Once Upon a Time: Josh Dallas Previews David's 'Giant' Problem -- Plus a Bigger One at Home?

OnceUponaTime_0113_Snowing_DWThis Sunday on Once Upon a Time (ABC, 8/7c), David aka Prince Charming is dealt a big headache — figuratively and literally — when Anton the giant materializes in Storybrooke bearing an oversized grudge and an equally large right hook. Josh Dallas shared with TVLine a preview of the David-vs.-Goliath showdown and a smaller yet perhaps bigger conflict brewing within the Charming household.

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TVLINE | I’m not sure why we’re even talking, since with Emma and Mr. Gold out of town, everything must be pretty quiet in Storybrooke, no?
Of course! It’s always quiet in Storybrooke. [Chuckles] No, not quite. Of course, Cora is in town, and being who she is she has found an ingenious way of transporting a giant (played again by Lost‘s Jorge Garcia) on the pirate ship. And upon David and Anton meeting, Anton gets very violent and assumes David is someone he is not. It’s a case of mistaken identity, and it’s up to the Storybrooke crew to try and convince Anton that David is not who he thinks he is — and, as he is wreaking havoc on the town, try to convince him that this place isn’t all that bad. Indeed, it could be a place he could stay forever.

TVLINE | Oh, so he arrives as an angry giant?
He’s not too pleased when he sees David. And David has the punch mark on the side of his face to prove it!

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TVLINE | What’s his specific beef?
Well, that you’ll have to tune in to see. Because also in the episode we go back into The Fairytale Land That Was, tJOSH DALLAS, JORGE GARCIA, CASSIDY FREEMANo the giants’ land where Anton lives with his brothers. I think Anton is feeling a bit like a fish out of water, so he’s seeking a place where he does feel like he belongs. So against his brothers’ wishes he climbs down that beanstalk and meets humans —

TVLINE | Cassidy Freeman included.
Cassidy Freeman included! And they may not be exactly what they appear to be. Their intentions may not be as noble as Anton thinks. And that could be the origin, the crux of this grudge that he holds against David. David in Storybrooke has a pretty good idea who might know what it’s all about, so he goes and seeks that person out – and you will in this episode discover David/James/Charming’s real name.

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TVLINE | It appears that in the course of finding the giant on Hook’s ship, David and the Captain himself get into a bit of a tussle.
They do! As I’ve said before, Charming does not like manipulators, he does not like liars, and he certainly doesn’t take kindly to someone who disrespects his wife in front of him.

TVLINE | You have said that before, and my readers are quick to point out that Charming himself has lied, by posing as someone else.
Yes, he did for a very short time. But ever since he met Snow, it was all brought to the forefront.

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TVLINE | A few weeks back, David and Mary Margaret had a bit of a spat, regarding where they want to live, whether they in fact want the same things anymore.… Will that be revisited?
I think it’s going to be a constant thing throughout the next few episodes, and maybe even through to the end of the season. They’re trying to decide where they belong. David of course wants to go back home [to Fairytale Land] — he wants his family, his kingdom. He’s the eternal optimist.

TVLINE | He believes he can clean things up in the Fairytale Land That Is.
He can clean it up, and he can make it back to what it once was – or even better. That’s part of his makeup. He is a hero, a leader, in the sense that it’s a curse as well, not only for David but the Charmings. They are heroes and they are leaders, so their hopes and their dreams are often kind of pushed to the margins while they help and make sure everyone else is safe.

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TVLINE | Meanwhile, as for the aforementioned Emma and Mr. Gold….
In this Sunday’s episode, you’re going to see Mr. Gold on the search for his son, crossing the town line — and he’s taking Emma and Henry with him, to the airport. Where they’re going… who knows? But over the course of the next few episodes, we will see if he does reunite with his son, and if he does, what that’s going to be like.

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