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What Happens Next: Will Revenge's Big Reveal Trigger Blowback from Jack?

Revenge Season 3 PreviewTVLine hits rewind on the TV season’s biggest “What Happens Next” finales, then invites you to predict the cliffhanger outcomes

Revenge ended its sophomore season by outing a secret set up in the series’ pilot: Emily Thorne is really Amanda Clarke, and now her childhood love Jack knows it.

It was a humdinger of a way to wrap the ABC drama’s two-hour finale, which also included the murder of Emily’s mentor Takeda (by her lover Aiden), Conrad’s election-night victory, Nolan’s arrest for a Carrion-created blackout, the reappearance of Victoria’s first (monotone-voiced) son and the death of hapless Declan. Oh, and let’s not forget that The Initiative never really existed – but Conrad was one of its evil masterminds, anyway.

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In the hour’s final moments, as Conrad thanked his backers, a vengeful Jack trained a gun on the Governor-Elect from afar. Emily intercepted her friend and set up a huge cliffhanger when she uttered the only thing she thought might deter him: “Deep down inside, you’ve always known the truth: I’m Amanda Clarke.”

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What do you think will happen when Season 3 arrives? Rewatch the finale cliffhanger below, then review our carefully hand-crafted poll options and vote, elaborating on your picks in the comments.

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