Pretty Little Liars Recap: 'A' Takes Aim

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Another Pretty Little Liars premiere, another big casualty, as Detective Wilden is laid to rest.

His body surfaces in the morning after the fire incident, and it sure does look like the Liars could be framed for this one. A message from “A” leads Spencer and Mona to his casket, where Hanna’s mom’s phone has been planted alongside the deceased. But it’s not Mrs. M who is the texter’s target. “A” actually got video of the four girls and Mona with Wilden’s car the night of the murder, putting the former enemies all in the same “We’re so screwed” basket. (The thing in the trunk? It was a dead pig.)

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“Truth won’t set you free. I’m going to bury it with you,” texts “A” to all five girls right after a new hottie officer shows up to put the fear of arrest in the gals. He’s there to investigate Wilden’s murder, and he’s been reading up on the quartet.

Earlier in the hour, Mona reveals that Wilden dressed up as the Queen of Hearts during the last Halloween episode and put Aria in that box with Melissa’s help. During a recap session, she also spills that Shauna might be in love with Jenna, and that both of them are afraid of Melissa. Elsewhere, Jenna spills some scoop of her own to Emily: Wilden saw Alison the night that she disappeared.

Among the other big developments:

BROKEN HEARTS | Ezra is offered a permanent teaching position at Rosewood High, which sure does make not seeing him harder, Aria complains. He counters that he’s got a family to think of now, so he really needs the gig. It might help things if Aria could stop staring at her on-and-off boyfriend while at school, but she can’t, and gets called into the Vice Principal’s office. In a cruel bait-and-switch, she imagines the VP confronting her with pictures of her and Ezra in bed and her BF getting carted away in cuffs. (The VP just wanted her to give her mom some papers to sign! Told ya it was cruel.) This daydream from hell convinces her to tell Ezra that she wants to see other people.

BLASTS FROM THE PAST | Spencer and Toby are back to being lovey-dovey, but there could be trouble ahead. “A” texts Tobes a photo of his mom, with the following message: “Bet you miss her every day.” Then she offers up a bargain: She’ll tell him what really happened to her – a flashback implies she might have been sick – if he brings her Mona’s camper full of secrets, which he’s seen driving at episode’s end. Meanwhile, Ali’s mom resurfaces in town and stares at Spencer creepily from the window. What else is new?

BEST FRIENDS FOREVER | Hanna cozies up to Mona to get the cop cam video chip that could incriminate the Liars. Shopping trips and girl talk is involved, but Mona sees through it — and willingly hands over the tech! “I really loved you once,” she explains. “And I really was your friend.”

TRUE LOVE | Talk about a big step forward: Paige tries to convince Emily to come with her to Stanford. Aside from Hawaii, it’s the college furthest away from the crazy town that is Rosewood, she smartly points out. After Paige paints her a picture of their life together – weekends in San Francisco, lounging on the beach – Em agrees. She wants to be with her, she tells Paige, as they exchange “I love you’s.”

Pretty Little Liars fans, hit the comments with your thoughts and theories about the identity of the veiled, mystery attendee at Wilden’s funeral!