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NCIS Castle Once Upon a Time SpoilersWill an NCIS mystery soon be solved? Is Grimm about to get hungry for brains? Will a Castle “couple” reunite? Who’s doing the deed on Defiance? Will Once Upon a Time find a missing person? Read on for answers to those questions plus teases from other shows.

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When will Season 2 of The Following start? –Elsie
If you mean, “When does Season 2 premiere?,” that’s a premature question; check back in June. But if you meant when does Season 2 pick up, Kevin Bacon predicts a modest time jump. “My discussions with [series creator] Kevin [Williamson] about next year have been in very broad strokes… but I do know that the things that I really respond to, that he’s brought up to me, are the ideas that when you see [Ryan] at the beginning of next season, he’s in a very different place in his life,” the actor shares with TVLine. “So, the idea is that we may jump ahead in time.” But will Claire be along for the ride…?

On behalf of all of us Criminal Minds fan fiction writers on Facebook, any word on who’s losing their life in the season finale? –Jekkah
Show boss Erica Messer wasn’t about to spill on the confirmed fatality, so I went with this angle: Is the Replicator’s target the same as the finale’s eventual victim? Her intriguing response: “There’s one of each — we have a target, and we also have a victim.”

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What is Gibbs building in his basement on NCIS? Will we find out before the season ends? –Joyce
“Your question is perfectly timed,” showrunner Gary Glasberg answers. ” Don’t miss the season finale (airing May 14) and you’ll see what Gibbs has been slowly working on in the basement for months. It’s going to be a terrific new addition for our family.” Hmm. “Addition”? “Family”? It’s a big ol’ crib!

I saw CBS advertising “the last three episodes” of NCIS. Does this mean “ever,” or this season? They did not specify. –Sharon
I answer only because I received a stupefying amount of questions about this cruel CBS promo. Rest assured, NCIS was renewed for Season 11 some time ago. (We’re just still waiting on Cote.)

Any Suits tidbits? –Megan
Midway through the coming season, we’ll meet Harvey’s yet-to-be-cast father Gordon, in an origins flashback to when Harvey was working at District Attorney’s office and he caught his boss Cameron burying evidence on his cases. Of note during the father/son chat: They bring up two family members that have been hinted at only a little thus far, Harvey’s cheating mother and his little brother Marcus.

We’re three episodes into Defiance and Irisa doesn’t even seem to like her dad. Will this change? –@justinmwykes
Alas, save for one fleeting scene, Irisa is MIA in next week’s episode. (In fact, I hope they shot the scene during a busier day for poor Stephanie Leonidas, lest she spent hours in makeup to not say a word!) What you do get this Monday is a wonderful (and then suddenly intense) scene between Amanda and Stahma, and some sexytime for Nolan and Kenya (interrupted, amusingly, by madame mayor). There’s also a tiny mythology dump (what’s up with that golden gizmo McCawley’s ill-fated son discovered?), and you’ll learn the Bioman’s first (only?) name.

When will Malibu Country Season 2 start? –Joyous
The same day as The Following Season 2. (No, that’s just me making a cheeky callback. Reba’s ABC com needs to get renewed first.)

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The penultimate episode of Grimm Season 2 is called “The Waking Dead,” a clear connection to AMC’s The Walking Dead. Are there any possibilities that there will be zombies in the two final episodes, considering Reg E. Carthy appears as Baron Samedi, probably based upon Haitian Loa of Death? –Oliver
Keen observation, Ollie. And I can confirm that there will indeed be zombies — with a twist. (Maybe they have porcelain-like skin?)

Loving all the Banshee coverage on TVLine. Got any fresh scoop on Season 2? —Noel
This one is hot off the proverbial presses: Harrison Thomas — who appeared in the final shot of Season 1 as Jason, the son of the real Lucas Hood — has closed a deal to appear in at least three Season 2 episodes.

Is there any word on a possible Chris/Gail romance in Season 4 of Rookie Blue? –@Chyler_Obsessed
The season opener (airing May 23) does feature a good Chris/Gail scene, but by all appearances thus far, it seems the show is going back to Gail and… Nick.

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I’m in serious need of some Emma/Neal scoop on Once Upon a Time! Do you have anything? –Meredith
This Sunday’s episode very well may be everything you’ve ever wanted (and more), when the exes finally have a heart-to-heart. As Michael Raymond James previews, “Neal still feels some guilt” for bailing on his love 10 years ago, “but he felt he didn’t have a choice in the matter. I mean, we’re talking about her saving a townful of people that he grew up with, people from Fairytale Land. So in Neal’s mind, he jumped on a grenade in the name of the greater good.”

Are we ever gonna see Greg/Owen’s dad again on Once Upon a Time? I can’t say I’d be shocked if being locked up somewhere in Storybrooke post-curse hasn’t aged him a day. –Estee
Kurt Flynn resurfaces this Sunday. And… that’s all I got.

Any scoop on Castle? Are there any scenes coming up with Alexis or Martha, or Lanie with Kate? –Valentina
I like your thinking, that as Kate gets to wondering about her and Rick’s future, she might consult with her gal pal. So I am happy to confirm that we will get another of the all-too-rare Kate/Lanie scenes before this season is over.

Will the Castle ‘shippers that have a vested interest in the Caskett relationship be happy or angry at the end of the season finale, “Watershed”? –Gary
The Castle ‘shippers that have a vested interest in the Caskett relationship will… have a very strong reaction at the end of the season finale, “Watershed.”

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