Leverage Favorite to Visit TNT's King & Maxwell, While Jerry O'Connell Guests Opposite Wife

Christian Kane Leverage King & MaxwellLeverage favorite Christian Kane is returning to TNT, playing brother to Rebecca Romijn on the soon-to-premiere King & Maxwell, TVLine has confirmed.

Also, TV vet Jerry O’Connell is set to guest on his wife Rebecca’s new series, which bows June 10.

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Based on the David Baldacci novels about former Secret Service agents-turned-private eyes, the TNT drama stars Jon Tenney (The Closer) and Romjin (X-Men) in the title roles of Sean King and Michelle Maxwell.

Kane will surface in Episode 6 as Michelle’s (barely) older black sheep brother JT, a smart, charming and unconventional ex-cop who now works in the private sector, and calls upon his kin for help. (The actor first shared the news via Twitter.)

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O’Connell — whose new We Are Men sitcom debuts on CBS this fall — meanwhile will guest in a different episode as a bottom-of-the-barrel P.I. who is always one step behind, EW.com reports.

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  1. kittykatsam says:

    Christian Kane = must see TV. I’m in!

    • Diane says:

      Yes! Christian Kane is a MUST see in anything he does. So talented. I think he needs a permanent spot on “King & Maxwell”

  2. mac says:

    You did it again TNT, you lured me back to you…damn your awesomeness CK and Franklin&Bash

  3. Linda says:

    Haha… tvline confirmed? More like Christain did on his Twitter.

  4. Will definitely be watching EPISODE #6 of KING AND MAXWELL when CHRISTIAN KANE guest stars wouldnt miss it!! still miss my LEVERAGE tho..

  5. If Christian can is on I’ll be watching. I hope it’s more then one episode

  6. Awesome news!! I will have the DVR set for episode 6 and will be watching as well. I cannot wait to see Christian Kane back on my TV screen in the King & Maxwell. He is an amazing actor as well as singer. He is definitely underrated by many.

  7. Connie says:

    Christianis in it I will be watching. DVR is set and I will watch it to. Sure have missed him.He is the best actor out there. Glad to see him in something .People need to watch him, He is very under rated as a actor, singer and cook.Stand up and take notice of this GREAT GUY.

  8. Gina Miller says:

    I’ve been missing Christian Kane. I’ll definitely tune in for episode 6. Any other Leverage stars they bring on I’ll tune in for too.

  9. Sandy Marowitz (@sandymarowitz) says:

    Really excited that Christian Kane will once again grace our TV sets for episode 6 in the new show King & Maxwell .. hope he gets to stay on the show for a while .. and maybe become a regular!

  10. Karen Garcia says:

    Love David Baldacci’s books! And of course I will always love Chris Downey for bringing Leverage to life. But getting Christian Kane back on TV is the MOST exciting thing, even for one episode. Hopefully brother Maxwell can become a recurring role:)) So the boycott of TNT will be lifted for King & Maxwell at my house. But just for King & Maxwell.

  11. Fran says:

    Awesome news that Christian Kane is returning to TV!! Looking forward to seeing him in his new role and hoping it is for a long run!! Will still miss Leverage, but hope his new role will be a great success!!

  12. michelle says:

    Thank goodness!!! Missing Kane on my tv!!

  13. Joan says:

    Although I am still unhappy with TNT for dropping Leverage, I will watch Christian Kane in King and Maxwell. I hope he is in more than one episode.

  14. Ali Kien says:

    I am so excited to get to see Christian Kane back on TV!! This show looked good and now I will definitely have to watch since Christian is in it!

  15. Meg says:

    Christian is encouraging people on Twitter to watch the WHOLE SERIES and not just his episode. If the ratings tank, TNT won’t renew the show, and then we won’t get the opportunity to have Christian added as a series regular.

  16. kandie says:

    I will definetly watch anything with Christian Kane in it.

  17. Beth Potkonicky Kredel says:

    I’m so glad Christian will be back on TV, I can’t wait! He needs to be EVERYWHERE!

  18. kim says:

    I would watch Christian Kane read the freakin phone book. Such a talented, humble man. I’m still upset with TNT for their treatment of Leverage, and will be for some time to come. I don’t watch TNT because for me there is nothing new and interesting in their lineup, however, I will have to watch at least one episode of King and Maxwell, to support the awesomely talented Christian Kane.

    • Jean says:

      I too have run fast from TNT since the cancellation of Leverage. Notice that all of the new shows at TNT are not doing well. What do we need to do to get the really quality show, Leverage, back?

  19. Jessica says:

    All you people whining and complaining about no more Leverage really need to get over it! It was a great show but it’s time was up! they got to end it they way they wanted, how many cancelled shows get to do that? Very few! It’s time you all move on and just get over it! Will it be great to see CK back on TV?? Of course but it’s time to leave the past in the past. And it’s not wise to be snarky to the Matt! He is an honest writer, one who waits for confirmation!

    • Anne says:

      A show that last 5 seasons has had a good run. Better to want a show back than saying… shld have closed Leverage 1 -2 seasons ago. Yes i miss the show, but hell i’d rather have them close a show sooner than too late. And no matter how much we scream we want it back – never gonna happen. It’s dead, and new shows will come and go, and we will cry when the next we love closes.

  20. Angie says:

    Will be checking this out to support Kane. Looks like a good cast overall, and sounds like an interesting premise, though I’ve not read the books.

  21. Lisa for Leverage says:

    So glad to see Christian Kane will be on this show- hopefully for much more than just one episode! Of course, I would rather see Leverage revived as a series. Jon Tenny is a very good actor- he really was good on The Closer. Kane will add a very special dimension to the chemistry of this show!

  22. Woohoo! I can’t wait to see Christian Kane in this. I’ve missed him so much. :)

  23. Maya says:

    He can’t act and looks nothing like Rebecca Romijn. Bad casting.

    • Linda says:

      I’m sorry, did you not know all sibling don’t always look alike? Plus, it doesn’t say that they are blood related, now does it? One could have been adopted or hell even both of them.

    • Rachel Frantz says:

      You obviously don’t know much about the craft of acting if you think that Christian can’t act but then again everyone is entitled to their opinion

    • Jane Doe says:

      I agree, Maya. I did watch a bit of Leverage, and was a bit disappointed. I’m amazed at how hardcore his fans are. I don’t get it – his image is totally phony. I’ll stick with Franklin & Bash.

  24. Sandy says:

    Well…..nice of TNT to bring back Christian Kane for a whole episode! TNT has been a great disappointment. I know people are telling us Leverage fans to get over it……but let’s cancel your favorite series and end it Christmas day. See if you forget. Oh yeah….that’s just TNT….they know drama. Don’t worry kids…my DVR is set.

    • Laura Manners says:

      Well said Sandy – I’m so fed up of being told to get over it, that Leverage is done with – as recently has been the case. Who knows whether this show will last either – we’ve only got their word that it’s ‘right up our alley’ – Whole family will happily watch anything that Christian Kane stars in, sings in or has his pet dog in.

  25. Linda says:

    Was intending to check out King and Maxwell anyway because of Jon Tenny but this gives me even more incentive to watch. Christian Kane is great as an actor and a singer. Hope he will be back for an extended run, if the series is a success!

  26. Rachel Frantz says:

    Very happy to hear that Christian Kane is back on TV, I hope this will be the start of a long run on this series.

  27. EWJ says:

    is this a one time thing and as such is only watching this episode enough or is he to stay because then I will start with episode 1…??

  28. KBY says:

    Won’t miss Christian!

  29. Ethel Henry says:

    Fanatastic news! Can’t wait to see Christian Kane back on TV!!

  30. Wouldn says:

    I’m glad Christian is back on television but it’s not going to make me watch the episode. I will never Forgive Tnt for Canceling Leverage the best show on Current Television !!

  31. Shelly Karg says:

    Although I am not happy with the way TNT handled the cancellation of Leverage, I will support Christian Kane and any of the Leverage Crew in their future endeavors. If they can be forgiving of TNT and return to the station’s programming, so can I. I wouldn’t miss the chance of see any of them, particularly Christian , on TV again.

  32. Christine Santana says:

    I love to see Christian back but I still would love to see Leverage back with all the same Actors. Please let me know if Leverage is coming back? Has anyone heard that Leverage maybe back as a movie?

    • anne says:

      Havent read anything since january this year, about leverage future. All i read was Devlin was shopping around for a new network. And that he had lots of more stories, at least 1 more season. But then if leverage was loosing ratings at the end, it can be hard getting a new network to take the bait. And there must have been a reason for cancelling the show at the end, and money usually is the main reason, if not the only reason.

  33. TCupp63 says:

    its a crying shame I am boycotting TNT for canceling Leverage…crud

  34. I was sad to see Leverage go. I was a late comer to the series and spent untold hours watching past episodes. Just couldn’t get enough. Everyone was a Character! I love the entire cast and will look forward to seeing any of them in any thing they choose to do. Christian Kane is my favorite Super hero. He never got a scratch. As it should be.

  35. So much looking forward to this episode. Finally some more Christian Kane!

  36. Barbara says:

    Gd for Kane …he is pretty funny..wow what a voice…..