Is Mad Men Getting Ready to Kill Off Megan?

Mad Men Season 6 PreviewZou Bisou goodbye?

Mad Men creator Matthew Weiner might be trying to tell us something really disturbing.

Megan’s choice of nightwear in the AMC drama last Sunday – a white t-shirt emblazoned with a huge red star – is identical to one Sharon Tate wore in a 1967 Esquire magazine photo shoot.

And that, as a post on Uproxx recently pointed out (taking off from a Reddit discussion), is reason enough to start fearing for the To Have and to Hold star’s future.

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Tate, an actress and model who was married to director Roman Polanski, was murdered in her home in 1969 by followers of Charles Manson. The shocking killing spree also ended the lives of six others and gave Manson (who was later convicted) and his “family” a gruesome cult status.

Given Season 6’s focus on the rising fear and insecurity in late ’60s Manhattan, coupled with the fictional Mrs. Draper’s parallels to the real Sharon, the Megan-in-danger theory has its merits. To wit:

• Megan is an up-and-coming actress. Sharon Tate was an up-and-coming actress.

• Megan has been pregnant – albeit briefly – and may be wanting more children. Sharon Tate’s pregnancy was nearly to term when she was killed.

mad-men-season-6-poster• Mad Men‘s Season 6 poster, which features police officers at what might (?) be a crime scene, holding tight to their billy clubs as though the threat of danger is very near.

• This season has made a point of highlighting random acts of violence (such as Abe’s stabbing — not by Peggy, the one outside the subway) and home invasion (such as when Sally caught “Grandma Ida” rifling through Don and Megan’s apartment). Maybe it’s all ramping up to a huge, horrible moment for a SCDP fave?

• In the home-invasion episode, Sally is shown reading Rosemary’s Baby. Polanski directed the film adaptation. (Thanks to commenter Sophie for that one!)

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We propose a corollary: What if the focus on Megan is to divert attention from the upcoming, untimely demise of a different character? Remember, though Pete waxed depressed and fondled his rifle and Don doodled a noose in the margins of his notes last season, it was Lane who wound up hanging from his office ceiling in the penultimate episode. Yes, Weiner loves symbolism, but he also really digs a misdirect.

Enough of what we think. What’s your take on the macabre Mad Men theory? Sound off in the comments!


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