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Question: Is Puck ever going to get a real storyline again on Glee? It feels almost like he’s been completely written off the show and he’s my favorite. —Sarah
Ausiello: Funny you should ask. Word on the street is he plays a significant part in the episode that is currently shooting. (Hint: We’ll get answers to the questions, “Where is he living?” and “What’s the deal with him and Kitty?”)

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Question: Any interesting Glee news you can share with us? —Sebastian
Ausiello: Does the prospect of Coach Roz wresting control of the Cheerios from Sue sound interesting?

Question: Do you have any scoop on Castle‘s 100th episode? —Kathrin
Ausiello: It airs Monday and “there’s a lot of Castle/Beckett fun,” previews series creator Andrew Marlowe. “It does focus on aspects of their relationship, but what we wanted to deliver is something that was classic Castle and Beckett. Something that felt like it could have played in [the] first season, or now. We were looking for something that was really quintessential, and we were really excited to have found it.” And perhaps on a related note — or quite possibly not! — Jon Huertas teases, “There’s some lingerie” featured in the milestone outing. “It’s not on Esposito this time, but there’s some sexy attire. And there might even be a celebration.”

Question: Aus, come on. It’s the final season and you’re showing no love to Spartacus! —Naazneen
Ausiello: Jupiter frak me, you’re right. Apologies. Hopefully this will make up for lost time: In next Friday’s penultimate episode (this Friday is a recap special, FYI) Spartacus (the character and the show) pays glorious tribute to Crixus and, at the same time, introduces a much-despised character to the mystical power known known as Karma.

Question: I’m crushed about 90210 being cancelled, and the only thing that would mend my broken heart is a Silver and Dixon reunion. Will my heart be forever broken, or is it a possibility that these two find their way back in the end? —Natalie
Ausiello: All I’ll say is that at least two of the show’s star-crossed duos will reunite in the May 13 series finale — with one of those couples getting full-on engaged. Also, rumor has it much of the swan song revolves around the aftermath of an explosion.

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Question: Is Jenna back for good on Pretty Little Liars? An what about Shana — is she around for a bit? —Lori
Ausiello: According to exec producer Oliver Goldstick, “You’ll see both around,” adding, “We saw [in last week’s finale] that they’re a weird trio, like Macbeth’s witches, with Melissa and Jenna and Shana plotting. So the four girls start Season 4 questioning what the alliance is between those three. Is one of them actually giving orders to the others? What bonds them besides their antipathy toward Alison and the Liars?”

Question: Is Colton Haynes really gone from Teen Wolf? If so, are they going to recast the part? –Kriselda
Ausiello: Now that Haynes has been upped to a series regular for Arrow Season 2, his days as Jackson are definitley over. And while there was talk that his character would be killed off for the Season 3 premiere (airing June 3), Haynes himself has heard nothing to that effect. “I don’t know, actually,” he tells us. “I’m still really good friends with everybody, and I’m sure that [showrunner] Jeff [Davis] and all the writers, whichever way they go [with Jackson], it will be epic and true to the show. I think that Jackson will always be alive, somehow. Whether they kill him or not, Jeff will find a way where everybody is happy.”

Question: Veep‘s second season is right around the corner — got any new intel? —Beth
Ausiello: Anna Chlumsky’s chief of staff is getting a new love interest and he’s going to look a lot like onetime Office worker Zach Woods (Gabe).

Question: Any scoop on the New Girl finale? —Amber
Ausiello: I have three little nuggets of info for you: The episode is cheekily titled “Downton Abbey Christmas Special” (a nod to the fact that Fox tacked on an extra “bonus” ep to its Season 2 order), it takes place on Cece’s wedding day, and it features a guest appearance by a living, breathing, out-of-control badger. I kid you not.

Question: Scandal scoop? Please? I’m obsessed! —Jeff
Ausiello: The Grim Reaper will be putting in another appearance soon. No recurring character is safe!

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Question: How long before Neal figures out Tamara’s real deal on Once Upon a Time? —Kelly
Ausiello: Not any time soon, so everyone there in Storybrooke — both magical and “Muggle” — had better watch their backs. Because make no mistake, Tamara isn’t pulling off her dirty work using any ol’ $99 stun gun. “We did not just kill a magical creature with an off-the-shelf Taser,” series cocreator Adam Horowitz affirms. “The Taser isn’t what it seems at first, and we get into that soon.”

Question: I’m ashamed to admit I watch (and enjoy) Anger Management. Go ahead and judge me, but do it after you give me some scoop. —Jenna
Ausiello: FX’s Charlie Sheen comedy is currently shooting an episode titled “Charlie Gets Lindsay Lohan In Trouble,” which tells us two things: Lilo will be playing herself (which we knew). And the show is going to have some fun lampooning that pesky image problem of hers (which was inevitable). I also hear Lohan will find herself shooting a commercial for a Japanese gum for alcoholics called Number One Happy Whiskey Chew (which I’m pretty sure we didn’t know). And with that, the judging of Jenna begins!

Question: First off, I absolutely love TVLine and tell everyone about it. All we have at our small office is a bunch of Justified lovers. I do research on Justified for everyone in the office. They are constantly asking for more news, more news. Please give me something to hold off the horde? —Karen
Ausiello: You call your co-workers whores? Where exactly do you work? Nevermind. Trying to be less judgmental (at least until after I answer Qs). Don’t have any gossip on the finale, but I can tell you that Boyd and Ava’s pursuit of Ellen May reaches a violent climax in tonight’s penultimate episode. In possibly related news, the crackling hour also features a pivotal-ish death. Quick, go tell the whores!

Question: I have not heard anything about Bones‘ penultimate episode this season. Do you know anything about it that you can tease? I know Chad Lowe is directing and that, apparently, they’re shooting something big on Tuesday. —Amelia
Ausiello: Today’s Ask Ausiello is (apparently) brought to you by the word penultimate! Regarding your query, I defer to exec producer Stephen Nathan: “The penultimate episode involves shutting down the lab because of an unknown and highly contagious disease which has killed a blogger. One of our own is also afflicted. The only way to save this member of ‘our family,’ who I will not divulge, is to catch the murderer. It’s a pretty intense and emotional Bones.” Which member of the team do you think gets cooties? Jump to the comments with your most educated guesses! (Then jump back and read the rest of AA, please. There’s some good stuff below.)

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Question: Any shot at all for Smash? Any discussion out there from DirecTV, Bravo, etc. about co-producing or picking it up entirely? I enjoyed Season 1, but I’m really loving Season 2 and really disappointed to hear that it’s pretty much already been canceled. —Nick
Ausiello: It hasn’t been officially cancelled, but the writing is on the wall here, and here, and here. That said, the show must go on, and so must the scoop: Dylan Baker, in addition to his imminent encore as The Good Wife‘s wily Colin Sweeney, is due back to NBC’s musical drama next Tuesday, as Karen’s dad. “My wife Becky [Ann, who plays Mama Cartwright] was not available, so I had to come back solo to check in on Karen, see what she’s up to,” TV’s go-to guest star tells us. And did daddy’s little girl make him proud? “She has this killer song in the episode” — Hit List‘s “Broadway Here I Come” — Baker reports, “that she knocked out of the park.”

Question: I’ve been waiting weeks for any news on Game of Thrones and still none! Any spoilers you can toss my way? —Laura
Ausiello: After screening the first four episodes of Season 3, I’m ready to declare it the Year of Jaime and Brienne.

Question: Just loving Arrow. Any hope for Laurel and Oliver? —Clare
Ausiello: Though in this Wednesday’s episode Oliver is there to console Felicity in the wake of this tragic incident (for which she blames herself), know that by hour’s end, the tough guy bravely reaches out to his ex, having decided he’s “tired of living on an island.”

Question: Big Bang Theory season finale scoopage, please? —Carlos
Ausiello: Producers are eschewing a big splashy event (like last year’s Howard-Bernadette nups) in favor of “an intimate” episode, per exec producer Chuck Lorre. “[It’s a] small story that’s meaningful to the characters and to us as writers on the show.” Adds fellow EP Bill Prady: “It’s a really good character story.” Hmm… Are Sheldon and Amy about to — don’t do it Michael… it’s too obvious… you’re better than that… you’ll be judged as harshly as Jenna… — bang?

That’s a wrap! Please send questions, comments, and anonymous tips to askausiello@tvline.com. (Additional reporting by Megan Masters and Vlada Gelman)

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