The Carrie Diaries Finale: 5 Developments that Have Us Excited About a (Possible) Season 2

Carrie Diaries Season 1 RecapThe following contains spoilers for Monday’s episode of The Carrie Diaries. If you have yet to watch, avert your eyes now. Everyone else, read on…

The Carrie Diaries (season?) finale on Monday was full of heartbreak and potential — for both its characters and the CW series.

With one couple calling it quits and another on the verge of starting something new, TVLine presents five developments from the season ender that have us crossing our fingers for a renewal.

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CARRIE ON THE PROWL | After her umpteenth break-up with Sebastian (upon finding out that he not only lied about her dad, but also cheated on her with Maggie), Carrie is a single girl again. And while heartbreak certainly hurts, we’re sort of delighting in her pain. It was nice to explore the teen in a committed relationship — and Sebastian is certainly not hard to look at — but part of the fun of Sex and the City was watching and relating to Ms. Bradshaw’s travails in dating. So bring on the (cute) new love interests!

A NEW ROMANCE | Pushed out of the closet by Maggie’s very public outburst, Walt encountered something else unexpected: the courage to accept his feelings and finally kiss Bennet. Sadly, Walt’s pal wasn’t quite ready to reciprocate, although he was definitely interested; he just didn’t feel right Carrie Diaries Season 1 Spoilersabout their age difference. But don’t fret, the high schooler turns 18 over the summer — come next season, anything goes! After the thoughtful, sensitive way Carrie Diaries has portrayed Walt’s coming-out arc, we simply must see what his first honest relationship looks like.

SUMMER IN THE CITY | Carrie is taking up residence in Larissa’s loft while she’s out of town, which leaves the door wide open for countless New York-set adventures (Carrie’s first house party, Carrie’s first city-cockroach sighting, etc.). Executive producer Amy Harris also confirmed that she hopes to spend the first couple episodes of Season 2 in “those hot, steamy New York summers mixed with the country club of Castlebury. That is going to lead to some exciting, very sexy stories.” Not to mention, the temporary move puts Walt, who’s shacking up with Carrie, and Bennet in close proximity. (We really like them, OK?).

BLASTS FROM THE FUTURE | It was only a passing line, but we’re already anticipating the introduction of Bennet’s club promoter pal, Stanford! And if we should be lucky enough to meet a younger version of Mr. Blatch, who do you think should play the part?

NEW PAIRINGS | If there’s anything Carrie Diaries proved this season, it’s that it can take any combination of characters — Sebastian and Mouse, Larissa and Tom, even Donna and Dorrit — and make them work, thanks to the charismatic cast and deft writing. With several couples and friendships coming undone in the finale, there’s lots of opportunity for fresh dynamics. Plus, some new pairings are just heating up, leaving us with lots of questions: Will the impossibly smooth Miller break Dorrit’s heart now that they’ve had sex? Will Sebastian and Maggie find themselves drawn to each other after being booted out of Carrie’s life? And can anyone crack Donna LaDonna’s neon-colored shell?