Has Spencer Gone Pretty Numb? Mad Men Mimics Good Wife? Heart Burn for Westen? And More Qs!

Neil Patrick Harris TonysWe’ve got questions, and you’ve (maybe) got answers! With another week of TV gone by, we’re lobbing queries left and right about shows including Mad Men, Pretty Little Liars, Awkward and General Hospital!

1 | Will all future Tony Awards opening numbers be underwhelming in comparison to Neil Patrick Harris’ mile-a-minute tune from Sunday’s broadcast? (Hint: Probably!) And have we figured out how he got from inside the magician’s box on stage to the back of the theater in 15 seconds?

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2 | Which of TV’s May/December caretaker/caretakee romances do you prefer — Mad Men‘s Manolo/Dot or The Good Wife‘s Cristian/Jackie? Isn’t it crazy how many parallels there are between the two storylines? Elsewhere: If Pete had just seconds prior dismissed gays as “degenerate,” why would Bob Benson proceed to hit on him? (If Bob is in fact gay himself.) Who’d like a full episode of just drunk Pete/Peggy reflecting on old, difficult times? And did anyone else think that Sally might (eep!) run out into traffic while racing away from her illicit eyeful?

3 | How exactly did Game of Thrones‘ Theon survive getting his manhood chopped off? Wouldn’t he have bled to death? (Do we really want to know the particulars?) Is Ramsey, in addition to being a complete knife-wielding psychopath, also a skilled surgeon?

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4 | Would you agree or disagree with the following bitchy bon mot from Food Network Star‘s Danushka?: “I would never watch a show where someone’s last name is Dinki!”

FallingSkies_Season3_Cochise5 | Does Falling Skies‘ “Cochise” sound a bit too much like Darth Vader? And who knew cute babies could be so damn creepy?

6 | Is it just us or are The Fosters‘ cut-to-blacks at commercial breaks really abrupt? And are we predictable for already hoping that Callie and Brandon make sweet music together?

7 | How is Major Crimes‘ DA’s office just now discovering where Rusty lives? And as much as we love the codger, is anyone else still adjusting to Provenza being so take-charge (and not lazy) in investigations?

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8 | On King & Maxwell, did you almost not (or simply not) recognize Ryan Hurst aka Sons of Anarchy‘s Opie as the autistic savant?

9 | When was the last time you saw professional female TV characters grab a bite to eat at a luncheonette counter the way Mistresses‘ Savi and Karen did on this week’s episode? Also, with Savi realizing her mistake and putting the brakes on her affair with Dominic, shouldn’t the show’s writers be legally obligated to find some other outlet for Jason George’s almost absurd levels of sex appeal?

Bachelorette10 | Has there ever been a less aesthetically pleasing first kiss on TV than The Bachelorette‘s Kasey and Des, with damp towels wrapped around their heads to help retain body heat in a frigid rooftop pool?

11 | Whose elimination stung worse on The Voice: Amber Carrington or Sasha Allen? And did you ever imagine from their nondescript early-season renditions of “American Girl” and “Drift Away” that The Swon Brothers would make it all the way to the finale?

12 | Could So You Think You Can Dance‘s Vegas round have felt any more rushed? And didn’t it seem absurd for the show to cut Tommy Tibball, so mesmerizing in his Boston audition, during the ballroom round without showing us 10 seconds of footage to justify the ouster?

Pretty Little Liars13 | A valid concern from our Pretty Little commenters: Why wasn’t Spencer more upset about the fact that her sister tried to kill her best friend? After everything that’s happened to the girls, is she simply immune to crazy  now? And we’d like to know: Why does every detective in Rosewood look like he just graduated from riding a tricycle?

14 | On Awkward, why does Jenna’s journey of self-discovery yet again have to be framed by which guy she likes now?

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15 | Why, America’s Got Talent, why do you subject us to preteen ballroom dancers lasciviously shaking what their mamas gave ’em?

16 | Given his tendency to show up when struggling shows need a boost, is John Stamos — who’s now on Necessary Roughness — the new Heather Locklear?

GH Nikolas17 | When did General Hospital‘s Nikolas get promoted to Science Officer? And while we all know what a good sport Ian Buchanan is, didn’t you kinda have to feel bad for him donning a tutu and full make-up to tango with Emma?

18 | Did Burn Notice break your heart a bit when Michael watched Fi and Carlos smooch? And then step on it when Fi ran to her new beau after cheating death? (Hey, both of GH’s Nikolases got a mention this week!) But how thrilling was that final sequence, where Michael used a saying from their past to save the day? (All that said, can we please talk about Gabrielle Anwar’s flashback wig…?)

19 | Have Hannibal viewers seen the last of Abigail Hobbs? Raise your hand if the show tricked you into thinking, even for that brief moment, that Will had killed her? And can we place a request now for a catch-you-up/straighten-you-out recap show — à la Revenge or Once Upon a Time — before the Season 2 premiere?

20 | With Monica Potter and Tatiana Maslany taking home top honors at the Critics’ Choice Television Awards, can we not just hope but possibly assume that we might see some Emmy love for these standouts this year?

Hit the comments with your answers — and any other questions you care to throw out there!