Bones @ Comic-Con: Booth and Brennan Are Heading for a Wedding! Plus: Time-Jump Details

Bones Comic-Con 2013 Season 9 SpoilersStock up on rice (or whatever congratulatory adornment Brennan’s favorite obscure ancient tribe uses), because make no mistake, Fox’s Bones is heading for a wedding in Season 9.

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“We’re not fooling you — they will get married this season,” show boss Hart Hanson shared on Friday afternoon at Comic-Con.

Brennan famously (and as had been agreed upon) popped the question to her main man in the Season 8 finale — a moment which Emily Deschanel and David Boreanaz recreated on the Comic-Con stage, yet with the roles reversed.

“Bones, you have been there for me for so long,” he poured his heart out. “You have had so much meaning in my life as this character. I am asking you, would you please marry me?”

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Alas as it played out in the finale, Booth abruptly bailed on his brand-new fiance, unbeknownst to her due to pressure from the pesky, deadly Pelant.

More scoop on the season premiere, Booth and Brennan’s changing relationship and more below:

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GROWING PAINS | The season opener, which starts shooting Tuesday, will feature a three-month time jump. “The relationship between Brennan and Booth will be slightly different,” teased executive producer Ian Toynton. “The relationship has been pushed to a different level, a different place. They’re in a serious place.”

KILLER BADDIE | Boreanaz’s feelings on Big Bad Pelant? “He’s getting a little old,” replied the actor. “He needs to go fast. From Booth’s perspective, he’s really annoying. … I really think Booth should take him out, in a really strong manner.” And he may get his wish. Hanson accidentally let slip that he does know how Pelant will eventually die.

BOOTH SEEKS HELP | As Boreanaz hinted to TVLine, viewers this season will meet an ex-priest “who has past with Booth,” teased Hanson. “Everybody’s mad at Booth for reneging on the engagement and he doesn’t have anyone he can talk to. So he seeks out the man he used to talk to.”

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SQUINTERN ON WHEELS | Should the show lose another squintern to some other acting gig, the next one will be “someone in a wheelchair who is just unbearable,” revealed Hanson, who’d like to “have some fun” with the “not politically correct” character.

SWEET LOVE | Of another couple’s future, Hanson would only say, “Sweets is still in the show, and Daisy is still in the show.”

CRIMES OF THE HEART | Booth and Brennan’s next undercover gig will involve a couples’ retreat. While they’re there trying to solve a murder, they’ll also uncover some of their own “brutal problems,” hinted Hanson.

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TEEN FLASHBACK | Hanson has an ambitious, unusual idea for an episode: “[We’re] struggling to find a way to do a show where we see everybody as a young teen doing their jobs in the Jeffersonian and the FBI,” he shared. “I think it would be really fun to have kids playing them. We don’t know how to do it yet.”

BLAST FROM THE PAST | On the neverending question of whether Dr. Zack Addy will return, Hanson said, “It’s on the list of things to do. We don’t have plans for it. We don’t not have plans for it.”