Idology: Why Won't Idol Let Its Finalists Be Great? Plus: Should All Four Judges Get the Boot?

Season 12 of American Idol has come down to a battle between Candice Glover and Kree Harrison — the exact two women that my cohost Melinda Doolittle and I identified as our early favorites way back in March. So how come we’re in full-throttle diatribe mode on the latest installment of Idology?

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Mainly it’s because Candice and Kree — along with their worthy opponent Angie Miller — were denied a “Contestant’s Choice” round during Top 3 Week, and that meant Idol viewers never had the chance to see these talented women performing at their very best. (I even go so far as to suggest a “Create Your Own Round” project with the help of our friends at YouTube.)

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Melinda and I also talk about how the Candice-Kree finale came to be, what caused Angie to lose her shot at Phillip Phillips’ crown and sash, why Randy Jackson won’t be missed and which of the current judges (if any) we’d like to see return for Season 13. So press play below for the full episode, then hit the comments with your thoughts. And do follow me on Twitter @MichaelSlezakTV for all my Idol-related news, recaps, commentary and interviews.

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. bingham says:

    I vote “YES” for all new judges.

    • Danny says:

      I’d keep Keith. I almost feel bad for the guy. As a crew they’re terrible and he’s part of it. I don’t think it’s his fault though.

      • lyn says:

        Go back to 3 judges and limit the voting!

        • joey says:

          Amen. Amen. Make it about the contestants, less about the judges, and let the vote reflect the actual popularity of the contestants.

          Limiting the votes might result in a winner who is popular with a large group of viewers. This might translate into record sales. We might end up with another Kelly or Carrie level of commercial success.

          • Mercedes S. says:

            I don’t mind the judges if they are allowed to speak their mind. It was so obvious this season that the producers asked the judges to push certain people (Amber).

          • forrest says:

            multi-million dollar contracts for judges are out so A-B list celebrity judges are out. Sounds like season 1 with 2 industry insiders and a long time past performer hustling up to the judges table to me. Just sayin’.

      • MB says:

        I like Keith. Out of all the judges I think he should stay.

        • sam says:

          He’s too soft. Even when someone stinks the worst he says is ‘it wasn’t your best, but I like your shoes’. They need some peeps who will tell it like it is.

      • Temperance says:

        Keep Keither for sure. He’s done the gig on the Aussie Voice and on Aussie Idol, and he was great on both.

      • Kim R says:

        Keep Keith….for Michael’s mom! :) (or me)

      • Teeny Bikini says:

        Agreed. And the guy “knows” music. I always found his comments relevant, except for that one week where Nigel was clearly running the show. I hear Nigel was being replaced. I think he is the root of the problem and I hope it is true.

      • Carol says:

        Definitely keep Keith, but Maria and Nicki can go…

    • Keep Keith for sure! Go back to 3 judges, and say goodbye to Mariah and Nicki. Harry Connick Jr. would be a great addition.

  2. Jacob P. says:

    YES!!!!! IDOLOGY!!!

    • sg54 says:

      Can I just take this comment as an opportunity to thank everyone on Idology (that includes you, Jason :)) for making this season enjoyable? No matter whether you agree with Michael or not, you have to admit that he probably cares more about this show than the judges. And I’m sure he gets paid much less than the judges do for this job, yet he gives ten times as much interest and appreciation for who these contestants are. Any contestant who doesn’t watch idology while pursuing a serious win just hasn’t done enough research on this show. He cares, Melinda cares. Damned the ratings, I would rather watch the guy who less than a million people know make these contestants into superstars then watch some gigantic superstar epic-ly fail at saying anything constructive. I mean please.

      • LeahKittyS says:

        *gives you a round of applause for this comment*

      • Renee says:

        Here here!! Didn’t even watch last two seasons but never miss Idology – is that weird? I don’t care!! Michael and Melinda are clearly two of the nicest humans on the planet – and year after year Michael proves you really don’t have to be mean to be funny with a bite. And I’ve never even agreed with him on favorite – except the divine Haley Reinhart. And Jason who had me at the Run Lola Run and Let the Right One In (original Swedish – ty very much) clips in AI8 – now he’s using my new fave show – Orphan Black <3. Gave up on Idol – at least until Uncle Nigel gets the boot – but never ever giving up these guys!!

    • Teeny Bikini says:

      Michael, Melinda and production – I love this show. I love your work!! I refuse to watch Idol after this season, but I will always look forward to Idology. Thank you.

  3. Jason says:

    Keep Nicki!! Her outfits alone are worth watching the show!!! Fire the rest!!!

    • Rei says:

      The only thing Nicki is good for is Porn…

      • Jason says:

        No! she’s the only honest one there and unafraid to say a performance sucks if she thinks it sucks. Mariah and Keith make Randy look like a good judge.

        • Danny says:

          @Jason- She’s not the only honest one. I’m so lost as to just because someone rips someone to shreds that people think they’re the only honest one. If Nikki was so honest, she wouldn’t be talking w/ that fake British accent. She’d let people know upfront that she’s not actually singing when she’s onstage. Fake wigs, fake look, fake voice, pretty much everything about her is fake. She doesn’t come off as the least bit honest.

          • Jason says:

            The premise of the show as originally pitched to Fox was the record company’s point of view of an audition where the criticism would be honest critique and harsh when needed. THat was what people loved about the show and made it a success and different from Star Search! Waiting for what Simon would say was the big drama of the show!! They have forgotten that. Nicki is the closest to that.

            To my ears Nicki has been honest when the critiques were bad and did not rip people to shreds. She is actually nicer then Simon when she critiques the people. The worst she would say was things like “I didn’t like it” It didn’t work” I don’t remember her ever ripping someone to shreds the way Simon did with thing like “That was Attrocious”, “That was like a wedding singer” Honestly I think Nicki should be meaner. There were so many dull bad performances this year.

            She was also funny and charming.

            I could care less about her music. Everyone wheres wigs and make up. She’s a rapper not a singer so I don’t really know what you mena by fake voice!! The accent is kind of funny and she is obviously doing it to try and be funny!! Personally I think she’s making fun of Mariah’s fake accent!!

        • Name That Tune says:

          Jason, she may be “honest” – although I have seen her use the same canned critiques that Paula used, which places her honesty in doubt – but she is horribly superficial. I can’t recall a single thing she has said that shows she knows anything about music. She knows about clothes and fashion and playing the part, but she is woefully ignorant about music. But she is great at faking it. Keith would often speak first and make a point about the music and then she would agree. She would not be able to come up with this herself.
          Quite frankly, she strikes me as a drama queen and all that hostility she has directed at Mariah on Twitter is evidence that she is very immature and unprofessional. In most places, if 2 people can’t get along, both parties are let go. So to be fair, both Mariah and Nicki need to go. The show should be about the singers, not the judges.

        • karyn says:

          I liked her at the beginning of the season b/c she was willing to be harsh and not soft-peddle but she doesn’t do it consistently. Worse, over the months, her critiques devolved into excuses to shift the attention to her rather than the contestant, liker her absurd rant about waffles that had nothing to do with the performance. I’d cut her.

          • HTGR says:

            The thing about waffles was hardly a rant, it was the opposite, and it actually had everything to do with the performance.

        • Beverly says:

          I like Nikki. She says what she means, and I find that refreshing. Mariah was useless. Keith should stay.

    • Krista says:

      Love Nicki!! She’s a hoot!

      • forrest says:

        least we forget – she is the only judge to ever say, “Get off that stage now.” after an atrocious male trio attempt at a performance. that’s the honesty I’ll miss without her being behind the table!

        • RealityCheck says:

          I thought that telling them to get off the stage was incredibly rude and unprofessional! add that to her twitter rants not only with mariah, but devin, journalists who ask the wrong question,steven tyler, et al. And these were not intelligent rebuttals…more like profanity laced attacks! if you ask me she is the one insecure and not mariah.

    • Mary Booth says:

      I really like Nicki. She really tells it like it is. Also, Keith adds a lot, and Mariah is just to soft. She just does not want to say anything bad about anyone, even if they were bad. That doesn’t help anyone. Randy, could go. He was never my favorite dawg, or in it to win it person. He’s out lived his time on this show. He needs to move on, and get someone like Harry Connick Jr. He would be good.

  4. mick says:

    I think Keith Urban should stay but boot the others.

    • Name That Tune says:


    • ben says:

      Keith may be the best judge the show has ever had and he needs to be retained. In any event, booting the whole panel over and over is part of why idol is failing. It needs to allow judges to grow a fan base over time.

      Mariah must go, though. Nicki has alienated plenty of people, and I wish she would reign in some aspects of her “act”, but she has also had a lot of good feedback in there from time to time. I wouldn’t mind seeing her retained provided they moved away from the judge bickering that we have seen, which also derails X Factor.

      • Becca says:

        If Nicki stays, Mariah won’t come back. They’re going to lowball the crap out of Nicki’s offer, though. Nigel may love her, but Mike Darnell loves Mariah.

        • Tess says:

          I don’t think it matters if anyone loves Mariah. First off, she seems like she’s had one foot out the door ever since they announced she wasn’t going to be the only woman on the panel the way JLo was, but even if they promised her Nicki would be gone and no other woman would take her place, there’s the issue of money. There is no way they are going to want to pay Mariah the same amount or more to get what little they got out of her. Much like Britney was to X-Factor, Mariah was supposed to be the big name paid big bucks to get her fans to tune in and improve the ratings, only she’s bad at being a judge and her fans only bothered to watch the show if they were already fans of the show – so she didn’t help them. There is no way they can justify keeping her.

          Yes, Nicki was the most honest of all the judges for the most part, but there have been times when she has looked like she is just not that into being there. And then there’s her issues with Mariah, which make her come off really bad and give the show bad press. No way they will want her back…though I do wonder if things would’ve been different had she been the only woman on the panel (say, had it been Nicki, Keith, and Randy, without Mariah). I don’t know if the panel would be getting as much flack if Nicki didn’t have Mariah there to feud with.

          I like Keith… he’s largely positive but has told contestants when he didn’t think they did well enough. My only problem with him came in the recent weeks when he was getting on the bus Kree bandwagon, after previous weeks of loving her and saying she’d be inducted into the Grand Ol Opry before too long. It just felt like he was following the marching orders from Nigel and co., and I thought he had more integrity than that.

      • Name That Tune says:

        Well you really can’t keep Nicki and let Mariah go. Nicki is at least 50% of the problem (it takes 2 to have an argument), so they both have to go.

    • kim says:

      In total agreement. Also, I do think Harry Connick, Jr. would be great a great judge and even think about bringing back Cara. Three judges should be the limit and a brand new format is needed….or this could be it for Idol.

    • Angie_Overrated says:

      Yes. You two nailed that one. He’s the only one who deserves to stay.

    • granny says:

      I think Keith needs to stay.If JLO comes back they only need 1 more Judge.Go back to 3.And maybe next year won’t be a repeat of this year.Keith is the only one that truly listened to every word
      of every song.And he isn’t fake.If they send Keith off they will lose more ratings

  5. James says:

    Still can’t believe Angie didn’t make it…Twice the amount of Twitter followers, tons of youtube followers, and the one time I don’t vote she didn’t make it! Go figure lol.

    • Nat says:

      I always think Twitter/YouTube followers are never the best measure. I have a theory that contestants usually get those because they’re familiar names through early exposure on the show as opposed to actual active support.

      • Plus the fact that social media followers/YouTube views come from all over the globe. Not saying that Angie doesn’t have a big fanbase though (she does!).

        • Aly says:

          that is a very good point…

        • Bea says:

          The home visits completely killed Angie’s chances. They were edited to show Candace as a person who has come from nowhere and really deserves this chance & showed the sympathy vote for Kree who lost both her parents. The video edited for Angie showed a very carefree excitable teen-ager who loved life and was really enjoying it. We were never told anything about her family – did she have siblings? We saw 2 of her Grandmothers and that was it. What was her back story. I think it will be to her favor not to have won though as she is so talented she can go a lot of different ways.

          • aravis says:

            She has one brother who’s been mentioned several times on the show and who even went up on stage with her to explain his beard. But yeah, their family is very middle class so no “backstory” to focus on.

    • Joe says:

      They recently discovered a massive number of Twitter accounts are fakes/multiples/etc. As for Youtube, I work in music video production from time to time. You can buy 100k views for a couple of hundred bucks and many people starting out do just that hoping the amount of views/followers get the attention of agents/record labels. There was a video I was involved in the making of that the artist and his indie label bought over a million views. A major label signed him then dropped him when they realized what he did and those weren’t actual fan generated views. I’m not saying that Angie is involved of any of that, but using Twitter/Youtube as some sign of success isn’t reliable in the industry.

      • Adam Fachry says:

        Twitter followers can be bought too. Not saying Angie bought them, I mean with what or whose money?, but it has become quite a common sense that celebrities / public figures have done it to improve their image. Hence the reason why so many fake accounts appeared.

      • Aly says:

        very interesting info…

    • BillyBob says:

      Same mystery as the X-Factor. Why did Carly Rose lose to Tate Stevens? Carly Rose had 3 to 4 times the amount of twitter, youtube. Kree made it because of the country voters and her back story.

      • HundleyFan says:

        You answered your own question. Carly Rose lost to Tate Stevens because Tate is a country singer, and the country voters stick with their own. Not saying it’s right or wrong; it just is.

    • Temperance says:

      1) She didn’t hold a candle to the other two. 2) The producers would never let a Christian music artist win – small market, small profit. 3) Plenty of people don’t vote for her because she’s a ‘Christian’ artist. Personally, I never voted for her all season, not when Candace was the clear winner from the time of her audition.

  6. Sierra says:

    Keep Keith.

    • GaryBarry says:

      Keith has shown himself willing to read producer’s notes in lieu of honest critique. he may be a nice guy, but he has lost all integrity. He failed to judge and instead followed the script. He should still be ashamed of himself for it, and he should not be back as a result.

      FOX just needs to commit to removing the producer that is penning the script and the show can begin the long journey of improvement and relevancy.

      • Name That Tune says:

        The rumors are that Nigel is out, too. As it should be. He was the Captain of the ship during the years when Idol lost its way.

        • Danny says:

          @Name- I hadn’t heard that. I hope you’re right though. This is a question because I don’t know the answer. I’m not doubting you in the least. I thought it was Nigel’s show. In a sense, I thought he was about as high up as it gets. Who’s running the show to be able to fire the guy?

          • Name That Tune says:

            That would be the CEO of Core Media Group which now owns 19 Entertainment and the executives at Fox. There is footage of Nigel stating “No Comment” when asked by X17 as he was leaving an LA restaurant if he’s out. I think they’re just waiting for the finale to make it official.

          • Name That Tune says:

            It used to be Simon Fuller’s show until he sold 19 Entertainment.

      • khesmith says:

        Totally Agree with this….. TOTALLY

      • AlyB says:

        A-friggin-men. Whoever it was behind the scenes that was responsible for this season has got to go. No second chances. The casting decisions (did we really need to spend so much time on Zoanette & Charlie? Don’t even get me started on Lazaro) & the sudden death rounds which I hated, the same tired old themes, not letting them do their own choice on top 3 night or apparently the finale, the overproduced arrangements, the lame edits on their packages, I could go on an on… the producers mucked this up in a major way. I love Candice and Kree and am thrilled they’re in the finale. I don’t think there’s any thanks due to the decision makers on the show that tried to marginalize both of them at one time or another. That plus someone over there decided to spend the bulk of the show budget on major contract $’s for judges that even on their good nights ended up seeming like a clown car. It’s a singing competition. One that’s in competition with shows on other networks. Spend the money on music already. Can someone please drag them into the 21st century? This season AI became a bloated caricature of itself. I’m just glad the voters that stuck with the show got the right two to the finale. The back rooms of Idol need a thorough housecleaning.

        • tvlover44 says:

          additionally – and having just caught up on season 3 of ‘the voice’ in a marathon week of viewing i’m even more aware of this – idol just *has* to start clearing more songs. i’m not even talking about the current vs. older songs issue – which is an issue, but even with older songs, they literally just have the same very very short list of songs, and it’s just become so f’ing boring. i was just so struck by the very wide range of songs on ‘the voice’. that one change would make idol infinitely better, in my opinion. surely some of the mega-bucks dished out to judges like mariah would be better spent on the clearances of more songs?!

      • lulu says:

        I agree on both pts – that he’s lost all integrity and should ashamed. Tired of ppol giving him a pass because he is mucho attractive and amiable. He stood there and raved about that disastrous MacArthur Park perf. – and he – out of all the judges – has no excuse for being a lying jackass. Not a has been, and as Michael pointed out, that’s quite a two income family. I really liked him before idol. This is why I don’t want anyone I like to be a judge as long as current producers are in place.

  7. noa says:

    great Idology. exactly my feelings about the finale 2 and Angie. these episodes are so much better when Jason participates… hilarious.

    pumped for that Kree-Candice finale i ordered a couple of months ago! let’s do this thing!

  8. Leela says:

    Love the recap! All judges need to go. (PS Please let Melinda talk more.)

    • Matrix says:

      Agreed. Need to hear more from Melinda. Michael will make a point, Melinda will start to respond and then Michael interrupts her. More Melinda, please!

    • Cunegonde says:

      Totally agree! Michael makes a point and goes on overdrive repeating the same rant while the few times Melinda spoke (aside from her responses to Slezak’s) were illuminating and insightful. Not hating Slezak but give props to your more knowledgeable co-host.

  9. Valarie says:

    My personal conspiracy theory is that the producers weren’t going to let anything derail their Candice/Kree finale. They were afraid that Angie would pull a Kris Allen, and upset one of their chosen two.

    • karenb says:

      I was guessing that the producers wanted Angie in the finale all this time.

    • George says:

      the Judges DESPERATELY wanted Angie in the finale and not Kree

      • Jason says:

        They didn’t care who was with Candace is the finale as long as Candace was there! Why would you think they wanted kree from the awful song choices they gave her and not letting singers have contestants choice when they have for every year. They knew Kree and Angie would pick better songs and beat Candace.

        • Aly says:

          you’re out to lunch. Candice chose way better and more original songs than the other two. Angie is cheesy and I don’t care much for country style.

      • HTGR says:

        Hard to say. If they were THAT desperate for Angie to be there why that song for the last round? Why start going on about zombies and princesses a real lot the final two weeks again? There are not enough young viewers left for that sort of stuff to help it only hurts with the main voting base who less than zero emotional pull or connection to that line of presentation. Why constantly harp every that she got away from the piano again and put a mini dump on her moment? Why keep going on about how she has all but run away with it and why call her safe first each time when from past experience they know that sort of thing has lead to voter complacency and shock elims? etc. Maybe they just didn’t know what they were doing and it backfired if they were full on desperate to get her there. She definitely wasn’t a before they even start pre-favorite of theirs since Nicki said during Hollywood that her self written song shocked them and mumbled something about her not even having been on their list. Did they give Kree country country songs to get that country crowd voting and do stuff to get her fans annoyed and scared so they’d vote more or were they really trying to get rid of her.
        One thing that seems clear is that they wanted Candice there (heck Nigel apparently (I haven’t bothered following any Idol tweets from anyone, but I’ve seen this claim from people who have) even tweeted when the season began that he had a feeling it might be a woman R&B singer’s sort of year), for beyond sure once Amber was gone, and it was clear that Jimmy wanted Amber there.

        • HTGR says:

          They did go kinda over the top about Somewhere. It was good but it had issues too. So greatest Idol performance ever? It wasn’t even Candice’s own personal best of the season.

    • Miss Otis Regrets... says:

      Or, people selected the best singers. Ever heard of Occam’s Razor? Save the conspiracy talk for something out of the ordinary.

    • deedee says:

      My personal conspiracy theory is that the producers were afraid Candice or Kree would upset one of their chosen two – Amber and Angie. And I guess they were justified in their fears.

      • Natou says:

        I am sorry. Candice receive pimp spot and standing O. She was the bottom 2 the weeks before. So they definitely wanted her in the finale and did not care who was with her. They would have prefer ANGIE in the finale and underestimate the sympathy votes, but Nigel wanted Candice. Last year after Joshua elimination, he clearly stated Joshua was his favorite. I see the same pattern here.

        • deedee says:

          Nonsense. They did everything humanly possible to advance Amber. When they realized there was just no hope, they dropped the idea. The pimp spot is always reserved for what they think is the showstopper performance of the night. Plus, they have to give the impression of fairness, and spread the pimp spot around. To say that Candice has been TCO all season is nuts. It was painfully clear that they were practically salivating over Amber and Angie. But, oh well. The voters have spoken.

          • Angie_Overrated says:

            This is hogwash. Amber didn’t receive a single bit of coverage whatsoever until the competition got down to the wire and they had to show every remaining contestant’s performance. In such a personality-driven show, it’s inconceivable that Amber was TCO when she had zero coverage and zero opportunity for the public to form an opinion of her. All the early focus was on Angie and Lazaro. Amber was a nobody who happened to sing my funny valentine really really well.

          • HTGR says:

            Hah, oh yeah because TPTB really just wanted an Angie+Lazaro as the final two from the start riiiiiiight.
            They just wanted Lazaro to be the inspirational story for maybe half the show and then be gone and Angie wasn’t even on the list they had at Hollywood. Nigel said he foresaw a female R&B singer winning the season.

          • deedee says:

            Not hogwash. Amber wasn’t TCO until the live shows, but once they got underway, there was a big push for her to prevail. I didn’t mind – I loved her along with Candice and Kree as my personal top 3. It’s just that for several weeks, both Amber and Angie were promoted heavily – at the expense of Candice and Kree, who are more artistically mature and ‘ready’. They failed to convince the voters, and the right two made it, but that wasn’t the plan, imo.

          • HTGR says:

            There was a big late push by Jimmy for Amber, but the fact that they showed her like not at all to start makes me think she wasn’t any before it even began pick so they know how hard it is to overcome not getting seen or talked up at the start. Although who knows maybe they thought they could do the rise up from nowhere, like Haley, only this time they’d toss in support half way through, not so sure about that though. I am pretty sure Jimmy would’ve loved Amber to make the top three and finale.

        • Nan says:

          Candice was the only one not to have the pimp spot twice so they had to let her go last.

      • Temperance says:

        Considering that Candance and Kree are on a completely different level than the others, it’s no surprise that they are the final pair. And honestly, does anyone actually think that Candace didn;t have it in the bag from her audition?

        • Angie_Overrated says:

          I didn’t think she had it in the bag from the audition. Lots of talent this year. Candice deserves her spot in the finale, but she knocked out a whole lot of talented people along the way who were arguably as good as she is. And she’s still gotta beat Kree, which is no small feat.

        • My Alter Ego says:

          Temperance, Candice had a stellar audition and, having set that high bar, has continued to perform at a high standard, although not always exceeding her previously set high standard. That’s fairly understandable — she’s human. But that vocal instrument of hers is extraordinary and I really want her to be given the chance to share it on a greater scale (recognizing that many will never grasp how talented she is).
          Kree, also, has a beautiful vocal instrument. While I don’t care for her preferred style of music, I can appreciate that gorgeous, buttery tone of hers.
          May it be a “fair fight” tomorrow night, and, for once, in the first time in many years, may the best win.

    • LeahKittyS says:

      Please. Kree is this year’s Kris Allen, the sweet, warm, laid-back contestant who wasn’t prominently featured before the live shows but showed growth and will now steal it all. Candice is Adam Lambert, the gorgeous power vocalist who highly impressed with pretty much every single performance. Angie is Danny Gokey, the religious early frontrunner with big dreams who fell just short of the finale. Amber is Allison Iraheta, the spunky, sassy teenager. And Janelle is Matt Giraud, the artistic and humorous instrumentalist whom Mike grew to love.
      Hmm. Do this year’s boys fit any Season 8 character roles?

      • Axel says:

        Wow, I like your post.. no idea about the boys… Maybe Devin should be Lil Rounds and Lazaro is the blind guy?

        • LeahKittyS says:

          I was considering making Lazaro Scott MacIntyre, but their only thing in common is having a disability. Scott played an instrument and wasn’t as controversial, plus Lazaro is cuter. And I would actually have Burnell be Lil Rounds, since they’re both R&B and they both came in 7th. I guess Curtis could Michael Sarver, the big guy who came in 10th that all the other contestants love. I thought Devin was underrated, as was Anoop Desai, plus they both have a flair for current music that they didn’t get to display on the show. And by default, Paul becomes Megan Joy, both of them 9th place finishers. Anybody want to tell me how else that one works?

      • karenb says:


      • lulu says:

        Wow that was nausea inducing. Gokey was a shameless schmuck with an average voice and may God forgive you for comparing barely average Idol Barbie to Allison Iraheta who had more sheer talent, originality and self-possession at 16 than Amber will ever have. Please, please go back to ffn.

      • whosays says:

        I love your S12-S8 comparison! I also see Kree = Kris the intimate crooner and Candice = Adam the powerhouse vocalist.

        But Kris >>> Kris in the creativity dept, always the element of surprise with him. Kree is many things, but she’s never a surprise. She’s comfort food, like that hot chocolate apres-ski. Or waffles.

        And Candice > Adam in versatility. (Notice I only put 1 “>”). Adam never did jazz on AI, but Candice can do any genre Adam can, though it might come out more jazz/soul/r&b-infused. But these are the two most versatile technical powerhouse vocalists that AI has ever had (with a nod to Kelly, of course).

        Plus neither Candice nor Kree is particularly controversial or polarizing. I don’t think either will draw a strong “vote-against” vote in the finale.

        So Adam 2.0 just might beat Kris 2.0. :)

        Agree: Devin = Anoop. Both technically proficient, both underrated, both gorgeous tones. Anoop’s way hotter though, especially when he croons a ballad to da ladies ;)

        Wasn’t Scotty MacIntyre academically awesome, like a Marshall or Rhodes Scholar or sth? And Lazaro an ice cream scooper? Please, just no.

        • LeahKittyS says:

          Good points about Adam and Kris vs. Candice and Kree. But Lazaro actually did go to some university in Florida and I think he finished. And of course Devin doesn’t have Anoop’s appeal to the ladies; he’s not trying to appeal to the ladies. He’s gay, and he just had a very sad breakup with his boyfriend Cristian (I follow the Idols on Facebook and Twitter, that’s how I know these things.)

    • karyn says:

      The judges did everything they could to get Angie INTO the finals. It has been obvious from top 4 week (1) that Kree was their choice for elimination. As soon as they booted Janelle, they set their sights on Kree. I think they clearly wanted an Amber/Angie hot girls fest. Fortunately, the voters refused to buy it and put the two best singers in.

  10. Maria says:

    Keith Urban should stay. He has unfathomable musical knowledge, he gives constructive feedback, and…yep…he’s easy to look at. There. I said it.

    • Jules says:

      Ding! Ding! Ding !!

    • khesmith says:

      He’s not honest…. he did the producer’s bidding…. did not place Candice as one of his top three because she isn’t the “package” the producer’s wanted. He lost my respect with that….. we need real probably unknown judges who are in the industry and aren’t there to promote their latest album.

      • Angie_Overrated says:

        Blah blah blah. He gets paid millions of dollars to do a job. When your boss tells you, “this is what you will do and say,” then you do it. Case closed. As far as honesty goes, he is the least egregious offender.
        And if you think Idol is having problems with ratings now, can you imagine what would happen if they followed your advice and brought in unknown judges at this stage of the game?

    • NJ idoloonie says:

      Keith should stay because he can truly critique (and appreciate) the country singers, as well as the rock singers. I think he may have learned his lesson about being a puppet for the producers.

      • karyn says:

        Re “he may have learned his lesson,” I would have agreed when he did the mea culpa after leaving her off his top 3 list. BUT, then he turned around and gave Amber rave reviews in top 4 week for outrageously bad performances. No one with ears listening to that MacArthur Park performance (and especially someone who knows music) could have given it a standing ovation unless they had completely abandoned their principles.

    • Name That Tune says:

      I think Keith should stay if they let the producers go.

  11. I hope they keep Keith.

  12. Vice says:

    Well I am voting 100 percent Kree this week. May the best singer win…

    • whosays says:

      It is Top 2 week. There’s no point in voting less than 100% for either contestant.
      Unless you plan to vote against yourself LOL.

      • HTGR says:

        @whosays – Wow whew! Four hours of dialing and I showed them both all of my support, got in about 3500 votes for one a 3501 for the other. TIme well spent. ;)

  13. Sarah says:

    I’m still so sad that Angie didn’t make the finale. I’ve been hoping for a Candice/Angie finale basically since Top 10. I hope they let her sing “You Set Me Free” on Thursday.
    Also, I definitely agree that they should have let the contestants pick one of their songs.

  14. Becky says:

    I lost my parents at a young, young age too. It devastates you. You adjust but you never quite get over it. You are driven differently. Your priorities change.
    I agree it could have been a better show. And for whatever reason , American idol needs to control that.
    And I prefer the songs the contestants pick. Somewhere is a great song. But I really don’t care for it. It is not the music i want to hear in the car while driving, or working out to in the gym. Or listen to when I shop. And I doubt candice would record.
    I wish both well. They were the right two.
    As for the judges. I want honesty. Not somebody who is a mouthpiece for the producer.

    • Timmah says:

      +1 on the honesty. I want Simon back… he would never have tolerated the scripted comments and standing ovations for ok performances.

      • Mafs95 says:

        He gives standing ovations for less than ok performances on X Factor… but that’s because he’s biased and it’s his own show. He was great while he was on Idol.

      • khesmith says:

        That was true way back when… but now, Simon as he appears on X-factor, is no better than any of the others. Maybe that’s because of the format… that he wants one of his mentorees to win…. it’s a different kind of show… not really the right format for finding undiscovered talent the way Idol is.

        • karyn says:

          I only watched a season and a half of X Factor before I dropped it, because I think the “coach” dynamic skews the judging because part of their job is to encourage their contestants. The variations adopted in X or in Voice actually don’t improve on the original AI format – they are just trying to be different but the differences create their own problems.

          AI will improve when the show/judges have no interest in the outcome (and therefore judge honestly) and adopting one person-one vote systems so the person who is most likely to sell records actually wins.

    • Miss Otis Regrets... says:

      I was thinking about that. How hard would it be to deal with the pressure of AI,especially winning, without your parents? I wouldn’t be surprised if Kree had mixed feelings about winning.

  15. OMG, those PURRRRFECTS caught me off guard. I LOLed so hard. :D

  16. Jess says:

    Yes all 4 should be axed. Wipe the slate clean and begin again AI

  17. Faith says:

    Fire all including Jimmy and leave Keith bring people like Stevie wonder, Babyface, Aretha Franklin, people with a good ear for music, can actually sing , from an era where having a voice mattered. bring a top producer and songwriter with a long slew of old and present hits and an artist that is known for creativity like Adam Lambert, no old judges No Jennifer lopez!!!!!!!!

    • Miscellaneopolan says:

      Keith Urban, Mary J. Blige, and Adam Lambert for AI Judging Panal 2014. Covers all your bases and they’re all known to give solid feedback.

      • Timmah says:

        I don’t think Keith really adds anything to the show. He’s basically just Paula without the drugs. I’d go with Adam Lambert, Stevie Nicks (one of the best mentors they’ve had), and Melinda Doolittle!

        • candicegloverfan says:

          wow, i love these suggestions! both adam and stevie have been fantastic as guest mentors, and melinda is just awesome in every way – that would be a really cool combination, too.

        • candicegloverfan says:

          just had another thought about why these three – and mary j. blige as suggested above (and keith, too – he was fantastic on ‘the voice’ australia’ as well) – influenced by my having marathon viewed the entire season 3 of ‘the voice’ this past week: these judges would also be able to *perform* themselves! it’s one of the things i love about ‘the voice’ – that the judges can occasionally do a number together and they can actually sing/perform well live.

      • candicegloverfan says:

        and yeah, mary j. blige would also be awesome – you guys are getting my hopes up about what could be with new and better judges!

  18. I am so excited for the Candice/Kree finale! They’ve been my Top 2 from the start. I’ll be happy to see either of them win :) I hope Angie gets to reprise “You Set Me Free” at the finale – it would be a nice full circle moment for her.

    I have to admit that it’s a little sad that the dawg is leaving. He provided us with some great laughs over the year – The “great” Michael Jackson being one of them, haha. Next season will be strange with all new judges. But besides the judging panel, Idol really needs to focus on changing its production. No more micromanagement of contestants!

    • Faith says:

      Exactly they should give contestants the right to be themselves with little guidance, by doing that we know the kind of musicians they will be , they might just appeal to a new demographic

  19. dani n. says:

    What’s the name of the song Candice sang by Xtina on YouTube?

      • boods farkleface says:

        oh. mah. GAWD. well, that’s on repeat. dear LAWD! can you even believe they let her go twice before they realized that she’s made of bunnies and awesome? i can’t even. her voice. it slays me. this is right up there with you’ve changed and i who have nothing in terms of songs i’ll have on heavy rotation til her album comes out. if they let her do this now? now that she’s had some vocal training, and has that new confidence in her melodic nuance? she would blow so far past kree, she wouldn’t even be able to catch a bus back to kree. this. is. ridiculously. good. i mean, usually i roll my eyes and scoff at youtube karaoke. not so now, tho. #teamcandice4lyfe.

        • candicegloverfan says:

          word! and it hit me watching/listening to candice sing this song – as much as i love it when she sings songs i already like or would be predisposed to like, i just love her voice and what she does with any song to the extent that she can take a song like this, that would normally not at all be my cup of tea, and make me love it. which is a pretty amazing things to do for a music lover like me who’s pretty set in her tastes…

      • deedee says:

        Wow, that’s just gorgeous.

      • Joe says:

        jaw hits floor

  20. CJS says:

    I thought everyone knew that the only reason there wasn’t a contestant’s choice round was because Amber wasn’t in the top 3 ;)

  21. Linda says:

    A clean sweep would be fine with me, but if Idol keeps anyone it should be Keith. Also, there were too many people on the panel, so I hope they reduce the number of judges back to three. Finally, either put Jimmy on the judges’ panel, or get rid of him. Right now he is essentially acting as a fifth judge, and with so many voices critiquing the contestants, it must get confusing for them (I can imagine the contestants standing there and thinking “who should I listen to?”). Just too many opinions and too much yammering on by too many people.
    If they need to fill time on the show, let the contestants sing full-length songs. I’d like to see more singing and less chatter next year.

  22. Princess Adora says:

    I’ve really loved the female contestants this season, especially Candice, but oddly enough it’s all made me more wistful for some Haley Reinhart on Idol. Just thought I’d put that out there.

    • Sarah2 says:

      I feel the same way – I went back for some reason and watched Haley’s best performances recently and it strikes me that having a great voice just isn’t enough. Haley (and some others like Kelly, Cook, Adam, Kris) just lights up the stage with energy – you want to see them in concert and listen to them shape songs. Candice has an amazing voice (and apparently we’re judging Kree on a curve and just accepting that she only sings country well) but I don’t find either to be compelling on stage *shrug* – maybe Candice can be the new SuBo. I honestly think she will make a fortune this year btw her first album plus a Christmas album or ep.

  23. Mafs95 says:

    Lady Gaga
    Adam Lambert
    Kelly Clarkson
    Harry Connick Jr.
    Queen Latifah
    Robin Thicke
    Pharrel Williams
    Stevie Nicks
    Or else…
    Michael Slezak
    Melinda Doolittle
    Jason Averett

    • teatime says:

      I disagree with the Adam Lambert suggestion. He was very good on the show but his theatrics are unique to him. Most Idol contestants are not trying to be that theatrical. I could see him on the X-Factor maybe.

    • Lisa says:

      I like an all Idol alum panel. My choice would be Kelly, Adam and Melinda with a floating 4th guest judge (kind of like SYTYCD). The 4th judge could rotate between Idol bloggers. Michael Slezak, Jim C and Lyndsey. The celebrity panelist don’t know the history and love the show like former contestants and the writers who have followed it for a decade.

    • Timmah says:

      You had me until Robin Thicke… gag.

      • Mafs95 says:

        I liked him as a guest mentor on The Voice, that’s why I suggested him. I know he was a judge or a mentor in The Duets but because I didn’t watch the show, I don’t know how he his as a judge…

    • Robin says:

      I would add Smokey Robinson, Pink, Rob Thomas, Mary J. and Shania.

  24. bill says:

    The only thing Minaj is good for is a snuff film

  25. Jason says:

    How can an analyst of the show not comment on the obvious manipulation to get Candace into the finale? I know she’s your favorite but they bussed Kree so hard that her fans felt sorry for her and voted her. They also bussed Angie a little by giving her a song that was high out of her range and giving the last moment of the night to Candace with a big huge song that was perfect for her to reach the finale. This was manipulation of Halien perportion. Manipulation of Castro-esque level!! I think in the end Angie lost because of the Little Orphan Kree card!! Angie got gyped.

    For Final 3 Why not let them choose three songs!!! No manipulation. No video packages. Just music and let them sing full versions. This was the worst in a long line of manipulation this season and Nigel deserves to be fired. The one good thing he did was Hire Nicki. Nicki is the only judge in all of these shows who rivals Simon for honest harsh, real comments which was the original premise of the show. Firing her in favor of anothe cheerleading Jennifer Lopez would be the final nail. Nicki is even better then X Factor Simon!!!

    • Miss Otis Regrets... says:

      Jason: “Waah, my favorite isn’t in the finale because CONSPIRACY”

    • Angie_Overrated says:

      Oh, now this is just stupid. That song “that was high out of [Angie’s] range” is not high at all. Not even close to high. Girl simply can’t sing well in the upper part of her voice, even on notes that most trained singers with similar ranges to her wouldn’t find challengingly high. And I don’t know too many songs that don’t climax on higher notes.

    • Bea says:

      My belief also – The sympathy home video was edited for Kree and it worked perfectly. I loved your comment on “Halien Perportion”. Was there anything sadder than that clip they showed of Randy saying there was a 3 way tie – the only one he did not mention was Haley and her reaction to it was priceless. That was Randy at his most disgusting. Anyone awake would have seen how talented Haley was. Whatever – as long as we have producers who are manipulating the judging, we will not have an honest show. With all the comments we hear that is how American feels and they will NOT support it any longer. Fox beware.

  26. Adam Fachry says:

    As for the judges, I’m still indifferent about my feelings toward Keith. He is knowledgeable, but several times in this season, he’s also been driven by the TPTB. All of a sudden, he’s a changed man (#np You’ve Changed…no, not really). But if the rumor is true that Nigel Lythgohome has been fired as well, maybe with the new and more democratic producers, he wouldn’t be a puppet anymore?

    My random picks for Judges: Smokey Robinson, Stevie Nicks, and Dolly Parton.

    • teatime says:

      I like all your judges suggestions. But I don’t think they should all be on the same panel. They should have at least one judge that is in their 30’s and closer to what is currently selling. I think it would be a good idea to have at least 1 judge who has been in the business for several decades or have some of those more mature artists act as mentors like they have in the past.

      • Adam Fachry says:

        I don’t know, I’m not really interested in today’s mainstream artists but If I had to pick, maybe P!nk could replace Dolly.

    • Name That Tune says:

      I’m on board with Keith staying if Nigel goes.

  27. JP says:

    1st things 1st! Candice: The girl has good voice, but all her perfomances have not been “spot” on! The week she sang “Satisfaction” myself being a major Rolling Stones fan (seeing six of their WORLD TOURS) DID NOT like her performance! Now, last week Jimmy Iovine picked out “Somewhere” for Candice knowing it was a strength for her voice! Still that performance was NOT Candice’s best performance! However, he picked out for KREE “Perfect” a pop song knowing that is was not a strength for KREE! So Jimmy was clearly “BIAS” with his choices! 2nd: Lets go back to round 1 TOP4 (the week nobody went home) Ryan separated the 4 girls into two groups 1) Top2 KREE/Angie 2) Bottom2 Candice/Amber! Now, since they did’t send anyone home, Ryan announced that our votes of 38M would carryover to the following week! Now, Rd2 of TOP4: This time Ryan did’t separate the girls into groups. Rather he said “IN NO PARTICULAR ORDER” here is your TOP3 then he calls Angie’s name out first, then Candice’s out second & then places KREE next to Amber because it was Amber going home & they could have place any of the girls next to Amber and I am sure they did not want to show American that Candice was still in the bottom 2! However, American Idol decided to place KREE next to Amber! It’s called “manipulating The Votes! hoping to confused the American people voting into believing KREE was in the bottom even though I repeat Ryan said “In NO PARTICULAR ORDER!” Plus 43m votes came in that week added to the 38m from the week before totalling 81million votes which Ryan did announce! Now, I am positive doing the math that KREE HARRISON pulled first place in the votes that week & the real bottom two for that TOP4 week once again was Candice/Amber with Amber going home! Last week they did it again, RYAN once again said “IN NO PARTICULAR ORDER” here is your TOP2 then he calls out Candice’s name first & puts KREE next to Angie! Since that all kinds of HATE tweets have being going around about KREE! American Idol has been so Bias against KREE HARRISON! However, I believe KREE HARRISON if the real VOTES are revealed this upcoming week, will be the next AMERICAN IDOL! This is partly the reason why American Idol’s rating have fallen so drastically because of their Antics & Manipulation & this is by far the most BIAS season! I work for a major Defense Law firm! The show needs to realize that everyone watching American IDOL is NOT A TEENAGER! Many of us are educated & can think for ourselves. Plus, we are not blind to what they are doing!

    Now, as for the judges, I agree with that there needs to be a clean sweep done! However, if they decide to keep of one of the judges, I would suggest it be Keith. However, with that said, Keith needs to be careful when speaking to the American VOTERS! He needs to refrain from saying things in this nature “VOTE for Candice & if YOU DON’t, you better get your pulse checked because you probably don’t have one!” I found that statement way out-of-line, Bias, & RUDE! Also, I agree 100% about the fueding that went on between Mariah & Nikki! There is no place for that on these shows. It was absolutely tasteless & shows no CLASS! As you mentioned regarding Nikki tweeting bad things about Mariah! Yeah, it is time for Nikki to go bye-bye! Plus in all my years of watching any reality show, I’ve never seen it where a judge was LATE for showtime! #incredible!

    • Jason says:

      Big deal she was late!! That’s what happens when you hire Superstars with actual careers to be on the panel! They have other obligations and yes LA has a lot of Traffic!!!

      • Danny says:

        @Jason- Ok Mr Minaj, we get it. You’ve got your head so far up Nikki’s fake azz ya can’t think straight. Some 9 million less people watch AI than at this time last year. While some were going to stop watching anyway, a lot of them no longer watch because she’s a terrible judge.

        • Jason says:

          Or because Mariah will not shut up and you have to shave twice while she continues to speak nonsense that makes no sense. There was one good performance a show and it was usually from Angie!!! Everyone knew who was going to go home every week!! They lost their two superstar judges Steven Tyler and Jennifer Lopez! The Voice is kicking their ass in every way possible and is a much more exciting show!!There was blantant manipulation with no viable male contestants and your gonna blame them losing nine million viewers on Nikki’s Wigs and Accents!!! Sorry but she was the lone bright spot in an awful season!!

          • Temperance says:

            Frankly, they’re both terrible.

          • Aly says:

            I think these voice talent shows are on the decline. On with the next fad! I can’t bear The Voice. AI was bland this year. I won’t watch next year unless they have really interesting and smart judges and contestants who have more personality.

      • David says:

        If you are being paid $12 million to do a job….you show up on time. People who earn minimum wage get fired for coming in late.

        • Jason says:

          But she has more than one job. They hired her knowing she had other commitments!!! They wanted a Superstar judge. So they have to put up with it! Mariah missed some auditions as well because she had commitments!! Also, People don’t get fired for being 15 minutes late once!! It has to be a chronic problem!! Is she overpaid? Yes!! They all are!! Is this all a nonsense TV show? Yes, it is!! Will she be fired? Most likely!! She has become the scape goat for a lot of the show. I’m perplexed at it!! I guess middle America likes Strong women with strong opinions less then they like Women contestants on the show!!! I don’t follow her on Twitter so I can’t really comment on Slezak’s statements about her tweeting to MAriah on the show! What I can say is Mariah was the worst judge in the history of all these shows! Worse then Britney Spears(at least she kept it short with her nonsense), Worse the Ellen Degeneres, Worse then Kara Dioguardi.

        • Aly says:

          LOL classic. I agree!

      • deedee says:

        Uh, excuse me, Jason. When somebody is being paid $14million+ to judge a LIVE tv show, having “other obligations” just doesn’t effing cut it as an excuse for tardiness. She should go back to her “actual career” and stop being an unprofessional brat if she can’t handle the reponsibility of a job. That sort of entitled behaviour doesn’t deserve any defense whatsoever.

        • Jason says:

          You must not live in LA. There is traffic all the time!! It happens. She was probably in a recording studio recording an album or making a video. The show records at 5:00. That is prime traffic time in LA. She probably got caught behind an accident. She missed one contestants song. Man you guys are being riddiculously dramatic. And yes I’m sure she values her “actual career” more than the tv show and she is taking the TV show as a payday. they all are! But people are human! They are sometimes late.They sometimes make statements everyone won’t like when they are trying to be entertaining on a TV show. She is a cutting edge Rap star who they have hired to add some life and controversy to the show and when she does she is vilified for it!! If you guys hate her so much the only thing I can think of that causes so much hatred is jealousy!!

          • HTGR says:

            Hell, you can land at LAX at 11PM and on a bad day…. exit and it’ll be like rush hour traffic!

          • Name That Tune says:

            Hey there’s traffic every day at that hour where I live. Car accidents, too. You have some place important to be, you leave earlier. She’s been a prima donna since early on. Idol isn’t so desperate that they have to put up with that.

        • Temperance says:

          I’m curious as to which Fantasyland you live in.

        • Amy says:

          A-freakin’-men! I feel exactly the same, deedee. Well put.

    • deedee says:

      First, it’s: “Jimmy was BIASED”, not “BIAS”, and second, “Somewhere” was not universally accepted as a great choice for Candice. Many, many people were entirely unhappy with a Broadway-diva-type song that would do nothing to showcase Candice as a viable,current artist, and everything to showcase Candice as an old fashioned, unmarketable, out-of-style singer with zero appeal for a modern audience. Third, paragraphs, JP, paragraphs. And fourth, Kree is in the finale and has a good shot at winning, so what exactly is your gripe?

    • JoMarch says:

      I hate when people blather on in comments; when I see a long post like yours, I don’t bother reading it. If you think you have something people want to read, get your won blog. If not, then keep it to a few sentences. Some of us lives and can’t spend 5 minutes reading your drivel.

      • JoMarch says:

        Geez. I should have read my comments before hitting “post”.. “get your OWN blog” and its “some us HAVE lives”.

  28. Amy says:

    BEST Idology of this season…lol…just watched twice in a row. Wait…I always watch twice in a row.
    Shooba the dulaaa..just cracks me up to no end. Ahhh Randy…I’m gonna miss the laughs.
    Jason’s clips were back to being just the right touch without overkill~great!
    Michael…”Here’s some bread; here’s more bread; here’s MORE bread!”…
    and my favorite: “And by my mom, I meant me.” LOL… too funny, delivered with great timing.
    ME too …Keep Keith!! Yes, of course we ALL love to look at him, but beyond that, truly…I love the way he “gets” music, feels it, articulates what he hears and how he advises & critiques detailed aspects of what he hears. Except for that one week of playing sycophant for Evil Nigel…I’ve been with him all the way this year. But I have a feeling they will do a clean sweep. :( Keith did express that he’d love to do it again….YES!!

  29. Guitar Blue says:

    The only way to get a major shift in how the show is run, is to axe Nigel and get rid of the entire panel. …..

    If Idol exec’s want to just protect the older, long-time viewer base of the show, then they can keep the outdated songbook themes, hire more high-priced celebrity judges for props and run the same format again. 10 to 12 million views is not bad, so maybe that’s what they plan to do…………………………………….

    To refresh the show and try to pull a younger audience, they have to make a lot of significant changes, not just tinker with a couple Judges seats. Between Nicki and Mariah, Fox paid-out 30 million, plus giving them other perks, performance and mentions of releases. …………..

    Just a portion of that money could have went to pay supportive expenses for a wider talent search and compensation to run the halls of Hollywood and Vegas – for talent that can’t just quit their jobs and become Idol pawns for weeks and months. The show has become just a money grab for celebrities, their management groups and labels – which are all inter-connected.

    • teatime says:

      “The show has become just a money grab for celebrities, their management groups and labels – which are all inter-connected.”
      That is a good way to express it. A money grab. This is just one reason J-Lo is my least favorite as a judge. It was not enough for her to collect a huge salary and increase her public profile by being a judge on the most popular show on TV. She also had to use it to promote several of her new songs and videos. She had nothing to do with making the show what it was. She walked into a show and a role that had already been created, and boy did she ever cash in on other peoples’ hard work and ingenuity. I remember when Paula performed a song in one of her last few years and it was really odd to see a judge highlighted like that since it had never before been about promoting the judges, and that performance was kinda sweet because Paula had been judging for years and not actively promoting her other projects.

      • Lulu says:

        yes, it also has been a great “come back” or the forgotten once too.

      • Amy says:

        Great comments teatime~so true on all that. I felt exactly that about J.Lo’s cashing in and promoting her “brand”, and why I was glad to see her go and have no interest in getting her back. She did it the most, but yes…it’s become that for all of them and they all do it some, as that’s probably the “deal” now made by their mgmt & record companies. Cash grab is a great way to put it. You are so right about the Paula thing…it WAS unusual then…hadn’t thought about how that was then vs. after…when people started getting hired for “star-power” and making deals upfront to use the show as a vehicle for self-promotion.

  30. Amy says:

    Oh and how did I forget, shout-out to Melinda for “shuttin’ Michael downnn…LOL…”I need you to care!!” She cleared that one up for us! ;-)

  31. darcy the slutty twin says:

    I’d wipe the slate clean. If Keith Urban were to remain, he should be shirtless the whole time.

  32. Brigette says:

    Agreed with all of your rage, Michael. And I would love it if the panel was ALL past American Idol contestants who have done well. That would be amazing.

  33. David says:

    Bump Jimmy Iovine up to judge (for the Simon Cowell role)…pay Paula Abdul whatever she wants to come back…and get an R&B producer for the third spot. No more big name current artists. Idol did quite well for many years with Simon/Paula/Randy. It did not need a diva.

    • deedee says:

      I agree. Jimmy, Paula, and Quincy Jones/Smokey Robinson/Barry Gordy/Rodney Jerkins

    • JoMarch says:

      Paula, seriously? All you fans did was complain about Paula when she was a judge, now you want her back? What for, comedy relief? She added little and blathered worse than Mariah. Do you remember the time she commented on a singers “second” song, when they were only on the first?

  34. ThatBob says:

    They need to go back to the concept. NO celebrity judges. Get real recording/music executives as judges, not parrots for the producers, and let them give real feedback. No more “in it to win it, hashtag pow, I love your shoes” drivel.

  35. HTGR says:

    Agree on the bread more bread thing. Let them do their own darn song and put that back to the last spot where it always used to be, don’t move it around or totally take it away, smells of manipulation and worse it denies us most likely the chance to see some really great things.

  36. HTGR says:

    Hopefully they give them both ideal material and they both bring it. If they give them something odd hopefully they try to make it their own and give it their best, they can get P.O. afterwards don’t just walk through the motions, bring fire to whatever you are stuck with and show them with every last ounce you can manage no matter how wrong the song may seem.

  37. TVDIVA says:

    Go back to three judges who can give constructive criticism that actually helps the contestants grow more confident each week in their performances. Have coaches who can teach them to emotionally connect to a song. And stop hiring judges with big egos for millions of dollars. Spend that money on grooming and coaching the contestants.

  38. BA says:

    Candice is amazing in both her voice and performance, and she has been BY FAR my favorite all season. I’m going to ignore the complainers who say that the show manipulated for her to be in the finale, or that she hasn’t been that good, and encourage of all those who love her like me to VOTE, VOTE, VOTE!

  39. Tahoe Mike says:

    I think they should avoid current artists as judges, they just will not say anything negative.
    I also think that the show should outright forbid commenting on the appearance, or wardrobe of any contestant. It always comes off as either sexist, creepy, or an excuse to avoid talking about the singing. Leave it to Michael Slezak, the rest of the Idol bloggers, and us to do that.
    If they are going to be called judges, make them judge. They should have to give a score of some type. They could do a scale of one to ten thing like dancing with the stars, x out of 5 stars, or make them rank the performances that night from best to worst, but make them commit to it publicly and in writing. Otherwise, call them commentators. The could do a combo of judges scores/votes like DWTS, or not count it for anything but just say, “That’s how we see it, but it’s your votes that count America…”
    If we are nominating judges, I want Sharron Osborne.

    • sg54 says:

      This would totally work if you had adequate judges and producers, but even if you got adequate judges next year you wouldn’t have adequate producers, and scores would make it be so much easier to manipulate the public. A big chuck of the voting public actually buys what these judges say, and adding numbers to the equation (see what I did there) would only make it easier for them to push their favorites. Even if it doesn’t effect the actual elimination, it certainly effects the viewers’ mindsets.

    • Adam Fachry says:

      Lol, pretty much all videos on youtube these days start with commercials. Youtube has sold itself to capitalism like every internet company does. It’s good enough if we can skip it, but sometimes we are forced to watch the entire thing.

  40. syb says:

    Great Idology this week:

    YES to allowing the top 3 AND top 2 choose a song they want to sing. The micromanaging of songs performed all season with narrow themes, short songlists, and producers choices is to me the worst thing about this show.

    LISTEN to Melinda. She’s been through this process. You can’t expect any of the top 3 to be at the top of their game with home visits across the continent and 3 songs to learn and a commercial, etc in 5 days. This would have been the week for a “pick your own” choice plus a retread/encore. We watch for the music. Why does Idol insist on making it nearly impossible for the contestants to deliver good performances?

    YES get rid of this entire panel. While a case can be made for keeping Keith, I think he like the others is a bit too long-winded, lost some credibility toward the end with some of his rather bizarre critiques and rankings, and is sprayed with the stench of the others’ perfume. And for all that is holy, 3 judges! Not 4! 3. And they dont’ all need to be big name superstars, or trendy young good looking people. We need 3 people with diverse musical backgrounds, training and skill who can say something on point in 10 words or less.

    I’d love for this show to survive a few more years, but it is indeed like ruining your hamburger by pressing down on it, and flipping and moving it about the grill too often. The producers, directors, editors, stage managers need to BACK OFF. Let the magic happen.

  41. LeahKittyS says:

    Hmm…new judges…well, I wouldn’t mind keeping Keith Urban. He’s a treasure to the eye and the ear, and as nice as he can be, I’ll take it as long as he’s speaking his own mind and not somebody else’s (catch my drift?) Nicki needs to go; she’s insulted too many people on and off the set for my liking. And Mariah may be nice and know what she is talking about, but she takes forever to get to her point.
    I remember when they were rotating judges in Season 9, Victoria Beckham and Avril Lavigne didn’t offer much, so scratch them. Mary J. Blige and Shania Twain were good, so either of them might work. Katy Perry was also a good guest judge, but as someone else mentioned, current pop stars are not a good idea. They have an image to maintain and work to promote, plus they can be full of themselves. Harry Connick Jr. would be good but I don’t think he wants to do it; those “talks with FOX” were only rumors. As for former Idols? I would love to see Adam Lambert, but he might be busy with other things. Kelly, Carrie, and Daughtry are definitely too busy. Heck, I think the only ones who aren’t too busy are the ones who haven’t done much or been in touch with the show.
    I’ll stick with the dream panel I named before: the triple-blogger threat of Michael Slezak, Jim Cantiello, and Lyndsey Parker. I know it will never happen, but think of how honest-yet-tactful they’d be? Plus we’d have Mike with his food metaphors, Lyndsey with her rock references, and Jim with his quick wit.

  42. Lulu says:

    I agree, let’s kick all four judges off. Even Keith. I am getting so annoyed with this “emotional” stuff. As if there never have been upbeat successful songs. It is ridiculous. It blows my mind that these young girls sing these “prescribed” old songs and then so few American Idols really make it big. Just in case Jimmy would like to know why.

    They show now caters for the 40 years and older (just look at the stars they invite to the show, the themes, and the songs they sing). Then they “make it to the top 2 or 3” and everyone wonders why on earth no young person wants to buy their songs. WAKE UP – if you focus on an age group 40 and up the younger people are not going to buy your records. Fire the producer. Get us a young, hot, and upcoming talent and show us where you can take this show.

    For all the future judges.
    1. Please stop judging them on song choice if it really isn’t their choice.
    2. Please stop pushing some contestants down our throats. You do not do them a favour; we know what you are up to, get annoyed and then vote for the other person.
    3. Please stop wanting each and every song to be a tear dropper. There are so many upbeat songs that have been incredibly popular. We really don’t sit in front of American Idol to cry all night long.
    4. The show is NOT about YOU!!!
    5. If you cannot add value to the contestant and help them doing better job next time, then please pass your comment. We had enough of this destructive stuff.

    Ye, and I would be willing to do whatever you ask if you pay me $18 million for a show……ohh ye, perhaps even 1 million – is OK with me.

  43. Bg says:

    I think keith should stay. And take his shirt off every live show.

  44. darcy's evil twin says:

    thanks Mr. Slezak, Melinda, and Jason Averett for the always-entertaining “Idology”.
    I am so thrilled Candice and Kree are in the final round but I must say Angie had some performances I really liked.
    I would keep Keith as a judge, and honestly, I’d keep Mariah.

    • My Alter Ego says:

      Mr. Slezak, Melinda, and Jason, I second (Mrs.) darcy’s evil twin’s comment regarding your weekly “Idology” editions. While I wasn’t expecting Mr. Slezaks’s “tirade” about “the flaws” that were in play during last week’s show, it was justified (let these contestants show their best, rather than “fencing” them in with poor song choices).

      But, like DET, I’m happy that Candice and Kree are the finalists while recognizing that Angie, in many ways, also should have been here. In fact, while I don’t like what Angie does or her style, because I recognize that she is very talented, I would have been perfectly content if all three had been allowed to go into the final.

      They’re both so good in their respective genres (and Amber and Janelle, too,) so I wish them all the best!

  45. Olivia says:

    For judges I’d keep Keith Urban, he knows what he is talking about and I think they should add Shania Twain & Harry Connick Jnr. That would be amazing!

  46. luvthetop5 says:

    Lol, I knew Hollie was gonna show up when they mentioned Perfect.

  47. dj says:

    Agreed with everything you said this week. I definitely will go to YouTube to hear what I missed. I hope in the finale they don’t repeat the mistake and micromanage the song choices again. The Idol machine has some powerful egos controlling it, but even they have got to see that they’ve made a mess of this season and practically rendered the show unrecognizable and unwatchable.I can hardly get my husband and daughter to watch it anymore. I have to bribe them. Thank goodness this is the last week.

  48. megs says:

    Shuba the dula Shuba the dula. Hahahahaha x1000! What a toilet-brain.

  49. lenna says:

    have you noticed that angie looks a lot like katy perry? something about their smile, eyes, mimicry and speaking voice. when i look at angie speaks, i see katy. of course, angie is a better singer, and katy is more charismatic, witty and creative but their mimicry is soooo much alike….

  50. lenna says:

    slezak, melinda and jason– for your last idology of the season, i’d be interested in your analysis of american idol vs other reality singing shows. all reality shows have been failing lately ( people are finally getting tired of reality TV), but why did idol fall That much this season? why have my students stopped watching it? it is considered an old show…is it because of the weekly themes? the lack of chemistry on the panel? the boring pool of contestants this year? or was it the paternalistic approach of “uncle Nigel” ( as u enjoy calling him) et al. What does idol need to do to be fresh again? can it? personally, i don’t think it can resume its glory days and randy left because he knows it.