'Best Dundies Ever!' TVLine Honors The Office With 24 Michael Scott-Approved Awards (Day 1)

The Office Series FinaleThe Dundies, how can I explain it?

If you ask The Office accountant extraordinaire Oscar Martinez, the Michael Scott-masterminded accolades are “like a kid’s birthday party: You go and there’s really nothing for you to do there, but the kid’s having a really good time. So… you’re kind of there.” For Pam Beesley, meanwhile, they’re “like a car wreck that you want to look away [from], but you have to stare at it because your boss is making you.”

But it was Michael’s eloquent Season 2 description of the Dundies as being “about the best in every one of us” that inspired me to launch this special farewell edition of the classic kudos highlighting the most memorable moments from the departing NBC comedy’s nine-season run.

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Over the next four days, I’ll be doling out my very own Dundies — six per day — leading up to the series’ super-supersized swan song this Thursday at 9/8c. (Don’t worry, if you tumble off your barstool with excitement, volunteer sheriff Dwight Schrute will be on-hand to resuscitate you.) Has your favorite Office gem earned an “award”?

What a Trip Dundie
Runners Up:
• A nighttime ride around Lake Wallenpaupack — “Booze Cruise,” Season 2
• A fight for Michael’s replacement as Regional Manager — “Beach Games,” Season 3
• Michael and Dwight — and Ryan? — take on New York — “Night Out,” Season 4
• Michael treats his Dunder Mifflin gals to a day at the mall — “Women’s Appreciation,” Season 3
• Michael, Holly and Darryl’s emotional road trip to Nashua — “Employee Transfer,” Season 5
• Sabre sends Dunder Mifflin’s finest to Florida — “Test the Store,” Season 8
• The whole gang hits the road in the name of pie — “Work Bus,” Season 9

Jim and Pam enjoy a night at Scranton’s “agritourism” hot spot Schrute Farms — “Money,” Season 4
What could possibly be better than an evening spent at the Beets Motel/Radish Inn/Embassy Beets?! For the price of admission, you get a bedtime story, a manure fight, a beet-infused wine-making lesson and more Mose than you could ever know what to do with.

Greatest Great Scott Production Dundie
Runners Up:
• An offensive lesson in how to not be offensive in the workplace — “Diversity Day,” Season 1
• “Lazy Scranton” — “The Merger,” Season 3
• Michael’s “The Faces of Scranton” presentation to the CFO — “Valentine’s Day,” Season 2
• A three-day, water mark-influenced ultimatum — “Product Recall,” Season 3
• An informative video to an unborn Scott son, “Ben Franklin” Season 3
• “How to Survive in the Wild” instructional video — “Survivor Man,” Season 4

Dunder Mifflin Scranton commercial, “Local Ad,” Season 4
All of Michael’s productions had something special to offer, but the promo he created — on his own dime! — for Scranton’s Dunder Mifflin branch actually ended up being quite the little masterpiece. Thanks in large part to full office participation and Pam’s artistic prowess, the TV spot achieved everything that Michael wanted — even if his “Limitless paper in a paperless world” tagline was a bit misguided.

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I Do… Cherish This Proposal Dundie
Runners Up:
• Jim and Pam — “Weight Loss,” Season 5
• Andy and Angela — “Goodbye Toby,” Season 4
• Ryan and Kelly — “Angry Andy,” Season 8
• Michael and Carol — “Diwali,” Season 3
• Dwight and Angela — “A.A.R.M.,” Season 9

Michael and Holly — “Garage Sale,” Season 7
Topping Jim’s gas station-set proposal to Pam was no easy feat, but Michael and Holly somehow managed to do so with a tearful, candlelit popping-of-the-question in the annex.

Party (Planning Committee) Foul Dundie
Runners Up:
• An anti-climactic tree-lighting countdown — “Christmas Party,” Season 2
• Michael forces Meredith to celebrate her birthday a month early — “The Alliance,” Season 1
• Kevin has a cancer scare on Michael’s big day — “Michael’s Birthday,” Season 2
• Karen and Pam form the “Committee to Plan Parties” — “A Benihana Christmas,” Season 3
• Phyllis ousts Angela as leader of the Party Planning Committee — “Goodbye Toby,” Season 4

Dwight and Jim take over and remind Kelly that “It Is Your Birthday.” — “Lecture Circuit,” Season 5
I am fully aware that not giving a Party Planning Committee-themed award to Angela is sacrilegious. However, watching Dwight and Jim attempt — and fail miserably — to throw Kelly a birthday bash was priceless and, to use a horrible pun, takes the cake.

Good Sport Dundie
Runners Up:
• The office takes on the warehouse in a game of hoops — “Basketball,” Season 1
• “Michael Scott’s Dunder Mifflin Scranton Meredith Palmer Memorial Celebrity Rabies Awareness Pro-Am Fun Run Race for the Cure” — “Fun Run Pt. 2,” Season 4
• Jim and Julius “Dr J.” Erving hit the court together — “Lice,” Season 9
• Ryan Howard pitches his screenplay to the Athlead-ers — “Promos,” Season 9
• Michael’s persistent “Catch you on the flippity flip!” — “Goodbye, Michael,” Season 7

Flonkerton, yogurt-lid medals and more! — “Office Olympics,” Season 2
This is vintage Office at its finest. It simply cannot be beat in the sports department.

Stripped Down Dundie
Runners Up:
• A drunk Meredith flashes Michael — “Christmas Party,” Season 2
• A few Dunder Mifflin vets skinny dip at creepy Robert California’s house — “Pool Party,” Season 8
• A sober(ish) Meredith dresses (way too) down at work — “Casual Friday,” Season 5
• Dwight “always” enjoys a nude workout in the warehouse — “The Target,” Season 9

Michael drops trou in the non-existent privacy of his office — “Fun Run,” Season 4
Thank goodness Pam only saw where the World’s Best Boss’ dangling participle ended and not where it started!

Check back Tuesday as TVLine hands out more Dundies to your Office faves! And be sure to hit the comments with your picks and predictions!

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