Under the Dome Recap: Dodgy Barbie, Nerd Love and a Simpsons Movie Shout-Out

Under the Dome RecapThis week on CBS’ Under the Dome, Julia spent some quality time with Junior “Call Me James,” Joe’s impromptu house party ended with a bang and the manhunt for Deputy Paul landed Barbie on Big Jim’s radar. Here’s a rundown of new things we learned, new questions raised.

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* The dome can be seamlessly integrated into a skate park.

* Julia doesn’t “do caution.”

* Norrie can be superbitchy without her tunes. She’s also easily impressed. (“Driving a rig is pretty cool….”)

* Junior aka Shy Ronnie must really love Angie, because she has to be smelling sorta ripe by now.

* Bigots are alive and well in Chester’s Mill. (Makes you feel as if ol’ Ollie has been living in a dome his whole life, no?)

* While the Dome most definitely does not like batteries, it frankly doesn’t care whether you hate it or not.

* Julia is smart enough to bring along a box of matches before entering a subterranean chamber, but not quite smart enough to have grabbed a flashlight.

* Under the Dome is Simpsons Movie-aware (even though Stephen King started writing this novel a small eternity before that animated feature, yada yada).

* Big Jim and the reverend were definitely involved in a “drug business” using the propane… somehow.

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* Why did Barbie seem to purposely duck DJ Phil?

* Does Norrie have any legit beef with her parents, or is she just a standard-issue rebellious teen? And where was Mom No. 2 this week? Off helping Christian Slater retrieve a broken arrow?

* Who thought it was a good idea to have a “recharge party” using a house’s generator? Oh yeah — it was the Goofy, Lingo-Spouting Sidekick.

* What exactly is Barbie’s military-ish background?

* Why does everyone on TV always seem to go for the kill shot? (We’re looking at you, Sheriff Linda.) What happened to popping the kneecap?

* Given their simul-seizures, is it safe to say Joe and Norrie are MFEO? And what does “The pink stars are falling in line” mean?

* When will someone start worrying about MIA Angie? Joe hasn’t said a peep, while her diner boss is just shrugging off her absence.

* Is Rachelle Lefevre’s hair now officially trumping Connie Britton’s? If only because Nashville is on hiatus?

* When will things get, you know, scary?

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  1. tvaddict says:

    between Rachelle’s hair and Mike Vogel’s beard this show has the best hair this side of Nashville…………

  2. Diana says:

    Maybe I missed the explanation for this in the pilot, but why isn’t Joe at all worried about the fact that his sister is missing?

    • Steven says:

      She said in the pilot she didn’t live at home. Not sure where she lives then.

      • Diana says:

        Oh, thanks, I really did miss that… :) But still, even if she doesn’t live at home, all these accidents have been happening and he isn’t vonverned at all?

  3. KND says:

    the only thing saving this show from being a bad syfy movie is graphics

  4. kees says:

    This show, to me, is much like “The Following” it sounds good in theory, the pilot episode drew me in but now there’s not much happening and it’s become appointment disappointment TV. Worst part, I read the book and know what’s supposed to happen so the slowness of the past couple weeks is annoying.

    • John says:

      Tbh, its nowhere near as awful as The Following though. And this episode was better than the last one which was totally atrocious.

  5. dani n. says:

    Really pretty bad so far. Can’t believe Stephen King is ok with this production. Read the book maybe 2 years ago. It’s the least fave of his many books I’ve read.

    • I’m with you, in wondering why King is okay with it. I loved the book, and would love to see it made into a movie. You get the distinction, I hope. There’s been plenty of discussion about whether the changes are okay or not, fine. But what the producers – and apparently King – keep missing when they do this stuff is, the book was what it was, and I want to see THAT. Not something similar. I’ve wished for a very long time that somebody would make movies out of the James Bond books other than Dr. No. They’re really cool, you know. The movies with the same titles, eh.

  6. D'oh says:

    The book sounds pretty bad, so maybe they can make the show MORE interesting?

  7. Steve F. says:

    Loved the “Broken Arrow” reference! And watching the teens turn the Dome into a skate park was kinda cool.

  8. Jacob says:

    Its starting to drag on. For the 3 weeks its been on tv it equals 2 days of the book. That is why joe is not missing his sister, besides she gets around in the book right?

  9. ” Why does everyone on TV always seem to go for the kill shot? ”

    Budget constraint. Budget determines the continuation of the character. They kill them to get rid of the actor portraying the character to free up the budget.

    • Ray says:

      Also, in the case of the Sheriff and similar characters, training. Despite what earlier shows tended to portray, people are trained that if they are ready to shoot someone, they should be ready to kill. They are trained to use kill shots, not ‘disarming’ or ‘disabling’ shots. It’s realistic.

      • wordsmith says:

        Exactly. Those shooting range targets don’t even have kneecaps. It’s center-of-mass or nothing.

  10. GS says:

    I just about spit Coke all over my keyboard when I read the line about Mom 2 being off helping Christian Slater find a Broken Arrow. She’ll always be the wild chick from Pump Up the Volume to me. Love that movie!

  11. dan says:

    How come none of the townies who were outside the dome at the time it landed haven’t come up to the dome to see their family? I mean, the kid who threw the house party said his mother was in the next town at the time the dome came down; why doesn’t she come up to one of the check-points to see her son? And Julia is missing her husband who she thinks is outside the dome (we know he is dead); how come she isn’t wondering why he hasn’t come to the dome to see her and at least wave to her?

    • Ann says:

      The show hasn’t shown what’s going on outside the dome other than the fact the military has surrounded the dome..and I would assume that they’re keeping everyone away at a safe distance in case something happens.

  12. Plum says:

    See. that’s why I’m bummed they got rid of the Lawnmower Sheriff, his hair was rockin’. I just about cackled when one of the bigots took a shot to the knee! I knew Uncle Steve would be punishing those loudmouths in due time. Just fyi if you’re ever trapped in the Mist, the Dome or the Shining; don’t be an a-hole. It’s the fastest route to getting whacked. But after wishing ill on the big mouth diner bigots I’m finding the character I really loathe isn’t Switchblade Johnny, it’s Poochie the surfer dude; apparently sprung from some Bill and Ted time capsule and existing only to annoy.

  13. Cee says:

    I would have been more impressed with a Pump Up the Volume reference. :)

  14. Carol says:

    The show is so so. Not really excited about it. Really like Mike Vogel, but…. Liked him much better as Dean on Pan Am. Still miss that show!!

  15. Suzanne says:

    I’m finding myself less interested every week, as I did with Revolution. I’m done with Revolution and am almost done with this one.

  16. CountryQueen says:

    I am liking the show, but most of the acting is pretty horrible. I didn’t miss blond mom ‘cuz she is one of the worst on the show – she can stay with Christian Slater as far as I’m concerned. Big Jim is the best – though in the book he is a bit more of a fat, religious blowhard (the line about eating a roast beef with Jesus for dinner should be said with a bit more zeal – and creepiness).

    No comments yet on how stupid Julia was to waste their last match just staring at Jr.? I’m surprised, as this was probably the stupidest moment of the night. Also, I thought she should have then lit the box on fire for some extra light – but I guess that’s just me. ;)

    I liked the book a lot – and have been worried with how they will handle certain things. I was pleased to see the water leaching thru last week – that is very important, indeed, to what is occurring.

    I know they said they will focus mostly inside the Dome, but I do hope we get some outside action too – I found those parts of the book fascinating. And one relationship that developed with someone outside and someone inside was pretty emotional – so I really hope we get to see that.

    Most people hated the ending of the book – but I found the social commentary fascinating. I’m OK with them changing the ending as long as it’s a good one (and as Steve himself said, his words haven’t been changed – the book is still there for us to read).

    • S says:

      CountryQueen- I said and thought the exact same- lets waste the last match staring at crazy eyes…then throw it to the ground instead of lighting the box on fire! DUH! Feeling kind of so so about this show as well. I feel irritated that they didnt go into it thinking- one off series, 13 episodes, done. Move onto another SK book for next summer…Stephens Shelf- a book a summer. Noooo…greed greed…why does it have to be drug out for a possible multi season show?

  17. E says:

    I’ve read the book, and as many “based on a book,” series or movies, I’m a bit leery of seeing it on-screen, whether it be big or small. I may be one of the few who enjoyed the book, the ending wasn’t too terrible, it seemed to fit with what King had progressing through the story. I’m surprised that King is ok with the direction that the producers/writers have taken with the story, and with the characters.

    I understand that the characters can’t be exactly the same as they’re portrayed in book form, (even though I’d kind of like to see that), I’m watching in hopes that something does develop, as was originally intended with the falling of the Dome.

    What stuck out, was how Julia gave the “everybody has secrets,” speech to Junior, and she’s being pushy as to why Barbie is holding out on her, and not divulging his every moment of being. Leave the man alone, geez, and wasn’t quite obvious that she was going to rifle through his pack and coincidentally find that map?

    In answer to some of the above points:

    *Maybe one reason Barbie ducked the DJ, they already know each other, and would make his statement of having no connection with anybody to Julia null & void if they “happened” to see each other. I understand that he told her that at the very end of the episode, but it seems the slyer Barbie can be, the better it is for his survival; although having said that, he’s now on Big Jim’s radar, so I’m not sure how better off he is now.

    * I think Norrie could be your “standard-issue rebellious teen”, as you put it, she sure dresses for it.

    *Angie is looking pretty good considering she’s been locked in that underground shelter for awhile, and talking of hygiene, where is she going to the bathroom?

    Can’t wait to read more of your reviews, I like the humor-injected reviews, makes it a more interesting read!

  18. Joe says:

    I really think this show should’ve been one 13-episode miniseries. That said, I could watch Mike Vogel and his beard stare into space for hours and not get bored, so I’ll keep watching as long as the show goes for.

  19. cathi says:

    my opinion of The Dome? hmmmm…big Jim rennie is a nice guy? junior is a vulnerable jerk? MRS Julia schumway? joe alone in the house? Linda and rusty separated by the dome? no big deal, since rusty was only a MAjOR character in the book….turn rusty into a fireman? norrie a stranger in town? dj Phil apparently sane and sober? I truly preferred the topsy-turvy upside down world created (in the book, anyway) when the dome fell. it reminded me of the Stanford Prison Experiment when in a power vacuum and unusual circumstances people react badly. the book is much preferred to this….whatever. shame on Stephen king for being executive producer and not keeping the integrity of the book. sure, changes can be made, but not to the point where you don’t even recognize the characters!

  20. JM says:

    Just wondering why there is no communication from the outside to inside (or vice versa) using a freakin’ pencil and paper!!!