Grey's Recap: Take This Job and Shove It

blogThis week on Grey’s Anatomy, Bailey becomes so disgusted by the prospect of working for Pegasus Horizons that she tells Arizona that she’s going to quit. And, just as the hospital’s sale is about to go through, someone else actually tenders their resignation. And someone else. And someone else. And… let me explain:

LIKE A VIRGIN | After yet another make-out session with April, Matt the Dreamy Paramedic asks her out on a date that won’t take place in his ambulance. In turn, she freaks, running to Jackson, of all people, for advice on how to explain that she’s a virgin who, for a while there… um, wasn’t. He responds flippantly, then thoughtfully. Then it hardly seems to matter, because it turns out Matt’s a virgin, too. (What does seem likely to matter is the fact that April doesn’t disclose that she’s not only done the nasty but quite a lot of it.)

ONE STEP FORWARD, TWO STEPS BACK | Throughout the hour, Jo seems to be trying to discourage herself from getting involved with Alex. “Office romances” never amount to anything, she says, citing his checkered past as ample evidence. In turn, he speaks basically three words: Derek and Meredith. (Can’t argue with that, eh, Jo?) Of course, in the end, we – and Alex – find out that he isn’t the colleague Jo was thinking of dating, it’s some new guy with the nickname Chest Pecwell.

THE OTHER WOMAN | Cristina doesn’t think anything of Alana texting Owen at 3 a.m., but aren’t the rest of us starting to see the writing on the wall? When the nurses threaten to strike, Alana gives Owen the pep talk that he needs to give the nurses the pep talk that they need. He and his reassuring presence, she adds, even gave her the courage that she needed to return to the OR (after choking years ago).

QUITTING TIME | For much of the episode, Derek, Meredith, Callie and Arizona go around and around on the subject of buying Seattle Grace, with Arizona being the primary holdout. But, after she learns that Bailey’s got one foot out the door, she changes her tune to “Where do I sign?” For her part, Cristina laughs (heartily) at the scheme – at first. However, once she realizes that Owen only thinks Pegasus Horizons is the best option because it’s the only option, she gets with the program, too. But wait – surprise! The Fab Five don’t have days to get their ducks lined up after all, they have, like, minutes! The sale is underway! How can they stop it? By resigning, one right after the other. Devastated, Owen demands that Alana salvage the sale – somehow. You have to, he says. And I quote: “You are all that I have now.” (Now do you see the writing on the wall?)

Okay, your turn. What did you think? If you were in Arizona’s shoes, would you have gone along with the plan to buy the hospital from the start? If you were Cristina, would you have quit on Owen? (Wouldn’t the gang’s plan have worked even if she hadn’t quit?) And how dumb of April was it not to be honest with Matt when everybody knows about her fling with Jackson? Sound off below!