Scandal Recap: 'Now We Can Start Having Fun'

Scandal Season 2 Billy Chambers Is AlbatrossWarning: The following recap, by the very definition of the word “recap,” contains mighty spoilers from this Thursday’s Scandal.

This week on ABC’s Scandal, both Fitz and Mellie pondered their next moves, while OPA got a most unwelcome arrival at their doorstep. By episode’s end, President Grant addressed his country and Albatross — and his/her accomplice — was unmasked.

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GET UP! STAND DOWN! | After subjecting himself to the first of many press corps briefings, Cyrus storms Olivia’s castle and boudoir, commanding his president, “Get up!” Upon doing so, Olivia starts to transform into Superfixer, but Fitz wont have it: “I made a decision, I am going to deal with it. You have to stand down.”

Mellie meanwhile interviews Captain Fixer Merlyn, who is about to get shown the door when he shows off his skills and admiration for FLOTUS’ measured doses of Southern gentility, then notes how critical the next step is — naming the “whore” who bedded her husband. (“Put a face to the infidelity, and everything’s coming up Mellie,” he argues.) Mel though wants to see what Fitz plans to say to the press that evening before playing her ace. Yet even when presented with his pilfered notes, “I know Fitz,” she asserts, doubting he’ll throw in the towel.

MMM, DONUTS…. | Over at OPA, David Rosen enjoys much merriment at the irony of a man who stole the White House getting hoisted on his easily unzipped petard, while the others focus on unmasking the mole, who apparently has a jones for the Defiance secret. At first they target Sally Langston, but a bit of cybersnooping (thanks, catty Second Daughter!) shows that the veep wasn’t the one who accessed the CIA files. Charlie meanwhile is nearly hunted down by Jake and a radioactive bag of donuts, but escapes and seeks sanctuary at OPA.

After dismissing a think tank crafting ways to excuse his trespass, Fitz assures Cyrus that he will make a statement, yet dismisses all the Clinton comparisons: “He wasn’t in love with Monica Lewinsky; I am in love with a woman who is not my wife.” And if that means he needs to bail on reelection, so be it.

Actor Joe Morton (hereby known as Rowan!) meets with Jake, reminding him that his mission was to “get between the president and Olivia Pope.” Rowan asks for evidence of his own affair with Pope, while he himself will “take care of Cyrus Beane,” nosy Charlie’s employer. Later, Rowan assures Cyrus that his group knows all about Olivia — and, in fact, “everything that affects the republic” — scolding: “You should have shut this down a long time ago.” Rowan charges Cy with outing Liv/Jake to POTUS, even at risk of losing his “buddy” instead of the White House. “Don’t make yourself an obstacle,” he warns. “Don’t test your luck.”

CARD GAME | As Fitz pens his statement, he checks in with Liv: “Any second thoughts?” “No. You?” “Never.” But when Cyrus asks an aide to fetch the Statement of Candidacy papers Fitz signed, a realization comes to light: He never locked into running for office in the first place! Liv worries to her love, “You don’t think you can win on your own,” that he believes everything his father ever said about him — and all because of Defiance. “I will blame myself every day” if he doesn’t give it a shot, she says. “Run. Run and win.”

Somewhere in a dark place, Huck coaxes from Charlie the identity of the mole, yet sets his former colleague free (instead of popping him “quick, easy and neat” as requested), following a pep talk from Quinn. But then the Cytron card (aka Defiance’s Smoking Gun) goes missing Scandal_BillyChambersfrom Liv’s safe. Who pinched it…?

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HE’S BAAAACK! | And as President Grant scraps his prepared speech, reminds the press, “My marriage is none of your business” and announces his intention to seek a second term, Harrison rings Olivia with Albatross’ identity.

“Billy Chambers,” he utters — and we see Sally Langston’s assumed dead chief of staff grin at his receipt of the Cytron card, as delivered by…. David Rosen. “Now we can start having some fun,” Billy gloats.

What did you think of “Any Questions”? Who had Billy in your office poll? And did his cohort’s identity, as Shonda Rhimes teased, surprise you as much as Albatross himself?