Scandal Recap: I Never Knew How Much Love Could Hurt, Until I Loved You

Scandal Season 2 Recap Whiskey Tango FoxtrotThis week on ABC’s Scandal, a 10-month time jump found Fitz driven to drink, David in too deep and Olivia struggling to stay above water as troubles new and familiar loomed large.

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THE STATE OF THE UNION | Yes, 10 months have passed since Fitz learned the truth about Defiance — yet he apparently never made it clear to anyone that he knew. Mellie thinks he and Liv just, like, had some nasty spat, so she’s doing her best to satisfy her man’s need for (conspicuous amounts of) drink as well as bow-chicka-wow-wow. Fitz though rolls his eyes at the latter while glugging the former.

The presidents other significant other, Cyrus, meanwhile has had his fill of the cold shoulder (yet in all these months never thought to ask point-blank what was up). But when Fitz ponders a questionable call with a Navy SEAL team and a group of CIA hostages, Cy forces “a minute” with the boss and has his voice heard.

Still, Cyrus is shaken, and insists to Mellie in private that their guy knows about Defiance. “He could bathe in Scotch for all I care,” the chief of staff says, alluding to POTUS’ new crutch. “He’s shutting me out. He’s running the country, on his own.” Cyrus tells Mellie they must force Fitz to trust them again, or “someone else will ride our horse across the finish line.”

Later, Mellie takes Cyrus’ advice somewhat to heart, broaching the topic of Defiance with her husband and throwing Cyrus, with all her might, under the proverbial bus. (Here’s a drinking game, Mr. President — take a shot each time Mellie reiterates that Cyrus was behind Defiance.) When Fitz takes and kisses the First Lady’s hand, oh how she beams… in an inappropriate way.

Acting on Mellie’s advice to follow his gut, Fitz sends in the SEALs, only to come away from the botched raid knowing there is a mole amongst his team.

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THE DAVID ROSEN‘S PROBLEM | Blackballed by his brethren in the wake of his second epic strike-out, David is now running a private “firm” out of his apartment, using wafer-thin business cards to boot. Even worse: He wakes up one day to find a pretty blonde from the local pub bar beside him. Dead. Smothered in blood. And a knife in his hand. Colossal mistake No. 1: David covers in front of some inquisitive flatfoots, thus compelling him to not only summon Pope & Associates for a consult but comply with their recommendation to move the body and stage a B&E-gone-wrong at her home. (In the course of the cover-up, we witness that Quinn, with tutelage from a duly impressed Huck, “is a natural” at being a cleaner, as well as driving a knife into a cadaver to generate fresh splatter. Plus, she’s awfully cute in her clear plastic apron.)

The gal, Wendy, apparently had been using her womanly wiles to get (ahem) close to men who have access to information, then turn her learnings into tabloid stories — or in her final, ante mortem case, try to sell secrets to the military. That’s where Scott Foley comes in, as Captain Jake Ballard. Having already “met cute” with Olivia at a coffee shop, Jake turns on the charm when Ms. Pope drops by on her strange, super-secretive kind of business. With Jake himself trading in confidential intel, their confab is a bust, though he plants the seed for a possible dinner date.

Later, David discovers a flash drive that Wendy was using to fish files from his laptop at the time she was killed. On it, he and Olivia find massively high-level military secrets. Though David can by no means afford her (as she made clear earlier), Liv agrees to help him get back the white hat he wore so well.

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PURE ELECTRICITY | As revealed in a meet-up with Cyrus, Liv is loath to even talk about Fitz these days — though Cy does share with her his theory that the president got wind of the Defiance scheme. Still, Olivia is the godmother to Cyrus and James’ daughter Ella, and will need to share space with godfather Fitz at the christening ceremony.

And Share. Space. They. Do.

Fitz fast-walks after Olivia as she leaves, eventually tugging her into an electric closet for a torrid, angry, heated rogering, while Stevie Wonder’s “I Don’t Know Why” wails. Afterward, Liv admits, “I made a mistake” — referring not to the romp but Defiance. “No, that was betrayal,” Fitz counters. Driving home just how hurt he still is by her compliance with the scheme, he coldly says, “I may not be able to control my erections around you, but that doesn’t mean I want you. We are done.”

EVERY BREATH YOU TAKE…. | Olivia returns home, defeated anew, and rings Jake. With some hesitation, she pulls the trigger on a not-quiet date with the charming stranger while… quite unbeknownst to her… he’s watching her, and every room in and around her apartment, via hidden surveillance cameras. Whiskey Tango Foxtrot, indeed.

What did you think of this week’s episode? Can we assume that Jake framed David, to lead Liv to him? Is it sadder to see Fitz inhale Scotch or have depressing shower sex with Mellie? (Hey, remember when Mer cried after sex with George? Good times.)

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. Tina says:

    Wow you kind of glossed over that “rogering”. Oh he rogered her. They quite enjoyed that hot rogering

  2. Carm says:

    Before the ‘rogering’ actually happened, I kept hoping she would just leave. How many nasty things does he have to say to her before she stops letting him ‘roger’ her whenever he says jump. It is getting old.

    • Carm says:

      And poor David Rosen. They really screwed him over

    • Anna says:

      Preach! I was so mad at her for giving in. I don’t care how hurt he is or betrayed he feels, the way Fitz has been talking to Olivia this last 2 episodes is unacceptable. He definitely treats her like a bitch and nothing surprising there, as the mistress of a married man, what was she expecting? I don’t see love between these two, I see lust from the POTUS, a desire of control, that’s it. The day he’ll be able to put her Olivia’s desires before him instead of being a possessive jackass, I’ll be convinced that she’s the love of his life.

      • Brenda says:

        How long have you watched this show fi you’re saying Fitz has never put Olivia’s desires before his own? He would do anything for her and has proven that time and time again. He’s the one that has jumped thru hopes for her.

        • Kia says:

          When has he done that, specifically?

        • LeftonPost says:

          Yes, @Anna, I think you need to watch from the beginning. He had let her go like she asked. They weren’t together until after he got shot. It’s hard to keep track sometimes with all the flashbacks, but I’m pretty sure he had let her go. Maybe after the Hunting Season episode??

      • me says:

        Fitz and Olivia hadn’t has sex in 3 years. The lover never stopped hence the interactions that might lead a person who doesn’t regularly watch the show to think the relationship is sexual. It’s the real deal emotional affair. Don’t know why this show gets such reactions when I just watched two tv shows tonight that deal w/ similar subject matter yet not a peep of criticism.

      • me says:

        Anna, you’re not a regular watcher of Scandal.

    • Kristen says:

      I agree. I felt disgusting just watching it. Its getting really old.

      • anon says:

        Old? Where does all this “getting tired of her just giving in” sentiment come from? They haven’t had sex for 3 years. Sex isn’t a prize for some man or woman to win or earn. It’s a basic need and it something that they both wanted at that moment. Does it change anything that came between them? No. They are both in a lot of hurt and the only way that will change is if they actually have a conversation about what happened. But I won’t condemn either one of them for hot, angry closet sex.

      • Crabapple Court says:

        If you’re a follower you would know they never had sex in the present until Whiskey Tango Foxtrout. The closest they became was in hunting season (treegate). In the passed (flashbacks) they had sex 4 times. With this episode 5 times. I see them as my children watching them grow. They have build such a romantic, sexy, intimacy and hot relationship in a total of 14 episode only having sex 5times and they broke up 4 times. Most of their loving relationship was what they didn’t say. It’s something real how they perform these roles. They bought life to the words on paper. The chemistry so profound you wish someone loves you that much. So, to watch them break-up it hurts. You want them to work things out if they just talk about it. I’m not forgetting that he killed someone or they are committing adultery. Right from the start his marriage was dead. You knew his marriage was build on what was expected of you: going to right schools, dating the class of people, graduating from an Ivy League college, meeting the right girl, getting married and have a family all laid out for you. Then one day @ 49 years old you meet a woman that makes your heart beats, had sweat, your mind wonders, get butterflies in your stomach and don’t forget you get an erection just the thought of her; well that’s Fitz and Olivia (know Olitz)

        • Yvonne Sherrill says:

          That’s true Crabapple Court — A lot of people don’t understand that children of politicians are told what schools to go to , meet the right person get married etc and a lot of times it is preplanned and that is what I think Fitz’s life was all about before he met Liv. I think that when he’s with her he’s like he’s on another planet – and don’t forget yaw’ll he was ready to walk away from the President role last season but Olivia went to Mellie after Cyress made her feel guilty and cut the deal with her to pretend that it was Mellie on the sex tape so he wouldn’t be a disgraced ex-President and then he was willing to divorce right before the defiance scandel broke and be with Olivia its a shame Verna spilled the beans — oh well — maybe he’ll come to his senses and forgive her — maybe Cyress’ will tell him that Olivia didn’t want to go along with rigging in the first place — I think he’ll find his way back to her before the end of the season.

          • Goldie says:

            Exactly and if you remember after the sex tape debacle Fitz asked Olivia who she was right then because she was agreeing to let Mellie say it was her on the tape and not let him leave her. Given how much Mellie doesn’t like kids I think her insisting that Fitz get her pregnant right away was payback. To him and to Olivia. She rubbed their faces in it and just smiled. America’s Baby saved the presidency.

        • Kimber says:

          I can tell you are a true follower…I couldn’t have said it better

      • me says:

        I think the show has had 4 sex scenes (Olivia, Fitz) across 21 episodes to date. Episode 2×14 was a bit much inn this regard. Other characters have also had sex scenes.

    • shar07 says:

      Excuse me, but Olitz haven’t rogered in almost 3 years. All those sex scenes were flashbacks, that’s why Olivia lost control. Go back and watch the first season, you’ll see.

  3. Mandy says:

    I hate this new side of Olivia. She needs to be strong and resist him.

    He basically hit it and quit it with her in tonight’s episode! She should have slapped him and ran out.

    • Sheena says:

      Uh, Olivia got hers too. That wasn’t all Fitz in that electrical room. She wanted him in spite of everything.

    • Plum says:

      Don’t forget, Fitz had put Olivia on a pedestal, and now he’s trying to debase her so that he can focus his anger on how she betrayed him, instead of how he Fitz was not able to win his own election without her help. She beat up his school yard bully, and now he’s angry at her. And since we’ve seen Olivia is crazy for him I think she needed that extra slap in the face to rid herself of Fitz; in the same day he begged her to wait for him and then broke up; that’s rough.

    • LeftonPost says:

      Umm, I think she was completely on board. She wanted him just as much, if not more. And despite what he told her in the last episode, you know he doesn’t really mean it. If he did, he’d be able to have sex with his wife without looking so sad and defeated. (It was horrible what he said, though. Horrible.)

    • me says:

      They had not had sex in three years. An unresolved breakup and running into one another can trigger an intense encounter, sexual even. Plenty of TV dramas and films show it. Maybe the flashbacks have confused people but regular viewers know.

    • me says:

      That was mutual, sexual wanting. They hadn’t has sex in 3 years. After their unresolved, painful breakup, it’s unsurprising they would have an intense sexual encounter after running into one another and being in either other’s presence.

  4. Mandy says:

    I lost a lung and a half screaming as that “rogering” took place. Good. Lord. Thanks, Matt, for the always intriguing recap—my favorite line: “And share. Space. They. Do.” (And hey, we finally have our Scandal drinking game!)

  5. Jen says:

    Fitz is becoming more unlikable by the minute. Creepy as they are, maybe he and Mellie deserve each other.
    Did I miss something? Do we know why Scott Foley is stalking her?

    • Weary says:

      I don’t like this new Fitz either. He’s mean mugging everybody these days. And I knew he was going to do a “wham-bam-thank-you-ma’am” on Olivia…I’m wondering if Mellie is having her watched because she is afraid that Fitz will go back to her. She can watch Fitz at home while plying him with scotch but she has to be worried because she knows it only a matter of time before he wants to leave her again. She knows that Fitz and Olivia deeply love each other. She’s not that crazy or stupid. He was so bored went she tried to pleasure him. (It cracked me up actually.)

    • KCC says:

      You didn’t miss anything. They haven’t told us why he’s watching her yet.

  6. May says:

    Are they just copying Homeland now?

    • theOtherMonique says:

      Why do you say so… can you explain, May?

      • May says:

        Just some plot points (mole, surveillance wall, wall of suspects, Rosen’s wall of evidence). Not that it bothers me, they are definitely taking a different and scandalous approach, but just that given how recently Homeland aired these it just feels, to me, a bit repetitive.

        • Saint Alicia says:

          You’re not alone in noticing this. Also the whole volatile, sh*tty, unhealthy relationship between the lead characters that’s supposed to be “love” because the actors have such strong chemistry.

          • Anna says:

            I hope Shonda could read your comment. I know the show’s called Scnadal but c’mon! Olitz’s relationship is toxic and I don’t buy this whole “love makes you make crazy things” charade.

          • Plum says:

            Their relationship has turned toxic and sick, but we all know how true it is that the one you love can drag your heart around like a chew toy.

          • The relationship that is sh*tty and unhealthy is actually between Fitz and his wife, Mellie. Where is her self-esteem??? She is his wife, she bore him 3 kids, she was begging, naked in the shower and he didn’t even want to be touched. The ultimate insult. Fitz is treating himself like a who*e right now, because he’s with someone he doesn’t want to be with…that’s what who*es do all day long…share their bodies with people they don’t really want. Mellie thinks she’s all tough and smart and that she can be the president and run a country, etc. Well, I need her to show me that…so far, the only thing she has shown is how big a liar she can be, how she has to beg to be touched…what kind of role model is she for her daughter. Just stay with your husband even though he doesn’t want you anymore. Even though his mind, heart, and soul are always with another woman. One he doesn’t need to drown in alcohol to get through the act with. Mellie has the papers, but Olivia has the man. Liv and Fitz love each other. They are having a conflict right now, but who doesn’t. Life isn’t perfect. If folks need perfect, they need to watch some kind of Disney show or a show like Leave it to Beaver where everything is solved in 20 minutes and everyone gets cake and ice cream because The Beav did his chores and Wally won the big game! Olitz 4Ever!!!!!!!!!

        • theOtherMonique says:

          Oh… that would totally be ANNOYING for a viewer. I’m WAAAY behind on HOMELAND (trying to get into it), but I think some of the similarities might be attributed to the fact that both have a similar setting, both related to government, a female protagonist who isn’t perfect, and are based in fact… in other words, they did research on similar topics and are trying to be authentic when it comes to themes and protocols (Pinning pics on the walls are pretty common from the city to the federal government). The SCANDAL universe is based on the real-life inner workings of Judy Smith, a Washington D.C. insider. I guess it’s like comparing GREY’S ANATOMY to HOUSE or ER… they’re not copying each other as much as they are giving us insight into similar universes, I think. As for the unhealthy relationships? Ohh… I HAVE to catch up on Homeland to compare and contrast, but I can see how the SCANDAL storyline could have come about given Rhimes’ past works. She has explored infidelity on her other shows, but the difference here is a simple fork in the road difference in choice and the extent of the focus. Meredith was in a similar position, but choose to honor Derek’s marriage, her mother, on the other hand, was Olivia, the mistress of the married Chief of the hospital. I don’t know if what I just said helps or not. I hope so! I would hate for the overlap to take away from anyone’s experience of this show!

          • scandalhooked says:

            while i am addicted to scandal homeland did not hold my attention for more than 30 minutes dont think they are alike at all homeland is BORING

    • me says:

      No. All political dramas and spy thrillers have the same elements. And, nearly all have photo wall and all have surveillance.

  7. theOtherMonique says:

    Oh… I posted this on an older post about tonight’s episode (should’ve posted it here)…

    “WWWWWOOOOOOWWWW @ tonight’s episode. So much going on but BRAVO TONY GOLDWYN!!! AMAZING RANGE OF EMOTIONS!!! I’m an acting snob and my gosh… just WOW tonight. [His] interpretation was amazing, everything [he] did made sense and was so powerful! Wow!


    • Mandy says:

      I really thought Tony did a great job presenting so many emotions as well. And I didn’t think I could love him more than I do.

      (Also, how cute was he with that baby?!)

    • Angel says:

      I wonder if anyone has considered his range of emotions are due yes partially because of what they did but also and more importantly because he did get shot in the head. That’s when I noticed he started to change and take on the angry I don’t care attitude.

    • Elizabeth J says:

      absolutely Tony was great. hope there’s lot more great acting. that wasn’t just sex in the system room. they re one entertaining couple. Love the writing tht keeps Olivia from saying all the usual hurt female things. She is so cool about it. If christening was now why was she remembering system room while swimming?

      • Deena Braun says:

        Tony is an exceptional actor who knows how to elicit heart-felt feelings from viewers. Few actors can do that. Kudos to Tony.

  8. Olivia fills in Cyrus about him knowing about Defiance. Not the other way around. He then tells that bit to Meillie. It shows u how much they don’t really talk to each other to show that noone bothered to ask WHY he was so upset.

  9. rachelle says:

    I don’t have any problems with the Olitz situation. I get it. Fitz is pretending not to care, but he does. He’s acting like he just wants meaningless sex, but he just wants to be close to her by any means necessary and he’s trying to protect his heart by pretending not to care about her anymore. I’m ride or die Olitz and I’m more than willing to watch them jump over these hurdles and grow stronger. A love like theirs won’t die this easily. There’s just no way. He’s still as in love with her as she is with him, of that I am positive. However, I want Liv to get her stuff together and fight him! I know it’s probably hard for her, but meaningless sex demeans what they had [even if Fitz is just pretending because Liv doesn’t know that]. Liv doesn’t deserve the way Fitz is treating her and I don’t want her to just lay back and take it.

    • Yeah. I need her to get it together. She needs to get in his a*s and let him know how it all went down and to stop playing the d*mn victim and let her love him. Let them love each other.

    • LeftonPost says:

      @Rachelle – GREAT COMMENT!

    • Dawn says:

      I think as well as Fitz pretending not to care, he’s also TRYING not to care. I also think that the system room sex wasn’t so much meaningless sex as it was uncontrollable sex. Fitz hasn’t been in close contact with Olivia for ten months, then they have to stand there together at a christening? He probably felt like was going to explode if he didn’t have her! I think his behavior afterwards also included feelings of disgust in himself at his weakness and behavior and he said really hurtful things to her to try to bring it to his level. Mark my words, when they get it back together to at least be able to be civil and friendly with each other, he’s going to apologize. And they will get there and back to the tortuous love. Might be in season three, but it’ll happen.

      • Yvonne Sherrill says:

        I agree Dawn but did you see his face in the shower scenes especially the second one he looked like he was going to throw-up with Mellie, but I know everybody his hating Fitz but how would you feel in his position learning that somebody you know tried to have you killed and then on top of that that you’re not really the President because the people closet to you rigged the election putting everything in jeporday. One or the other would have been enough for the average person all of that put together was a mind blower for anybody but especially someone who is recovering from a brain injury!

        • Goldie says:

          Oh I definitely agree. The first scene in the shower with Mellie trying to do what she was doing, he’s standing there drinking scotch looking like “whatever”. He was so bored and uninterested. The second time, after Olivia, he looked, idk, like he was in pain, not really interested, but felt like he had to go through the motions because he doesn’t think he has anyone else. He’s floundering and it’s like he’s adrift at sea or something. The shooting, then Verna bursting his bubble. He’s a mess.

      • They hadn’t seen each other in 10 months, but haven’t had sex in 3 years! The flashbacks confuse some folks.

        • Goldie says:

          I know. It makes it hard but you’re right. They’ve done nothing but kiss and hold each other. They haven’t had sex since they were writing the State of the Union speech at Camp David which would have been early in the presidency. She broke up with him during his speech.

    • Crabapple Court says:

      Rachelle I agree with every word. I’m glad someone else knows he is just hurting. He doesn’t want what he is feeling to be true, because that would mean the last two years of his life was for nothing. He needs to know what the felt and what Olivia said was the truth. POTUS she was never in it for power, political gain she was in it for you. Why else would someone put themselves through all that pain and suffering? This is the first time Olivia let her walk down and going for it and soon as she does that he put a knife in it. Right now I think she is numb. Trying to figure out what happen to the man who just wanted her to “wait for him”.

  10. May says:

    I just want to comment on something that keeps distracting me. Most guest stars and recurring characters are played by actors who appeared in Grey’s and my OCD personality just won’t let me focus on what’s happening until I can finally pinpoint who they played on Grey’s. Am I alone?

    • LOL. i stopped watching Greys ages ago…regularly anyway, but now I think you are giving me a case of what you got ’cause I had to sit and figure out who Foley was on Greys’ and I just wen “Oh Harry(?), dead husband of ol’ girl” LOL

    • Mandy says:

      Probably not. But Shonda does like her guest and recurring stars. I’m sure you’d be able to find at least one person who has been on all three of her shows.

      • Alichat says:

        Bellamy Young (Mellie)…..Ann Cusack……Joshua Malina (David Rosen)……Katie Lowes (Quinn)…….Tony Goldwyn directed episodes of Grey’s and Private Practice…..

        • DeeKayTee says:

          Not to mention all of the Gillmore Girls guest stars, Amanda Tanner, Hollis Doyle & Brittany Kagen (murdered press secretary). What is the GG connection?

        • Dawn says:

          Remember the blonde coroner from season one on Scandal? She wanted to hook-up with Stephen. She was Josh Malina’s wife on Grey’s who needed a “poop transplant”. Josh was “no poo for you!”

    • theOtherMonique says:

      I think Shonda (after the Grey’s debacle) is just as focused on hiring an actor/ress with the right “spirit” as she is with the character they are supposed to embody. This cast seems more cohesive and “loving” than most I’ve seen, but I totally get what you’re saying. When I saw Meredith’s father it took me a minute to adjust, but now… I only see Mr. Cyrus Beene. ;)

    • GS says:

      I adored Scott Foley as Henry on Grey’s! He was the only reason Teddy was remotely interesting for a while. If he had lived, she could stay but I’m glad she’s gone. I’m not loving the stalkerish approach he has but he’s great!

    • Amanda says:

      I know what you mean. Every time the VP comes on screen I think ELLIS! Last night I thought Henry looked so much better. I think the character who plays Hollis might have been Ellis’ resident in the flashback episode where she and Richard were interns and he was scared of the aids patient.

  11. Sharon says:

    Ok Shonda.. we get it….. a heartbroken Olivia is willing to allow herself to be humiliated by the man she loves. Enough already. I want my strong Olivia back. Want. Her. Back.

    And Fitz is coming across like the weak half-man his dad accused him of being. I mean jeez, a betrayal by his woman yes, but that turns him into a man who can’t be without a scotch in his hand; who 10 months later is still reeling? Not. Impressed. Shonda, can you please give him some backbone soon? PLEASE!

    • theOtherMonique says:

      Everything you just said is something that I wouldn’t be surprised Shonda was going for, ESPECIALLY with Fitz. The major story arc, the election, how it came about and how it came undone caused internal turmoil in both Olivia and Fitz. Fitz wanting to climb out of his heartless father’s shadow, believing he had overcome, learns that (in his mind) his father was right about him. Olivia, who had always trusted her gut, broke rules she required of her own Gladiators, she broke (no crying, lying to reporters…). All of this came about because she, in her mind (and in truth), was weakened by her love for Fitz and that weakness threw her love, her professional life, and “We the People” in jeopardy.

    • Carm says:

      Don’t forget he committed murder. That might have something to do with the scotch.

    • Amanda says:

      I keep reading comments like yours and I just totally disagree about Fitz. Dudeman found out he did NOT WIN THE PRESIDENCY! He had a group of people he MOST TRUSTED and they all betrayed him in probably the worst possible way. He’s now walking around thinking “this call I’ve just made is a farce because I SHOULDN’T be the President right now”. On top of that, one of the people he trusted the most tried to have him assassinated!!!! He almost died!!! Come on people, that’s a whole bunch of stuff to take in and try to swallow. A lot less things drive others to become alcoholics. After all of that, would you just say “well, I shouldn’t be president, someone tried to assassinate me and I almost died, and I literally do not trust anyone… but maybe I should get a backbone and suck it up”?

      • Jessica P. says:

        Not only all of that, but I actually think part of the point of Fitz – part of the character’s actual, long-term journey/arc – IS that he’s a straw man right now. Part of the reason the betrayal of the cabal stings SO MUCH for him, I think, is because on some level, his father was RIGHT about him (and part of why Verna’s last set of words stung so much is because they’re true) – he’s NOT naturally strong; he’s not naturally a fighter, and while he has a certain kind of surface charm, he doesn’t have the kind of substance that makes him a natural leader. He WAS going to lose that election. And he’s been able to go along for the first part of his presidency telling himself his father wasn’t right about him because he had the power of the office of the president behind him; people treated him with the necessary deference and respect and awe that the OFFICE inspires, but it’s not about him personally (you can tell it’s not; listen to how Cyrus and Mellie talk about him to each other when he’s not around). That’s why the betrayal hurts SO MUCH right now; it confirms (in his mind) everything his father ever said was wrong with him. I think what Shonda & Co. have done with Fitz is really interesting. In a lot of ways, it’s almost a deconstruction of the idea of the Leading Man Character. Fitz actually isn’t – naturally – any of the things the traditional Leading Man Character is. Every accomplishment he’s had up until this point has been handed to him or engineered for him by someone else. I honestly think it’s healthier for him right now – and is better for him in the long run – to hold all of them, including Olivia – at arm’s length and to try muddling through on his own for a while. Because that’s going to help him grow into the man he’s REALLY supposed to be. If this show goes on long enough, the Fitz of, say, season three or four, is actually going to BE the man the Fitz has only THOUGHT he was up until now.

  12. C says:

    When the final scene started, I was envying Scott Foley’s fake TV apartment and then went WHOA when I saw the surveilance equipment. The shot of him in the preview reaching out towards the screen like he was outside a window was so creepy. Very interested to see where this goes.

  13. OltizFF says:

    First things First SHONDA RHIMES AND BETSY BEERS ARE I cant even find the words….GREAT EPISODE…..I am willing to bet my last dollar that what we saw in that electrical room, the rogering I assume you are calling it more than likely made a baby the hidden highlights of them holding that beautiful baby, call me crazy but I am callin git…reminded me of that hot steamy Smits and Delaney hot love scene from NYPD Blue years ago. Fitz is hurt, and he has every right to be…Mellie I bow down to that bitch…she will play her cards until there is no more cards left to play and when their isnt she will go down to a daycare and steal all of theirs….watching Fitz sex Mellie in the shower with the look of sheer disgust and pain was heartbreaking…..Is Mellie the mole? AND WHY THE HELL IS THIS GUY WATCHING LIVVIE….has to be Hollis’ doing

    • Mandy says:

      What about Edison? He’s been in Liv’s house many times. I wouldn’t be surprised if he was the one who hired Jake to spy on Liv.

    • Weary says:

      what about Mellie’s doing? she is so power hungry crazy she will do anything to keep it.

    • the girl says:

      I don’t see how Hollis would be able to pull enough strings to get someone from the Pentagon to watch Liv. Hollis has absolutely no position in the government. But Fitz does, and I suspect it’s him, honestly. Mellie is my close second.

    • Dawn says:

      You know what? It really never crossed my mind that Olivia could end up pregnant later, but you’re right! If it happened I think she would lose it because I can’t seeShonda having her trying to raise a child with her career and be a single parent. But either way it would be FANTASTIC to see. Cyrus telling Fitz that Liv is pregnant, Fitz’s reaction. Then his devastation. But let’s face it. She’s probably on the pill or something. She just ended a relationship with Edison

    • There’s so much I get from the scene in the church…it was like an omen…We got an idea of what it would be like to see Liv and Fitz with a baby…they’re holding one together. We got to see what they’d look like at an alter together with a minister in full regalia. Next time we see that (might be a while) but he’ll be in his Naval Uniform or a Tux and she’ll be in a wedding gown. Fitz looked like a groom looking at and waiting for his bride as Liv walked down the aisle to the alter. Shonda gave us a taste.

  14. Saint Alicia says:

    Been somewhat following the show in interviews/online news etc and finally watched my first ep tonight and… wow, the President is a dog. He and Olivia have great chemistry but he is a POS, and yet this is supposed to be ~true love?
    Guess I can’t judge since I ship some disastrous couples (Carrie/Brody; Scandal in general is giving me Homeland vibes actually) but anyway, damn, the President is vile and unlikeable. So is the first lady. Olivia and crew are cool though, so I can watch for them as I wait for Lisa Edelstein to show up :)

    • Christie says:

      You can’t really judge his character based solely on this one episode. You really need to have seen everything leading up to this to understand the Olivia and Fitz relationship.

      • MaryAnn says:

        Absolutely. This episode only makes sense in the context that it is totally the opposite of everything that has gone before in terms of the President’s character, Olivia’s character, and their relationship. In this episode, they are both reacting from a place of such incredible pain. Go back and watch the first few episodes from Season 1 before judging either the characters or the show.

    • jack says:

      Co-sign what they both said. You’re basically seeing Fitz at his worst. He just killed a woman and found out the love of his life was lying to him/betrayed him so it is eating at him. He is frustrated and angry. Before all of this he was one of the more innocent people on the show. His only flaw was the affair. And yes it is true love. Just watch 1×06 and 2×08 and you will understand. But seriously watch the show from season 1 and you will get their relationship.

    • Brenda says:

      basically go back and start from season one pls and you will see why many still support them.

      • Saint Alicia says:

        Thanks for the suggestion (everyone), I’d planned to but didn’t have time to marathon everything before the latest ep. Will do now though.

    • Tony says:

      Even from the beginning, the man is a dog. Sure, he’s gotten alot worse since the shooting. Again, this isn’t a judgment about affairs. As many have pointed out, it is a TV show. But the dude is boinking another chick while married to another. He is what he is.

    • theOtherMonique says:

      You just can’t get a sense of the characters from THIS one episode. Everyone’s personality has basically been flipped! You’ve got to start from the beginning. The entire first season is on Netflix! Second in Hulu+. Seriously, you’ve got to start from the beginning. It’s a great ride!

    • nguber says:

      The Pres and First lady are supposed to be unlikeable in this episode. I think you should watch the previous season and the other episodes from this present season to see the whole dynamic between everyone. Pres is very likable he is just very unlikable now because of events past.

  15. Sara says:

    Rachelle is (G) Spot on! That was some hot, angry, conflicted; you’re all I want and the only one who can take the hurt away sex…. And when Liv stands up to Fitz and lets him know why she’s boss, the make up “rogering” will be even better!

  16. Chris says:

    Foley’s character watching Oivia is so creepy, Why is he stalking her? I can’t wait to find out. Also I feel really bad for David and I was kind of amused by Mellie throwing Cyrus under the bus. Fitz doesn’t know Holis was involved right?

  17. irishadrift says:

    Fitz and liv need to having a serious screaming match there is so much not being said that its drowning them. They are in love true love . He’s hurt and when people are hurt they lash out, and drink and are general buttheads. I’m throwing darts here but I see to things happening. Possibly something to liv, maybe by creepy stalker man. Forcing Fitz to see a little clearer or second he’s going to need her skills. Then again there’s always the baby angle that would be interesting. We shall see.

    • KCC says:

      I hope that they don’t make her pregnant with Fitz’s child and that they develop her relationship with Scott Foley’s character instead.

      • Candice says:

        Definitely agree with this. I do not want a baby angle. Mostly because i feel like Liv is too smart to not use protection and then get pregnant. Also, i just hate baby plots because its such a cliche plot device and i dont want to watch any of it.

        That said, the kidnapped by creepy stalker plot somewhat makes sense.

        • anon says:

          I was talking about this with a friend and he totally thought sometime in the future they’d do a baby plotline and she’d have a secret baby, etc. I told him, no way. The only way I’d see a pregnant Olivia storyline end is with her having an abortion. She knows the stakes are way too high to have Fitz’s baby at this point. Hell, I wouldn’t be surprised if Cyrus or Mellie would put a hit out on her if that came to be.

  18. Alichat says:

    That shower scene at the end with Mellie and Fitz was all kinds of uncomfortable and disturbing. Bleh. And I think all the scotch…..or maybe the gunshot… making Fitz seriously stupid. Verna told him Hollis rigged the machines, and he didn’t seem to notice that Mellie conveniently left his name out of the list. I mean, he’s known Cyrus a long time, and he’s seen what a corrupt jerk Hollis is, so I can’t believe he bought Mellie’s repeated assertions that it was all Cyrus.

    Foley’s character is freaking me out.

    • Jessica P. says:

      Weirdly, I think Mellie left Hollis’ name off the list because she knows Fitz doesn’t really care about Hollis? In other words, like Shonda said last week: if you’ve always known someone was a monster, you expect them to be a monster, and when they behave monstrously, that doesn’t surprise you. Fitz knows Hollis is a snake and it’s clear from their limited interaction that they don’t care for one another all that much. But Fitz had actual legit caring relationships with Mellie, Olivia, Cyrus and Verna (Fitz may not be in love with Mellie, but I do think he’s cared about her in the past and even at intervals during the show’s run) and it’s the four of them he’s most likely angriest with/feels hurt by. Mellie didn’t mention Hollis because she knows Fitz well enough to know he probably doesn’t feel betrayed by Hollis because he’s expected Hollis to dirty deal.

  19. Absurdist says:

    Just think, if a certain recent First Lady were as devoted as Mellie is to Fitz, Monica Lewinsky wouldn’t have had room to cut in…

    Old Chris Rock joke, I know. I’ll lock the door behind me.

  20. Melinda says:

    I thought I was the only one who’d be angry after that encounter! I was actually feeling bad for Fitz after that last episode and I was finally starting to come around to the idea of him and Olivia but then this episode stamped that out of existence. I hate how she’s not the strong badass awesome Olivia anymore who pines over Fitz. She needs to become Olivia Pope again. And Fitz’s attitude is really getting on my nerves. Also Edison’s line last week about how love shouldn’t be hard and complicated and troublesome was spot on. She could have a happy life if she would just stop pining over Fitz. Most of the time the men do not leave their wives for the mistress.

  21. Blog Série says:

    Can’t wait for the next episode to come out. This is a marvelous show. I love you Shonda Rhimes

  22. GS says:

    I LOVE the twists and turns of this show! Shonda knocked it out of the park last night. I’m thinking it is Hollis behind Jake stalking her and the David being framed for murder thing b/c of the Huck in the elevator meeting and realizing he works for Olivia. I felt bad for Abby when she went to check on David and he shut the door on her. Those two were good together. That scene in the electrical room was HOT(no pun intended)! They give new meaning to angry sex. I do find it hard to believe no one has bothered to point blank ask Fitz what his problem is in 10 months even if he is POTUS!

  23. DramaBee says:

    “Hey, remember when Mer cried after sex with George? Good times” – Hey am I missing sometime here did Mel have extramarital affair? Is that Fitz’s child? I needed to backup a bit. Whose George?

  24. I see where you’re coming from (and everyone else for that matter). But in reality, don’t people do this? Go back and forth between an ex/ex-lover/ex-friend/ex-someone. In the real world… I don’t think ten months is a long time…especially when you haven’t seen that person in a long time. It’ll get old eventually…because as human beings filled with love and passion. It always gets old.

  25. Robin says:

    I don’t know if anyone else noticed, but Olivia smiled when Fitz dragged her into the electrical room.

  26. LaLa says:

    D@m!, Liv, how many times does Fitz get to call you a H@ before you stop giving up your good stuff to him? Great episode, but, Liv, don’t be crying behind a man.

    • He didn’t call her that…he simply said he couldn’t control himself around her…given his situation with Mellie, that’s actually a compliment. At least he doesn’t have to drown in booze to get through the act. Who wants that?

      • Star says:

        I cannot stand the mentality that because he treats JUST Olivia good (which he doesn’t) that makes everything ok. If he treats other women like crap eventually it will be you in the real world. Oh but because he can get an erection with Olivia well glory be to God, she is so super duper special so how romantic. gross!

  27. KC says:

    Am I the only one who did not like this episode? First off the 10 month gap did not make sense to me at all. It’s just NOT believable that Cyrus would go 10 months being shut out and not question it. A few months would even be a stretch. I’d like to know why Shondra came up the 10 month gap – what possible reasoning is that time frame. I find it rather insulting to the viewers senses to ask us to believe 10 months would pass with Cyrus just sitting in his office wondering WTH. (Yes, I am aware I’m obsessing over the 10 months but that’s how offensive I found it to be)

    I also think the drinking thing is a bit too much for a POTUS. Yes, I do understand the hurt but a LUSH for a president…come on!!! All the more reason for wondering why Cyrus would twiddle his thumbs for 10 months. S I G H …..

    I have been a fan since day one of this show but last night was a HUGE HUGE turn off for me and this show. Don’t know how many more episodes I can tolerate this Fitz and Pope.

    • Daisy says:

      TVL did an interview with Shonda where she pointed out that the 10 month jump was partly because she wanted to get the point where Olivia was mostly over the rejection of Fitz at the funeral. I appreciated that since a mopey Olivia is not fun to watch. And don’t forget. It’s not just Olivia that’s turned him into a lush. He did smother someone with a pillow to keep his presidency in tact. I’m guessing he’s feeling a bit guilty about that.

      As for Cyrus waiting 10 months to ask WTH, well you have a point there.

      But all in all I really enjoyed it.

      • KC says:

        Fitz did not smother her with a pillow, he simply removed her oxygen mask and held her hands so that she could not put the mask back on. I did read that interview with Shondra but it still was too far fetched to only prove that Pope was over the rejection but yet leave all the other questions open for questions. Shondra’s a good writer so she could have covered the rejection without making the other areas unbelievable. I think it was lazy on her part to do so UNLESS at some point real soon she will cover why Cyrus would mope around for 10 months wondering WTH.

  28. Linds says:

    Anyone else think of Dollhouse when they hear “Mr. Ballard”? I just want to hear Olivia Williams say it in her accent.

  29. Rebecca says:

    Even though he is kind of stalkerish, creepy here, I love Scott Foley, he is yummy. I think he is working to try and uncover whether Pope and Associates was behind what happened to David regarding Alliance. That is why he was working with the dead slutty girl. So I think he is watching Liv to see if he can find info on how involved she is with the whole Defiance debacle. Either way, I am happy to have him on the show, long live Noel Crane!

  30. Mark says:

    The 10 month gap did not make sense to me either except for the appearance of Jack. Any ways great show. Hej! BTW – shouldn’t someone campaign by now? I mean – when the show started Fitz was 2 yrs thru his presidency + 8 months Mellie’s pregnancy + this 10 months jump = 3.5 years. Has anyone thought about it? Is it a sloppy writing?

    • me says:

      Scandal is not a film, it’s a weekly TV drama that builds on previous episodes. Neither everything is revealed nor everything resolved in one episode. They’ll get to it. Season 2 ends in May 2013.

    • me says:

      The show started 13 or 14 months into his Presidency. Season 1, limo scene, Mellie character said a line of dialogue that delivered the clue. The time jump is fine by me because I was sick of the election rigging storyline and because it boosts them to the next election cycle.

  31. Kerrie says:

    I am surprised that no one is asking how Olivia can have her phone swapped without knowing. Or, why her apartment is bugged when she has Huck on her team? It seems, in the business they are in (Pope & Associates) they would be extremely conscience of random cameras and microphones. Especially in light of recent events (Fitz’ new knowledge and Poor David’s dilemma.) Wouldn’t sweeps of office and homes be a smart thing? — The whole spying on Olivia creeps me out and I hope she discovers this before she goes too far with this new guy — it would be nice for her to find her equal to while away her time while waiting for Fitz to get it together. ALSO, by killing the judge, Fitz is just as guilty as every other conspirator. He’s no better than they – he joined their ranks.

    • KC says:

      I agree that it is extremely far fetched that Olivia would not notice she had a different phone. Given that they are the best at what they do and now she doesn’t notice. This was one of my favorite shows but with this 10 month gap that made so much unbelievable especially with Cyrus and the Pres….unless some explanations come up like next show I’m not sure I can get behind this sloppy last episode.

  32. Lorie says:

    I can’t get enough of Tony Goldwyn! Sometimes, I find it hard to believe he’s the same guy I used to hate from GHOST. Without saying a word, he can express so much.
    I’m dying to know who Jake is working for. I first thought of Mellie, but then I changed my mind. I also can’t wait to see how Olivia finds out she’s being watched in her own apartment.

  33. Tiffany says:

    Fitz is angry and hurt, but if he was really done he wouldn’t of had sex with Olivia. The line about the erections, maybe he can’t control it, but he didn’t have to follow her and pull her into the closet. The closet sex seems like it’s about wanting someone you feel you shouldn’t because of the betrayal. As for the Captain Jacob either he wants something from Olivia or someone else does. Creepy cameras though.

  34. C says:

    Fitz and Olivia is really turning me off this show, this episode coupled with “I want a devastating, hurtful out of this world love” line from the past ep. The show was presented to me as being about a strong woman who kicks ass, not a woman who lets a guy take care of his erection with her and then demean her after.I am so sick of these passionate,hurtful relationships on tv billed as TRUE LOVE. I wish someone would work against that notion and let a powerful woman be passionate with a nice guy that treats her right then maybe more women would see that it doesn’t have to be hurtful and devastating to be in love. I get that more women in the real world have these types of relationships but it doesn’t help tv shows and movies romanticize it for them. Ugh!

    • Tina says:

      You have obviously not watched the show from first season. Watch first and save your comment for later. The love Fitz has given Liv, the love he’s showed her, what he was willing to do for her is precious and out of this world. so contradictory to what you assume to be in your comment. FYI – as much as I love all the characters, but Fitz + Olivia love make the show.

      • C says:

        Ugh Scandal has annoying fangirls/shippers? “precious and out of this world”, LOL for days, go back to tumblr girl. Fitz/Olivia do not make the show, SCANDALS make the show, not a women being treated like crap by an incompetent President with daddy issues. I have watched since season 1 thank you very much, and have always hated them. They have chemistry but the writing is canceling it out b/c it sucks and is too melodramatic. “I can’t control my erections around you”, yeah true love and romance still lives I guess. The show does better when their stupid affair is in the background, I can tolerate it better then.

        • Dawn says:

          You’re certainly entitled to your opinions, but I think we can all rest assured that you are definitely in the minority here. Yes, it was an adulterous affair and it was wrong, but Shonda sold it in a way that the majority of the fans have kind of turned a blind eye to it. She also said that the Defiance arc had to be resolved (to some degree) and then they could have the scandal of the week again. Right now it’s David so you should be happier soon. And no, Fitz and Olivia are not done, so you can either accept that or just stop watching. It’s your call, but I think you’re out-numbered. I’m also kind of on the fence about his demeaning her with sex. That “rogering” was angry sex, plain and simple and hot as heck! And Liv wanted it and accepted it that way. There was no way it was going to be sweet, romantic sex in a closet. He’s hurt so he’s trying to hurt back and trying to protect his feelings in the process. He’s being an a$$ and it too will stop sometime in the future.

          • Jessica P. says:

            It’s actually not letting someone be “entitled to their opinion” if you proceed to then hammer home how their opinion is “in the minority” and they’re “outnumbered”. For reals? With a fanbase as large and diverse as Scandal’s is/is becoming with each passing week, lots of people are going to be watching the show for lots of different reasons. Not everyone who watches a show with a major canon couple ships that couple. Not everyone who watches a show is a shipper. And that’s OK. People don’t have to love or even like Fitz/Olivia to be considered fans of the show.

          • C says:

            Thanks! I agree, I don’t like Fitz/Olivia, never have but the show isn’t JUST about them so its tolerable most of the time, this episode was an ugh one. The day I stop liking Olivia is when I stop watching, which more Fitz/Olivia being gross might make me get there but I am not there yet.

            Also I don’t pay attention to annoying fangirls/shippers who watch shows solely to see a couple interact or have sex scenes, and I hate when writers pander to them b/c it isn’t conducive to good storytelling imo They get all entitled as the person above and start dictating that a couple IS THE SHOW, rme. I also hate men on shows who use their dumb daddy issues to treat women like crap, and then to watch fangirls defend them as if they can’t tolerate people not liking the poor little man is just par for course, but whatever go live through a dysfunctional relationship if you must. I just didn’t think Scandal being of a more mature audience wouldn’t produce these types of viewers, but there ya go. lol

        • C says:

          My other reply was for Jessica P..

          • PhyllisD says:

            Really necessary about a fictional show and directed at people you don’t know? Anyway, looking forward to your story telling, plot lines and characters. Let us ALL know when we can check out your show and if it is on cable or network affiliates. You never know, we might just leave Shondaland for you! Well, you seem so sure… I am trying to be supportive.

  35. Deena Braun says:

    Obviously you didn’t watch Season 1. Go watch and you might reconsider whether it’s true love or not.

  36. People its fiction calm down. And I cannot imagine what healthy person would run away from that great sex scene. Get over it people I love this show but the fans sound nuts.If Olivia or Fitz behaved in the ways that people want them to behave Scandal would have been canceled . Lighten up and enjoy the show, what kind of show would it have been if Liv walked out of the closet after she slapped him ? Yeah a canceled show

  37. jdbasset says:

    Great episode! Great recap- although Rosen was teaching and no longer trying to run a law firm out of his apartment, they talked about that and he clearly referenced his teaching job later in the episode.
    I think the pics of body parts will be how Olivia figures out that Scott Foley is evil, somewhere down the road when she sees a tattoo or some part of him that reminds her of that wall of pics from the dead girl…
    We’ll see. Looking forward to the next episode.

  38. Madison says:

    Actually the show opened with them in office for 14 months. So with 2.14 10 month jump, we are just under the 3 year mark, by a couple of months. It will definitely be time to campaign soon. I’d expect them to start talking about it before the season ends w epi 2.22. Will probably be a mechanism to force Fitz, Cy and Liv into reconciliation. Oh and the 10 month time jump annoyed me as well. It would have felt more “right” if it wasn’t a mere week from the gamechanger episode. Thinks were still a bit too raw from that emotional roller coaster to really feel like 10 months had “actually” passed.

  39. Sherry says:

    In last week’s episode in the hospital episode I thought Verna told Fitz that it was Hollis’ idea to rig the voting machine. Also, am I the only one that thinks that the baby isn’t Fitz’s??? I think the baby belongs to Hollis. I thought there were some pics from the first season of her w/ him. I think it’s gonna be Huck to the rescue;he’s gonna figure out that guy’sup to know good.

  40. patti says:

    Are we forgetting about what was seen by Liv and David on he thumb drive left in David’s apt by the dead gir?l. Secrets that can only be known by someone in the intelligence department. Who called the dead girls’ phone 4 times right after her death….someone in the intelligence dept.. …..our very own Captain Ballard. Liv isn’t going to be sucked in by the handsome Scott Foley…… she knows he is involved in something nefarious… she is going to nail him to the wall and get her white hat back. Let’s not forget that aside from her blinding love for Fitz , she is one smart lady.

  41. Karen Baker-Fletcher says:

    I’ve been watching the series since day 1 of season 1 without fail. It is my favorite show. I’ve see dysfunctional relationships at every level – personal, campaign insiders, fixer group, white house, marital,extra-marital, national, increasingly international and you name it from day one. That’s what the show is about. That’s why it’s called “Scandal” and that’s a hugely successful hook. It brings out a range of responses from viewers–romantic hope, disgust at abuse of power and character flaws, social criticism, pop psychology, admiration of character strengths, counseling suggestions for women to demand respect, hope for healing, the whole shebang. Thank You Shonda Rhimes for your best series yet. You have our attention.

  42. arial2 says:

    Finally watched last night’s episode. First lesson: s/he who tells the story first writes the history, apparently: Fitz, who is supposedly highly intelligent, accepts Melli’s version of Defiance at face value (or perhaps the most convenient version for him – she does know her husband’s need to be right). Why did Melli take care not to mention Hollis’s role in Defiance? Seems there’s a Hollis/Melli conspiracy going on, now – or maybe has been going on from the start. I love how Fitz is so filled with self pity that he conveniently ignores that he murdered a Supreme Court justice who was about to tell the truth to the Justice Department (her reasons were more likely fear of divine retribution than conscience, so she doesn’t get a pass). I guess because he knows the murder can’t be proved, “it never happened.” I’m really beginning to feel Fitz and Melli deserve each other. It’s great that the Vice President is so lacking in any appeal that few fans would prefer her to the very flawed Fitz. Then there’s the whole “cameras in Olivia’s apartment” thing: in her position, I’d be sweeping my home every day because the work is so sensitive. Why isn’t Huck taking better care of her in that department? That kind of thing is a “no brainer” for him. Maybe it IS a “no brainer” for him and they’re aware of the cameras and trying to see where they lead. What I love about this series is nothing is ever what it seems. On to next week’s episode…

  43. arial2 says:

    Oh, one other suggestion: Olivia, get some self respect. And some perspective. Once the excitement of the Presidential years is over, is this whiny, self-pitying, pathetic little boy really the person with whom you want to spend the rest of your life? What he is can not be blamed on Melli, his father or Hollis; Fitz has allowed himself to be manipulated all of his life. A real leader would have just said “No!”

    • Cheyenne says:

      Spot on. I’m tired of Fitz. His dad was right about him. He’s a loser.

      • Fitz’s father isn’t right about him. He didn’t really know his son. He might have been able to tell you about Hope and Charity and Verna, the “poker girl”…or even the woman Fitz had to listen to with his dad outside his office door. He has the nerve to call his son a loser, when he defines the word himself? I’m glad Fitz and Olivia are together. Having to Liv with such a monster all those years, it’s great that he was rewarded later in life with a woman who loves him!

    • Mellie needs the self-respect. Liv has it already. She is with a man she loves and he loves her. They’re having it out right now, so what? Mellie on the other hand, walks around on pins and needles, all clinical, begging to be touched by a man who can’t stand the thought of her in his personal space. What a blow! Ultimate insult! Mellie needs a new man. Get a divorce, because Fitz might be standing in front of her face, but he’s gone…he’s been gone. He’s with Liv 24/7. I don’t even see how can think about running the country…Liv is in every single thought. Mellie can’t compete with that, and she knows it. That’s why she’s lying and throwing Cyrus under the bus, etc. Fitz is in the shower, he acts like a stranger is in the bathroom with him, asking if she has his drink and sticking one hand out the shower like, you can’t see me. Because he belongs to Liv, so he’s guarding himself. Mellie is out of place and at this point, little more than a piece of furniture.

      • Goldie says:

        Mellie wants the White House too badly to show some self respect and leave the man. I think that ultimately she’d put up with Olivia for another term if she got to stay there. Remember she yelled at Olivia in season one about her leaving Fitz and breaking his heart and letting that shiny little Amanda apple get into his pants.

      • me says:

        Mellie doesn’t beg Fitz for sex, she won’t take no for an answer and that gets on his nerves on top of the emotional incompatibility.

  44. Cheyenne says:

    I can’t wait until Shonda brings back the elephant in the room nobody is talking about: Sally Langston.

    Does Sally know or suspect that the vote was rigged? Will she find out that Fitz murdered Verna?

    If she learns about either or both, Fitz is toast. Sally will destroy him. She hates his guts. Especially after he blackmailed her about her daughter’s abortion.

    • Yvonne Sherrill says:

      Sally can’t destroy Fitz because she was on the ticket too and is apart of the rigging so if he isn’t legimately President she isn’t legimately Vice President either! She could say that she didn’t know anything about it which would be true but who would believe her?

  45. Susanna Kate says:

    Has no one offered up the idea that Olivia knows about Jack watching ? He swapped their phones , the convienece and persistence of their interaction ? She is Olivia Pope she deals with shady people on a daily basis she knows people. I don’t think just because she is heart broken she is going to be blindsided by Jack. I hope long game she knows that she saw him on the wall or there was a clue on the flash drive . I hope she then plays the spy at his own game to uncover what he is doing.

  46. me says:

    Fitz and Olivia hadn’t had sex in 3 years or so. Stolen kisses, yes. Sex, no. I’m going to repeat it. Fitz and Olivia had not had sex in 3 years. Viewers who follow the show should refute the misinformation when they see it. Thanks.

  47. me says:

    Scandal is not a film, it’s a weekly TV drama that builds on previous episodes. Neither everything is revealed nor everything resolved in one episode.

  48. SHIRLEY D.LANE says:

    wow—-what a story line–con-grats –you have a great show here & the acting is su—-perb.

  49. Truth says:

    Hi everyone,

    I’m new here but I have to say that I truly enjoyed reading all of your comments. It was so great hearing everyones thoughts and opinions whether you agreed with the show or not. That’s how it should be. I just had an issue on another site because the recapper doesn’t like you to say anyting negative about the cast or the show but would rather spend time talking about fitz hair and how dreamy he is. She even went as far as to shut down the comments section because of comments she didn’t like. I expressed my thoughts to her about it and she got defensive and so did the other commentators so I decided to leave. What’s crazy is that they had the nerve to try and say that I wasn’t a real scandal fan! Are you serious? Just because I don’t agree with everything on the show doesn’t mean I’m not a fan. I LOVE this show and enjoy it every week. Anyway I’m done venting I just wanted to say again how happy I am to have found a place where we can all talk and have conversations and be respectful of each other. After all that’s what adults do right? LOL thank guys

    • me says:

      That sounds like a fan site blogger or tumblr, not a credentialed entertainment reporter or entertainment blogger w/ a press pass. Huge difference. Those fan sites are zealous to say the least.

      • Truth says:

        Thanks for spelling it out for me. Clearly I was on the wrong site. I enjoy the show just like everyone else but I don’t think you should be treated differently just because you don’t watch the show just for the Olitz moments and actually watch for the story and try to connect the dots and put everything together. Thanks for the explaining it.

  50. Eliza D says:

    Was out of town for a bit and just got caught up on the last two episodes. In checking the sites I see a lot of people whose posts are very negative about ‘the passions of Oliz’ and how is it portrayed. I feel the urge to add ‘some experienced’ input for consideration.BTW It is amazing how much depth the creators and writers can portray, congratulations and many to them. Great entertainment.

    People, this is not an average love, you don’t find this everyday; and because of that many may be challenged to step into the ‘current’ of it. This kind of love has a force field all it’s own.It is not a level of emotion you choose to feel, and you can’t fake it, even though many try. It is the stuff that love songs croon about & fairy tales promise, but then when it gets brought to life, all the other elements of real, everyday living (eg. career, religion, age, marital status, finances, family, etc) come into play, and it starts to look like this. Those who never really lived it will find it difficult to believe that Olitz is a real depiction of people who love each other, are in love with each other and are fighting to understand and honor that love, all within the confines of the ‘place’ where they find it. These characters found it, or it landed on them in a very complicated ‘place’; she was hired byhim, he is married with children, he was running for president… Many of our western values talk about the ‘greatness’ of the love between a man & a woman, they say that that love should be the single most important thing in your life … With love comes yearings that have little to do with reason and a lot to do with an ‘other worldly bliss’ that is so desired/desirable and powerful that billion $ industries are built around selling the trappings that could help you get it, feel it, fake it, etc. We often get envious when we see people/couples we think may have it. We want information about that rare stratosphere, thinking if we just hear how they did it, feel it, go it, live it, we too can pull it into our lives. But sadly, that is not to be for many of us. Everyone waits for it; some people figure out they’re not built that way, their ‘passion high’ just is not this kind of love. (This is who Mellie is, I think.) Most of us are driven by other concerns, our need for family, to settle down, finance, not to be lonely, getting older as you are waiting (for that big love the songs & books write about) and so we get into relationships that are based on similarity of purpose, familiarity of culture and life experience, we ‘get along well’, and have fun. Olitz is not that, and it is possible that if you have a narrow scope for how this comes, and how it should look, that you will only see this as a negative. (BTW there are negatives here, but that is the trick in life isn’t it? How we handle the negatives.)

    Those closet & funeral scenes seem to touch a nerve with people and seem to represent Fitz demeaning Liv; it is not so. (And I hasten to point out the the character of Liv knows when she is being trivialized and stands up for herself. It is Fitz who has trouble with his self-worth.) Let me just give you the script, the words that were being acted out by these lovers in the closet, take the scene from the rose garden (‘I wait for you, I watch for you, you own me, control me, etc), OK. Now,remember most significantly, at the end -’ there are no victims here’… in that closet Liv was not ‘sexually dominated’, she was not his victim, they were in it together. In fact, when she felt she was being touched with anger, she slapped him. But he did not leave nor did he fight, he just stood there with the big emotions running between them saying ‘Where do we go from here?’ And so she showed him ‘where’.
    Since Verna’s revelations he had worked himself into believing he despised her & then, 10 months later he gets a shocking reality check, so jolting he had to touch her (he gripped her hand as they held the baby) – The love was alive; he burned with it; but how could that be? He hated that she could make him feel so much. He hated that he needed her, hence the chase. He also knew that she felt the same. That kind of love does not need words, their gaze said a lot.

    Outside of the closet she tripped him again – he was still in a sexual fog and she said ‘mistake’, which he thought was about their ‘love’-making (that she could be distant from what had been shared) and he lashed out. He in essence said ‘You don’t get to say that our love making meant nothing, I am saying it too. In fact it was so nothing, it will never happen again.’ (It made me laugh. I got an image of 1 child telling another ‘You don’t get to say you don’t wanna play with me any more. I am saying it first. Plus you will never get to play with my toys ever again!) The ‘mistake’ there was that she did not speak of being sorry for her part in Defiance, it would not have healed then, but it would have been a start. Because of the word she used she left the moral high-road for hiim to take … and he did, while slinging a last punch just because he was hurting again. This is not ‘whore’ talk of a john – it is a broken lover talking to the source of his pain, who happens to be ‘the love of his life’. Is it any clearer now? A man dealing with a whore would have zipped up his pants and left her in the closet, not kissed her after climax (which you saw before the scene closed) and waited for her to exit before him. Even when Cyrus called him for the Seal team strike he had difficulty walking away from her. Do you see?

    Now about Mellie (a great, well fleshed out character with marvelous portrayal by that actress). Haven’t you met these people in your life? (I have 2 alone just as my siblings; my oldest brother gets multiple O, when he meets a powerful, moneyed woman. He uses them like commuter trains to further his ambitions. This is not a commentary of him as a brother, but of him as a man in relationships.) Mellie is a woman who very early on in her life, realized she has a great package, brains, beauty & charm, but no soul. She knows who she is and knows that she cannot maintain a pretense of being soulful for long stretches. She is the woman who knows the ‘right’ people, sends the ‘right’ gifts, belongs to ‘right clubs’, etc but gathers no real heart connections along the way, unless they are partners in crime. In her own words, she found Fitz, groomed him, and placed him where s/he needed to advance her agenda (the White House & possibly a presidency). She would not have been able to do this with a man who knew his self-worth, she would have been ‘released/discarded’ long ago. She has controlled Fitz for a long time, but he had the temerity to grow and change in ways that she cannot comprehend. When that happened she happily ‘out-source’ the job (to Liv). She assessed that Liv was safe, would not derail her agenda, but then Fitz had the nerve to think that that ‘recreational activity’ that she permitted could become a real life choice. So now she frequently has to go to work (poor, hard-working Mellie) to reel back in her ‘recalitrant puppet’. Imagine the nerve of this man thinking he could ‘operate without her pulling the strings’, she sees herself as Gepetto. Her best manipulation tool that she pulls out is her Guilt Stick, which usually comes with her ‘Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon’ posture – that is what I call that gesture she has when she puts up her two hands, pulls back and opens her fingers, while closing her eyes and bowing her head in ‘hurt’. And that man-child, Fitz falls for it every time and starts apologizing for putting boundaries on her. He is a ‘good’ guy who is grateful to her for all that she has helped him build, and for his kids, but he is not yet ‘whole’ enough to know that there is a limit to how much you owe someone in gratitude.

    The women in my experience whose husbands/boyfriends fall in love with other women deflate before your very eyes. Some become haunted, rageful, gain weight, lose tons of weight, have revenge relationships – but none have ever been as cool, controlled, calculating and calculated as that character Mellie. It is hard to find a kindred element in this character, maybe it is the institution of marriage that captures allegiance.

    Well that is my two cents…

    • Goldie says:

      Eliza – That was truly amazing and you put it into words that even the most hardened or naive person could understand. I sense that you have been blessed with that kind of love. I haven’t, but it is so evident in these characters and it is portrayed so well by the actors. People just need to move past their own agendas and enjoy the ride. Bask in the love here and pray that they should be so blessed. No one else really needs to comment. You’ve said it all. They should just read your summary and they will be granted clarity.

    • Jane says:

      Give me a break, just because some of us have never had a love that hurts and is all consuming doesn’t mean anything. I married my best friend and I don’t feel a sense of loss/regret that we never called each other names or did horrible things to each other to get to where we are. It was easy, it was nice, we had passion, and it was loving. I get if you can identify with Olitz but don’t put the rest of us down because we haven’t lived their ~all consuming~ love,some of us don’t want that EVER,and its ok if we see it as a negative. There is nothing wrong with us not getting it, or liking it. Most of yall are just romanticizing an unhealthy dynamic, and given that if they do end up together it will not be in that unhealthy dynamic it will just prove that what everyone wanted for Olitz is what most of us here who are commenting negatively said it should be in the first place. We know they can have great sex, but what has been shown to show us they even like each other. The thrill of the forbidden keeps them in a constant state of fighting against it so it makes it feel more important, special, and all consuming, but if all the obstacles were removed, what would they really have? They each have issues that has thrown the love into obsession, and sorry for me that is not real love. Maybe somewhere in the future Shonda will write them coming to love each other in a healthy way, but that is not what is being shown right now, and it is perfectly fine if some of us don’t like it, or in your words don’t “get it”

      • theOtherMonique says:

        @Jane – I get what you’re saying and I was about to write that I understood ElizaD’s sentiments, but couldn’t figure out a way to express them without offending some, which I guess hers did. I understand what ElizaD is saying. I have had different types of love including the kind you’ve described and the kind ElizaD describes. They are VERY different and without having experienced both, I’m not sure if I would believe the other existed. The thing is I believe ElizaD is earnestly giving us a character study, for those who might not have considered other characters points of view, in an effort to keep from making the Olitz relationship, just one aspect to this brilliant drama, 1-dimensional and misunderstood.

        We have seen that they do actually LIKE each other… that it is not just chemical (which often accompanies those powerful romantic connections). One example would be their conversation over the phone in “The Other Woman”. I have no doubts that if they could, they would have a beautiful, yet typical marriage. That’s what I have. We are each others best friend, but I can recall walking down Madison Avenue, in my power suit, heels click clacking away with tears streaming down my face in the middle of the night and I’m no drama queen. If the world could take snapshots of our romantic relationships at their very worst moments, I don’t know if everyone would be able to withstand the criticism. We are voyeurs and fed the best and worst moments of this fictional pairings relationship. Never the boring parts. :)

        • Jane says:

          @theothermonique I am aware that the type of relationship Olitz has exists but in my world its not the kind of love to strive for and it does not work in real life without therapy and EACH person facing their issues, believe me I know all too well even if I wasn’t the one to experience it. They would not have a beautiful anything in their current state, and I am tired of viewers and writers romanticizing something that is not romantic. They have a toxic co-dependent relationship that is not healthy and the only reason people are entertained by it is because of the hot sex scenes and the chemistry, and the subtle painting of it as a type of love people should want. If they showed it for what it was then people would be forced to look at their own dysfunctional relationships and see they probably deserve more from life than having to suffer through the lows of an all consuming love just to get the highs. Most people in these types of relationships lie to themselves that it is the better kind of love, but it isn’t. The thing is I don’t have to like Olivia/Fitz, the show wasn’t supposed to revolve around them, but the fact that it is shaping the show more as time goes in is changing the fabric of the show and who Olivia was presented to us as. The female character in these types of pairings ALWAYS gets sacrificed to serve the pandering to fans and keep up the same toxic dynamic so they don’t become boring. Sacrificing Olivia on this show however is different than other shows b/c she is supposed to be the focal point of the show, and her strength is supposed to be the highlight, and if Fitz is always her weakness b/c of this great love, that is not the show that was originally presented to me. I also just take issue with someone trying to argue that their love is the greatest kind, it’s a type of love sure but it isn’t one you should want to experience AT ALL.

          • Goldie says:

            I think that the only reason their love seems “toxic and co-dependent” is because he is married to someone else and happens to be the POTUS. He loves her enough that twice now he has tried to walk away from the presidency to be with her. The first time she wouldn’t let him and the second, Verna told him his terrible truths. A friend once told me that falling in love wasn’t always convenient. He “inconveniently” fell in love with Liv while he was still married to someone else. You could see that his marriage was dead from the beginning, but he had lofty goals to be President. Mellie was right there along with him, skipping happily along and actually pushing him along. I think she wanted it more than he did and this is what this threesome has become.

          • Truth says:

            Hi Jane,

            I posted a comment that’s on page 2 yesterday I believe about what both you and Eliza were saying. I said some of the same things you just said on another blog and was ignored as usual lol I have to say that I love the relationship between olivia and fitz but right now they’re in a very dark place and it seems like nobody really wants to acknowledge that. I don’t care how hurt someone is it never gives reason to be disrespectful or lash out. I would love for them to kiss and make up but I’m pretty sure we all know that it won’t happen anytime soon. I’m a little tired of the romanticizing of the olitz relatioship too and I wish people would see it for what it is now and not what is used to be a few episodes ago. I think that’s why some people (not on this blog but other blogs) get so defensive when you acknowledge that they’re relationship is turning toxic. But I’m sure we’re all on the same page as far as our love for this show and whether we agree with somethings or not that’s what’s most important. I appreciate yours and Eliza’s view points. Thank you both for the insight!

    • theOtherMonique says:

      …love it. Great job Eliza D. I see we went on rants around the same time ;).