General Hospital Photo Album: 13 Spoilery Takeaways from the Nostalgia-Filled Nurses' Ball!

General Hospital Nurses' Ball SpoilersBy this time next week, General Hospital‘s hotly-anticipated Nurses’ Ball will be gracing the small screen (beginning Monday, April 1) — but why wait until then for a glimpse into the revived fan-fave festivities?

Timed to the ABC soap’s 50th anniversary, the big event will feature familiar faces from GH past and present — and, based on the following sneak peek pics, will also alter countless storylines along the way.

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Scroll on for our spoilery takeaways from the fancy schmancy Nurses’ Ball, then peruse the photos and hit the comments with your observations and snappy judgements!

1 | There’s a step and repeat (!) at the Nurses’ Ball, providing a place for Port Charles’ finest to walk the red carpet (!!) and do interviews (!!!) about the charitable event.

2 | Sabrina has finally undergone her ugly duckling-to-swan makeover — and the results are epic! (To be fair, we thought the adorkable nurse was perfectly lovely as is. But still…)

3 | Brenda is back in town and, as always, looks to be butting heads with her ex Sonny and his ex Carly.

4 | Ellie may very well be overhearing Maxie’s bombshell of a baby secret. Too bad her boyfriend is at the center of it all…

5 | As it should be, the Nurses’ Ball is honoring the “late” Robin Scorpio Drake in a major way.

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6 | AJ and Elizabeth are (still) making seriously googly eyes at each other.

7 | Sam’s date to the festivities (now that John McBain is gone and not coming back…?): Dancing With the Stars pro Maksim Chmerkovskiy aka brother of Val, Kelly Monaco‘s former partner on the competition series.

8 | Richard Simmons is on hand to whip hostess with the mostess Lucy Coe into tip-top shape! (Is the campus disco still open?)

9 | Duke is donning a kilt — and sharing a romantic dance with his ladylove Anna. Might they be recreating their memorable tango from so many years ago?

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10 | In-laws Monica and Tracy are putting aside their differences long enough to perform a number with alpha-nurse Epiphany.

11 | Felicia is still playing the field when it comes to the two loves of her life, Mac and Frisco.

12 | Look at you go, Rick Springfield — er, Dr. Noah Drake.

13 | Not all of the ladies’ gowns will land them on the Best Dressed list. (We’re looking at you, Lucy — but only in that big-bowed black thingamajig.)

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