Veronica Mars Movie Adds Piz -- Is Mac Among the 'Bunch' More Returns? And What's Been Cut?

Veronica Mars Movie Piz MacPiz is in, too!

Chris Lowell is the latest Veronica Mars vet to officially join the forthcoming fan-funded film adaptation, exec producer Rob Thomas announced on Saturday.

Lowell’s mop-topped alter ego arrived on the scene in the show’s third season and soon developed a crush on (and began a romance with) the show’s titular sleuth.

UPDATE: Appearing at the ATX Television Festival on Saturday, Thomas said that beyond Lowell, Percy Daggs III and other already confirmed encores, “We actually have a bunch of cast deals done, but we’re trying to parse them out… We want to give everyone their own moment.” (As such, keep tabs on TVLine as more additions are trumpeted over the next 10 days.)

Veronica’s gal pal Mac is a character Thomas said it would be odd not to see in the movie, but he stopped short of confirming Tina Majorino’s casting.

Alas, with the ensemble growing and the budget finite, as the film nears production later this month, there’s already been one (minor) casualty. Thomas shared at ATX that opening scenes were already over-budget, so rain during a flight Veronica is on had to be cut. “So, as you see her land and come out of the Balboa County Airport, imagine rain,” he laughed.

Speaking further on the film’s prospects, Thomas said, “It’s not going to be Hunger Games, but I’m excited about the scope. It’s at the top-end of what my expectations would have been.” That said, when it comes to a fight that breaks out at ‘Ron’s high school reunion, he quipped: “Please don’t expect a Matrix-level brawl.”

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As previously announced, original cast members Jason DohringEnrico Colantoni and Percy Daggs III have also signed on to the film, which is set at Veronica’s 10-year high school reunion and will begin shooting in about 9 days.

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