The Goodwin Games: Will You Keep Playing?

The Goodwin Games Season 1 Premiere Recap

“Congratulations! You are the winner!” Benjamin Goodwin (played by Stargate SG-1‘s Beau Bridges) announces at the opening of Fox’s new comedy, The Goodwin Games – moments before dying in his office desk chair.

The next time we see the dearly deceased – via video tape – he’s outlining the terms of his will for his three adult children, all of whom had been estranged from their father for some time.

There’s Henry (played by Felicity‘s Scott Foley), an overachieving doctor who has perfected the art of the humblebrag; Chloe (Ugly Betty‘s Becki Newton), an actress whose departure broke her dad’s heart; and Jimmy (Cloverfield‘s T.J. Miller), a recently out-of-prison screw-up with a cute, young daughter who’s more mature than he is.

The Goodwin siblings are shocked to learn their dad was worth $23 million. They’re even more surprised to find out that one person will take it all – provided they compete in a series of games he devised.

“You’re each living in your own metaphorical prison. Or, in Jimmy’s case, prison,” Papa Goodwin says from the beyond. The competition, which begins with a family-tailored round of Trivial Pursuit, is designed to bring them closer together.

When the sibs finally put aside their differences long enough to get through the board game, they’ve got another surprise: Trivial Pursuit was just the first step in a long journey toward the money – and they’re all going to have to move home to keep playing. “It’s time to be a family again,” Benjamin tells them from a video planted in a bar’s photo booth (?). “Who’s in?”

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