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Scandal Inside LineCan Fitz and Olivia ever recover from the Defiance Scandal? Will Dallas‘ J.R. go out with a bang? How is the Spartacus finale shaping up? Has Once Upon a Time‘s Emma lost Henry for good? Get answers to those questions plus teases from other shows.

Scandal | Shonda Rhimes pulled the rug out from under POPUS fans, and scores of you are wondering what it will take to slide that rug riiiiight back in place. Tony Goldwyn admits he has “no idea” what the boss lady is thinking, but he does offer a glimmer of hope for those who champion the illicit pairing. “I think Liv is truly authentic. I think that she believed everything that Fitz believed in, in terms of ideals and a morality higher than their transgressing morality with their sexual relationship… morality on a more profound level,” he observes. “So all I can imagine is that somehow it will be revealed to Fitz that Olivia is still the woman he thought she was, and he’ll need her in some way. Like, she’ll become his only lifeline.” Goldwyn however reiterates, “I’m just guessing. I don’t know how [Fitz will warm back up to Liv].”

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Dallas | We’re about two weeks away from the TNT drama’s March 11 funeral for J.R. Ewing, and to hear Josh Henderson tell it, the event will both tribute the late Larry Hagman’s iconic character as well as stir the pot in a way that’d make the Southfork scalawag proud. “It’s going to be a piece of TV history, obviously, but also a big deal [storyline-wise],” says John Ross’ portrayer. “It’s going to be a roller coaster.” Of course, so much ado can’t be avoided when you bring together so many of the J.R.’s kinfolk – Lucy, Cliff, Ray and Gary included. “It’s an interesting thing to see the Ewings unite,” Henderson says. “When all the stuff goes down with J.R., it’s going to be a different feel of the Ewings than people are used to, for sure!”

Spartacus: War of the Damned | When speaking with Manu Bennett about his run on Arrow, I was also sure to see what he could spoil about this last season of Spartacus – including the series finale. “We’re at a big turning point now between Crixus and [his lover] Naevia, who’s suddenly taken a turn toward the dark side,” he previewed. “She has slipped into a pre-Season 2 mentality, having obviously [suffered] a bigger injury than what Crixus thought after the fight with Ashur. Her hatred and need for vengeance has risen back to the surface, and how Crixus deals with that is what the next couple of episodes are about.” As for the series-ender airing April 12, he says this: “I would love to be a fly on the wall in every room where we have fans, as they watch it because … it brought me to tears. The way this one is being crafted together, it really is a masterpiece.”

And now, diving into the Inside Line reader mailbag….

Now that Once Upon a Time‘s Emma has disappointed Henry by lying to him about his father, will Regina have a chance to really reconnect with her son? –Vicki
That is totally where I thought this was going, too, but it appears we’re both wrong. As Jennifer Morrison explained to me, “Unfortunately for Regina at this point, she is so wrapped up in her own sort of mess with her mother being in town and the complications of that relationship, and sort of her failing at trying to not use magic, she sort of misses seeing her opportunity [with Henry]. She does make a move to get him back, but she doesn’t necessarily make the most strategic move, based on the circumstances.”

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Please give us a one-word clue about this week’s Beauty and the Beast! — @itslulim via Twitter
Well, it would be cruel – yet accurate – of me to trot out the word “break-up.” But I am not a cruel man, so I’ll just go with “game-changer.” (I assume everyone has heard about the shocking death by now…?) For those who are not @itsluim and are OK with more than one word, you probably saw me tweet, “Oh damn” twice, as I previewed tonight’s episode. One was a sad “Oh damn,” and one was… not. Y’all are gonna be talking about this episode, because in the course of one unpredictable scene I suspect you’ll get more than you bargained for.

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What happened to Crossbones from NBC? Did it get a pilot order or what? There were rumours a while back about Hugh Laurie even joining it! – Omabin
Though the talk about Laurie — one of the most in-demand actors this development season — playing Blackbeard has died down, Crossbones was actually ordered to series almost from the get-go, and is still in development/casting.

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What happened to Callie and Arizona’s baby girl on Grey’s Anatomy? We haven’t seen her this season. –Judy
Hmm, I believe we did see Sofia earlier in the season, but… regardless, I am told the little darling resurfaces soon. Tonight, in fact! UPDATE: I see some grumbling down there in Comments; rest assured that in the next episode of TVLine’s Spoiler Alert!, we’ve got some juicy Grey’s scoop.

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