Under the Dome: Which 'Burning' Questions Were Answered in Week 2? Which Lives Were Lost?

Under the Dome Recap Duke Dead House FireThis week on CBS’ Under the Dome, the residents of Chester’s Mill learned a bit more about their frightful fishbowl, and along the way bid a tragic adieu to two neighbors.

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* In flashback, we learned that Barbie was after Julia’s husband Peter to “pay up,” but was confronting him merely to give a scare. But when Peter pulled a(n empty) pistol, the men scuffled and Peter wound up on the fatal receiving end of a gunshot. Later, after Barbie retrieves his dog tags from the site of the fight, we (and Julia) learn his full name: Dale Barbara. Yeah… “Barbie” might actually be better.

* About the dome itself: By young (and smart!) Joe’s calculations, the barrier measures about 10 miles across, encasing Chester’s Mill and some of an adjacent lake. And while the dome is impervious to lasers and caustic substances (as Dodee overheard on her jerry-rigged military scanner), it does let water seep through (as Joe witnessed firsthand) — but not smoke. Also, the dome is not a military product, and it doesn’t care much for battery-operated things. (Sorry about that, Duke/Lapidus. RIP.)

* Junior (aka Andrew Shue and Andy Samberg’s love child) believes that the dome has “scrambled” imprisoned Angie’s thoughts and thus is responsible for her no longer wanting to canoodle with a complete, all-but-frothing-at-the-mouth lunatic. His endgame: For Angie to remember “what we’re working for” — that is, simpler days of vamping in mall photo booths.

* When Big Jim gleans that Reverend Coggins is high/has been “using our stuff,” it offers a first clue about the mysterious propane stockpiling that Duke was turning a blind eye to. We also learn that the reverend is sinfully clumsy, utterly startled when the wastebasket full of burning propane invoices that he kicks over to the drapes sets those drapes and then Duke’s entire house on fire.

* Bucket brigade buddies Joe and Norrie are, like, totally sweet on each other at first sight!

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* Why did Peter owe money, and to whom?

* What “stuff” can 1) be made from propane, 2) can get you high and 3) could help “save” Chester’s Mill? (Any chemistry majors/retired meth lab cooks wanna help with this one?)

* Why are the military folk on the outside being such tools? Wouldn’t there be a value in communicating with those trapped inside? And why hose the barrier if you’re not going to ask the kid immediately on the other side if water is getting through…?

* What was Duke about to tell Deputy Linda when his pacemaker went boom?

* If I may briefly channel Travolta in Broken Arrow: Now that Freddy has been felled by a ricocheted bullet from Deputy Freak Out’s gun, can people please stop shooting guns at the impervious barrier?!

* How has Bushey not played “Get Lucky” once yet?

What questions do you have coming out of Under the Dome, Week 2?

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