Bones' John Francis Daley Talks Sweets/Daisy, Being 'Adopted,' and 'Kicking [Spoiler]'s Ass'

Bones Season 8 Booth Sweets Shirtless Are Booth and Brennan about to break up… with Sweets?

John Francis Daley, whose shrink alter ego has been crashing at B&B’s crib on Bones (Fox, 8/7c) for three-plus months, hints that Sweets’ may find an eviction notice on his bedroom door soon.

“I think he might’ve overstayed his welcome a little bit,” Daley admits to TVLine. “Staying with someone for more than a couple months is a serious commitment. When I have people come over to stay with me even when it’s family — after about five days you’re kind of ready to have the house to yourself again.”

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Selfishly speaking, Daley isn’t anxious for the living arrangement to end. “I like the way Booth and Brennan have unofficially sort of adopted him as their son, even though he’s a grown man capable of doing grown-man things,” he says with a chuckle. “Booth pretends to hate Sweets being there, but I think part of him takes a little comfort in it.”

Read on for Daley’s thoughts on Sweets/Daisy, Sweets/Olivia and Sweets/Pelant(?!)…

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On the prospect of a Sweets/Daisy reunion | “For now there’s no hint of them getting back together,” he says. “[The story] is running the course of a real oliviabreak-up, and at first it’s really painful. I thought the [recent] scene with Cam and Daisy was really spot-on as far as how much it sucks to break up, but sometimes it’s necessary. Loving each other is not enough. You have to be compatible and you have to be happy.”

On romance blossoming between Sweets and Danielle Panabaker’s Olivia | “She’s a lot of fun to work with and her character brings something out in Sweets we haven’t seen a lot of before,” Daley notes. “She makes him act a little cockier than he is, possibly because he wants to impress her. At least that’s how I play it.”

On facing off with the Big Bad Pelant | “I would like to kick his ass,” Daley says with a laugh. “But I have no idea if we will interact at all.”