Nashville Finale First Look: The Truth Comes Out - Are Rayna and Deacon Finished?

Nashville fans, you knew it was coming.

In Wednesday’s season finale (ABC, 10/9c), Deacon and Rayna finally have a discussion more than a decade in the making when he demands, “Tell me you haven’t been lying to me every moment of the last 13 years.”

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It’s a doozy — made even rougher by the fact that a grieving Juliette makes Mr. Claybourne feel like dirt at another point in the hour. Press PLAY on the clip below to watch that uneasy interaction — then scroll down for the main event.

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Okay. Take a deep breath and press PLAY on the video below to see the whole, terrible truth unfold like an origami swan in the rain — but steel yourself: If the network is releasing this huge moment in advance of the season ender, you just know Wednesday night is going to be absolutely bonkers. Watch the scene, then hit the comments: How do you think Nashville‘s Season 1 will end?

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