The Big Bang Theory Recap: Two Cute

The Tangible Affection ProofValentine’s Day causes a plethora of problems for The Big Bang Theory geniuses, who run into girl (or, in Raj’s case, lack-of-girl) trouble as the holiday unfolds. Let’s take a look at how everyone weathers the big day.

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LEONARD AND PENNY | Deeming himself a “romance ninja,” Leonard plans the perfect romantic dinner at a restaurant, despite Penny’s assertion that Valentine’s Day “never works out.” Their evening begins well but hits a Cupid-sized speedbump when Penny’s ex and his new love – her former pal Gretchen – get engaged just tables away from where the blonde and her brainiac sit. Leonard urges his girlfriend to let it go, but she can’t. “I told you, Valentine’s Day sucks!” she grouses. “This one does, and you’re the reason why!” he shoots back. At home, Penny confesses that her marriage issues are even bigger than we previously thought. “The whole thing just freaks me out,” she says. So, much like Bones‘ Seeley Booth, Leonard generously offers exactly what his woman wants: “I promise I will never ask you to marry me again,” he says, saying that when she’s ready, she’s got to do the proposing. “It’s all on you.” With that settled, they get back to V-Day business: sexy-romance-ninja-fun times.

SHELDON AND AMY | Sheldon pulls a Don Draper and orders Alex to shop for his girlfriend’s Valentine’s gift. He rejects the harp music box and Canterbury Tales map she finds, then keeps a rare signed print of a hand-drawn brain cell illustration for himself. But when Amy cancels their plans – “No dinner. No romance. No gifts.” – because that’s what Sheldon wants most, he’s moved and gives her a token of affection, anyway: a form noting that she’s been added as his “in case of emergency” contact at work. “This is the most beautiful gift you could’ve given me,” she says through tears, tackling him in a big hug. Say it with me (and the studio audience) now: Aww. (Little does she know, being Sheldon’s ICE number might turn out to be a full-time job.)

HOWARD AND BERNADETTE | Wolowitz hoped to woo Bernadette, who’s stressed from long days at work, by using CalTech lab equipment to write their initials in a heart 1/1000th the size of a grain of sand. But when he drops it – oops – Leonard invites the pair to join his romantic meal with Penny. Though the Wolowitzes snipe at each other to begin with, Penny and Leonard’s fight causes them to realize that their argument is petty, and they go home to do laundry and hang out together.

RAJ AND… MYSTERY COMIC GIRL! | Raj is going on a coffee date! With a girl! After convincing Stuart to hold a singles mixer at the comic-book store, Raj gives the assembled crowd — which includes Bar Refaeli casanova Jesse Heiman! — a pep talk. “We are a community. As long as we have each other, we are never truly alone,” he says, earning the interest of a quiet woman who then nervously approaches him. All of his solidarity with the singletons is lost, however, as he follows her out of the shop, shouting, “Later, losers!”

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