Colton Haynes: Arrow Meeting Roy Harper 'Is Going to Drive the Fans Crazy'

Arrow Season 1 SpoilersTonight on Arrow (The CW, 8/7c), Roy Harper — though not under the best of circumstances — crosses paths with Oliver’s alter ego and, in turn, gets a taste for what it’s like to make Starling City a better place.

But first… some fun.

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“It starts off with a very sexy scene with Roy and Thea,” newly promoted series regular Colton Haynes tells TVLine. “Roy is perhaps trying to ‘further their relationship’ a little more than Thea is ready for, when he gets pulled away for an ‘armed mission’ with a few of his friends.”

Of course, with “friends” like Roy’s, who in Starling City’s Glades district needs enemies? “Roy’s life is so much different from Thea’s — he has to steal and do these other things to get ahead, whereas she has been privileged her whole life,” Haynes notes. “In Roy’s life, you’re lucky if you live ’til you’re 21, and he explains that to Thea. So she’s wondering if she’s getting herself into more trouble than she thought.”

“Roy starts to get a little more emotional this episode,” his portrayer adds, “as opposed to the hard exterior that he’s had in the past.”

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As Thea thusly seeks counsel from the resident expert on dating bad boys — yes, that would be Laurel — Roy falls prey to the latest scheme to terrorize Starling City: the misguided mission of “The Savior,” a Glades native who idolizes “the vigilante” and has his own way of “cleansing” his crumbling neighborhood.

In this kook’s clutches, “Roy starts to wonder if he’s going to live or if he’s going to die,” Haynes previews. And thus the stage is set for the inevitable, if this Roy Harper is fated to become Arrow’s one day sidekick.

“The cliffhanger of the episode has to do with Roy meeting ‘the hood’ for the first time, and it’s going to drive the fans crazy,” Haynes ventures. “It’s a really exciting moment” — in part because as he witnesses the vigilante in action, “Roy starts to see that there’s something else out there that can get him out of his situation, and he’s not going to stop until he finds it.”

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But well before any super-alliance can be formed, Oliver, as himself, needs to size up his sister’s new beau. “They’re leading towards the ‘protective brother’ aspect of it all,” Haynes says. “In one of the next episodes, there’s this great meeting where that is shown.”

And beyond that…? “Roy has a very pivotal role towards the end of the season — at least in what I’ve read so far,” Haynes effuses. “Obviously the finale — which I can’t wait to read — is going to be full of craziness.”

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