuff but they’re brothers. if they never fought, nobody would watch, because contrary to what some of this fandom seems to think, nobody wants to watch characters who never disagree, get mad at each other, etc…


          • China says:

            Under the same roof is very different than constantly on the road, most of your time spent in the seat of a car or a crappy motel room. They’re going to be a little more on edge than someone living a more normal/generic life.

        • Alan says:

          especially in the high stress lives they live there should be conflict, no way can two people live in each others pockets 24/7 while dealing with all the insane crap they do. honestly if there was no conflict it would be unrealistic.

      • tp says:

        Exactly. Somebody is going to complain about one of the brothers not getting a good storyline.

      • Al says:

        True. However, I wouldn’t be one complaining about what you wrote. :)

    • Jason says:

      ^ ^ ^ THIS ^ ^ ^

    • linda says:

      looking forward to the next season love the series telly hasnt been the same without them hope they still keep some of the humour jensen ackles is fit the brothers always have secrets usually to protect each other wonder if bobby will be back roll on october linda

    • azu says:

      haha you’re so hilarious!! But astute too

  2. Kresh says:


  3. kate says:

    OMFG this is exciting. it should be great, I love secrets. SECRETS ARE FUN.

  4. merp says:

    Oh my gosh what if the secret is that he really loves the D?

  5. Al says:

    More lies and brothers fighting instead of working together. The writers really should have more creativity. I’m not happy nor excited. They united them just to rip them apart again. It gets old… And sadder.

    • Alan says:

      yes because people always get along and they never have arguments. i would like to see this perfect utopian life you live.
      anyway everyone being happy-happy doesnt make good tv so go ahead find a show where nobody fights and then get bored very quickly.

  6. Did Dean make a pact with a demon again?

  7. Stefan says:

    boring ? cancel it already, please

    • Dave says:

      Why?? Just cause you don’t like it. I love how people think a show needs to be cancelled purely based on wether they like the show or not. Get over yourself

    • jerzygirl45 says:

      If you’re no longer enthused by the show then don’t watch. It’s that simple. Other people still like it, so go away and let us enjoy it.

      • CJ says:

        I think if all the people who no longer enjoy the show and are watching out of habit or because they’re attached to the characters regardless of how the story sucks did stop watching the ratings would plummet and the show cancelled so be careful what you wish for.

        • Alan says:

          oh please, dont give them the benefit of estimating that their numbers are that big, they are the vocal minority and always have been.

          • angel64 says:

            Disagree. Judging from all the other sites I’ve visited, it’s hardly a minority.

    • Brooke says:

      I got bored with Burn Notice. I quit watching without telling the Internet. I got bored with House. I quit watching without telling the Internet. I got bored with L&O SVU. I quit watching without telling the Internet. Etc etc.

      Okay, so I’m telling everyone NOW, but the point being I really didn’t think the world revolved around me and that the show should end once I got bored.

  8. Chris says:

    well at least the audience doesn’t know the secret this time so we can be surprised too but I’m not looking forward to more fighting. i guess it’s inevitable since its what the writers always do.

    • f_m says:

      Well it’s not hard to guess. Sam will be turning into an angel or God or … what’s bigger and better than God? Well whatever it is, no doubt that’s who Sam will become.

      • solicita says:

        We’ll find out Sam created God.

        • Cass says:

          People, people, people…Sam is God…he’s been hiding and watching all this and after a vacation as Sam he and Dean will finally laugh, hold hands and skip through the meadow to the song “Endless Love”. Just Joshin’ ya…Dean is really God! Oops spoiler alert.

    • Percysowner says:

      We didn’t know the secret until midseason in seasons 2 or 6 and not until near the end in season 4. I’m willing to wait and see.

  9. oak says:

    For me Sam or Dean is dead and now is a ghost.who believes be alive.

  10. Madeline says:

    Maybe something to do with the brother’s souls? They are soul mates after all. Dean made a deal that tapped into that? Or maybe demon blood again is curing him? I’m kinda scratching my head here.

    I really hope it does not tear the brothers apart too much. I am liking that they will be on the same page at the beginning of the season. They work best as a team.

    Secrets and lies between the brothers is so old. There is no point to them keeping secrets. The other will eventually find out and be mad. We know this. It is like rinse and repeat. What is bad with honesty?

  11. mani says:

    Dean make deal with Death
    I know it

    • Kay says:

      I think so too. A deal with Death. This has not been done before, so they are technically correct!

      Dean will really die at the end of the season. And become a Reaper.

      • f_m says:

        Nah, that would give Dean and story and apparently there is some kind of mandate for that to never happen again.

        • cute as a button says:

          delusionally bitter, party of one, your table is now available.

          • liz says:

            Bitter maybe, but how is that even remotely delusional when Dean does nothing on this show but revolve around Sam. It even looks like Cas has a completely separate storyline just to keep him away because Dean’s not allowed to have friends anymore, either.

          • Kit says:

            you win at the internet

          • Percysowner says:

            I wish I had a like button right now!

          • cute as a button says:

            liz, feel free to stop watching. if the show is SO unenjoyable for you, turn it off and leave the rest of us alone to have fun.

          • Sara says:

            Onward Bobbleheads!-until Deanwise kisses Mr. Sam’s feet! Thanks to you and your efforts the showrunner’s and writers’ completely OTT pimping of Jared Padalecki and his character remains in full force and the show will likely end this way. But there’s a silver lining, it’s become so bad that it’s actually fun and funny to hate on it now. So why would we even consider leaving?

          • cute as a button says:

            @sara … because this ongoing butthurt internet whining is pathetic? and annoying to the people who still have fun with the show?

          • Sara says:

            @cute as a button. Tough and too bad for you. We’re having fun with the show, too-just in a different way from you now. And what’s pathetic is people who think they own the internet and can dictate who should post on it and what they should say and where and when and why.

          • f_m says:

            And again, I say smug twits like you are way the writers feel no need to even pretend to be creative or original. Well done.

          • cute as a button says:

            excuse me, it’s delusionally bitter, party of two. oh, and your argument that I think I own the internet? stupid. I don’t pretend to own the internet. you DO, however, show up on every SPN article to hijack the conversation with your ongoing b*tching and moaning, which is annoying to the rest of us. keep it up though, you’re bound to come up with some kind of argument that makes sense at some point.

        • Kay says:

          Ah no, this way they wouldn’t have to worry about stories for Dean next season. Dean can just die quietly in the season finale after being generously forgiven by Sam at the last moment. Also, this way Dean’s story would involve Sam, which is the favorite kind of Dean story for the writers and producers.

          • f_m says:

            At least if Dean stayed dead, that would be something they haven’t done before.

            Also hilarious how all these people, some well-known extreme sam fans and their sock puppets are telling people how to watch the show and how to feel about it and yet, they act like they are hard done by because someone dares to hold a different opinion. Just as hypocritical and whiny as their hero.

          • solicita says:

            To f_m, talk about Dean fans and their sock puppets. Seems to me a lot of Sam fans have sock puppets, and are using them over here. Stop being the pot who call the kettle black. Sam fans are always whining when the show doesn’t revolve totally around Sam. And the idiotic producers feel that they must please only the Sam fans, because, you know, no other factions of fans exist on SPN. Just the Sam fans. That’s the way the show has been going for the past 4 years. No wonder the Sam fans can feel so condescending. They no longer have anything to complain about since they get everything, so now they go after the Dean fans, who are constantly ignored by Carver and Singer and the writers who can’t write.

    • Spike says:

      Great. And the deal is Dean Cook infinitely to Death in exchange for Sam cure.

  12. Kara says:

    Secrets are always a fun plot twist, dying of curiosity now. Can only think it has to do with Demon blood.

  13. Allen says:

    Who wants to bet Sam turns into an angel? Or maybe God.

  14. ImperatoreFormaggio says:

    So which brother is pregnant?

    • This is not here says:

      Dean. Apparently Castiel is the baby daddy.

      • Everybody else, go home. You win.

      • Alia says:

        He can do that now that he’s human!

      • angel64 says:

        LOL I’m surprised that there aren’t any Destiel shippers posting!
        But the last time I checked a man could not make another man pregnant.
        I honestly don’t know anymore how I feel about Destiel. I was dead set against it happening because to me there has never been any indication that Dean is anything but heterosexual but sometimes I can almost see an underlying romantic subtext to his friendship with Cas. And at least it would give Dean some sort of important story arc. I don’t know. My feelings about it change every week. I really want to see Dean have a romantic, passionate love story because we’ve never really seen that side of him (no I don’t think the Cassie or Lisa situations succeeded in doing that) but it’s clear to me that the same writers that refuse to give Dean any important story also refuse to give him a truly romantic one. I really hope that this, at least, soon changes.

  15. Spike says:

    The secret is that Dean knows that Sam is not Sam and Sam actually is Jared Padalecki. And Dean also suspects that Dean is not Dean but Jensen Ackles who owns a mansion and a yacht. :P

  16. Gen says:

    “It really heavily involves Sam,”.

    Doesn’t it always. (See seasons 1 – 8)

  17. Yanez says:

    Why are there no interviews on camera with Jensen and Jared from Comic Con on this website. Ausiello has cool interviews from all the other shows so what gives?

    • Alan says:

      maybe they didnt want to do it or maybe they didnt have the time to; they do have lives, they arent beholden to doing interviews all the time, they deserve some time off.

  18. RockSaltRounds says:

    #1You people who complain about the show are the biggest haters ever, you guys are so hypocritical. Yet, You still watch the show and still take the time to seek spoilers & comment! HATERS!!!
    #2 if you read this article thoughrouly this “secret” does cause conflict, however, it’s stated that “the outcome and ending results of this so called secret is a GOOD THING” and has a positive ending result. Read better people!!
    #3 they definitely undoubtedly WILL NOT make same “GOD” that’s retarded. Lets keep the guesses at a minimum. The writers have something good in store for us dedicated viewers, so lets not ruin it by GODLY retarded assumptions.
    Overall def gonna be a sick season!!! And cannot wait until 10/15/13 for it to start. Stay positive Haters bc in the long run you are still gonna be watching the shower every Tuesday!!

    • This is not here says:

      “Read better people!!”

      Is there are book called “Better People” that you would like us to read? Who is the author?

    • AquaFan3000 says:

      You’re going to be watching the shower every Tuesday? I personally like to sit in a recliner and watch the shower running on Thursday evenings.

    • Seth says:

      I don’t think this comment is doing what you want it to do. Unless you want to sound slightly crazy…success!

    • SueP says:

      I guess I am now a ‘hater’. Really left with little choice. The outcome of the secret is that Sam lives, but that he still gets pissy about it. Jared ‘hopes’ he forgives the guy. That’s a positive ending? The problem is season 8 reduced the guys to one-dimensional shells of who they used to be, contriving drama between them (Sam not looking for Dean, Sam suddenly wanting normal again after all these years, Dean going from kick-ass hunter who knows what he wants to suddenly being ‘suicidal’ again, Sam hating Benny for no reason…). Carver made the entire season about a quest of vengeance without any explanation of what they were avenging and then just decided to not do it, making it all meaningless. They trampled over previously established mythology and made the characters behave however they needed to for each particular episode without any thought to the former or next. You comment about assumptions while assuming they have something good in store. I’m sure we all assumed that last year at this time, too. Alas, not so much. So, once bitten… I’m making no assumptions. My opinion is entirely based on their track record. And, as far as I’m concerned, it wasn’t good.

  19. cassie says:

    what secret? dean did something to save sam’s hive, again. sam will start bit*****, again when he finds out, not that he ever stops complaining bit*** or whine every time he is with dean, oh right the only momment he does’nt is when he wants something then he plays nice & when he takes what wants goes back to bit***, & of course always forget’s his own lies & betrayals torwards dean, which only uses against dean when dean mentions them, like in the finale where he blamed dean for his own cr*** desisions an actions in spite of the fact that dean had warn him & try to stop him every single time = one of the same in 9 seasons of the samshow

  20. Zack says:

    Bring back the ghost facers, the good old days

  21. This deal Dean has made is with Death i think he traded some of his years to save Sam IMO and thats why Sam is mad at him. TBH im getting frusterated with the writers who keep on rehashing old SL One brother keeps a secret from the other and lies , the other finds out and they bitch fight like a married couple , then again the PTB think this is good storytelling and everyone loves it.

  22. CJ says:

    S9 – Sam needs Demon blood in his system to live, the trials cleansed him of it now Dean does a blood transfusion to put it back (maybe using Crowley’s blood) but the ratio of human to demon blood is thrown off and Sam starts becoming a Demon for real, dun dun dun. Dean first realizes something is off when he makes Sam his soup and Sam throws it against the wall because they blessed the water at the bunker to make it holy as a safety measure and it burns his throat. Dean feels guilt, confusion and then angst, then shock, then anger, then despair over all this whilst Jensen just wishes he was on a show where the show runner’s remember his character’s name. Much like when Dean returned Sam’s soul Dean is himself demonized by Sam fans for taking such measures to save Sam’s life yet the alternative would be dead Sam and the end of the show which they will choose to overlook because Sam’s such a woobie. Anything questionable Sam does will be whitewashed because he’s not quite himself while Dean apologizes for daring to breath the same air. Castiel deals with pooping.

    • debbie webster says:

      Yes it does seem this way dosnt it another season of whats wrong with Sam , maybe just maybe Dean has done a deal with Death and it starts to affect him , Just think a whole season of whats wrong with Dean and Sam becomes his caretaker wouldnt that be original.

    • Spike says:

      *Castiel deals with pooping. CJ :D Cried with laughter! kkkkkkkkkkkk

    • Sara says:

      HA! This post is Gold, CJ! Love it.

    • solicita says:

      LOL, this was great. It’s sad that I can see the show doing this because we all know that Dean’s life is made up of caring about Sam and only Sam, while Sam’s life is made up of caring about himself and only himself.,

      Jensen’s not the only one who wishes he was on another show where the producers actually remembered his name and who his character is, which isn’t Sam’s butler but Sam’s equal and just as smart and important brother. Oh wait, this is Carver and Singer, who feel there is only one lead, Sam.

      Jensen I do hope something great falls your lap and you can tell these uncreative and unimaginative bozos good bye for good.

  23. RockSaltRounds says:

    Dean isn’t making a deal with death!! The writers said that this season arc isn’t something they have done before. And if you all remember Death warned Dean when they bounded death to themselves to try and cure sam of the wall breaking before Castiel took away Sams hallucinations with Lucifer, that the next time he will be seeing the boys is to reap them of death itself. No favors for either brother!

    • debbie webster says:

      It was just a spec concidering Death supposed to make an apperance in S9.01 so im told. Whatever it is i hope its mind blowing.

      • Percysowner says:

        I heard Death is coming back, I didn’t know it was in 9.01. I like the character, so whenever he shows up I’m good.

  24. I guess that my hope that the secret heavily involved Dean is dashed. Like, can’t the secret be about Dean and Dean only? Just like some of Sam’s secrets have mostly been about Sam? Like the demon blood and Ruby? No? Ok, then.

    • Alan says:

      how about the secret dean kept about his time in hell as a torturer? or how dean kept benny a secret? amazing how selective the memory of some “fans” is.

      • sarah says:

        Thank you!!! Or how about in season 3 when dean didn’t tell sam about his hallucinations? Sam didn’t bitch Dean out. Dean got mad a Sam in Season 7 Because he didn’t tell Dean about his hallucinations? See that? And i don’t get why Sam is getting bashed so much about this secret. Yes, I know Sam has kept many secrets and him getting mad at Dean for doing the same thing makes him a hypocrite but in my eyes they’re both wrong because Dean has always scolded Sam for keeping secrets and now he’s going around keeping them, which also makes him a hypocrite.

    • f_m says:

      Dean Who?

    • solicita says:

      Nothing on this show can be about Dean and Dean only. The Sam fans would throw a fit and Carver and Singer don’t even know who Dean is.

  25. mose says:

    So, a Season 3 reboot? Looks like I’ll be skipping the Winchester bits this season.

    • debbie webster says:

      Me too im done with the Winchesters Wash repeat and rinse storyline ill just watch for Cas Crowley Charlie kevin and Jody if they bring her back as a regular.

    • Kit says:

      How does someone skip the winchester bits and still watch the show? Wouldn’t it be easier to I don’t know find a show you like?

      • mose says:

        Because I still have hope for Castiel’s storyline and I’m pretty sure its going to run separate from whatever the Winchesters are doing.

        • Well good luck with that! You Still will be watching at least one or the other brother.I don’t believe the story Arc is going to have Castiel all by himself….that would really defeat the shows whole point

          • mose says:

            either or. I’m really looking forward to what Cas does this season and I guess I just got bitter that the Winchesters seem to be doing the same thing over and over. Hope I’m wrong and it turns out great, though.

          • f_m says:

            There’s this new-fangled invention called the fast-forward button. It was a God-send last season.

  26. Shade thrower says:

    Secrets again? Boy, they never shy away from retreading old storylines, do they? Yet another round of Winchester hypocrisy–Dean keeping secrets despite wanting honesty from Sam, and Sam being angry at secrets despite regularly keeping things from Dean (a la his trialberculosis). Show has potential to do so much more that it’s disappointing to see them fall back to the same tired storylines. I really think they could find other ways to spur conflict between the brothers than having them make the same mistakes over and over again. Whatever, show.

    But I certainly hope it’s not Dean giving Sam demon blood. One, they said it was something they haven’t done before, and two for Dean who was willing to let Sam die to keep him human in S4 it will pretty much be character assassination. Having Dean abandon all principles he has in order to worship at the altar of Sam is not appealing in the slightest. I’d prefer angel blood to that.

  27. Lindsey says:

    I only care about how this secret affects Dean. I could care less about Sam.

    • f_m says:

      Well it will only make Dean feel bad about himself and Sam will continue to rub his nose in it and the writers will have Charlie, Garth and most likey Cas to reinforce what loser the audience is supposed to think Dean is. Meanwhile Dean and Jensen will continue to win most of the popularity polls and most of the audience will see Sam for the self-centered brat he is so Singer and Carver will cook an even more outandish way to make Sam the rainbow-farting speshul unicorn and demean Dean even more in the second half of the season. Rinse, repeat until The CW bankrupts itself and finally dies it’s predictably ignominious death.

  28. I Give Up says:

    Let me get this straight: Carver knows that Dean fans have been begging for a Dean storyline. Singer knows this. Glass knows this. All the writers on twitter know a lot of folks were not happy with Dean in the passive role of ‘guilty cheerleader’ last season. So what do we get? Another big “Sam as the show’s special snowflake” storyline and nothing for Dean except that he has a big secret ABOUT SAM.

    It must be a major inconvenience for the producers that Jensen’s still on contract and they have to figure out a way to shoehorn in his character, instead of being able to just focus on Sam like they clearly want to do.

    • Brooke says:

      Something tells me that when the show’s writers see the words “DEAN FAN” or “SAM FAN” online, the only thing they do is take a drink for their CRAZY SUPERNATURAL SUPERFAN DRINKING GAME and then go back to writing whatever story they actually want to tell.

      • Alia says:

        One could get really drunk really quickly that way.

      • Sara says:

        Maybe. S8 WAS written as if they were all drunk as skunks while doing it.

      • angel64 says:

        No, only ‘DEAN FAN’. They probably just throw those away without reading. Apparently they read all the letters from Sam fans.
        If they Cas is human now, perhaps the original mythology arc will play out after all. That would give both Sam and Dean important arcs to play.

  29. Sarah says:

    Jensen for Batman. #Jensen4Batman

  30. Jensenfan1 says:

    I wasn’t sure I wanted to read the comments. They were actually good for a laugh. I’ve learned there are going to be those who hate Dean. There are going to be those who hate Sam. There are going to be those who had Castiel. I really don’t care any longer. I love the show. I find no fault in it because I’m a fan. I know I’m going to enjoy it. In season 8, they grew by 20% as far as new viewers. The critic who wrote about it said no other show on any network did as well. I’m going to enjoy my show. I’m going to write the CW weekly praising it and asking for more seasons, and I’m going to ignore those who can’t be happy unless they find something to hate. I really don’t like bashing. I’m excited about the new season, not happy that it’s Dean again who keeps the secret, but I’m used to writers using him for that. I still love Dean and Sam.

    • DeanJensenLover says:

      Thank you! I feel the exact same way. Dean is my favorite character, and, yeah, I’m not particular happy that Dean doesn’t get a storyline most of the time except for being caretaker, but I still love the show no matter what. I still love Sam and Castiel. I love the show and the mythology and I will stick with it and l

      • DeanJensenLover says:

        Oops. Posted too early. Anyway, I was going to stay with the show and love it until the very end.

    • cute as a button says:

      I don’t think anyone minds criticism of the show, I certainly don’t. What I do mind is a select group of people who seem to show up at nearly every article and complain endlessly about the show while seeming not to enjoy the show and sucking the fun out of it for the rest of us. Stop watching if you’re having such a miserable time doing it.

      • You know I’m wondering if there isn’t a group out there whose sole point is commenting as negatively as possible! Maybe they get together on FB and just discuss where to “dump” next.Trouble is,they really don’t accomplish anything by doing that. If like you and a lot of us have said,thats all they do then they really lead a very dismal and boring life and must be horrible to be around! Lol

        • f_m says:

          Probably. Just as there is a group of sam fans who spam every post with pro-show comments as long as the show focuses completely on Sam. But the minute they get a whif of a storyline for Sam, they start spamming the writers screaming for more, more, more Sam and Dean being all about Sam.

          • kate says:

            if the show only ever focuses on Sam, as you claim, then how do you know we wouldn’t be posting pro-show comments if it focused on Dean? right. you don’t know that. you’re either trolling or making this up to be deliberately contrarian. and I like both Winchesters, and actually slightly prefer Dean.

          • angel64 says:

            I find it hard to believe that anybody can watch SPN and NOT see how blatant it is that Sam gets all the focus but whatever.Nobody wants it to focus all on Dean (and no we’re NOT making things up, that’s what we’re being shown on the show). But the way it is focuses all on SAM. We just want them to be valued by the writers and showrunners equally. Don’t know why to some fans this is a bad thing.
            I’m glad some of you enjoy the show the way it is. There are still things I too enjoy about SPN that’s why I keep watching. However, we still have a right to voice our displeasure over what we don’t like. It’s called feedback, and usually it’s an important tool for writers of any show to see if they’re putting out a product that viewers enjoy. After all, viewer enjoyment is important for ratings.In the end it’s just a TV show anyway so why do some of you care if some of us voice some displeasure? As long as there’s no insults or name calling.
            At a certain point you can tell by screen names whose posts you won’t like so why not just pass them over instead of telling people what they should and shouldn’t post?

          • angel64 says:

            I meant we’re no making it up that Sam get’s all the focus, and that’s what were being shown on the show. Sorry for confusion.

    • Dean Grimly says:

      Jensenfan1: I am in complete agreement with everything you wrote in your 7/23/13 post at 8:27 a.m. Normally, I hide out in a cave somewhere until a new SPN season starts to avoid all the navel-gazing, nit-picking, complaining, and negative-love comments like those that are in this posting list. I broke into this one to praise you; I couldn’t have written anything better!

      Long live the Winchesters! (I’ll take them and their wonderful series any way I can get it!)


    • SpookyLou says:

      Yes! Just, Yes! Thank you.

  31. Kristina says:

    I know people have said they’re tired of the angel/demon storylines but I’m glad it’s going to factor into this season, that mythology is one of my favorite parts of the show. And I’m looking forward to finding out what this secret is!

  32. Kristy says:

    Throw a few curveballs Jensen’s way for a change writers. Give Dean something exciting to do mytharc wise. It’s been awhile.

  33. I’m really excited for this and the potential for the next season. My only hope as a Dean fan (as well as Sam of course), is for him to not be just a backbone supporting character this season. For the past several seasons he’s just kind of been there to support. He’s close to becoming a Mary Sue in the series if the writers don’t throw that character a bone with his own storyline or myth arc.

    Jensen’s a great actor and his potential isn’t being taken advantage of. He’s capable of bringing life to trial and tribulation in Dean’s story, just like Jared does with Sam. Dean is a great, multi-layered character, and I’d love to see deeper past the constant “support my brother” motif. His family and friends should support him for a change!

    • Kristy says:

      Excellent comment.

    • CMG says:

      @The Fog Of War – could not have said it better myself. Supernatural is a good show, and yet I feel it’s allowing itself to lag behind because they refuse to give Jensen more than a supporting role. If they gave him more, then it would make the show ever better…and surely for everyone that’s a good thing. Which is why I don’t understand the reluctance from fandom towards the idea of Dean having a bigger part to play in the mytharc…unless they’re all secretly worried that he’ll steal the show or something, which is ridiculous…right?

  34. Camille says:

    I don’t understand the writers’ fascination with always screwing with the brothers’ relationship. Like every season there is an argument/secret/row/etc that could be solved with one conversation, but they ultimately end up dragging it out for like 5 to 6 episodes. Sam huffs, Dean pouts and then they just repeat it all next season. Can’t the guys just bicker like real siblings, prank each other and go on about their way? Why does there always have to be A BIG SECRET that will cause trouble between them? Why must Dean always apologize? Why must Sam always run away in a huff? Why do they honestly seem to think this is anyway new? A new secret doesn’t change the fact that every season there is a “secret”.

    • Say I’ve got an idea-you seem to have some thoughts on how they should write the show,so why don’t you contact them and see if You can write a script or two?

      • Sara says:

        Heh. They would never give him/her the job because he/she apparently knows the real and true definition of the term redundancy. To be hired on as writer for this show you have to believe(or at least pretend to believe) that it means NEW! and EXCITING!

  35. Laura says:

    First of all, we aren’t even half of the way through season 8 in the UK it sucks that we got it a lot later this year. Thank God for the internet!! So everyone in the US, you guys are lucky!! Secondly season 9 is going to be interesting. The boys probably try to find another way to close the Gates of Hell, Crowley has humanity so I bet he will have a good storyline and Cas has lost his Grace. But I can see there being a quest to get his Grace back perhaps? Not to mention that Metatron messed things up and there are angels walking the Earth (as well as Demons and all the supernatural creatures) Everyone moaning about the fact that there is another secret in the Winchester clan, well let me remind you that Supernatural was based on the boys’ brotherly relationship and how that grew and changed through the seasons. We all know that their life is never easy and another secret (that as far as I know wasn’t hinted at in season 8) will be another chance to show off that relationship that they have. There are always so many paths that the story writers can explore so quit moaning that things are too different or too similar, there are some things that have to be kept constant surely? Just sit back and enjoy the new season when it comes out and if you don’t like it, then stop watching. It isn’t hard to do and let us fans enjoy the way the show is heading

  36. I love the series still, but aren’t we getting a little stale with the trust thing? Come on already.

  37. trina says:

    For all of the things people are complaining about, it’s still my favorite show. I’m actually interested in seeing what this secret is. Can’t wait for the new season to start.

  38. Vicki says:

    Ohhh and then there was that wee snippet a while ago from Jim Beaver about how he would come back into the show and said ‘never saw that one coming’….sooooo maybe however Bobby comes back has something to do with the big secret???

  39. A fan says:

    I’m kinda hoping it’s demon blood related. This sounds bad, but I liked addictSam. Plus, we haven’t heard anything about his special abilities in a while.

  40. Sara says:

    YAY! and LOVE! to all the “Haters” for all the laughs in these comments. Give Jensen Ackles a storyline befitting a LEAD actor, foolish writers-meaning a myth-arc connection that is not strictly and only SUPPORTIVE of other characters’ myth-arc storylines. The dude more than deserves it.

    • cute as a button says:

      if Jensen Ackles was so unhappy, he’d stop doing the show. I like to think if Jensen Ackles was doing something that was making him miserable, he’d be cool enough to just quit doing it, instead of, you know, whining about it endlessly online…like some others we could mention.

      • Sara says:

        He can stay for as long he wants to. It’s a free world. Which also makes it possible for me to comment on how *I* think the writers are ill-using him and his character for as long as *I* want to-so get used to the “whining”, baby-or ignore it if you don’t like it or if it bothers you so much. That’s what I do with most of the the bobblehead comments that I see these days-like yours and some others we could mention.

        • cute as a button says:

          I don’t believe I’ve actively posted on any article but this one, so again, good try. if you’re so good at ignoring people, maybe you should prove it.

      • f_m says:

        Your transparency is most amusing.

        • cute as a button says:

          my transparency? oh your “everyone who isn’t having a tantrum about Dean is a Sam fan” conspiracy? false. Crowley is my favorite character.

          • angel64 says:

            It’s not having a tantrum. It’s just being sick of everybody, yes Crowley included, having a story arc and importance, EXCEPT for Dean, who’s supposed to be one of the two main characters. It’s about Carver and Singer talking almost endlessly about Sam,and ALL the other characters, even Charlie at length while barely mentioning Dean’s name.You’re not a Dean fan, so you don’t understand or care.

    • solicita says:

      I totally agree, but notice how such a wish gets all the Sam fans nervous? That’s because all they want is the show to be all about Sam and Dean all about Sam. Anything else is sacrilegious to them, and that’s why most often then not they will start talking about how Dean’s story is Sam, and how Sam is truly the only lead and Dean is only there to support Sam, or some drivel about how the brothers are equal, really, and that’s what makes the show. Yeah, until Dean has a story of his own, or another character that isn’t called Sam, then it’s why is the show not about the brothers? Where’s Sam? Why isn’t Sam getting everything that Dean has? And of course, Singer and Carver cave in and give them exactly that. Dean all about Sam, not friends, and all of Dean’s stories once again go to Sam.

      This show is a joke. It’s nothing more than using Jensen’s talents to make something work and then handing it to Sam.

  41. Nicole says:

    I hope they don’t make Sam evil or a demon but MAYBE it has something to do with Adam, MAYBE Dean makes some kind of arrangement that keeps Adam down below? I’m not an Adam fan so I’m ok with that. I hope we get a lot of Brotherly bonding this year, that’s my favorite part of the show, the brothers bond. I’m really curious it may be, I do hope it’s not Sam’s demon blood or that he’s turning into something Un-Humane or for Dean to turn into something Un-human. It’s gotta be something that Sam wouldn’t feel too, right? Hmmm maybe it has something to do with Metatrone Megatrone (spelling) being kept alive or Bobby or??? I’m excited to find out. Soo from some of the comments I’ve read it sounds like the audience may not find out the secret either??? I wonder if it has something to do with the boys parents. I hope that Sam AND Dean have the same parents without any evil additives. ;) I seriously got nothing…

    • Nicole says:

      I wonder if Dean will “poison” Sam in some way to keep him alive, that costs him in some way Or maybe he finds some of the grace that’s fallen from the sky or?? Ok I’m done now. I wouldn’t have even thought of it being a deal Dean makes until I read some comments here but it does make since, I’m dying to know, can’t wait for the new season. Super excited. :)

    • solicita says:

      What brotherly bond? The one where Sam gets everything he wants or else he threatens to leave? The one where Sam wants Dean under his thumb so that Dean can do nothing of his own and have no friends of his own or else Sam will leave? The one where Dean is nothing more than Sam’s slave because anytime Dean shows a backbone Sam leaves? That brotherly bond? Cause that’s the only one I’ve seen for the past 8 years. The brotherly bond of Dean being only and all about Sam while Sam dreams of life away from hunting and Dean. Yeah, Perfectly great.

    • angel64 says:

      Again, it can’t be anything that changes or affects Dean in any way because it’s entirely about Sam. So my guess is something happened to Sam, something that Dean did not do but that Dean knows about.
      And I’m sure Sam is not adopted. Michael told Dean that he and Sam had to be the vessels because of their bloodline. Also, YED chose Sam because he was Mary’s son. Unless Mary had an affair but again, Sam and Dean both had to have the very same bloodline, also Cupid set John and Mary up specifically to have Sam and Dean. So they must be fully related.
      Singer said it was something that hadn’t been done before. That could mean Sam’s turning into an angel because humans can’t normally become angels. But God I would hate that and it would really be going to far. Sam has been made to be the special important one from the getgo while archangels. Chuck, and Death have told Dean that he’s insignificant and worth nothing apart from being Michael’s vessel and was no longer part of the Apocalypse narrative. Sam’s been made important enough. Let Dean finally be important for once. Imagine that. I won’t hold my breath.

  42. angel64 says:

    I had actually had a hope that the secret would be about Dean. Silly me. EVERYTHING is ALWAYS about Sam with a sideline of Cas. I should know better by now. And it ‘heavily’ involves Sam? Honestly, how much more important can they make him? I love Sam but come on, this is just getting ridiculous. There are supposed to be TWO EQUAL CO-LEADS.
    And to those who would say’ quit complaining or stop watching’ first off, there are still things I enjoy about SPN and I also want to see how it all ends. Second, these are opinion sites. Everybody is allowed to voice their likes and disappointments whether anybody else likes them or is sick of reading them or not.

  43. angel64 says:

    And to anybody who thought Dean would give some of his years to Death to help Sam, obviously this can’t be since that would mean the secret was about Dean. We know it’s all about Sam, heavily so by Jared’s own words, so it can’t be any kind of deal Dean makes that affects or involves him in anyway save for keeping the secret from Sam.
    I love Sam and I never want to see him diminished as a character but why do Carver and Singer hold Dean in such little regard? Why can’t the brothers be equally important to SPN? And please don’t tell me that Dean being nothing but Sam’s caretaker and Cas’s shoulder to cry on and being happy he has his own room is some kind of great story. It’s not a story at all, and gives Dean no importance to anything major that’s going on at all.
    Sadly, it seems that Jensen is not bothered by any of this as long as he gets a fat paycheck, but for a fan of the Dean character it’s very frustrating. But as I said, I will keep watching hoping, probably in vain, that at some point soon they will finally do justice by Dean. At least please give him a little romance.

  44. Kacie says:

    Some people were talking about that maybe the big secret had to deal with death. Well maybe they’re right, I’m watching Season 6 where Dean is o laying the role of death and he makes a deal that if he keeps the ring on he will put Sam’s soul back in him but Dean loses but death still gives Sam back his soul, well maybe that’s gonna come at a cost and death is gonna come back for a favor.

    • angel64 says:

      But again, that would make the secret something important about Dean, and it’s not. Jared even said that the secret heavily involves Sam. So no, it can’t be anything Dean did, deal or otherwise. It can’t directly involve him. It’s just something he knows that Sam doesn’t.

  45. Brianna says:

    This sounds AMAZING! I can’t wait for the new season! And I have no idea why anyone would complain!

    This season sounds like its going to be great! I can’t wait to watch it!! Yay SUPERNATURAL!!!<3

  46. Brianna says:

    From reading a few of the comments, I have yet to read anything about how in the last episode of season 8 Dean finds out that after the trials Sam will die, and that is what Dean is keeping from him. Dean of course try’s to get though to Sam in asking him to STOP the last trials without telling him why he wants him to stop, and that why they don’t close the gates of Hell. OR he does complete the trials, dies and maybe Death helps Dean once again to get Sam back from the dead, and dean keeps it from him, and Sam feels like something is wrong but he trusts dean wouldn’t do anything stupid, but really he did, and made a deal and that what he is hiding from Sam. Who knows all I know is that I am SUPER excite for the new season!!!

    • angel64 says:

      But Dean DID tell Sam if he completed the trails he would die, and that when Sam said’ So what’ and gave his emotional speech about letting Dean down. So that can’t be the secret.

  47. Dan Scott says:

    I’ve been watching since season 3 (and bought seasons 1-6 when available). Still love the show and am still going to hang in there and hope Carver brings us more goodies. Love the Winchester Batcave, btw.

  48. oimco says:

    Oh man! Can’t wait!!!

  49. Bradley says:

    I think its because that Sam doesn’t know that if he finishes the last trial it will kill him which is why dean did what he did to stop him!!

  50. kelios says:

    I really hate that the brothers are going to be fighting again, but I hope they can work it out quickly. And I hope that Dean’s reasons are really, really good and that Sam can accept them.

    The spinoff…I don’t know if I can buy that there is enough supernatural activity in one city–even one as big as Chicago–to base a Supernatural style show on. I mean, Sam and Dean have been in Chicago and didn’t mention huge amounts of activity or other hunters being based there. I dunno. I’ll tune in, of course, because it’s Supernatural, but without Sam and Dean I don’t know that it will be enough to keep my interest.

    • Dan Scott says:

      I won’t dismiss a spin-off, but it had better be good w/o the Winchesters. I’m reminded of that group of tech geeks that had a spin-off from X-Files; maybe the Ghost Facers can have a show of their own? But I guess that could get old. After episode 3, I’d be rooting for Sasquatch to just eat them all…