Vampire Diaries Recap: 'There Is No Peace'

Into the WildThursday’s Vampire Diaries gave Lost a run for its money as the gang traveled to a creepy island off the coast of Nova Scotia in search of the cure.

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The party includes Shane, Bonnie, Jeremy, Damon, Elena, Stefan and Rebekah, who points out that everyone serves a purpose – except Elena. Meow, the nails are out! (Damon’s function on this trip: “You have a nice behind,” observes Rebekah). While on the island, Shane spins a tale about how one year ago, he visited a magic well that, with a drop of his blood, allowed him to see his dead witchy wife. It was the act of trying to resurrect their son that caused her death. She told him he could have her and their child back if he found a witch to complete a spell to raise Silas, who’s buried beneath the well. He would also need to convince some people to sacrifice themselves – like the pastor – with the promise of seeing their dead loved ones again. So he orchestrated the town council explosion and the death of the hybrids, but there’s still a third massacre to come!

Damon ties up Shane, hoping to get him to just fess up about the cure’s location. “Bonnie has to keep me alive so I can keep her alive,” points out the professor, thinking it will stop the vampire from killing. But he didn’t count on Damon’s next retort: “I don’t give a crap about Bonnie Bennett.” Elena arrives just in time to stop him from snapping Shane’s neck, and it’s at that point that Damon finally confesses, “I don’t want you to be cured!” And even if her feelings for him are still real when she comes human again, what then? She grows old while he remains a vampire? “Face reality,” he reasons, “we don’t work.”

Elena’s not giving up hope though. “Take the cure,” she urges. “Be human with me. We can grow old together.”

“It’s not me, Elena. It’s Stefan,” he replies simply before adding, “I used to miss being human. Now I can’t think of anything more miserable on Earth.” (Nice parallel to Rebekah’s earlier explanation about why she does want to take the cure: “It’s all an act. Being a vampire is miserable.”)

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Damon walks off only to be attacked by a member of The Five. Meanwhile, Jeremy’s gone MIA and a magical path has led Bonnie to him, Shane and a mysterious, island-dwelling witch. In order to broker a truce to find her brother, Elena tries to prove that she didn’t take Rebekah’s tombstone and offers her the dagger as a peace offering.

“There is no peace!” Rebekah exclaims. “We’re all screwed.” Exactly, Elena responds. She, Rebekah and Stefan are in this together or it’s all over. (Can I get an “amen!” to Rebekah’s rant about being cast as the villain when she’s just doing what Elena’s already done to save her loved ones?)

Back in Mystic Falls, Tyler’s gloating over Klaus, who’s still trapped in the Gilbert house, leads to a very bad situation for Caroline. “You are not even worth the calories I burn talking to you,” she tells the Original right before he grabs her and sinks his teeth into her. Now, the only way to cure her of the werewolf bite is Klaus’ blood, and he isn’t giving it up. Tyler comes up with a risky plan that involves forcing the hybrid to watch Caroline die, and it ends up working as the two have a heart-to-heart. Caroline can see that Klaus is hurt by what’s happened to Kol, which means there’s a part of him that’s human. She’s caught herself wishing she could forget the horrible things that he’s done, she reveals.

“I know that you’re in love with me. And anybody capable of love is capable of being saved,” she continues, moving Klaus to tears. Just as it looks like she’s about to take her last breath, he feeds her his blood.

Vampire Diaries fans, do you think Caroline was being honest with Klaus or just manipulating him? Where are you siding on Elena and Damon’s argument about the cure? And can somebody please explain why everyone can see the hunters’ marks now?