Scandal Recap: Everything's Jake (or Not)

Scandal Season 2 RecapThis week on ABC’s Scandal, we learned for whom Jake is spying on Olivia, Cyrus beat Mellie at her own game and [sniff] here came the rains again for Huck.

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MEL, MOLE | As the hour opens, Fitz is at a loss regarding what to do about the American hostages — especially after the terrorists release video of one being executed. After a confab with shut-out Cyrus, Mellie says she’ll take to Fitz his idea to fight “blood with blood” — but he later learns she sold it as her own. Cy later lets Mellie run with her own next (bad) idea, and with help from him it loudly backfires, putting Cy back in Fitz’s good-ish graces. Fitz, though, is still hot to find the mole within his ranks, but  CIA boss Osborne (played by Kurt Fuller) insists his agency is clean.

SOMETHING DOESN’T SMELL RIGHT… | Having dug up his dead bedmate’s super-encrypted intel-filled flashdrive last week, David was on high alert, seeing shadows and hearing thumps around every corner. Alas, Huck was of little use to him, as he was going through some PTSD stuff triggered by his recent waterboarding and the rainy weather. Ultimately, we learned that it’s Wendy’s bestie circling David, wanting to share that she saw Wendy arguing with a man. By episode’s end, this woman has ID’d the guy as CIA Director Osborne — meaning, based on the first recovered flashdrive file, he leaked the hostage names to the terrorists. Oh, and David and Abby are still cavorting, though she advises him to not think it means anything. “Dont worry, I don’t!”

WHO’S WATCHING THE WATCHMAN? | Olivia is late to meet Captain Jake Ballard at the restaurant she chose (aka “where dates go to die,” he grumbles). He instead orchestrates a picnic of sorts, but Liv is all business, pumping Jake for intel on the “Albatross” files. (“You really suck at dating,” he notes.) Later, we see Jake take a meeting with his old pal Fitz, reporting, “It’s done. I’m doing it. I’ve been doing it” — meaning, Fitz asked him to snoop on Liv, because “Olivia Pope is not what she seems… She is not a good person.” During a surveillance sesh, Jake calls a forlorn-looking Liv about a second date, and even though he pulls out all of my own tricks, he gets bupkus (as I oft do, sigh). But to his credit, apparently he does turn off the monitors when Liv strips. He later catches his subject in a more receptive mood, and inroads are made for Date 2. Yet when Fitz, who at a gala spied Liv on her celly smiling, confronts Jake with, “Who’s the guy,” the captain lies: “Shes not seeing anyone.”

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Listen, a show that burns hot needs to serve up lukewarm dish once in a while, and this one had multiple highly predictable moments. Jake and Fitz? Many of y’all called that one. Cy torpedoes Mel with a bad idea? You don’t need the mighty Olivia Pope to pitch that simple sabotage plan. And anyone who didn’t see the “committed bachelor candidate has actually been bedding his brother’s wife for 10 years” twist coming simply doesn’t watch enough TV. (Or wasn’t watching the wife’s anvil-like facial tells.) That said, it teed up a thematically apropos “Stolen moments aren’t a life!” speech from Liv.

What did you think of “Boom Goes the Dynamite”?

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