The CW Developing Supernatural Spin-Off

We Need To Talk About KevinAngels aren’t the only heavenly things coming our way in Supernaturals ninth season.

The CW is developing a spin-off of the long-running drama, TVLine has confirmed. Executive producer Bob Singer first announced the project during a press event at Comic-Con on Sunday.

Details are few and far between right now — it’s still early in the process — but here’s what we’ve gleaned: A new character will be introduced in or around Episode 20 (which will serve as a planted pilot for the new show). That character will then anchor the spin-off.

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While the Winchesters are fond of running around the great outdoors, we’re hearing that the new endeavor will have a more citified feel.

The network is, of course, launching another spin-off of a wildly popular otherworldly drama this fall with the Vampire Diaries offshoot The Originals.

Sam and Dean will be back in Supernatural‘s Season 9 premiere, Tuesday, Oct. 15 at 9/8c.

Supe fans, what would you like to see in a series spin-off? Fill the comments with your thoughts, hopes and dreams!

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. JawkwardLOL says:

    I hope it’s a strong female lead, SPN seems to have a thing for killing off any strong female characters they introduce and keep around. Can’t wait!

    • Alice says:

      Oh god, this. They kind of struggle with writing decent females, but if they pull one off, I would totally be down with this. I always wonder about other Hunters.

    • A female hunter anchoring the spin-off would make me so unbelievably happy. Or a female fallen angel. I’m really interested to see what direction they’re gonna go here.

      • Elora says:

        That would be totally awesome. The angel/ fallen angel storylines are always really well done. Anything with angels, demons and or a strong hunter women would be amazing!

    • rowan77 says:

      I also hope it is a strong female lead, but keep in mind that the reason SPN doesn’t have female regulars and very fe female recurring is the female fans lose their minds whenever they try to keep strong female characters around (Bella, Lisa, etc). Some of the female fans are are very, very possessive about “the boys.” These actresses get death threats. Not kidding. Jensen, Jared and Cindy Sampson even talked about it at a couple conventions (check it out on Youtube).

      • Alan says:

        gotta love how the insane fans have probably derailed some great stuff, way to sabotage the show you idiots.

      • Honestly, I don’t believe that there are honestly that many female fans like that. I think the ones who are are just the loudest. That’s the problem. They make enough noise, and the show listens to them. Danneel (Jensen’s wife) has been the target of hate too, and she has talked about how it’s usually just one or two people who make different accounts. Those people suck, but the network/show shouldn’t let them discourage them from pursuing something that could be really cool.

        • Patricia says:

          THIS! It’s completely the writers faul for listening to nut jobs. Other than Felicia, there hasn’t been a recurring female character in years, even she appears rarely. Ugh

        • rowan77 says:

          Squeaky wheels and all that. If the fan who want more female characters around made a stink, we’d see who the majority is. Meanwhile, the people who hated Lisa, Amelia (although I have to say, she wasn’t overly interesting, and just when she was getting interesting, they undermined the story by cutting it short. They should have gotten to the dead-husband-isn’t-dead bit earlier. See Sam fight for her before doing “the right thing.”) and Bella were very loud indeed. And they won out.

      • Sinead says:

        I agree that a lot of fans (a majority of whom are female) seem not to like it when strong female characters are introduced. However, I gotta say I really disagree that Lisa was a strong female character. Bela, sure. But Lisa?
        In my eyes she was far more of a plot device than a developed character for a long time, and what was developed seemed kinda forced or just a bit off to me. I think I mostly didn’t like how she was brought back so abruptly in S5 after not being around for so long. But hey, that’s just my view.

        • rowan77 says:

          Lisa was the mother/wife figure who kept Dean sane. It takes a strong person to be the rock for a man who rapidly devolved into his own father’s demons (as it were). She was a good mom who put family first and stood by Dean when he got back into the family biz, instead of throwing a tantrum. Just because she didn’t kill vamps or be a master their doesn’t make her not strong. She left Dean because she put her child’s safety first – even though she loved Dean months after they split. Not all mothers put their child before their own happiness. Lisa was indeed a strong individual.

      • kate says:

        Lisa started out great but they really turned her into a whiner by the time they got rid of her. I didn’t like Bela, she was so busy being smug that she forgot to be likeable in any way. One of my favorite female characters was Pamela, I was so mad when they killed her off and didn’t develop her further.

      • Tessa22 says:

        Fans male or female, aren’t obligated to love every character that’s thrown at them. The reason most of the females on the show weren’t embraces by the fans isn’t because there’s an inherent hate for women in fandom. If that were true Jody Mills, Ellen, Pamela, Charlie and Abaddon would have fallen to the same fate. It’s because writers seem incapable of writing believable, 3 dimensional characters once they attach the label of “love interest” to them. Lisa was exciting in her first appearance. But as soon as she came back to become Dean’s girlfriend they drained her of all her personality. And can anyone blame the fans for the failure of Amelia’s character in season 8?

        Bottom line is, what you are doing in this comment section is the embodiment of misogyny. Blaming female fans for having an opinion, and not following in line with everything the writers shove down their throats, when their representation of females on the show is either the burning mother, the shrew, the dumb teenage brat, or “the whore” is sexist on *your* part.

        • rowan77 says:

          Really? I’m being misogynistic? Funny that, because I applaud strong female characters whenever they arise. I support women speaking out about wanting more complex female roles in TV and film. Oh, and I’m a woman. I have been for a long time. And before that, I was a girl. So “misogynistic” my arse.

          I pointed out a fact. Jensen and Jared also apparently have the same view as per the video of a Dallas convention where they talk about it.

          The women you pointed out: Jody, Ellen, Pamela and Charlie were all well received by those fans who are prone to freaking out because of one major thing: None of them were set up to be romantic interests for Sam or Dean. Jody and Ellen were mother figures (and at one point or another Bobby’s potential love interests), Pamela was a free spirit who went blind five minutes after we met her and then died the next time we saw her. And Charlie? She’s a little sister type who also happens to be a lesbian. None of these women were having sexy-times with the boys so people gave the characters a chance.

          The fact that you don’t see mothers who aren’t physically ass-kickers as strong characters tells me more about you than anything else.

          I never said fans can’t have an opinion. Quite the opposite. I said that because of fan opinions and opposition to recurring female roles who provide a romantic interest for one of the two leads the writers listened and stopped writing them for the most part. I think your knee-jerk reaction to my pointing out that some of the fans are too possessive of “the boys” also tells me something about you – that perhaps I’ve hit a nerve.

          • Tessa22 says:

            “None of them were set up to be romantic interests for Sam or Dean.”

            But this is precisely the problem. No character should be “set up” to be anything on a show. Characters should have their own agency and purpose, rooted in the main story. The SPN writers bring these so called “love interests” for the boys on, give them a few scenes with the brother they set them up with, and then what? The character keeps hanging around with nothing to do because she isn’t part of the story. All she does every once in a while will be to try to pull said brother away from the story. Of course the audience reacts negatively because the audience is there for that story. So in a way, the writers themselves set these women up for failure. Ellen, Pamela, Jody, Charlie never did that. They were characters of their own with a purpose that didn’t require the boys to take a break from the action just to have a few scenes with them.

            And just to correct you, I have nothing against ass-kicking mothers if that isn’t the only personality trait a character exhibits. Characters need layers and dimensions. Having a character there just to be an ass-kicking mom scene after scene is lazy writing.

          • rowan77 says:

            I’m sorry, but the more you talk, the more obvious it is that you don’t know anything about writing for a series or anything else.

            Beatrice, Juliet, Sally McMillian, Trillian, Marion Ravenwood – all written as the romantic interests of Benedick, Romeo, Stuart McMillian, Arthur Dent and Indiana Jones. That did not stop them from being major forces within their story(ies), but their first purpose in creation was to provide a romantic element to the story.

            Of course there needs to be a plan as to why a character is there. You don’t creat characters solely for the main series story arc and ignore the many subplots that must be written as well. That’s just silly.

            Creating a character who is supposed to provide romantic interest or support for another character is absolutely valid. Lisa was written as someone who was very independent (that never changed) who found herself still having a thing for Dean and vice-versa. She was there when he needed someone to hold him up because for the first time he was alone in the world (or so he thought), and gave him strength and support when he needed it most. The relationship was not one-sided. He did not provide more than she. They became equals in their relationship. She was not there solely as a person for him to bed.. She worked, she put her family first – she provided stability. That never changed.

            And not all female characters need to become major parts in a show. I got news for you. Not everyone is strong, smart or interesting as people. There are a lot of dim bulbs out there and half of them are female. So should that segment of the population be ignored and only women who can wield an Angel sword or stake a vamp be on our TVs? Must all women (or men) be heroes? How boring.

          • Tessa22 says:

            a) you should drop the condescending tone and talk like an adult
            b) just because other shows/stories/movies have done a good job creating love interests doesn’t mean Supernatural did.
            The writers didn’t fail when they showed Lisa as a strong, supportive character, they failed when they started creating friction between her and Dean, leading ultimately to her exit. They failed entirely with Amelia. They didn’t fridge these women because fans didn’t like them, they did it because they were incapable of continuing their story. They had created them as plot devices and once their purpose was served they removed them. If writers cared about fan preference they wouldn’t have killed off Naomi, who was a fan favorite, or Abaddon’s vessel, whom everyone I talked to in fandom, female and male, loved and admired. Even male characters weren’t safe from this fate: Gabriel was a favorite, so was Samandriel. Look what happened to them.

          • Meg says:

            I’m usually able to just say okay and move on in the SPN universe when there is a plot hole or something doesn’t quite make sense but I have a big peeve with how the writers of the show chose to handle the Lisa and Ben storyline. She was an amazing character and it would have been so nice for Dean to have someone to come home to every so often. It may not have lasted over time…and that would have been more realistic and I think I would have been unhappy about it but it was definitely more realistic than how they just closed that door forever. It was the first time I’d been really pissed at the show. Lisa at least knew about the hunting and what Dean did. Amelia – she seemed a bit more fragile and not the type to wait while Sam went off hunting, imho.

          • rowan77 says:

            A) Your hypocrisy is hilarious.
            B) That wasn’t the point. You said no character should be created with a specific reason. That is an amazingly informed assertion. I pointed that out and used examples.

            Lisa’s character evolved with the storyline. She sacrificed her desire to be with Dean for the safety of her family. Dean learned from that and while wiping her memory was not his place, he sacrificed having a stable home and family for their safety. Her arc was a strong one. Killing off characters for the sake of a story is purely their prerogative. It can raise the stakes (Gabriel), provide the audience with a similar sense of loss as the protagonists (Bobby) and punctuate a point (Samandriel). The most important thing is the storytelling.

            You also overestimate the power of fandom. A strong showrunner will not sacrifice a story arc they want to tell just because you do or don’t like the guest star. Just like when there was a rather vocal faction (who insisted they were the majority – and clearly were not) who decided that Misha Collins had to be fired from the show because they didn’t like Castiel. They put on a rather insensitive and selfish online campaign. They were roundly ignored by the show. Why? Because the fans don’t dictate storylines or who gets fired. But if a large quantity fans of a show make it clear that consistent romances for the leads is undesirable, the power that be may decide that those types of relationships may or may not be downplayed. But that is purely the decision of the showrunner/studio and network. Not the fans.

            Supernatural has about 10 Million fans worldwide. I seriously doubt that you have talked to 1% of them, let alone a significant percentage. As always you are entitled to your views, but you clearly don’t believe that of others. So, if you want to continue the conversation stop being so hypocritical and start being a grown-up.

      • Will says:

        loved Katie Cassidy as Ruby #1! then we got Genevieve sadly…

        • rowan77 says:

          I was never a huge Ruby fan either way. I thought they were both fine, but different from each other. I liked the original Meg, but when Rachel Miner took it over, she had an irresistible snark that put her over the top.

          Since we saw her get stabbed with an Angel sword by Crowley (it used to be no one had one of those things – now they’re so common it’s like they’re practically being sold at WalMart) but did not see if she died (which any other demon would have), I feel pretty confident that Meg has survived to live another day – and possibly order pizza and move some furniture.

        • SL says:

          Couldn’t agree more. I like Katie Cassidy as Ruby 1.0 and hated Ruby 2.0. I also liked Meg 1.0 and Bella. Heck Jo was great and I could have accepted her as a love interest for Dean. I liked Lisa, but then we got too much of her and she could not do anything and lost interest.

      • Mick says:

        And also SPN kills everybody off, I think Sheriff Mills, Tessa, Crowley, and Death are the only characters from the Kripke years left alive.

      • Katiki says:

        Don’t tar everyone with the same brush. There are also legitimate reasons for not liking the way some female characters were written. I loved many of the female characters (even ones in relationships with the boys) but OTOH some female characters were just badly written. For example, I loved Jo and her sparks with Dean in the first few episodes she was in, then No Exit pretty much destroyed the character, she was so badly written. I liked Jo again later on, but it took me a while to get past how obnoxious she was in No Exit. Some of them were just such clichés, damsels in distress, sex objects, ball-busting bitches. And few of them were portrayed as strong, and bringing as much to the table as the men like Ellen, Jody and Charlie. I’d love it if there were a strong female lead on the spin-off (Ellen’s dead–though that’s not always permanent–but Jody and Charlie would still be available for the spin-off. I’d love to see them!)

    • Ari says:

      Agreed! I was worried they were going to say the spinoff was around Charlie (blech). I can’t wait to find out more about the spinoff.

      • JawkwardLOL says:

        What’s wrong with a spin-off about Charlie? She’s cool.

        Although a show centered around a female hunter would be badass!

        • Although I don’t mind Charlie as an occasional guest star Felicia Day can’t act to save her life. It’s the same spastic twitching no matter what show she is on or what character she is playing. If it wasn’t for the fact that Fargo finally got a real relationship on Eureka I probably would have hated her. SHE is a great person, not a great actress. I would never watch a show about her.

          • DJ says:

            Couldn’t agree more. I have no idea what the hell they were thinking making Charlie a recurring character at all, nor why the majority of Supernatural fandom seems to love her. Having Felicia Day on for one episode was fine with me, but when they chose to bring her back for two more episodes (and apparently even more after that judging by her Comic Con appearance on the SPN panel) and gave Sheriff Mills a three minute teaser in the finale, I was really peeved by that. And it’s not as if I have anything against Ms. Day, either. I really want to like her, it’s just that she isn’t a very good actress. She plays the same character in everything she’s in and it bugs the crap out of me. I’d much rather see more of Jody Mills than Charlie Bradbury.

      • Joy Moore says:

        I love Charlie Bradbury. And the boys do to. She is strong and can do many things. I still want Dean in the spin off / maybe with Danneel. We need that, I would love that very deeply. You will
        probably have Cas get married and he will marry a hunter?! (Like Mary was in the beginning)

        • Alan says:

          cas cant possibly be married because then there is no chance that he could marry any of the idiotic fangirls who always complain whenever a new woman is introduced to the show.

    • Laura Aliaga says:

      While I think it would be nice, I’d really like to see Garth in it as a series regular. Can’t get ENOUGH Garth! :)

    • If we’re reviving Bobby can we revive Jo and Ellen and have the spinoff be about them? There aren’t many auxiliary characters left that we care about on the show. I would also be interested in a spin off about Meg and Cass. Her having to protect her unicorn because he is human and him trying to convince her to take “the cure”.

      • Lacey says:

        YES PLEASE. This, all the way.

        I’ve always been of the opinion that the writers wasted an opportunity with the Harvelles: Not only could you continue the whole “family is priority” theme of Supernatural with their relationship, but they were two of the most kick-ass women in SPN history.

        But, c’est la vie. Still love their storyline. Granted, I’d love it MORE if they came back with their own show.

  2. Sarah says:

    Oh. Great. Another show where they can kill off nearly ever female character.

    • Brooke says:

      Because the men on sPN have fared that much better? The subtitle for the show should be “Everyone dies a lot.”

      • Sarah says:

        It’s so cute how you’re being deliberately obtuse.

        • Brooke says:

          Um, okay? I kind of forgot Supernatual superfans are a nutty bunch.

          • Regal says:

            Agreed. I enjoy the show (or I did for the first five seasons and then watched it out of habit for seasons 6 & 7 before starting to enjoy it again in 8) but it’s just a TV show. I could never imagine reaching the level of crazy that some SPN fans get to.

          • Sarah says:

            Assuming I’m a fan of a show that kills female character after female character is the greatest insult you could throw at me. 100% serious. Brava.

          • That’s just mean. You judge millions of people based on a few? That’s even more nutty..
            I’m a complete obsessed SPNFamily member and I think it’s horrible that some femaile actors have gotten threats. Most of us has loved the female characters in the show and has gotten really upsett when they get killed of one by one.

            So what if we are obsessed with it? So what if it’s way more than just a show for many of us? SP what if some of us live and breath SPN? So what if we get tattoos? It’s not hurting you.. The SPN fanbase is really tight and caring about each other and the actors (and of course the characters too) and because ogf Misha Collins and his organization Random Acts and GISHWHES, we also do a lot of good for other people. How is that a bad thing?
            /Faye. SPN-obsessed and not ashamed at all even if that makes me nutty in other peoples eyes.

          • Regal says:

            We’re not saying all SPN fans are nutty (heck we’re fans too) but you have to admit SPN does tend to attract fans on the more crazy end of the spectrum.

          • Regal,
            Brooke actully kind of did say that.
            I think both yes and no. I know plenty of people that are quite normal and are very deep into the fandom anyway. Me, I’m a complete nutcase. LOL
            But on the other hand, I don’t know what you mean by crazy. That’s a matter of perspective.

      • Persi says:

        Uh, Brooke? Cas has ended up hanging around a lot longer than intended because he makes the slash fangirls happy. They can’t stand female characters.

        • Uhm no.. Cas has stayed beacuse he got very popular and loved by almost all SPN fans from the start. Not every girl that watches SPN is a slash fan you know.
          Besides, Misha and Jensen is very uncomfortable with the whole slash thing, and I don’t blme this. I think it’s absurd.

      • The difference is there are far more men, particularly recurring men, then women to begin with. For awhile Meg was literally THE ONLY recurring female character who hadn’t been killed off, then they finally killed her, and now we have Charlie popping up every now and then, but who knows a) how often she’ll show up and b) whether she’ll survive. Lisa lived but was mind wiped without her consent, because this show has always played fast and lose with consent issues. By contrast male recurring stars are far more likely to stick around longer, be more important to the boys and the overall storyline, and to have more personal agency, whether they eventually get killed off or get put on a bus.

        Misha Collins, who clearly loves the show, has no problem straight up calling the writing for women on SPN misogynistic. I have no idea why it’s so hard for fans to admit maybe their show isn’t perfect. You can love something and be critical of it.

        • liz says:

          And it saddens me that the fan base, made up largely of women, can’t get over their own internalized misogyny and embrace female characters. The writers need to do a better job (a lot of honus falls on them), but the fans need to change too, its just shameful that women hate on women.

        • Of course, Charlie being gay and therefore not a ‘threat’ to the boys is the usual reason given for her being more accepted by fans. Doesn’t explain why they haven’t used Sheriff Mills more. Or why they killed off Mama Tran.
          I’m a relatively new fan, so I have only read about this anti-female-character fan stuff. I’ve never actually seen it. This past season I’ve seen fans adoring Naomi, and Abbadon, and celebrating the (short-lived) return of Sarah Blake, and Jody Mills, and welcoming the likes of Ellie, and mourning Meg and Linda Tran.
          So my short experience in the fandom leads me to wonder whether the poor treatment of female characters is actually far more in the hands of the makers of the show, and whether the perceived fan power has been overstated.

          • Brooke says:

            It was pretty harsh back in the day, such as with Jo and Bella and Ruby.

          • Iris says:

            I think it is partly because of the fans but also because the show is (one of the few shows) not about romance, I love this show and I loved most of the female characters but to see Sam or Dean in a happy, steady relationship doesn’t work with the concept wich is basicly two wildly unhappy/traumatised brothers in a car, drinking beer and slaying the evil. Unless they write a woman who is as damaged and badass as they are I dont see it working. I hope to see a spinoff with a strong female lead (who does not pines over some dude or is in a love triangle svp).

          • I agree with Iris on the part with that it just doesn’t work with Sam or Dean having a steady relationship. It simply doesn’t fit in the show. They damaged with huge personal problems.They are Hunters, and not just any Hunters, they are the only-we-can-save-the-world-Hunters. You don’t have time for a a relationship then.. Especially when you have the unfortunate habit of dying once in a while or taking small trips to Purgatory..
            Therefor it does make sence to kill of some of the female characters, and Meg and Ruby were demons after all. It will happen sooner or later. Some of them really didn’t need to go though.
            But I’ve cried my eyes out almost every time a female character die, and Ellen and Jo’s death broke my heart.

          • Ari says:

            I loved Jo. I am still bummed that they killed her.

          • Monica says:

            OMG I love you guys so mcuh! But I have to say if you think SPN has problems writing females you haven’t seen anything. The Vampire Diaries /The Originals is ten times worse and it is written by a female. That show is sexist and racist. The main womanm, Elena, is treated as an object for the brothers. They toss her back and forth between brothers, and the guys want to control her actions. The only POC, Bonnie, is a plot device with no other storyline than helping her white friends and magically savign the day. Caroline is raped yet slut-shamed. TO has Hayley an walking incubator and is carrying the lead character’ redemption. Julie Plec, the writer of both shows said that Hayley is the portal for Klaus’s redemption. She had no say in whether she wanted the baby. She was also called a whore, and the actress plays her seductively during inappropriate moments. Her only point is for the male gaze. The other woman character is only concerned with finding a man to feel whole! I have seen Supernatural but I am by no means an expert on the show. However, I bet it is safe to say that each woman character has been more bad ass and independent than the ones on TVD! When you ever feel bad that the female characters don’t last long, think of how poorly the females are written on these shows!

          • I really do not like TVD and I defenitly agree that any woman on SPN can so kick anybodys ass in that show. :p

          • kate says:

            Some of the female characters are REALLY poorly written, and when they aren’t, they most likely die. Charlie is the rare, great exception. Can’t they just write a great character like Charlie who is also straight but who doesn’t sleep with either of them because, hey, she just doesn’t like them that way? That’s what’s REALLY annoying to me. Not that the guys like any one girl, but must one of them sleep with/want to sleep with EVERY pretty, straight, girl that comes along? Human relationships are the only real thing about this show. Must every relationship they have with a heterosexual, good looking woman be sexual? Because that’s not how it is in real life, no matter how good looking the guy is.

          • Lacey says:

            Who says they have to have a stable relationship with any of these women? I could totally see Dean (maybe not currently, but in the past) rocking a friends with benefits type relationship with a badass female hunter, who in turn ALSO doesn’t want a relationship with him. Not the healthiest of relationships probably, but having a woman on the show who is both straight AND not at all interested in settling down and just plays the field would go a long way.

          • Lacey
            I completely agree! That’s something that feels more realistic and is a good way to introduce a female hunter AND letting Dean have some fun once in a while too. The poor guy is practicly a munk by now..

          • Erin says:

            I agree. I just started watching the season during the season 8 winter hiatus actually, so I’ve only read about all of the issues the fandom has, I’ve never really experienced any. And I think the only female that got hate this season was Amelia. I’m not sure why. She made Sam happy. That was great to see after him being so unhappy since he got his soul back. And a lot of people hate on how the writers portray females but I haven’t had a problem with how the writers have written females since, like, season 4. I wish somebody would give me their perspective cuz I’m just not seeing it.

        • Tessa22 says:

          But why blame the fans when in your post you yourself point out the real problem? The fact that male characters are more important to the boys and the overall storyline, have more personal agency and more dimension to their character is the reason why fans like them better, not the other way around. Fans don’t know a character before s/he is brought onto the screen. When a character like Amelia shows up with the sole purpose of being Sam’s love interest and nothing else what do you expect the fans to do. Love her just so they won’t be accused of internal misogyny?

          Characters, like real people, have to earn their support. If they are written only in one dimension, as “the mother figure”, “the love interest”, “the substitute sister” , “the hot temptress” of course they lose the audience.

          • BajeBarra says:

            The problem is that they lose the audience before the writers give them a chance to grow. All characters (including Sam, Dean, and Castiel) started out one-dimensional. The fact that neither the fans nor the writers were willing to give so many of these female characters a chance before killing them off (or destroying their memories–I’m gonna defend Lisa. I don’t think she and Dean should have stayed together but I’d love to see her pop up in an episode every now and then as her own agent, along with Ben, instead of being completely wiped) is a problem and–yes–based in misogyny. Otherwise the conversation on this thread wouldn’t be entirely about the female characters. Because women have very consistently, throughout history, been portrayed entirely one-dimensional, now we demand they represent the entire gender’s positive, three-dimensional traits right off the bat, and television doesn’t work that way. It works in installments where introductions can only take so much time out of the rest of the episode.
            Sorry I’m commenting so late, by the way. Just recently saw this article.

      • Ari says:

        “Everyone dies a lot.” LOL it’s so true.

      • Patricia says:

        Uh, yes, Brooke. They have fared much better considering there are still 7 or so on the show.

  3. Brooke says:

    I love SPN, but I am skeptical about calling a show a spin off if they introduce a new character for the sole purpose of spinning it off. The Finder, anyone?

    • Dav says:

      Well it’s still a spin-off if it is set in the same “universe” as Supernatural. Just like NCIS is a Spin-off of JAG even though none of the NCIS characters were in the original show.

      • Courtney says:

        Actually, Gibbs and his team investigated Harm for the murder of Lt. Singer during the season 8 episodes “Ice Queen” and “Meltdown”. Gibbs and DiNozzo, Dr. Mallard and Abby all appeared in these 2 episodes. The 2 episodes acted as a back door pilot for NCIS.

        • Tim says:

          Also Bud Roberts appeared in the second episode of NCIS “Hung Out to Dry” and Adm Chedwidden (now retired) popped up on NCIS at the end of this last season. So there has been some intermingling between the two shows.

          • Courtney says:

            I remember when Chegwidden popped up last season. It was nice to see him again. I was a little surprised that he had left the Navy though. :)

        • Dav says:

          I know that. My point is they were never in the show until THAT particular episode. An episode that was written specifically to introduce new characters to spin off into their own show. They came up with the idea for the NCIS first and then created new characters to go with the show.

    • Kym says:

      Exactly what I was thinking!

    • rowan77 says:

      Let’s see: The Andy Griffith Show (from The Danny Thomas Show), Mork and Mindy (from happy Days), Maude (from All in The Family), Empty Nest (from Golden Girls), NCIS (from JAG), etc. Many many well written and popular shows started from a backdoor pilot such as they are planning for SPN’s 20th episode, where they introduce a new character just for this purpose. The trick is to make the pilot very much a part of the current series, but the new character and world they are in is so compelling you’d want to see more.

      You know, a great spin-off for The Good Wife would be with the character Elsbeth Tascioni (brilliantly played by Carrie Preston). A lawyer show, so in TGW world, but her way of thinking and operating is so different (she thinks like a true genius – BTW. She sees patterns average people miss, and is able to connect things no one else pays attention to), that the show would be a fun, quirky show with it’s own flavor (not like a David E Kelly legal show that ends up feeling like every other David E Kelly legal show).

      • liz says:

        Omg an Elsbeth spin off would be amazing!!!! I want it.

      • Justin says:

        I’d much rather a Martha Plimpton or Mamie Gummer spin-off.

        How about a Marthas-and-Caitlins show? That’d be awsome :D

        • rowan77 says:

          Martha Plimpton’s character is too caustic and lacks any emotional connection with the audience for people to want to see her every week. That would be like if they did a spin-off for Jack and Karen on Will and Grace. They were great characters in moderation, but were not characters that you want to spend THAT much time with.

          Mamie Gummer’s character is also a bit one dimensional. She does the same thing over and over with the same results at the same point in each storyline she’s a part of. She also does not elicit emotional attachment from the audience. This is not a slam on the actress. She’s great in the role (so is Martha Plimpton), but the role has been written in a way that doesn’t make you love her – or love to hate her.

    • a says:

      It happens a lot. NCIS: Red, anyone?

    • Regal says:

      I actually liked The Finder. It was a lot better than people gave it credit for. (The backdoor pilot, however, was stupid.)

  4. Dee says:

    Woah!!!! Well thats interesting!!!

  5. Elyse says:

    I’m excited. I love supernatural and can’t wait for a spinoff! :)

  6. mac says:


    Seriously, he’s the ultimate character that is predestined to helm his own show

    • eph says:

      because Cas is dean’s soulmate so they need to stay in the same show

      • ninamags says:


        Thanks, needed a good laugh. Your ridiculous statement is beyond absurd.

        Canon states that Dean and SAM are the soulmates.

        Kind of do wish cas would leave. Wouldn’t have to watch the new show at all, then.

        • Truth says:

          lol you’re obviously an incest fan who ignores canon. I admit it’s been awhile since I’ve seen season 5 but sorry Dean and Sam are not soulmates. Nowhere in canon does it say they are. Rewatch Dark Side of the Moon. They weren’t together. Dean and Sam even had a fight about not sharing heaven together. Dean had to find Sam with Cas’ help. Ash asked if they were soulmates and they just looked angry. How much more obvious can it be? Also season 5 was about free will and making your own destiny. If they were destined to be together aka soulmates what would be the point of saying “Let’s screw it all and stick together anyway” in later episodes? That’d just be doing what ‘fate’ says.

    • Alan says:

      because theyve already mined almost all they can from cas, there wouldnt be enough material for a spin off.

    • Ana says:

      I mean, I always found Cas’ story tragic and special.
      He just breaks my heart because he keeps on making his stupid mistakes in the name of good.

      • Restless says:

        Definitely! :)
        I’d like to see Castiel and the other angels on their own show too. Honestly it’s the only reason I still watch Supernatural, because I like the angels, and yes especially Castiel, so much. <3 Supernatural can go back to boring monster of the weeks and demon hunting, an angel spinoff can have the big interesting plots we normally only get to see glimpses of.

  7. marie says:

    They must really have faith in this unknown, untested character if they think he/she can carry a spinoff for a show that has low ratings to begin with.

    • Ana says:

      yeah… i’m kind of skeptical about it. spinoff shows are notorious for usually having disastrous ends. (*cough* joey *cough*)
      plus, they will have to make us love the character to bits and that’s hard because the writers usually include flaws to every characters (but then that’s what makes it so great)

  8. Abigail says:

    Hell no!

  9. Charlie! I’d LOVE to see Charlie’s story.

  10. Amy says:

    Seriously why not use a character that they already have on the show?

    • Persi says:

      I’m guessing because they want young new characters. The Winchesters have gotten pretty old by CW demographic standards…

    • Scott says:

      Because they are all dead.

      • Jay says:

        This is easily the funniest comment I’ve read in a while. Stands true though, they are indeed all dead.

        Also, there is a pretty good reason why they’re introducing a new character for the spin-off. Supernatural has relatively low ratings to begin with, and I’m guessing The CW doesn’t want to anchor this spin-off on the main show. What I’m trying to say is that if they use a character they already have on Supernatural, it’ll be hard for the spin-off to attract new audiences and will thus be bound by Supernatural’s current audience. They’re going for new blood, in turn attracting potentially new viewers.

        I hope any of that made sense.

  11. Sam says:

    Man, I was hoping this show would go away already.

    • it’s simple then, don’t watch it if you don’t like it. You won’t get any support for your comment here, while the rest of the people that do enjoy the show will continue to watch it.

      • Ruby says:

        +1. I hate that “well I don’t like it so it should go away” attitude. Who the hell are they? Nobody I know or care about, so gtfo if you don’t like it.

        • Shan says:

          I agree. I was at the Comic Con panel yesterday and had to tell a group of guys behind me to f off because they were being rude and yelling they were not here for them and should go away. I told them just because you are ot here for this panel just f off because a great many others are. I really wanted to punch those guys because they were making it hard to hear the panel and enjoying it. I decided to take the high rode and ignore them and concenrate on Jensen!!! and all the other funny stuff they did. I wanted to know who Shaun Wonton was… someone who asked a question stated he was friends with him and Jensen stated to the fan you can tell Shaun to shut up. I hope the spin off is a female lead that would be great. I never liked Ruby 2.0. I really liked the first Ruby and Bella and wished they would have brought them back or made them stay longer esp bella. I am wary of having the boys have a long love interest because the writers do not do it well. We saw Dean with Lisa and it reminded me of the shows like leave it to beaver where the dad brings in the bread and wife in the kitchen. Sam got to have a crazy ruby 2.0 who just wanted to drug him up etc… Bella on the other hand is the type of long lasting romance I could see or with Jo or another hunter/angel any female who is strong and can take care of herself and have fun with the boys would be a great type of long lasting female. I am a little possesive of the boys with the characters romance I will admit, but not overly crzy that I send death threats that is ust rude they are playing a part and I guess some fans do not realize that. I will state that I do not want them to continue with what is wrong with Sam and Dean has to helpa nd fix and him being reduced to a supporting character. I would like for Sam to be able to figure things out for himself and heal himself and maybe have something go wrong with Dean where the little brother for once has to help the older one. I am liking the show very much. I alo do miss the humor in the show and the prank episodes (remember from seasons 1,2, 3… itching powder in the pants was awesome..) =) Yes I agree if you do not like the show just do not watch it..

  12. Ram510 says:

    I was wondering how long it’ll be before the do a spinoff. CW really doesn’t try too hard anymore do they

  13. donna says:

    charlie, but that wouldn’t be a new character, just a dream…

  14. Everyone says:

    Supernatural replacement, time to cancel the show

  15. jas says:

    It’s hard to get too excited about this since it’s going to be based on a new character instead of an existing recurring character.

    A Jo and Ellen spin-off would have been fantastic a few years ago…

  16. Tori says:

    I would love if it was a Men of letters character. it could be a female relative who knew about her heritage of being descended from the group.

  17. Regal says:

    Not actually that surprised. The execs have got to be realizing that SPN’s days are numbered as it heads into it’s 9th season (because nine seasons is a long run for a genre show (or any show really) and if even one of the boys decides that they’re done… well everyone knows that as soon as Jared or Jensen decides that they don’t want to do it anymore the show is basically over).

    At the same time though, even if SPN’s days are numbered it’s still a big show for the network and they don’t want to lose those viewers. A spinoff is a handy way to keep them around even if the flagship ends.

    • Sheila says:

      I agree with what you are saying. Even though I hate to see the end of the show, I would really like to see them end on a good note.

      • Kresh says:

        why? just don’t watch it and let us that still enjoy the show watch it geez, it’s so stupid to comment and say “I want this show to end on a good note” let them air the show untill they are not making money from the show….

        • Mo says:

          Where in that post did they say they don’t enjoy watching? I enjoy watching the show, but the fact is that even non-genre shows rarely run beyond 10 seasons so I can agree that SPN’s days are likely numbered. I will watch until the end, whenever it comes… and when it comes, I also hope they go out on a good note.

        • Fran says:

          That’s not stupid! Would you rather a show keep going and going even if it’s terrible? They didn’t say they didn’t enjoy the show. Geez, come on already.

        • Brooke says:

          It is not a stupid comment to make. When shows just keep chugging along until the ratings kill it, the writers don’t often get the chance to wrap things up and provide a proper ending. No one enjoys that or wants to be left hanging wondering what was going to happen next. A show getting a proper end is far preferable to an unintentional cliffhanger or anticlimactic ending.

  18. Scoutfinch_75 says:

    I want Benny to be in the spin off!! That would be awesome!!

    • Scott says:

      He already had his own spin-off. It’s called “Benny’s Video” and is in German but will explain a lot about the character. Go download it.

  19. A spin off with a brand new character is a horrible Idea… Now a spin off with a known and loved (or a character we love to hate!) would be great! That is why the Originals will work – because their characters are known and important.. not just a random character thrown in.

    • Alan says:

      it worked pretty fine for ncis and ncis la and every star trek after the original, the andy griffith show was created the same way. a lot more often a spin off is made with new characters and loads of them have gone on to be successful.

  20. Sara says:

    Interesting! CW has been so against giving SPN, its Castiel spin-off even though he was/is really popular. and now this!!! Spin-off for a not-even-introduced-yet brand new character?! really?!!? Good luck!

  21. Vcoolwater says:

    Wow CW is being lazy. First a spinoff of the vampire diaries, now a spinoff off supernatural. I bet they are planning a spinoff of Arrow in few years.

    Is cw creatively bankrupt?

  22. Marilyn says:

    I really doubt they’ll capture any of the fanbase because 1) it’s an original character, and sorry, but these writers aren’t that good, and 2) SPN is magic because of the characters and actors, which outlasted the power of the story. They’d need to capture that same chemistry and hire amazing actors, and better writers, to pull off sustaining the fanbase, IMO.

  23. Alan says:

    im surprised at this, didnt think the cw had any interest in a spin off since they passed on the sam colt spin off a few years back which was a real shame because that would have been an awesome spin off.

  24. i think they should give a spin-off to one of their recurring characters … like Charlie , or Garth , or even both , because SPN is a show with lots of “likeable” recurring characters , who appears one or two times in a season and then disappear (or die)

  25. Kief says:

    Wish it was Meg

  26. I wont condemn it until I see it but it would be nice to see some strong female lead. However I will be happy if it has a good plot.

  27. Jerry says:

    Lost interest in SPN after season five when Kripke left as show runner. Sara Gamble really sunk it when she took over. I don’t think a spinoff is going to go anywhere,…..

    • Jay says:

      Yeah well Sara Gamble is gone now and being a very picky viewer myself, I can safely say that Season 8 was one of the best if not ‘the best’ season to date. Not sure whether you’ve seen it or not, but I do recommend it in case of the latter.

  28. Elena V. says:

    I’m huge fan of the show and for this reason I don’t want a spin off. I tried to watch some spin offs (ncis’ and Criminal minds’ spin off) and I didn’t like them at all because I expected them to be equally amazing but… they wasn’t. So please, don’t ruin Supernatural, the show is perfect this way. :)

    • Alan says:

      you know ncis is a spin off itself? so by your logic of instantly hating spin offs you shouldnt like it either.

      • Elena V. says:

        No, I didn’t know. Of what show? And I didn’t say I instantly hate spin offs; I said I tried to watch them but they were not as good as the original show.

        • Alan says:

          its a spin off of jag and your comment came across as someone who already decided all spin off are bad just because they are spin offs.

  29. naomi says:

    Castiel’s adventures!!!

  30. Dave says:

    I am a huge Supernatural fan. Have been since watching the pilot when it first aired. I love this universe so I am cautiously optimistic. Will know for sure though once we meet this new character and know more about the spin off.

    On a side note as a fan of the show other fans of Supernatural just baffle me. I have never seen fans of a show they supposedly love insult and just all out talk crap about the show more than Supernatural fans. Just wow

    • Mo says:

      Oh Dave, you should look up old Gossip Girl stories. That’s probably the only other fandom I’ve seen be both as obsessed with and as critical of a show that they claimed to love.

  31. Nicole says:

    It should be about the lost Winchester brother Adam after his escape from Michael and Lucifer in the box or Claire Novak, Jimmy’s (Cas’s vessel) daughter who is now a hunter. Or both with Adam joining the Men of Letters while working with hunter Claire.

    • I think I’m the only SPN fan who still cares about Adam. He’s a Winchester brother as well…I’m really hoping we see him in season 9. Adam and Castiel, that should be the spin off….:D

      • Nicole says:

        Nope, I’m an Adam lover too. It grates how that poor kid was exploited by everyone and left to burn in the cage. I hope his fate does get addressed in season 9. Honestly I’d love it if John and his father Henry had reconciled in the afterlife and were working together to rescue Adam. It’d make a neat comic book miniseries if it couldn’t happen on the show.

      • Trust me, you’re not. A lot of fans care about Adam and that he’s still stuck in the Cage.
        I doubt we will see him again though. Cas tried to get Sam out and that didn’t exactly go well.. Adam has been in the Cage for hundereds of years now, so just imagen how HIS soul would be like.. And there are no angels that can pull him out either..
        It’s heartbraking what happend to him, but the Winchester curse is hard to dodge..

      • Restless says:

        Oh my gosh demon!Adam and an angel (preferably Castiel) would be amazing.

        • Jay says:

          Demon Adam & a Fallen Angel fighting off the evil forces of the Supernatural. Holy heaven and hell, that would be fantastic. O_O Although I’d prefer it not be Castiel, I want him to stay on the main show :/

  32. Samantha says:

    I WANNA SEE CASTIEL GET LUCKY! That way when Sam and Dean fixes everything and Cass becomes an Angel again and gets to go home he can say that he finally got laid! Maybe that will release some of the millennium madness that Cass has been carrying around.

  33. Ellie says:

    I would definitely love a ghostfacers spinoff, or something of the sort. It probably won’t be that, on account of the “new character” ordeal, but I’m super excited for it and love the idea! I’ll definitely be making a point to watch it!

  34. scorpionglow says:

    I’ve watched this show from day one. I’m now watching mostly out of habit, because there are times when I can’t concentrate on whatever the current storyline is. They’ve tackled so many “big bads” and survived, but where is it all going for season 9 and is this the final season? I think they’ve had a great run, look at all the shows that don’t survive this long and you know it’s true, but I’m looking forward to something more refreshing. Initially this was one of the best shows on TV, but it’s becoming dull in spots and with The CW bringing in new shows, I have to wonder what the end-game for SPN is.

  35. Angela says:

    A spin off sounds awesome but would prefer an existing secondary character to take the lead – such as Garth or Benny….

  36. Charlotte Johnson says:

    hope it is Felicia Day

  37. Kelsy says:

    I only have three words(four?) for this news: Felicia Day Spin-off.

  38. Tessa says:


  39. Midori says:

    I hate these hidden pilots crap. I rather it be a character we already know for several episodes or seasons than a one off thing, but in Supernatural it makes sense.

  40. Rudy says:

    I’d love to see a team like the winchester bros but with female hunters like Charlie and Becky.
    A Charlie and Becky spinoff would be great! SPN fans unite :)

  41. Bex says:

    I think they’ve run the show in the ground by being on so long and a spinoff isn’t going to. CW needs to get more original shows instead of rehashed shows.

  42. Ruby says:

    I mean, I love this universe, but Dean and Sam (and Bobby) ARE the universe for me, so I don’t know if anything else would work. It was like when they tried to do Caprica after BSG and it failed miserably because BSG was Kara. And Apollo. And Adama, etc.

  43. Dani says:

    I know a lot of people don’t like Felicia Day, but I’m hoping she is part of the new show. Obviously she isn’t the new character, but she needs a show in basic network TV! I hope the new character isn’t some tween heartthrob. Sam and Dean are enough.

  44. A fan says:

    You know what, I just hate the CW. All they care about is money. They realized that SPN won’t last long(It’s their 9th season) so they don’t want to lose such a huge fandome. I’m not going to judge the spin off until I see the episode.I’m really optimistic about season 9. I think they can have a great storyline with Castiel’s humanity and all those fallen angels. Also Bobby is coming back so I’m happy. I would be really annoyed if they destroyed all of this *fingers crossed*

  45. Kathleen Craner says:

    I wouldn’t mind seeing Jody Miles and Bobby hook up and go hunting.

  46. Rachel says:

    I was kind of hopping that the spin off would be something like Team Free Will 2.0 (A.K.A. Ben Braeden, Claire Novak, and Jesse Turner). They were all very good characters and have a lot of loose ends that need to be brought up. Claire was an angel vessel as a little girl and watched her father walk away (twice). Jesse was the anti-Christ and just disappeared to Australia and was never heard from again. SOMETHING will probably happen to trigger Ben and/or Lisa’s memories of Dean. I would think that would be a better way to begin a spin-off series.

  47. Hanna says:


  48. Tessa22 says:

    Why not a spin off with characters we already know and love. Why not Castiel, Death, Gabriel, Ellen and Jo, Charlie, wee Winchesters and their dad, Boby and Rufus, Balthazar, Naomi, Henry Winchester, Abaddon…? There are so many great choices and instead they decide to create a new character? Wanna bet it’s a teen girl hunter who falls in love with an angel and a vampire at the same time?

    • Cynthia says:

      Death spin-off! who should be the love interest?

      • Restless says:

        Atropos! :P

        Good point Tessa, I forgot what network this was for a moment and got somewhat excited.

      • mariofanatic64 says:

        God, aka “Life”!
        Opposites attract, they’re both as old as time, and they’ve known each other longer then either of them can remember.

        They can both *not* care about humans together! The whole show is them watching humans get killed by monsters eating popcorn and making out with one another.

  49. mentdijinn says:

    Sounds good to me! I believe that #ChristianKane would make a great additon to the #SPN family!!!