Grey's Anatomy Recap: It's a Mc[Spoiler]!

greysOn Thursday’s Grey’s Anatomy, Meredith fixates on everything that could – pun intended – conceivably be wrong with the McBaby. For instance, it could be born with “three arms and a tail,” she suggests. And that’s just for starters. Is it still kicking up a storm? Derek asks. “Quiet now,” Mer replies. “Probably dead.” After that exchange, Derek finally puts his wife’s mind at ease by ordering a sonogram that reveals not only their child’s good health but also its gender. But more on that later…

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SEXYBACK | At the start of the hour, the new prosthetic leg that allows Arizona to wear heels puts her in such an amorous mood that she tells Callie they’ll finally be having sex again that very night. Alas, her gam starts to hurt midway through the episode, leading her missus to grumpily – and wrongly – deduce that nookie is no longer in the cards. Turns out, Arizona so enjoys the stump massage Callie gives her at work that she wants the procedure to be repeated that evening… in bed… higher up her thigh!

POWER TRIP | Envious of the accolades that a magazine gives another doctor for his research, Cristina is thrilled when Russell seems to welcome her aboard the team for his lotus valve project – until she realizes that he doesn’t want her skills as a surgeon, he wants her clout as a board member. Later, however, realizing the power that she wields (and the purse strings she holds), she gets the board to slash Russell’s budget – forcing him to take her on (so there!) – and at last green-lights Bailey’s human genome mapping project.

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BOYS WILL BE BOYS | Smitten with Jo, Alex’s young patient convinces him to grant his “dying cancer wish” and join him in punking Chesty left, right and sideways. And it’s all fun and games for a while, with the newbie running around looking for a patient named Jenny Talia and such. But in the end, he still comes out on top by pointing out that Alex can yuk it up all he wants “while I’m nailing Jo in the bathroom at the bar.” Gee, classy.

ROUGH DAY AT THE OFFICE | While Meredith is tasked with telling schoolteacher Annette O’Toole that her gallstones are actually terminal cancer (and encouraging April to just shtup Matt already!), Derek is busy coaching Shane on how to keep his cool with a patient’s very scary dad. (Was that Mr. DeMartino from Daria?) At least the couple’s day ends on a high note when Mer’s sonogram reveals that the McBaby doesn’t have 11 fingers, it has 10… and one penis.

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