'Best Dundies Ever!' TVLine Honors The Office With 24 Michael Scott-Approved Awards (Day 4)

The Office Last EpisodeI believe Michael Scott perfectly summed up today’s emotions when he stated, “Well, this is gonna hurt like a motherf—er.”

The final day of both The Office and my Dundies extravaganza is upon us, and needless to say, it’s an emotional one. Among the last batch of personalized Dunder Mifflinite honors are the very best of Jim and Pam, Dwight and Pam, and even Kelly and Ryan.

But that’s not all: Members of the Office cast — including Rainn Wilson and Jenna Fischer —  are also on hand (scroll way down) to give out their own special set of Dundies. Did your top Office moments receive accolades this week?

VIDEO | The Office Series Finale — Honoring Dunder Mifflin With the Best Dundies Ever

Jim and Pam Are… Everything Dundie
• Pam learns that Jim is “onto” her and her love of mixed berry yogurt — “Pilot,” Season 1
• Jim “is in love with” Italian food — Money, Season 4
• With only his eyes, Jim tells Pam he’s in love with her during a jinxing – “Drug Testing,” Season 2
• Once again, with only his eyes, Jim tells Pam he’s in love with her – “Booze Cruise,” Season 2
• To ease wedding jitters, Jim cuts his tie in half; Pam takes a mental snapshot – “Niagara,” Season 6
• Silently, but with great impact, Jim and Pam learn they’re expecting – “Company Picnic,” Season 5
• Jim proposes to Pam in the rain at a gas station – “Weight Loss,” Season 5
• Jim asks Pam out on their first official date while she’s doing an interview – “The Job,” Season 3
• Pam and Jim make a mundane trip to the grocery store all sorts of fun — “Michael’s Birthday,” Season 3
• Drunk on “second drink,” Pam plants her first kiss on Jim — “The Dundies,” Season 2
• Jim fake proposes to Pam multiple times — “Chair Model,” Season 4
• Pam comes clean about missing Jim — in front the of whole office — “Beach Games,” Season 3

Winners (TIE):
Pam falls asleep on a happy Jim’s shoulder — “Diversity Day,” Season 1; Jim professes his love to (and kisses!) Pam – “Casino Night,” Season 2
To be honest, this Dundie could have gone any number of ways, as is evidenced above in the sheer number of nominations. But these two moments (the second of which was chosen by my Office-loving colleague Kim Roots) really epitomize what it is we all know and love about Jim and Pam. From Day 1, all Jim wanted to do was love Pam and to be loved in return. It took awhile, but they finally got there — and when they did, one of TV’s greatest love stories ever told came full-circle.

Boogie-Woogie Down Dundie
• Michael sets up a dance-infused coffee shop downstairs — “Cafe Disco,” Season 5
• Michael’s inspirational moves on a boat — “Booze Cruise,” Season 2
• Darryl’s dancing send-off — “A.A.R.M.,” Season 9
• Anything and everything Subtle Sexuality — Web Series

The Dunder Mifflinites surprise Pam and Jim with a wedding dance of their own — “Niagara,” Season 6
The average couple might loathe their coworkers ruining their big day with a dance number, but not Jim and Pam. Instead, the pair — who’ve already secretly wed — embrace the absurdity and watch (with as much joy as the audience) as the group shimmies and shakes down to the altar. (And let’s face it, the “Jam” wedding really wouldn’t have been complete without Dwight knocking someone out and Kevin face-planting.)

VIDEO | The Office Dundies — Christmas Party & More Series’ Best Moments

The “Oh My God, Dwight Is Pam’s Friend” Dundie
• A dementia-y Dwight bonds with “Pan” — “The Injury,” Season 2
• Dwight tells Clark how “cool” Pam is — “Livin’ the Dream,” Season 9
• Pam and Dwight team up to find the perp who messed with her mural — “Vandalism,” Season 9
• Dwight asks Pam to be his secret Assistant to the Regional Manager — “The Job,” Season 3

Dwight comforts a heartbroken Pam — “Back from Vacation,” Season 3
Sensitivity was never one of Dwight’s strong suits, but he sure did give it his all when he encountered a tearful Pam back in Season 3. The result: one of the series’ most genuine and heartfelt moments.

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“This Is the Worst” Best Emotional Moment Dundies
• Michael and Pam share an incredibly emotional so-long — “Goodbye, Michael,” Season 7
• To prove to Pam that she’s “everything” to him, Jim shows her nine years’ worth of footage — “A.A.R.M.,” Season 9
• Michael proposes to Holly in the candlelit annex — “Garage Sale,” Season 7
• Jim smiles his most adorable smile yet into the camera after marrying Pam – “Niagara,” Season 6
• Jim proposes to Pam in the rain at a gas station – “Weight Loss,” Season 5
• Holly finds Michael on a random rooftop and they finally rekindle their romance — “The Search,” Season 7
• Michael shows up to Pam’s art show and gushes over what “could be tracings” — “Business School,” Season 3
• Michael gives a fatherly farewell to Erin — “Goodbye, Michael,” Season 7
• Angela accepts Dwight’s marriage proposal and reveals Phillip’s Schrutehood — “A.A.R.M.,” Season 9
• Dwight is finally named Regional Manager of Dunder Mifflin Scranton — “Livin’ the Dream,” Season 9
• Jim gives Pam a thoughtful teapot for Christmas — filled with bonus gifts! — “Christmas Party,” Season 2
• Pam and Jim enjoy grilled cheese on the rooftop — “The Client,” Season 2

Michael and Jim share their own incredibly emotional so long — “Goodbye, Michael,” Season 7
It doesn’t get much more sobby than this…

Best of the Rest Dundies
• Kevin spills his beloved chilli — “Casual Friday,” Season 5
• Oscar gives in and kisses an ignorant Michael — “Gay Witch Hunt,” Season 3
• Erin just does not get Michael’s love of Holly — “Classy Christmas,” Season 7
• Stanley loves pretzel day — “Initiation,” Season 3
• Angela looks back on her time with Sprinkles (“Just a couple of kittens!”) — “Fun Run,” Season 4
• Meredith flashes Michael at a holiday shindig — “Christmas Party,” Season 2
• Phyllis throws out her back while boogying down — “Cafe Disco,” Season 5
• Creed has a “distinct old man smell,” aka mung beans — “Conflict Resolution,” Season 2

The love story of Kelly Kapoor and Ryan Howard — Seasons 1-8
The most unique romance on television never failed to shock and amuse viewers, and that’s why the “Kyan” or “Relly” (or whatever) love story will live on forever.

A Dundie to top all Dundies: The Standout Season Dundie
• Season 1
• Season 3
• Season 4
• Season 5
• Season 6
• Season 7
• Season 8
• Season 9

Season 2
This is obviously a personal choice, but to me, you simply cannot top The Office‘s second season. It had it all — and by “all,” I mean the moments that ultimately made me fall head-over-heels for the series: “The Dundies,” “The Fire,” “Christmas Party,” “The Injury,” “The Client,” “Take Your Daughter to Work Day,” “Drug Testing” — there’s seriously not a bad one in the bunch. This season set the bar for me; it’s now the gold standard of television by which I compare all other comedies, past and present.

And now, that special treat I promised: Your Office faves reveal the Dundies they would bestow upon their characters.

Thanks for taking part in TVLine’s own Dundies-fest! Were your faves awarded? Hit the comments!