Grey's Anatomy Recap: Going, Going...

SANDRA OH, SARA RAMIREZ, JESSICA CAPSHAW, PATRICK DEMPSEY, ELLEN POMPEOThis week on Grey’s Anatomy, Team Megabucks (Derek, Meredith, Callie, Arizona and Cristina) jumps through one hoop after another to convince a gazillionaire to invest $175 million in their purchase of Seattle Grace. But, because not one of them is an administrator, he passes. “I’m not feeling this,” he says. Luckily, (a) we cannot reach through the TV screen to smack him upside the head, and (b) Team Megabucks just happens to know a coupla crackerjack administrators…

CHOP, CHOP, BIZ, BIZ | Before Team Megabucks gets that far with their master plan to save both the hospital and the day, Alana tells Owen that she’s managed to bring Pegasus Horizons back to the negotiating table. What she doesn’t tell him is that they’re only interested in buying Seattle Grace for scrap! He finds out pretty quickly, though: As soon as Heather (over)hears about it, she informs Bailey, then – ignoring Bailey’s order to keep her lips zipped – blabs to everybody else. Finally, Owen gets clued in when Shane asks him – during surgery, natch! – if the rumor’s true.

OPEN HEART | While Stephanie admits to Leah that, when Seattle Grace closes up shop, she’ll follow Jackson pretty much wherever he goes, he seems decidedly less… well, decided about their future. Elsewhere, Jo tearfully confesses to Alex that she would hate to never see him again. Somehow, even this revelation does not result in the two of them kissing.

RUNNING OUT OF TIME | With their gazillionaire about to jet off to Dubai, Team Megabucks has to hustle to recruit Richard and Owen to be their administrators. Once they’re on board – hey, they’re hardly tough to sell on the idea – Richard joins Derek for a final pitch to Richie Rich, and Owen talks the board into postponing the (liquidation) sale to Pegasus Horizons. Alas, it’s all for naught: The gazillionaire still isn’t “feeling it.” (And again, he’s lucky we can’t reach through the TV to smack him.)

MAMMA MIA | Later, Richard fills in Catherine on Team Megabucks’ failed attempt to purchase Seattle Grace. “How much money did you need?” she (pretty much) asks. And boom! The morning after, she announces that the Harper Avery Foundation would be happy to fork over the dough – on one condition: They get a rep on the board. “Sure, sure, you name it,” everybody replies. That is, until Catherine turns to Jackson and delivers the best line of the night: “Give your mama a kiss – she just bought you a hospital!”

Okay, your turn. What did you think? Were you disappointed that Catherine gave the board seat to Jackson instead of taking it for herself? (Personally, I’d love to see Debbie Allen in every episode.) Did you agree with what Owen said – that Bailey is the heart of the hospital? Do you think he’ll be able to forgive Cristina? And, on a completely shallow note, how freakin’ cute is Heather’s new haircut? Sound off below!