Nashville Recap: Sleazy Come, Sleazy Go

Nashville Season 1 RecapAt the outset, this week’s Nashville seems like a happy affair. Scarlett is set to make her Grand Ole Opry debut, Rayna is ready to announce her new label and Gunnar is building buzz about his new song. Even Juliette – who’s seriously not thrilled to pay off Dante for a blackmail sex tape – is ready to hand over the cash and watch the problem fade away in time for the CMAs.

Nothing terrible happens… until lots of terrible things happen. Quickly. In ways that will only lead to even more terrible things happening. Did I mention the dead bodies? Because there are two of them. It’s unfortunate that Deacon gave away his dog named Sue: I could really use a puppy hug right about now. Let’s review the cascading dominoes of sadness that get tipped over in “A Picture From Life’s Other Side.”

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YOU OUGHTA BE IN PICTURES | That tape Dante called Juliette about last week is, indeed, some digital footage of them making the beast with two backs. He wants $2 million in exchange for the SD card containing the homemade dirty movie; otherwise, he’ll sell it to the highest bidder. Though Juliette’s security guy advises her to contact the police, she adamantly refuses and authorizes him to make the trade. (Side note: I can’t think of one single person who’s had a sex tape made public and whose career has suffered because of it. Pamela Anderson? Tommy Lee? Kim Kardashian? Paris Hilton? All did just fine in the wakes of their scandals – hell, Kardashian parlayed her oops moment into an “entertainment” career so successfully, she should thank it — alongside God and Whoever Invented Photoshop — in her nightly prayers.)

In the meantime, Juliette takes her mind off things by having Avery over to do a little songwriting. He thinks the tune she’s working on sounds like a love song, but she bitterly informs him, “It’s hard to write about things you don’t believe in.” When he counters that he’s definitely been in love, she cracks back, “And how’d that go for ya?”  (Actually, things are looking up on that front, but we’ll get to that in a few.) There’s definitely an attraction between the roadie and the star, even if it’s just a brief flirtation on Juliette’s part; though she’s not 10 sheets to the wind like she was at the Edgehill party, she still tells him she thinks he’s cute, and I don’t think there are many crew members on her tour whose songwriting advice she would accept like she does his. But based on what transpires later in the episode, I think trolling for hotties is going to be the last thing on her agenda for a while.

HIGH FLYING, ABHORRED | Dante fails to meet for the exchange, and when he calls Ju’s cell, we learn why: He now wants $10 million for the card. He’s rubbing his nose, his greasy hair is all askew – dude’s totally using again. Juliette decides to go public with the information instead of giving him what he wants, and Emily sets up an appearance on The View. Jolene is against the plan, but her daughter doesn’t care… so Mama Barnes puts her own misguided-but-well-meaning plan into action.

Jolene visits her dealer to procure drugs and a gun, then calls Dante’s latest disposable cell and sets up a meeting. She tells him Ju’s not going to pay the $10 million but she can still get him the $2 million, and she’s doing it because she loves him. He shows up, high, and she, also high, shoots him in the chest. As he’s laying in a pool of blood and Aveda for Men, Jolene calls Juliette. Mama Barnes tosses the SD card into the garbage disposal like last night’s pizza crusts and boozily waxes proud of her offspring, and Juju knows something’s wrong. So Juliette calls off the View spot – Ms. Walters will not be amused – and rushes with Emily and a bodyguard to Jolene’s apartment.

There, they find Dante and Jolene, both dead; she looks like she may have aspirated on her own vomit. Sad. And gross. Juliette grabs her mom’s head, and I want to make a joke about how Hayden Panettiere thrashes poor Sylvia Jefferies’ noggin around like Raggedy Ann at a rave, but Ju’s anguished screams make me stifle it. At home later, Juliette watches news coverage of the murder-suicide and cries, alone. Is it weird that I kind of want Deacon to be here, comforting and helping her the way she comforted and helped him when he was in a dark place? (Non-sexually, of course. Only Rayna gets to strum Deke’s E-chord, if you know what I mean.)

DADDY DRAMA | Rayna doesn’t want to go public with her and Deacon’s relationship until she can explain it to Maddie and Daphne. He’s on board with that plan, and comes over for a dinner that features the absolute cutest duet of “Ho Hey” between Chip Esten and Lennon Stella; the way they interact is incredibly sweet without being sappy. Teddy picks that exact moment to swing by and drop off Maddie’s soccer gear, and when he sees Mads having a good time with her bio daddy, he demands to talk to Rayna in private. He claims she was having an emotional affair with Deacon “the entire time we were married;” she whisper-shouts back that she and Teddy loved each other – Daphne is proof of that – but things went wrong.

Mr. Mayor refuses to back down: He serves Rayna with a restraining order that keeps 100 ft. of distance between Deacon and the girls. Lamar pulls some strings to get the private hearing scheduled quickly – and the judge rescinds the restraining order – but they’re going to have to hash out everything else in full court in a few weeks. When things have cooled a bit, Rayna visits Teddy’s office to reaffirm her promise not to say a word about their older daughter’s true parentage. “You will always be Maddie’s father,” she assures him. Little does she know, their older child is at that very moment doing some snooping in her mom’s closet… where she finds a box full of birth certificates and the like. “I don’t think that dad is my real father,” the preteen cries on the phone to her friend. In my opinion, this is simultaneously the worst (for the characters) and best (for the story) way for this reveal to happen. Stuff’s about to get real complicated.

LOVE STINKS | The late-night recording sessions and lack of sleep are starting to catch up to Gunnar, who looks like he’s taking a page from the Robert Pattinson Guide to Personal Hygiene: Why Shower When You Can Sparkle? Still, he promises Scarlett he’ll be in attendance when she sings at the Grand Ole Opry the next night. His next 24 hours goes something like this: radio interview where he pretends to be a tough guy, bar gig where he pretends to be a tough guy, bar fight where he proves he is indeed not a tough guy (though he has Will, who’s there pleading Scarlett’s case, as back-up), holding pen at the county lock-up.

All of these events conspire to keep the Rebel Without a Comb from being there for his lady when she needs him most, but don’t worry Gunnar: Avery is happy to smile at her from the audience and send her in-jokey gifts (a whisk, from when he made her sing in their living room) to put her at ease. And Scarlett does, indeed, kill it up there when she belts out “Lookin’ for a Place to Shine” with Deacon and the band backing her up. (Side note: Though I’ve sometimes wondered about how she handles her personal life, Scarlett’s progression over the season from shy head-ducker to radiant country chanteuse has been consistent and really lovely.) She’s a hit. Rayna announces her new label — Highway 65 Records, which is also probably going to sign Will after his very ballsy ambush audition – and the night is a success.

Meanwhile, Will and Gunny wind up alone in the most pristine holding area I’ve ever seen at a municipal facility. Seriously, with those white walls, it looks like the construct area of the Matrix where Morpheus shows Neo what’s what. Gunnar thanks Will for having his back and apologizes for freaking when Will… drunkenly indicated he wouldn’t mind having Gunnar’s back. We get a little backstory about how Will’s father caught him with “a friend” and threw him out of the house, though when Gunnar pushes him to define himself, Will can’t. (Nice work there, Chris Carmack.) So these two very lost boys spend the night in jail until Scarlett bails them out the next day. Gunnar tries to apologize, but she isn’t having it. “I’ve tried to fix it, and I can’t,” she tells him, sad that he feels the need to pretend in order to be successful. “I fell in love with you, not your brother.” Then she walks away, leaving Gunnar alone with his thoughts (and his very sweaty head).

Now it’s your turn. What did you think of the episode? Do you think Tandy will try her power play again from a different angle? How do you think everyone will react to what Maddie’s learned? And can someone whip up some pink macaroni for Juliette ASAP? Sound off in the comments!


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  1. Emily says:

    it’s Dante not Deacon with the sex tape . . .but I’m sure you know that

    • Emily says:

      nevermind you change it already . . .you are good

      • Elly says:

        Come on, don’t be a stickler :)

        I swear they said the 2 deaths were going to be in the season finale and the promos didn’t even hint at an explosion?

        I’m not the biggest Hayden fan but when she found her mom, girl deserves so recognition. I actually like the Tandy/Lamar storyline/characters. It adds a break in between the main characters but also provides honest and entertaining tension. Stella and Maisy are seriously awesome, I could listen to them all day.

        • TXfan says:

          re: “they said the 2 deaths were going to be in the season finale” – I think what has confused you is that the promo said something like, “Only one more episode before the season finale” and then mentioned someone would be killed as a result of one of the conflicts playing out. When I saw the recap (here in DFW the show was preempted by coverage of the 16 tornados), I thought *I* must have misunderstood about the season finale being a week away. What is it about “Nashville” managing to make the penultimate episodes feel like the finales – it happened to me with the winter finale as well!

        • Fjóla says:

          I was really pleasantly surprised with Hayden’s performance.
          Those two girls are amazing, I wish I got along that well with my sister, you should check out their youtube channel.
          p.s. her name is Lennon, Stella is their last name :)

  2. Oh Jolene. =(

    I thought the power play scenes between Tandy, the board and Lamar were so… incongruous. Why do they always feel so out of place in this soap? Like an idea the writers just don’t know what to do with properly.

    Scarlett’s performance? I liked it! Her expressions on stage were so… cute. Yeah, let’s stick with that.

  3. Leah says:

    I think we all knew Dante was going to get killed, but I didn’t think Jolene would die, too. I figured something would happen to Emily. I was so proud of Scarlett when she ditched Gunner. I’ve wanted to slap him forever. I want Deacon and Juliette to be friends again, too. I also wish Rayna and Juliette could be friendlier. Who knew I would ever actually root for Lamar?

  4. RUCookie says:

    Maybe it is me, but I find Maddie infuriating. I dispose how judgemental and nosy she is and I can’t believe that she jumped into her mom’s closet after she told her that she was seeing Deacon. She might be talented but holy wow did she step too far.

    I loved Juliette’s arch completion today. The Juliette we met in Sept never would have paused work nor shed a tear for her mom. And I doubted she would have believed the good intentions. Glad Dante is gone…terrible person/character.

    • Of course she’s infuriating. Most kids are at that age. :-)

      • Monica4185 says:

        If I ever did what Maddie did, to my mother at that age, I would’ve gotten slap stupid. Age is not a excuse to invade your parent’s privacy.

        • EF says:

          Well, kids to stupid things all the time. But in this case, wouldn’t the desire to know who your father is be a valid reason to snoop? I mean…she’s right. (And didn’t Tim McGraw do something similar in real life?). But the thing that confused me was wouldn’t Teddy’s name be on her birth certificate anyway?

          • melinky says:

            EF, she found a paternity test amongst the birth certificates. I would guess that Teddy’s name was on her birth certificate, and his name was also on the paternity test as “NOT” her biological father.

    • The Beach says:

      Wouldn’t you expect Rayna to keep documents this sensitive in a safe or safety deposit box? She and Teddy have been so careful to conceal this secret that it came off to me as too easy of a plot device and not very believable.

  5. Cecelia says:

    Fixed. Never mind.

  6. Sarah says:

    It’s been a long season, refresh my memory, what was with the whisk?

    • KK says:

      When Scarlett was going to let Gunnar sing their demo by himself (or maybe with another partner?) because she was too nervous and kept messing up the recording session, in Avery’s lone act of decency, he told Scarlett that she had to sing their song to get her music out there. To get over her fear, he made her sing for him in their living room and grabbed a whisk from the kitchen as her microphone.

  7. Maggie says:

    I loved how happy Scarlett was on stage at the Opry, that was really sweet. I wanted the scene with Deacon, Rayna and the girls to keep going, that scene had great chemistry, especially the singing!

    The promo for the season finale looks INSANE!

    • Robin says:

      Me too! Those girls are so talented! I love their singing!!

    • Jim says:

      I was at the Opry the night that they filmed that scene. Clare performed the song during the regular show that night. After the show, the audience was asked to stay to that she could perform it again so that they could get shots from different angles. They also had the audience give a standing ovation at the end of the song, and the audience was filmed. It was an interesting experience.

  8. Rayna’s dad is like scott & nathan’s dad in OTH. You hate him from the jump but as you ease into the series you find yourself (surprisingly) rooting for him. i don’t appreciate Tandy trying to edge him out.

    I think the youngest daughter has the prettiest voice although both girls are extremely talented.

    i wonder how long Rayna’s going to be in the dog house when Deacon learns the truth.

    Someone should give Juliet a hug. she’s a b*tch 95% of the time but she has to take sh*t from all the people she does let in so i sem-sympathize. i hope her and Rayna eventually have a better relationship

  9. Brooke says:

    Kimberly Roots – not sure what I enjoyed more, the episode or your highly entertaining recap!

  10. KK says:

    What a great episode! (and I’m totally loving your recaps Kimberly!) There were a bunch of really great scenes, but I think my favorite was Rayna, Deacon and the girls at the house. Like a commenter above me said, they had such great chemistry. I thought it was sweet without going over the top. Both Teddy and Rayna’s reactions felt natural and I really liked that, in the end, they agreed to handle the situation like adults. I mean, if they’re going to insist on keeping Teddy around, then they have to stop making him such a d-bag and this was a good step.

    From the moment the pilot hinted (or I guess told us) that Maddie was really Deacon’s daughter I thought the only way for it to come out was through Maddie’s own discovery, followed by her telling Deacon, which is what looks like is going to happen from the promo. It makes sense for a someone so inquisitive to look for the answers Rayna wasn’t giving her. But I wonder if she finally did the math or was simply searching for information about Rayna and Deacon’s past? It also only made sense story wise for it to come out when Rayna and Deacon were together. My number one question about the situation, an one I expect to be answered next week, is how come Deacon never did the math? And as terrible as it would be, I think the only way it makes sense is that Deacon did figure it out years ago and Rayna lied about it. I’m really looking forward to this storyline next season, watching Maddie and Deacon get to know each other and Rayna and Deacon struggling to figure out if they can get over this lie.

    As much as I LOVED the pilot, there were some rough episodes/storylines that made me question whether the show could grow into the show it could be, but I have to say, with just one episode left I think they ended up getting most things right.

    Scarlett’s muscial journey took her from someone who wrote poems and couldn’t make it through a demo session to a budding country singer on the Opry stage. Her love life is a mixed bag, but she did eventually stand up to Avery and even Gunnar tonight. Gunnar was the bright optimistic songwriter and ended tonight’s episode very lost and pretty much at rock bottom. The writers have even almost redeemed Avery in my eyes by making him fall so far down, which I would have thought was literally impossible not long ago (not that I want him and Scarlett together, I’d rather her with Gunnar when he gets his act together).

    I like the way they handled Will’s story tonight and I think an up and coming country singer exploring their sexuality could be a really excellent storyline next season. And as someone said above, Juliette has really grown up by working on and fixing her relationship with her mother and it will be interesting to see how she deals with her grief moving forward.

    • the girl says:

      Actually, I’ve been thinking (hoping?) that Deacon suspects/knows, has for a long time, and he chose not to say/ask anything for the sake of Rayna’s marriage. He was messed up and/or in rehab when she got pregnant so how could he fault her for not telling him?

      • Monica4185 says:

        I actually think that just because Deacon was an alcoholic/drug addict is not an excuse for not telling him that he has a daughter. Maybe if had known from the get go things would’ve been a lot easier. I want to know is why Rayna kept this from him. I cant imagine that Rayna’s reasons were that Deacon was a junkie.

        • EF says:

          There’s really no good/acceptable reason, but having a junkie as a parent would be near the top of the list if such a list existed.

  11. Jessica says:

    Great ep, looking forward to the finale. Does anyone know what song was playing at the end (Gunnar/Scarlett break up, Ju watches the news, Teddy & Rayna argue)?

  12. Chloe says:

    I’m sorry, but if Rayna and Teddy were so adamant on keeping Maddies parentage a secret when she was born, then surely they would have put HIS name on her birth certificate??? How stupid can you get????

    • If I remember correctly, she mentioned a paternity test when she was talking to her friend on the phone. I’m sure Teddy’s name IS on the birth certificate.

      • Exactly. My guess is that the timeline was close enough that Maddie’s father could have been either Deacon or Teddy. Teddy wanted to know one way or the other, so he had a paternity test done and found that Maddie wasn’t biologically his.

        • EF says:

          Ah..ok thank you. I was confused by the whole scene and didn’t really understand what she was referring to on the phone. Your explanation makes sense.

  13. GeoDiva says:

    Totally agree about Juliette’s progression this season. I really feel badly for her. In the behinning, couldn’t stand her.

  14. This show continues to get better every week. The last few eps have been amazing, and the promo for next week’s season finale looks like it’s going to be a killer ep! As a side note, Kim I hope you continue doing the recaps for Nashville next season, I’ve come to look forward to them every week!

  15. Gosh, I feel so sad about the whole Rayna/Deacon/Maddie thing. I hope he won’t relapse…he probably will, tho. And way to screw up Rayna’s character. Thx for that. DO NOT LIKE.

  16. gmomeny says:

    Great writing. I watched, enjoyed, felt a strong range of emotions. They have sucked me in. Love Deacon, love his pain, his love for Rayna. It is great they do not focus on the flash and wealth. Most people have family drama, many know addiction. This show is well written and amazingly performed.

    ps, will never like Avery, will never like Teddy.

    • RaRa says:

      I have to admit Avery is growing on me somewhat. I wish him well. I wouldn’t mind Avery and Juliette finding some mutual comfort together, and perhaps helping each other to grow. After all, they have each made some bad choices in their lives, which they regret, and have each showed signs of wanting to straighten their lives out.

      • Tiffanie says:

        They don’t use and show Jonathan Jackson enough they did more at beginning of the show and. Then past couple episodes but hes an amazing singer and actor that song he sang at the piano last week was great I hope next season he gets more performances

  17. Chablis says:

    Kim you have quickly become the best recapper in this site. Just the right amount of snark and it shows you watch and like the show.

  18. sa says:

    Just for arguments sake I would comment that Rob Lowe’s career suffered tremendously from a sex tape. He was extremely popular in the Brat Pack movies then his sex tape came out and his career hit rock bottom. Took him years to make any kind of comeback. Just thought I would name one.

    • topsyturvy says:

      But his was with an underage girl, if I remember correctly … and the duet with Snow White at the Oscars didn’t help.

  19. sladewilson says:

    From the way that preview looked, it’s all going to hell in the finale. Deacon looks like he’s totally off the rails (plus it looks like him and Coleman are going to have a nice little chat… lol), Rayna’s gonna freak, Jules is a basket case, and Gunnar and Scarlet need to have a sit down in the worst way. Seems like a downer season ender…

  20. Beth says:

    I’d just like to point out that “The late-night recording sessions and lack of sleep are starting to catch up to Gunnar, who looks like he’s taking a page from the Robert Pattinson Guide to Personal Hygiene: Why Shower When You Can Sparkle?” made me snort hot tea out of my nose. Fan-freakin’-tastic!!! :)

  21. Lorilei says:

    The whole “I’m always going to be Maddie’s daddy” took a step backward tonight as it seems the paternity test was done as soon as she was born since they made their decision to keep the secret in the hospital. What kind of man, especially one who decides to truly step up to the father plate, wants a test done as soon as the baby is born?

    • Gail says:

      Well, you’re assuming that it was just Teddy who wanted to know. Maybe Rayna did too? Anyway, it doesn’t really matter because Teddy HAS been Maddies father in every way since her birth.

  22. Amy H says:

    I so wish they weren’t bringing out the whole Deacon father thing so soon. I’d like to see more scenes with him and the girls getting to know each other first. It all seems too quick to me.
    Given that, Maddie is acting like any girl her age. I don’t think it’s necessarily out of character for someone her age to go looking into her mom’s things — BUT a little strange that Rayna would keep those papers somewhere so accessible. And I do like that the truth is coming out via Maddie rather than Rayna. It looks like Deacon falls off the wagon next week — hopefully just a short term thing.
    Anyone notice how much Gunnar is looking like his brother with the hair, beard, etc.?
    And I too was hoping that Deacon would show up to help Juliette after her mom’s death. Have to say I predicted that one last week.

    Love your recaps, Kristin!

    • Diane says:

      I think that the girls and “Uncle” Deacon know each other & like each other very much already. They grew up with him as their mom’s bandleader. That’s what makes this lie all the more heartbreaking, IMO. Also, I bet Deacon was reeling from Rayna leaving him back in the day. Rayna marrying someone else, being pregnant? It all probably was just enough to push Deacon over the edge & not be able to process it enough to even consider that he could be the father. If that sentence made any sense – lol

      • Amy H says:

        I realize that the girls obviously know Deacon but not as someone who is a part of their life on a daily basis. Rayna has had to keep him at arms’ length all these years when it comes to the girls. And I would bet that at some point he did ask Rayna if he was the father and she said no.

    • Chablis says:

      Um it’s Kimberly who recaps .

    • Amy H says:

      Oops, Kimberly. Brain dead today.

  23. Shoreline says:

    I want the character Sean Butler to come back and comfort Juliette, as her ex-husband/devout Christian it would makes sense. They were great together and fun to watch.

    • Amy H says:

      I agree! Juliette made a comment last week about no one caring about her, and I kept thinking, “What about Sean?” Of course, it would take a lot for him to come back again — but maybe her mom’s death is it. That would be a nice twist for next season.

  24. NCSouthernBelle says:

    The real question here is why would Rayna even hold onto that paternity test? Why not destroy it the moment she found out the truth?

  25. Gail says:

    Kimberly, just want to echo similar comments – your recaps are AWESOME!!
    I just knew Jolene was gonna meet her maker and Hayden P. was wonderful in the scene where she discovered her. I am excited to see how she’s going to be affected by this whole traumatic event. It’ll either make her or break her.
    You know, I was aware of Hayden because of Heroes (never watched it though) but man, she has been a revelation to me this year. She is the one who kept me coming back week after week when I was getting tired of the whole Rayna/Deacon thing. In my opinion she deserves huge praise for helping to keep the show afloat.
    I was glad that Teddy finally said it – Rayna WAS carrying on an emotional affair with Deacon while she was married but at least they’re trying to come to terms with things. Well, until next week anyhow.
    Maddies discovery is setting things up nicely for her to go completely off the rails next season – I’m calling it now.
    Tandy kinda intrigues me. Why does she want to take Teddy down, even though it’s going to hurt Maddie and Daphne and in turn, Rayna? Wasn’t she the one who introduced Rayna to Teddy because he was the sort of good guy she needed at the time? Hmm, maybe she’s not as close to her sister as she’s led us to believe.
    Love Scarlett, hate that Gunner has turned out the way he has, but I guess they’re gonna be the next generation’s Rayna and Deacon – forever breaking up and getting back together, history repeating itself.
    Great episode and cannot wait for the finale next week! Oh, and so stoked that we get a second season!!

  26. dude says:

    Hayden Pannettiere broke my heart last night. If she doesn’t win an Emmy for that performance, the academy is insane. I LOVE Connie Britton but if she gets nominated over Hayden I will be pissed. Hayden steals every episode.

  27. Becky Ponton says:

    I just hope for one thing…that Deacon doesn’t drink. Is that too much to ask?

  28. Abby says:

    Wow, what a rollercoaster of an episode and it’s all gonna hit the fan next week!! I think it’s hilarious when Teddy and Deacon fight, knowing that Eric Close and Chip Esten have been friends for years. Cannot wait for next week!! Woo!

  29. Eli says:

    Kimberly – good recap but one tiny error. Maddie is well beyond a preteen (preteen is under 12). She’s just a regular old teenager ;)

  30. wrstlgirl says:

    Scarlett / Gunner / Will / Avery = Love. I’m super happy that Gunner and Will finally talked and are bros again. I’d like to see that friendship grow. I finally felt a little empathy for Juliette tonight. And the rest is just kinda bleh to me. I love Deacon but this story arc is to predictable.

    • The Beach says:

      I’m intrigued with the possiblity of a handsome, hunky country music singer coming out and its repercussions in the industry…maybe with Rayna fully supporting him. Just please don’t turn Will’s plotline into a tragedy. That would be so predictable.

  31. Adam says:

    I sure hope Hayden gets some recognition for her portrayal because she’s been outstanding the whole season. I felt so very sorry for Juliette last night. And I know it’s not popular to feel sorry for Teddy but on a personal level I empathise with him. Everyone hates him because he was stood in the way of Rayna and Deacon, but I don’t see him as a really bad guy and he loves his kids so losing them feels like you’re losing everything (been there and done that) I sure do understand where he’s coming from. Looking forward to next week.

  32. dandelion says:

    hi- what’s the awesome last song? “….. forgive me??? something?…..”
    thanks- I’m searching the interwebs

  33. kay says:

    Awesome recap to an amazing episode! The sneak peek to finale is on already! I hope Rayna and Deacon can survive this

  34. naturallyme29 says:

    Based on the preview, I’m wondering if the explosion is going to be a drunk Deacon wreck. But if someone dies, that would surely lead to prison time which wouldn’t work bc then he’d be out of the show basically. So maybe not. But if he does get high or drunk, that would be proof of why Rayna kept the secret from him – bc she was worried that would be his reaction. Especially since he had JUST come out of rehab when Maddie was born. Seems it would be harder for him to hold a grudge about it if he goes out and proves her right – that he couldn’t handle it.

    I suspected Jolene would take Dante out. I didn’t expect her to kill herself though. I would love to see Rayna go to comfort her, just say apart from our differences, I’m sorry and here for you. And Deacon too. I always liked him as Juliette’s friend, just not more than that. But from the looks of things, Rayna and Deacon will have too much going on themselves to even notice that Juliette’s world has exploded.

  35. tnsmoke says:

    LOVE this show and am so glad it got renewed for another season! I was sad about Jolene but the show only could do so much with her character. I still don’t want Avery back with Scarlette. I spent 15 years living in Nashville, just moving back home to OH a year ago and MISS Nashville really bad. Seeing the city and all the wonderful venues I lived in brings back lots of great memories. Most people might not recognize them but I see famous musicans all the time on the show. Last night not one but two legends were onstage at the Opry with Scarlette: Jim Lauderdale on her left, and Sam Bush on her right. Jim has written millions of dollar’s worth of hit songs and Sam is a bluegrass legend. And the black woman news anchor on the tv when Juliette was watching the news about her Mother, is the stellar Ann Holt, who has been doing the news for close to 20 years. Can’t wait for the finale. If people want to hear more music go to the You Tube channel for the Opry and you can see Deacon, Scarlette, Gunnar and Avery and even Ryana actually performing on the Opry as themselves. All are very talented.

  36. Magically Suspicious says:

    I hope they let Avery grow a little bit and develop as a character. I was really rooting for him and Scarlett to reconnect after last night’s show. I like him much better as a nice guy than I do as a victim of lead singer syndrome.

  37. Really loved this episode of Nashville.

    Rayna finally telling Teddy where she stands and still being graceful through the whole ordeal. Loved the scene with her, Deacon and the girls….hope to see more of that in the future!

    I loved that Scarlett finally ditched Gunnar – he needs to get his act together and realize all the great things he does have in his life – namely Scarlett! I actually found myself happy to see Avery at the Opry to cheer Scarlett on! Never thought I would be happy to see him in any scene!

    Juliette losing her Mom was really sad – I hope they have her character going in a more positive direction next season – learning and growing from all of this, not only on a personal level but definitely the professional one as well – as Rayna said – she needs to earn the respect (and love she is so desperately wanting).

    Great way to wrap up the season and leave us with wanting more for season 2.

    Just one request – more Deacon singing next season please! Thank you. :)

  38. Ellie says:

    I may have missed it, but what happened Dante flying off with that other woman?

  39. EmilyM says:

    We haven’t had the finale yet and I’m already wondering what might happen next season! I wonder if there might be a bit of a role reversal? Juliettes popularity might go through the roof on account of the trauma of losing her mom and if the truth comes out about Rayna/Teddy/Maddie/Deacon, will Rayna suffer any backlash from her fanbase? That would be an interesting take on things.

  40. Rebecca says:

    Great recap Kim! The only point is about the sex tape…a country music star has never come out with one and their fans could react to it different then less day Pam Anderson or Kim K. So I can see Juliette’s fear if it getting out.

  41. Lori says:

    I’m wayyyy too emotionally invested in this show for my own good … Deacon and Rayna love each other and deserve some peace and happiness, but it’s a soap and soaps aren’t going to change. If Deacon really does fall off the wagon, who it proves right is COLEMAN! I like Coleman, but I don’t like that. :-). I really want Deacon to put his daughter’s best interest over his hurt and anger. If he gets drunk, Coleman can say “I told you so,” and Teddy will have ammunition for the court hearing in two weeks. It’s all too predictable, unfortunately. In the real world, intoxication probably isn’t sufficient for a restraining order, though.

  42. KimmyH says:

    Love Love this show! fyi….3 deaths :)

  43. Suzanne501 says:

    This was a great finale. It was so sad that Juliette’s mother died though. I was wondering, does anyone think that she bought the gun from the drug dealer when she said that she also needed something else? If so, I wonder if her suicide was premeditated, and that was why she bought the drugs, because she already knew that she was going to end her life, so she wanted to get high one last time before ending it? But my first thought was that she bought the drugs because the stress of what was happening to Juliette was really taking a toll on her and she felt guilty and thought that the kind of mother she had been had led to this, and Dante was Jolene’s sponsor, after all. So Juliette probably wouldn’t have met him otherwise. Or I wonder if she took the drugs because she thought that she may have to shoot him to get the memory card, and maybe she didn’t think she’d be able to do it unless she was high. Or maybe she never thought she would have to shoot him, and thought that he would just turn over the memory card when he saw the gun, but since she was high, that caused her to shoot him because she wasn’t in her right mind, even though he was a terrible person. But I wonder if it was all spontaneous and she knew that she would go to jail, so she just decided to commit suicide. or maybe she had it all planned out and pretty much knew how things were going to end, and thought that she would finally do right by her daughter by taking a life and giving her own life, to save her daughter’s reputation.

  44. Shay says:

    Have always enjoyed Chris Carmack’s work, and am very impressed with both his acting and musical talents on this show. However, I am disappointed with his storyline. He is soooo appealing when his “friends” are of the female variety, and I was looking forward to that when I initially read he was joining “Nashville.” Perhaps he can have a break from the “Brokeback” ala “Nolan Ross” which could make for a very intriguing plot next season….is he or isn’t he? Seems not even Will knows for sure….(As for my fave “Revenge” character, it was fun and exciting to see him steaming it up with a member of the fairer sex. Hey, a girl can dream, can’t she???????) Just saying…..

  45. Lasp says:

    When does Clare Bowen get nominated? I have watched her “debut at the opry” a dozen times and enjoyed each and every! And Scarlett used “a conditional” with Gunnar in drawing the line in the sand: “I can’t be with you “like this,” look where we are (jail) … and drew the point in the next line: “I fell in love with you, not your brother …” so there’s a chance for recovery. It’s up to Gunnar.

    The girls are wonderful, and the set up for Maddie as the pooling of talent of both Rayna and Deacon will lead to some wonderful story arc in which the pressure, from Maddie and Marshall, for Maddie to begin her career will challenge all three parents. But here’s where former almost-child star: Juliette now grown in a hurry by events, will be surprisingly wise and helpful in reaching the teen … Rayna will be surprised and grateful … Deacon will be reminded of help he paid forward.

    Country songs frequently address a topic across three generations (in three verses, drawing the point in the bridge between v2 and v3): my parents, me and mine, our kids: it is a life-affirming arc of time and continuity.

    So then, here comes the parallel arc at the prior generation: we will find out that Rayna is Watty’s, and Lamar lived uncomfortably with it, but has seen the light. There’s no love lost between Lamar and either Deacon or Teddy … but watch a wiser Lamar bring some arc of redemption to both Deacon and Teddy. The girls will have a song in which grandad is featured.

    I live for art which delivers “arcs of redemption” where someone who has made mistakes, suffers, recovers, tries again, and succeeds Sometimes the progress is slow, and the progress incremental. One southern politician truly embodies this phenomenon: how many second chances does a person get? As many times as they are willing to pick themselves up off the ground, and try again.

    Love this show. Love the music (why aren’t these songs on my way-too commercial radio station?) I raise Bison on a remote ranch and can watch on-line only. Thank you!!

  46. Ccarve says:

    My favorite show!

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