Is Mad Men Getting Ready to Kill Off Megan?

Mad Men Season 6 PreviewZou Bisou goodbye?

Mad Men creator Matthew Weiner might be trying to tell us something really disturbing.

Megan’s choice of nightwear in the AMC drama last Sunday – a white t-shirt emblazoned with a huge red star – is identical to one Sharon Tate wore in a 1967 Esquire magazine photo shoot.

And that, as a post on Uproxx recently pointed out (taking off from a Reddit discussion), is reason enough to start fearing for the To Have and to Hold star’s future.

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Tate, an actress and model who was married to director Roman Polanski, was murdered in her home in 1969 by followers of Charles Manson. The shocking killing spree also ended the lives of six others and gave Manson (who was later convicted) and his “family” a gruesome cult status.

Given Season 6’s focus on the rising fear and insecurity in late ’60s Manhattan, coupled with the fictional Mrs. Draper’s parallels to the real Sharon, the Megan-in-danger theory has its merits. To wit:

• Megan is an up-and-coming actress. Sharon Tate was an up-and-coming actress.

• Megan has been pregnant – albeit briefly – and may be wanting more children. Sharon Tate’s pregnancy was nearly to term when she was killed.

mad-men-season-6-poster• Mad Men‘s Season 6 poster, which features police officers at what might (?) be a crime scene, holding tight to their billy clubs as though the threat of danger is very near.

• This season has made a point of highlighting random acts of violence (such as Abe’s stabbing — not by Peggy, the one outside the subway) and home invasion (such as when Sally caught “Grandma Ida” rifling through Don and Megan’s apartment). Maybe it’s all ramping up to a huge, horrible moment for a SCDP fave?

• In the home-invasion episode, Sally is shown reading Rosemary’s Baby. Polanski directed the film adaptation. (Thanks to commenter Sophie for that one!)

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We propose a corollary: What if the focus on Megan is to divert attention from the upcoming, untimely demise of a different character? Remember, though Pete waxed depressed and fondled his rifle and Don doodled a noose in the margins of his notes last season, it was Lane who wound up hanging from his office ceiling in the penultimate episode. Yes, Weiner loves symbolism, but he also really digs a misdirect.

Enough of what we think. What’s your take on the macabre Mad Men theory? Sound off in the comments!


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  1. Terry says:

    So unprofessional of you guys to tweet #yesplease in your tweet. I’m not the biggest fan of Megan either but c’mon… seems low class. Whatever.

    • BookGirl says:


    • It’s a fictional character. Get a grip on yourself.

      • A says:

        The way many of the TVLine writers are constantly bashing Megan is irritating, and going so far as wishing for her brutal murder is just gross. This is, as far as I can tell, one of the top TV news websites out there, but when it comes to Megan Draper their sense of professionalism just goes out the window.

        • dude says:

          They’re not wishing for her to be brutally murdered, just to be killed off the show so she can’t come back. Big deal. This is a TV news site, not serious journalism.

        • anna says:

          Megan’s fictional, dear. She’s not your friend.

          • A says:

            No need to be so condescending. I happen to like the character and think the way that the writers on this website talk about her is gross and vaguely misogynistic.

          • anna says:

            Betty’s my favorite character and people have been saying far more misogynistic things about her for years than they ever have about Megan.

    • Josh says:

      You know she’s not a real person, right?

      • Emma says:

        Character bashing is just as immature and annoying as real people bashing in my opinion. Grow up and fast-forward/mute the show when they speak if you hate watching a character so much

        • dee123 says:

          Tell me Emma, do you have a great view up there on your high horse???

          • KevyB says:

            Hating a fictional character is JUST as bad as hating a real human being? Wow, I mean, umm, wow! Though, honestly, what the h is wrong with hating people? Some people deserve to be hated. Unless you think we should love the racism out of the KKK.

            That said, I don’t hate Megan. I just hate that she means something really important to Matthew Weiner but he hasn’t made her really important to us. And he’s made Don just hateful since she arrived. And, yeah, duh, SOMETHING is going to happen in that apartment. Honestly, can the constant sirens get ANY LOUDER? Weiner’s been so obvious he might as well just drop an anvil on her head.

        • TressaLyn says:

          No matter how Megan leaves the show – by cheating and falling in love with her paramour, or by attending a swanky Hollywood party that Charlie turns into history, the actress herself goes home safe and sound. There is nothing wrong with tearing into a writers intentions with a character – because really we are discussing the writers choices with the story and not the actress herself..

          • Carl says:

            Amen to that. It shows signs of good acting when an actor can make views hate the character they’re playing, everybody would be asleep by the first commercial break if all the characters were absolutely lovely

    • GG says:

      Sylvia looks just like the character Theresa from the movie version of Rose Mary’s Baby

      Theresa;s body was found splattered on the street in from of the high rise

      Theresa lived next door to Rosemary. Sylvia lives next door to Meagan

      Could Sylvia’s body by discovered splattered on the street in front of the hight rise.?

      If so, was she pushed?….

      • Mickey Fibonacci says:

        You may have something there…In the preview for next week, they show Don answering his door, and you can see it’s Rosen, Sylvia’s husband. Could he be knocking to tell Don ” I killed her…”(Sylivia?

        • Gayle Elliott says:

          I was going to say–good call on Sylvia and her hubby–remember the fights with her husband that Don would hear from the elevator?

        • Heather says:

          That’s a good theory! The poster shows two Don Drapers in front of a one way sign. Tuxedo Don Draper is walking away from the building, and the crime scene, holding a woman’s hand. Is it Meghan’s? Business Don has his (probably empty) briefcase and is walking toward the building alone. This vignette might say something about his relationship with Silvia. A suicide doesn’t seem out of the question considering the stress Sylvia’s character is under, with her boy drafted and having been discovered together with Don by Sally. We will have to wait and see, but I think a suicide caused by the shame of infidelity is more Wiener’s style than a Sharon Tate like slaying.

  2. Can the misdirection be aimed at Betty? What a useless horrid character. I cringe every time she comes on the screen.

    • Paul says:

      I did for the longest time, but Betty has been awesome this year.

      • Booger Presley says:

        Agreed. She’s finally growing up. I loved that post coitus scene last week. If Don weren’t such an incredibly selfish ass, I’d like her back with him. Henry is sort of ghoulish and freaks me out.

    • Saint Alicia says:

      Complete opposite for this viewer. Don and Betty have such natural, effortless chemistry (though I don’t wish him on her) while Megan is so wooden and awkward (with everyone actually).
      Megan’s “acting” opposite her costar was like pulling teeth. Speaking of teeth, to quote Theon Greyjoy: “try smiling with your lips closed.” Anyway, Megan just needs to leave, by death or otherwise.

    • Melanie says:

      Betty is one of my favorite. I love it when she’s on.

    • sophie says:

      Betty is one of the core characters and one of the reasons I love the show. Specially now that Big Betty is gone and Confident Betty is on! Don’t touch her

    • rmcepp says:

      I totally agree. Betty is an awful actor, I like Megan, but she is an awful actor also. I think that the woman who just broke up with Don cannot act. Do the powers that be want only Don Draper to shine. He does that, but he is falling apart. Don’t like that. He should be strong, although he can act. Actually I think the show is not the same with his falling apart, I’m not enjoying it as much as past seasons. I do like Joan and Roger though.

    • Heather says:

      I LOVE Betty. She really nails a certain type of housewife from the era. Very sheltered, very self involved. Don’t confuse January Jones good acting that portrays a flawed person with a bad character. I have a feeling the fact that she’s married to a politician will be an important plot point down the road, perhaps it will expose Don’s false identity if something her husband does draws the press?

  3. Kerry says:

    People have been jokingly saying Bob Benson is a serial killer because he gave two different stories about his dad (told Ken about food at his dad’s funeral, told Pete last week a nurse helped his dad make a full recovery). I’m going to laugh if that theory holds water.

    • SylwekG says:

      If it is true, I hope Joan won’t be around. Seriously, if they kill off Joan or Peggy, I will never forgive them.

      • Paul says:

        A friend of mine joked that Bob could probably get away with murdering Joan free and easy, because she’s the only person in the office who could pick him out of a lineup.

      • Ang says:

        That would be professional suicide on Matthew Weiner’s part. These two gals are a core part of the show and are fascinating characters. They keep a large part of this show moving along. But if either of them are killed off, I would probably stop watching the show because I would have a problem with any “newby” they may bring in. This is why I stopped watching “Grey’s” when they killed off Mark and Lexie. I was very involved in their storyline and Mark was my favorite character on the show. Then they brought all these new kids to the show whom I didn’t give a hoot about. Haven’t watched Grey’s since shortly after Mark and Lexie’s death. In my opinion, if they are going to kill off a core character, it should be that despicable Pete Campbell!

        • Heather says:

          No! Pete’s been wonderful this year! I think the actor has totally nailed him, standing around with his skinny legs in boxers getting rejected by his wife or zooming around the office, falling down stairs and being fussy and indignant. He’s a GREAT terrible character!

    • Sarah says:

      I wondered that too. The whole Ted Bundy, good looking psychopath type who gains a lady’s trust, then “thwack!”. My money’s though on him whacking Trudy out of “concern” for Pete. You know, if Bob is actually a murderer.

    • Heather says:

      I’m leaning towards the Sylvia kills herself theory (though I love that actress and her character). But it did occur to me that the two Bobs are an echo of the two Don Drapers/Dick Whitmans. It won’t be long until we know for sure!

  4. Kerry says:

    I also just assumed the shirt was more Macy’s product placement, after Roger showed up at Joan’s with a Macy’s bag.

  5. Booger Presley says:

    I was wondering where I had seen the t-shirt before. Hmmm. Interesting. If she were offed, Don might actually feel guilt. Nah…. Who am I kidding? He feels nothing.

  6. Adam says:

    It’s possible. There’s been at least one death per season so far (season 1 had Adam Whitman, season 2 had Pete’s dad, season 3 had Grandpa Gene, season 4 had Anna Draper, season 5 had Lane).

  7. Joe says:

    You should give Tom & Lorenzo credit for this theory. That’s where it started.

    • Cate says:

      This. 100% this

    • annieanne says:

      Agreed. TLo made the Sharon Tate/Megan connection before the season even started.

    • Katherine says:

      Came here to post this, but thankfully other people did already. Agreed.

    • Mary says:

      Who are Tom and Lorenzo? Bloggers or did they just make random comments?

      • Piper says:

        Its a GREAT blog – just google their names and go to their site. They analyze mad men through the fashion and clothes that the characters wear. And in some scenes, the color or patterns are symbolic, mean something, etc. It a whole new way to look and analyze Mad Men.

  8. SylwekG says:

    I hope it won’t happen. Megan is one of a few decent characters there and I think she should just leave Don and be happy. If someone has to die, Sylvia would be the best choice, she was the most annoying of all Don’s mistresses and I think it would really affect Don.

  9. sophie says:

    Very intriguing theory. There are other signs there could be something up:
    1.)Sharon Tate was married to Roman Polanski at the time of her demise. Sally was reading Rosemary’s baby which movie Roman Polanski directed.
    2.) In the two Don and Megan scenes last episode the police sirens were unusually loud
    3.) Janie Bryant, the designer on Mad Men, confirmed that it was no coincidence that Megan’s look was inspired by Sharon Tate’ s shot in Esquire magazine in 1967

  10. Mia says:

    Would it be wrong if I were to cheer when/if this happens? I generally prefer Betty to Megan and that is saying a lot.

  11. Stinky Feet Lover says:

    Lol at MEN wanting some hotties with big boobies killed off! Kill off the ugle chix!!

  12. Lauren says:

    It’s certainly interesting but murdering of one of the characters feels awfully soapy for a show like Mad Men. Seems more like something that would happen on Grey’s.

    • I don’t consider her a main character if you are talking about Megan. She hasn’t even been on the show that long.

    • Heather says:

      I’m wondering how Wiener would handle that scene. Probably a discovery after the fact, not a depiction if the murder itself. It is the tail end of that era where people didn’t lock their doors.

  13. Really don’t know if the seventh season of Mad Men is going to be the series’ swan song.

  14. TV Gord says:

    Intriguing theories, but I hope it’s wrong, because–unlike a vocal minority who loves to say they don’t like Megan on the message boards–I love Megan! I’m inclined to believe the misdirect theory (in fact, I was thinking it as I read this story, and I’m glad you brought it up). I could see Betty’s death having a bigger impact on the show, especially for Sally, who is getting to the age where she’s about to hit some pretty choppy waters as a teen in the late 60s. I hope it’s not her, because she’s a fantastic character and Kiernan Shipka is a fantastic actress. Weiner loves a big impact, and I think he could go this route. (I still miss Lane, but his suicide last season is still one of the most memorable moments of the entire series!

  15. Kat says:

    If the misdirect is Bob Benson tries to kill or kills Joan, consider a witch hunt on your ass, Bob.

  16. Kat says:

    I also think it would be really interesting if something actually did happen to one of Don’s children, Sally being the most obvious/clear choice.

    • Pat D. says:

      Would be a shame…the actress who plays Sally is quite gifted…she has Betty’s mannerisms down to a T. Its actually kinda funny how “Mini-Betty” she is at times.

    • SylwekG says:

      No please, not Sally. They can kill Bobby(Bob killing Bobby, interesting), but not Sally. There was already too little of her this season..

    • PB says:

      I always envisioned Sally at the end of the series hitchhiking upstate to go to Woodstock as Don sits alone having another drink. lol

      • Ang says:

        Now THAT is a great idea! With Sally reaching that particular age at that particular time, it only makes sense that she would be fascinated with the hippie movement.

  17. The Kaibosh says:

    Sylvia’s affair comes to light and Dr Rosen kills his wife and his cheating neighbor’s wife. Don has another drink.

  18. Call me crazy but I pray its Pete, I hope Benson is somehow involved, and I believe Pete will either jump (thus the falling man in the credits) or somehow gets shot with a gun (as a throwback to the rifle from whatever season that was).

    I too like Megan. For all we know Don ends up getting Macy’s as a client and that’s the connection to the red star on her shirt.

  19. sophie says:

    You’re welcome Kim! Thanks for the mention.
    I for one really don’t care for Megan but it would certainly have a big impact on Don.
    Theories are going around that it could be Dr. Rosen after finding out about Don&Sylvia, since in the poster there is a women crying in purple simbolyzing Sylvia and her Christian beliefs.
    And since Sharon Tate was murder was a mistaken identity(which is also a common theme in MM, and Megan is playing twins now) Rosen could go after Don and accidently kill Megan..

  20. keith says:

    Megan just saw the magazine and bought the shirt. No big deal.

  21. Andrei says:


  22. Dizzle says:

    I mean, James Wolk is now doing The Crazy Ones on CBS, so it’s not like he’s be available for another season of Mad Men… If Bob Benson was to be jailed for murder that would certainly be a memorable departure! More memorable than SCDP find him right now, anyway.

  23. D says:

    If Megan is murdered, you just know Don will stumble onto the scene and accidently implicate himself. Him sleeping with Betty and/or Sylvia will be out in the open somehow, and people on-set at Megan’s work will know their marriage was in trouble.

    I’m kind of ambivalent about Megan. I warmed to her a little this season, but if she has to be sacrificed as the plot device that drives things forward then so be it. I’m interested to see if Weiner can pull this off without making it soapy if they do go there.

  24. Rob Schneider says:

    The misdirect is Henry Francis, who Don said earlier this season “wasn’t important enough” to be killed. He’s as good as gone.

  25. peb says:

    Thanks Kimberly and posters. These are interesting theories. We’ve been saying all season that Bob is up to something, but never thought of this!

  26. Chloe says:

    I’m not a huge Megan fan but I’d hate to see her murdered. But it had better not be Joan!!

    I can’t say that I picked up any of the Sharon Tate clues [I, too, thought the star was for Macy’s, even though I don’t think they used that symbol way back then] but having lived through the horror of the Tate murders, I really hope Weiner doesn’t go down that path. It was very disturbing.

  27. AnneW says:

    The Tate-LaBianca Murders were horrendous. It was awful what happened to Sharon Tate, who was near the end of the term of her pregnancy when she was murdered, and the others who were killed as well. I hope Mad Men doesn’t go there.

  28. Britta Unfiltered says:

    Reading this article, I was definitely thinking about Lane and the misdirect. I take full credit for telling everyone here last season that it wouldn’t be Pete who killed himself, but someone else at the office, possibly Lane because of his financial trouble. Ha. I’m the worst.
    Whoever caught on to these Sharon Tate similarities is pretty perceptive. I don’t know much about Sharon Tate other than she was killed in such a horrific way by the Mansons and was with Roman. I’m way curious to see where this is taken now, because I have no idea. Wouldn’t it be horrible if it was Sally? That would certainly have a huge effect on the Drapers and the audience. I do think now after reading this article we are probably headed for a violent murder. It makes a lot of sense. It is 1968, after all. The real world outside the office is probably going to explode into Don’s life in some major way this year. It’s been leaking in for awhile. Maybe now is when the dam bursts.

  29. c0rinne says:

    Well, I hope she dies. She’s the, imo, biggest reason why last season sucked so much and not one of her scenes has been enjoyable to me this season either.

  30. I think that Sylvia is the one who is going to be a goner, off a balcony, probably one night as Don and Megan are coming home. If you look at the poster, Don in the dark suit looks upset as he holds the hand of a woman in a floaty dress.

    • Gayle Elliott says:

      Re: the poster–If you notice too–“out on the town Don” is looking over his shoulder at the other Don (in work clothes/suit). Trying to figure out the symbolism of the “one-way” and “STOP” sign. There is a woman in the background with black hair crossing the street, could symbolize “crossing over”)–Sylvia? Betty (who dyed her hair this season)? Megan? Megan’s mom (but style isn’t the same), Henry’s mother (style the same, body not). The floaty appearance of the woman Don is holding hands with is interesting, ethereal even. Don is so busy looking over his shoulder, he doesn’t see her coming. Hum. Don falls off his lofty tower for a reason each week in the opening credits.

  31. KD says:

    What a fun discussion! The more this gets out the more I think it’s a red herring (for many of the reasons stated by posters). I agree that Henry getting killed would make a lot of sense, but what about Roger? This season he seems desperately looking for a human connection that is real, but I also think he’s too proud to go through with it.

  32. anna says:

    Nobody is getting murdered.

  33. coverdale says:

    Wasn’t there a Texaco gas station prominently featured in the last episode. It’s old red star logo is similar to Megan’s shirt.

  34. coverdale says:

    Wasn’t there a Texaco gas station prominently featured in the last episode? Its old red star logo is similar to Megan’s shirt.

  35. Nancy-Anne says:

    I’ve been trying all season to figure out why the hell Betty taunted Henry about wanting to rape an underage girl, except in light of this article it seems like the perfect Polanski reference. A lot of Don’s creeper behaviour has also been a bit Polanski-esque this season.

    Additionally, I don’t think it was a coincidence that there were police sirens in the background for a lot of last week’s episode, especially during Megan’s scenes. At first I thought it was related to Peggy, but maybe not…

  36. MM says:

    All the deaths on this show have been due to illness, suicide, old age, or accident (Pete’s father). Roger’s mother also died this season. A murder would be new, and so much so that I doubt it will come to pass that way. The death will be someone jumping off the balcony of Don’s high rise. That’s what the poster image seems like to me.

  37. DapperDon says:

    Wow now that you point that out it certainly could be. I felt her wearing that t-shirt in that scene was so unlike her, it just seemed out. I wouldn’t be sorry to see her go, her character is super annoying and would make for some really awesome story line.

  38. Jo says:

    Okay, so I’m going to go completely off topic. Does anyone else here really love Trudy? I know she’s just a supporting character but I ADORE her!!

  39. bobbie says:

    Considering it was once asked , “Is Betty going to fall to her death in that elevator shaft?” at the end of a season, I am not sure that there will be a murder. I’m hoping that you are right, though; anything to get rid of Megan would be great. She just seems like such an out-of-place addition to the show. A horrific murder also seems out-of-place for this show, especially since they present, as background, actual historic events.
    I watch the show because I’m interested in Peggy, Joan, and Betty, and even Peter and Trudy, and not Don Draper. Don is an element of the show, but for me he’s not the main story, though I know that he’s the star of the show, just not for me. He’s part of the show for me, but not the main reason I watch it. There are a lot of interesting and compelling characters in the show. Megan isn’t one of them.

  40. asta says:

    I think Megan is going to run off with Harry Hamlin’s character creating lots of tension in the office. Then of course Don will want to sleep with her again.

  41. Bill says:

    When you really think about it, there are few redeeming qualities to found in most of the characters on MM. Don made a gallant attempt last season to not be quite so sleezy, but he is now as much of a jerk as he has ever been. The fact that he had a rough childhood may explain somewhat why he is so messed up emotionally, but for me it still doesn’t make him a sympathetic character at all – just pathetic.

    Megan is okay, although I would like to see her find out about Don’s cheating and break something heavy over his head.

    Betty is getting back to her old self, getting off to being the center of attention and the object of every man’s desire. Her sleeping with Don showed that in some ways she and Mr. Draper are not that much different. She felt no guilt about cheating on her husband because it was only with her ex-husband. Don’t think Henry would quite see it that way.

    As for Joan and Roger, I wonder how long she is going to get away with telling Roger to stay the hell away from his son? He’s been very cooperative so far, but I don’t think he’s going to be much longer.

    I haven’t enjoyed this season of MM as much as the previous ones. Watching Don take his slug-like behavior to an even greater level just doesn’t seem that interesting. Hell, he even started treating his mistress like dirt (the domination scenes were a little wierd, to say the least). When it comes to his personal life, Don Draper is on an endless road to self-destruction. He will never evolve. He will never change. Message received, MW.

    • amanda says:

      I also wonder if Roger is going to forever be ok with Joan not letting him be their son’s father. Last week they made it a point to show Roger getting rejected by his daughter and getting cut off from her and his grandson, and he actually seemed upset by that. Next thing they show is him showing up @ Joan’s w/a gift for Kevin. I think that Roger should grow a set and tell Joan that he’s going to be in their son’s life, as his father. Other than for saving face, I never understood why she insisted on making Greg think that’s his son after they divorced.

  42. Megan is going to be fine - a nice tee-shirt, nothing more says:

    I’ve read where Matt has said that the main characters are not going to have horrific things happen to them, or have someone like Betty or Peggy join the Women’s movement. It’s not in keeping with the scope of the show. These are somewhat average people living in above average times… nothing more, nothing less. Henry isn’t going to get killed – he’s not that important (as Don noted). Don is not going to jump out a window – ever. He’s going to live to a ripe old age, walking amongst us. Nothing is going to happen to the kids, none of that. Pete isn’t going to shoot himself, Trudy is fine, Joan and Roger are not going anywhere, nor Peggy. These folks are the core of the show.
    The women in Don’s life don’t get killed, or go crazy and seek revenge on Don. Life isn’t always that thrilling. The women in Don’s life are smart, they’ll carry on after he’s no longer in their life. We’ve seen what happened to Midge – her life is a sad, slow decay into drugs, but no horrific end, just a slow slog, a lot like life in general. Betty didn’t find out about the affair with Suzanne, and Megan won’t find out about Sylvia, and neither will Dr. Rosen. Life will go on. That’s the magic of Don Draper – he can hide in plain sight.
    That said, will someone get killed by episode 13 this season? Yes, I think that is possible, but it will be a ‘secondary character’ – maybe someone like firm partner Cutler. Harry Hamlin is probably not signed up for a long run on this show, just a high-profile arc. His character might be a potential candidate, or possibly someone like Bob Benson. I’m still of the thinking that the bigger story will be Don leaving the agency, but I’ve been wrong before. If SCDP-CGC goes public via IPO, Don cannot stay – his past as Dick Whitman would be exposed. I think that’s the big ‘bang’ at the end of episode 13 – Don walking out and disappearing.

    • Heather says:

      I think Harry Hamlin is GREAT on the show. I hope they don’t kill him, I hope they do more with him next year. Maybe a competitive/ bonding dynamic with Roger. I feel like there hasn’t been enough roger lately :)

  43. Bonnie Wege says:

    I love Betty(January Jones)-she’s beautiful and talented. The lady who plays Megan just needs some acting lessons,funny they have her playing a actress in her role(writers joke to us), maybe if she looked prettier, and could act she would be more fit for the part as being married to Don.I was really to quit watching this season till they did the Betty and Don part,now I am interested again.Love Joan-Peggy-Pete-Roger and Sally. Megan just needs to goany ways they can do it, she is a waste of time that could be spent on the good story lines.

  44. JMR says:

    I don’t believe anyone has mentioned this, but if Meghan is murdered the first person they will look at is her husband. They are bound to discover he isn’t who he says he is–that is your season 7.

  45. GG says:

    In the movie verson of Rose Mary’s Baby, the dark haired woman (Theresa’s) body was found splattered on the ground. Theresa looks just like Sylvia.

  46. GG says:

    I meant to say that Theresa’s body was found splattered on the street after she fell from the high rise building

    Theresa lived next door to Rosemary. Sylvia lives next door to Meagan

    It was speculated by the police that Theresa committed suicide by jumping out of the window

    Perhaps these are clues that Sylvia’s body will be found dead on the street in front of the high rise. There will be a mystery as to whether Sylvia was pushed off the balcony or committed suicide

    Regarding Megan, it is interesting how demure Meagan has become similar to the personality of Saron Tate

    Megan use to be a fighter

    • Gayle Elliott says:

      I don’t think the Drapers & Rosens live on the same floor–Don seemed to be getting off on a different floor and played the ride the elevator game. Also Dr. Rosen gets on the elevator often that Don is already on. Still say there is a lot of heart themes going on–Dr. Rosen is a heart surgeon who plans to do heart transplants (Don certainly needs one–figuratively speaking), the heart attack in the building, Don’s high blood pressure from an earlier season, the smoking, drinking, speed, feeling his heart will “explode” over his love for his son, Bobby.

  47. GG says:

    Also Rosemary was very demure like Meagan has become

  48. GG says:

    Another similarity

    Mr and Mrs Castavettes the older couple in the movie Rosemary’s Baby are seen walking hand and hand in front of their high rise exactly the way that Don is walking with a woman in the poster. The older couple walk up to the scene which is filled with policeman investigating the body of Theresa(who looks exactly like Sylvia) who fell from the buidling

    Rosemary and her husband also walk up hand and hand and happen upon the scene of the Sylvia look a like (Theresa) who fell from the building

    Even if no one is going to be killed, Matt W and his writers perhpas used scenes inspired by Polanski material to thread in a darker undertone to this season

  49. AngieBaby says:

    I think this season has really lacked something. I think perhaps the show is lacking the humor that it had in 2012. Roger is featured in less shows and seems to be a secondary character at this point. I have been disappointed in this season. It hasn’t be very interesting so far.

    There seems to be an element of foreshadowing with Peggy’s problem with an unsavory element in her new apt. complex and her accidently stabbing Abe. There have been a lot of police sirens in many scenes as well. If Megan were killed, I don’t think it would effect the show too much.

  50. ken sheller says:

    The Show Poster has Don Looking over his shoulder at the cops tensely. The Stop Sign points strangely Down. Is this scene near his apartment Building.

    Cut to the Draper apartment. Don and Megan have way too much to drink. He stupidly confesses to the affair. They fight. She flips and goes out on the balcony and threatens to jump. She is screaming. Cops appear below.

    Sorry Megan haters. She comes back in, only to a fate worse than death. Taking more of Don’s crap and having tarnished her image badly.

    The real question is, does she finally have the smarts to simply bail out on him. The alimony
    wouldn’t be too bad, considering infidelity.