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Once Upon a Time Scandal SpoilersWhat happens when Once Upon a Time celebrates Father’s Day in February? Which Scandal-ous family tree is expanding? Will the Teen Wolf‘s BFF find love? Is a White-hot romance about to cool down? Get answers to those questions plus teases from other shows.

Once Upon a Time | If you follow me on The Twitter (and really, why wouldn’t you want to read my Love it or List It rants?), you know how I feel about this Sunday’s pretty damn pivotal episode, “Manhattan” — IMO, it’s the best hour of the season and one of the strongest since the pilot. And while some of you believe to have the mystery of Rumplestiltskin’s son all figured out, I shall relate a lesson Bae’s dad is about to learn from a sneaky seer: Just because you know what’s going to happen doesn’t mean you know what’s going to happen. I relayed a couple scooplets in Ask Ausiello, but here are more: Hook proves adept at translating treasure maps but less so at fending off witchy women; David and Mary Margaret have a rather hilarious conversation about their family tree and what Thanksgiving dinner might look like this year; a three-month-old mystery is solved; Cora, sporting a modern-day Maine makeover, has a tender talk with Regina; and a grim fate is surprisingly revealed for a major character. Also: There’s some terrific work by both Robert Carlyle and Jennifer Morrison. Here’s a clip from the first act:

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Scandal | But what of Hollis Doyle? Outed to Fitz as a president-buyer and threatened by Huck into silence, will the Big Energy lobbyist (played by Gregg Henry, who for me is forever the creepy guy from Body Double) slither off into the woodwork? Not so fast. We’ve learned that the ABC drama is looking to cast Hollis’ New York-fabulous wife Deborah, as well as their secretly wild daughter Nikki. Perhaps a scandal is about to darken the Doyles’ doorstep? (Or a funeral…?)

Suburgatory | I spied an upcoming script where Sheila is selling real estate — namely, the house occupied by George and Tessa! What is up with that? Per Jeremy Sisto, George proposes to Dallas… that they live together – “but I don’t do it in a very romantic way. I’m like, ‘Let’s share our cable bills!’ And she questions how I feel about her because [of that approach].” Sheila meanwhile leaps back into the workforce and finds “a really motivated buyer” for the Altman home. Sisto previews with a laugh, “I think I sell my house before I get my answer from Dallas!”

White Collar | I have good news for fans of a certain coupling… and baddish news. “Sara and Neal have a really great, kind of fantastic moment at the top of the Empire State Building in the season finale (airing March 5),” show boss Jeff Eastin shares. Thing is, that “beautiful and iconic” moment “finishes up their relationship.” At least for the time being. “Let’s put it this way,” Eastin adds. “The end of the season doesn’t necessarily rule anything out.”

And now, diving into the Inside Line reader mailbag….Bones_Ep813_sc14BTS_0017

I swear, the baby on Bones is the baby from Teen Mom – Kaitlin’s baby, who was adopted by another couple. Is it her? – Sheena
The twins who plays Christine are not adopted, so the answer would be no. But to thank you for playing Guess the Infant Actor, here’s an exclusive photo of new intern Dr. Oliver Wells (played by Brian Klugman), who debuts in “The Fact in the Fiction” (airing Feb.25).

Any scoop on Stiles in Season 3 of MTV’s Teen Wolf? Is he gonna find love? –Rachelle
“Determined to grow out of his crush on Lydia, Stiles will definitely try to find love this season,” executive producer Jeff Davis tells the Inside Line. “His efforts, however, are exactly what lead him and Scott into the new mystery of the season. While other teenagers just discover the pain of heartache, Scott and Stiles discover dead bodies.”

Got any SVU scoop to share? –Zoe
It was only a matter of time before the last summer’s “legitimate rape” brouhaha had its headline ripped by Law & Order: SVU. According to sources, Dick Wolf’s venerable procedural is currently in production on an episode inspired by last summer’s political firestorm, with a few minor tweaks (like, this time there’s a felony crime involved). Should be interesting to hear Benson’s particular POV on this one.

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Now that Community is finally back in our lives again, how ’bout some scoopage — preferably regarding Jeff and Annie, but I’ll take what I can get. –Karen
For starters, about Jeff/Annie: I see a lotta people knitting their brows over these photos, crying “character regression!” and what not. I’ll say this: Wait for the context, Human Beings. Elsewhere, Oscar winner Jim Rash dean-livered a script for Season 4’s 10th episode that evokes Freaky Friday circa Jodie Foster, thrusting besties Abed and Troy into a body-swapping predicament of sorts. “It’s very Greendale in the sense that it’s warped,” Rash says, “but there’s a lot of heart and it comes to some resolutions about some key things that play out over the season.”

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Use your powers for good and please find out what determines the color of the Castle title card background. Most of the time it’s gold, but for a few episodes it’s been blue or even red. What’s the rhyme and reason? –Linda
“Sometimes for special episodes, we change our screens to be appropriate,” a production source explains. “For the Christmas episode, we had a holiday-themed card. And for the two-parter when Castle and Beckett were trapped in freezer, we went with an icy blue card.” Plus, as attentive viewers know, it’s not just the title card that gets tweaked. “When it tickles our fancy, we’ll even change our theme music slightly to fit the theme of the episode,” says the insider.

I am new to your column and love it! I hope you can give me some insight on my favorite show, Psych. What can we expect from the new season? –Camille
In addition to what I shared in the previous Inside Line, you can expect to hear this extremely sincere line from Shawn: “Why would you poke fun at The Mentalist?”

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