Exclusive Vampire Diaries First Look: Will Damon Make the Ultimate Sacrifice for Elena?

The Vampire Diaries‘ hunt for the cure is officially on when the gang departs to the coast of Nova Scotia in this Thursday’s episode (The CW, 8/7c).

But Damon, determined to get the mystical fix-it for Elena, may lead himself directly into a literal dead end — as the following exclusive February sweeps poster for the CW series suggests.

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“Give him enough rope…,” it reads, and… he’ll hang himself to save the girl he loves?!

After all, the elder Salvatore is so in love that despite not wanting Elena to take the cure, he’s going after it simply because “it’s really what she wants,” Ian Somerhalder told TVLine. Will that journey end with a sacrifice when Damon has a bloody run-in with a hunter (guest star Charlie Bewley) in the Feb. 14 episode?

Check out the poster below (click the image to view the full size), and then hit the comments with your thoughts.


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  1. Dominique says:

    Damon’ll end up human by the end of this season, count on it. Everyone so busy focusing on the damn cure for Elena, or Klaus, or Rebekah, and then something will eithr go terribly wrong, or someone will get revenge and use it on him.

    • Clifford Alverez says:

      Yup – that’s exactly what will happen. Someone told me that is what happens in the comics/books?

    • Russ says:

      Well there obviously isn’t going to be enough cure for everyone. So Rebekah is out cause they never give her what she wants and I don’t think Elena will get it either cause Klaus would want to stay around for her blood instead of getting his own spin off. Damon is the only one who doesn’t really want the cure so it will probs be him.

      • nathalie says:

        Im am the only one that remember damon’s talk with jessica in s02e12? “because I’m not human. And I miss it. I miss it more than anything in the world. That is my secret” so what ever he say i think he still want to be a human,

        • A says:

          Thank you!! I feel like I’m the only other person who remembers this.

        • Phabk says:

          Thank you! I was just about to say it when I read your comment. The only reason why he doesn’t want to be human is because he is scared that Elena will stop loving him if.

        • nightmagic says:

          hi yeah i do remember that its sometimes annoying when they seem to change what the character has said or feels .maybe he wants to be human but he is scared if he becomes human for this girl like he did for kat she wont love him .i think one of the writers said that Damon finds it hard to accept that elena does love him even if it is true .

          • fifi says:

            yea i agree, they gunna make damon become human by the end of the season. it will be the big shock and cliffhanger, also it happened in the books

    • Melissa B. says:

      If he was to be cured, would it then change back all those he changed? Which would then mean Elena would then be human again? Just a thought. Kind of like killing one of the originals, kills off their line? Wouldn’t that happen with any vamp?

    • Liz says:

      Wow I had not thought of that but I’m totally down for a human Damon!

    • pj says:

      I thing you are right, that’s when I quit reading the books, the very chapter when Damon turned human…I think Somerhalder can pull off human though…I guess we have to wait and see.

  2. Ivy says:

    Please tell me I’m not the only one who thinks Damon will end up (accidentally or intentionally) cured by season’s end?

    • wrstlgirl says:

      Been saying this for weeks :-)

      • jerrired says:

        Same. I’ve been thinking it’s going to be Damon basically since everyone wanted it so badly.

        • wrstlgirl says:

          It will change the whole dynamic of the show which, IMHO, it desperately needs.

        • A says:

          Are saying that Damon alone would be cured? That would imply that there was only enough “cure” to cure one vampire, and in that case, why is the hunter’s mark leading them to one dose of the cure? They painted the cure as a cure for vampirism, but to have this supernatural force propelling these hunters toward a cure for one vampire seems unrealistic.

          • Tamim says:

            No, I don’t think all of these people are heading for “one” cure, but the amount available may be limited. Some may choose not to take the cure, others may rush up to be the first. Accidents happen, cure gets lost, spilled, broken, is a trick, some kind of jedi mind power that grants the “cure seeker’s true wish” (be human, stay vamp)… But, as silly as it is to have only one cure, it’s also a little silly to suddenly have a “there’s room for everyone at anytime” cure. I don’t think the cure will end up being nearly as nice as everyone seems to hope it will be.

          • A says:

            Tamim, I’m hoping the cure is not what they are thinking it will be because that would be boring. I just still have problems with the theories that it is that limited. Why would vampire hunters have the tools to find the cure, only to eradicate a handful of vampires? They could just kill them instead of going through all this trouble! Not that someone is supposed to have the answer, I just think that if the cure exists it would logically have to be something that could potentially cure all vamps (pending possible destruction or loss, of course) or that it doesn’t exist at all and maybe we should have listened to what Kol had to say about Silas! Who knows. I just hope they do something worthwhile with this story line, but I’ll watch either way.

    • MBanana513 says:

      since it happens in the books…. I wouldnt be surprised.

    • Gem says:

      I’ve been thinking the same thing since they brought up the cure. Although it would be kind of ridiculous if they really followed the books and Damon ends up human while Elena “dies” and is resurrected by Silas thus making her the no longer human no longer vampire strange “power” she was in the books. That’d be a little too much.

    • g says:

      i thought damon will give bonnie the cure to save her??? or is that not possible….oh god ily damon

  3. Lady K says:

    Uhhhhhhhhhhhh….uhhhhhhhhhhhhhh…this poster is so hot I am having trouble forming a coherent thought….plus, it is quite difficult to form words when your jaw is on the ground. Where can I get my very own copy?

  4. Diyaa says:

    please don’t tell me that… i will loose interest in the whole series if damon will end up dead… this is so damn unfair…

  5. samira says:

    Damon ends up human in the books so maybe the writers are actually use the book storyline for once.

  6. MrsSalvatore says:

    Damon is going to die and Silas is going to bring him back. When I see him die I’m going to die right alongside him!! Not my beautiful man!! Please!

  7. A says:

    I’m hoping there’s no cure. That it was all just a huge ruse created over the generations to raise Silas, or that something terrible is really buried with him.

    • cc says:

      I’m hoping this, too. Kind of like what they did with the sun-and-the-moon curse not being real but klaus’ way to have both werewolves and vamps looking for the things to help him become a hybrid.

  8. sjones says:

    No no no no no :'(

  9. daniela says:

    I think we should b more worried about what’s ment to b with the cure,is it a ploy for them to bring about silis,I think if there were a cure no more T.V.D and wee cnt have that,if I were Elena,i’d still b raging that I’m a copy of someone both bros loved 1st that would drive me mad x

  10. Hsiu says:

    IMHO : DAMON will die for Elena.Silas brings him back to life.But he is human from now on.

    • A says:

      I could get on board with that plot. But couldn’t he pretty easily become vampire again? If he wanted to? I’m not sure that he would, but just thinking out loud…

      • Sorcha says:

        He might want to become a vampire again for Elena. He definitely wouldn’t let her go an eternity alone. But what if he can’t, for some reason, revampify? That would be horrible.

      • Tamim says:

        I think it might be interesting if he ended up in a situation where he’s basically human – strength, speed, intelligence, etc. maybe even aging – but functions as if he has a life ring like Jeremy, except he DOESN’T have one. Like the ring, Damon’s new condition prevents him from dying (much like the ring brought people killed by the supernatural back to life) even when he tries to turn himself by drinking blood and jumping off a high cliff. He just wakes back up normal and human. It would be a very karmic kind of punishment for Damon who enjoys being a Vampire so much. You get to be immortal, but you must live your immortal life as a completely normal human being… He’d go crazy!

        • A says:

          That would be interesting. Although I think Damon would generally be ok with being a vampire, human, or supernatural human-type as you suggested above as long as Elena was with him. I don’t think Damon is adverse to being human – he said in 2×12 that he misses being human more than anything else in the world. Elena’s becoming a vampire changed that a little bit because he would want to be with her, but I guess what I’m saying is I don’t think Damon would HATE having the “cure” as much as people seem to think.

      • Cathy O. says:

        I agree. If he becomes human and wants to go back to being a vampire couldn’t he have Elena or Stefan turn him back?

    • Cathy O. says:

      If he is human from now on, I wonder what that would mean for him and Elena. Oh so many unanswered questions.

  11. ggny says:

    there is no doubt Damon is the one that turns human. gonna be a interesting turn for the series

  12. daniela says:

    I dnt think Damon really wnts to b a vampire,I really think deep down he wnts to have kids a life with Elina,as he didn’t wnt to b a vampire originally,stefan made him,he just wnted to b with Katherine an b one so thy could be in love forever,just like now he’ll b whatever Elina wnts him to be,b good if silas turned out to b a Stuning godess and took the salvator bros for her self no I would,lol also its 9pm in UK x

  13. Lauren says:

    I think he is gonna leave for awhile to go work on Fifty Shades of Grey… I mean he is the perfect man to play Christian Grey!

    • wrstlgirl says:

      Umm, no. This is a was off, at least a year if not two.

    • Cathy O. says:

      No, from what I heard, no decision has been made on who will be playing Christian Grey. Therefore, if he leaves I hope he will be returning within one or two episodes. I don’t want him to be gone for too long!

  14. michael says:

    DAMON becomes a HUMAN. he takes the cure . it happen in the books, but it was an accident, and ian said that damon doesn’t want to be a human, and stefan does want, of course the ONE that doesn’t want it..well get it…WOULD BE interesting….maybe the dynamic of the triangle will change…..

  15. Hsiu says:

    No Somerhalder is THE main character of the show. HE CAN’T GO SO EASILY.
    But they have to go new ways with the storyline because too much love triangle is boring! And to much Original stuff also! So what rise this Silas guy? IMHO This leads to nothing. One bad guy after the other? More sensless death or slaughter scenes?I don’t like this. The books are sometimes (!) better with their storyline. Not allways, cause in some parts they are too much fantasy or fairytale (Kitsune, Dark Dimension …) But the Damon story is good. I like this “Book Damon” too. :-)

  16. Cathy O. says:

    OMG, I just had an awful thought. If Damon doesn’t want to be human and ends up human and ends up possibly losing Elena too, he will be devastated. I hope everything works out in the end for Delena.

  17. Adikeo says:

    And my guess is there will some form of nasty side effect associated with this “cure.”

  18. Lacey says:

    I haven’t read the books so I’m missing that source material info, but as soon as they introduced the “cure” storyline I’ve wondered why no one (i.e. the characters) has questioned it. A bunch of vampire hunters have a map that will lead to a “cure” and you just assume that it’s a warm and fuzzy make you human again cure? Why didn’t anyone stop to think that the cure might be a little more final–i.e. the cure to vampireism=true death. Or worse, you’re made human again but you won’t be the age you were when you were turned.

    • Kelli says:

      I thought the same thing. I’m thinking the cure is more like a killing of the vampires instead of turning them human.

      • A says:

        It would have to be. It’s unrealistic to me that, especially after the Sun and Moon curse not turning out to be what it was advertised as, none of the characters have asked why a group of vampire hunters would lead to a cure for vampires. It doesn’t add up. Even if it was a simple cure at the end of the rainbow, at best you still have now-humans who are most likely going to act as they have for hundreds of years as vampires. And that’s assuming that they would decide to take the cure. Why would vampire hunters kill countless vamps to access a map to rehabilitate other vamps? It’s got to be a trap.

  19. Jade says:

    It would be funny if the cure they find is just a wooden stake in a box, with a note saying, “Gotcha! xoxo The Original Witch”. XD

  20. Ashley says:

    I think that it would be an interesting turn of events for Damon to become human. Imagine his reaction to not being able to protect Elena anymore, or for once her being the strong, protective one and him being forced to stand idly by. That would be tons of angst without all of the sirebond/triangle drama. The whole show really would kind of turn on its axis. It could be fun to watch.

  21. Can I just say that I love Stefan more because he’s not with elena and I like Damon less because he is with elena. She’s messes people up.

  22. June says:

    I think that it is nice that Damen is helping Elena out know that is what i call true love Damen you are the best.

  23. Sue says:

    the only thing that would make this show suck, would be if Ian (aka Damon) stopped being gorgeous! Nevertheless I’ll have to sleep on the haul Damon is human thing. Does that brings more or less shirtless… I mean interesting dialogue… ;D

  24. JA says:

    I know it’s “February Sweeps” or whatever, but considering how much is left in the season, I kinda think this whole “cure” storyline is just a red herring to get to some other major cliffhanger for the end of the season. And teasing the death of Damon? So not gonna happen…this show has always been, at it’s core, a story about the Salvatore brothers and their relationship with each other, so they’d be pulling the most important thread out of this whole storyline. I know Elena is a huge part of it, but it all comes back to the Damon/Stephan dynamic, specifically their loyalty/love for each other versus their diverging goals.

    So, my take? Damon’s “death” is metaphorical: he’ll “hang himself” not literally as in dying but figuratively as in sacrificing everything he truly wants–including Elena–to help Elena get whatever Elena wants, whether there’s a cure or not. As much as I want Delena as the endgame, I think we’ll end the season with Damon an emotionally (and maybe physically) broken person because of his sacrifices for her.

  25. S says:

    I can’t even think cause Ian is looking too gorgeous in the poster :drools: omg……. I just hope he’s not off any episodes. Damon is my favorite character.

  26. Jj says:

    I am sure that the cure is another Curse of The Sun and Moon debacle. It will not be what it promises. I also am beginning to believe that Elena will die. Only her death will affect everyone profoundly enough to change the course of the show. However, I think Silas is real, and he will bring her back. The question is, will she be a vampire again, or will he literally bring her back to life?

  27. xxx says:

    If Damon turns human.. He gonna be the same? I mean Caroline and Elena change a litter bit in their personality. And what we saw in flashbacks Damon isnt the same when he is human and when he is vampire. So my question is He gonna be the same if he turns to human?? and Elena would like Damon as a human?

  28. Kelli says:

    I can’t see Damon as a human again. I don’t think I want to see Damon as a human again. He’s too reckless. He’d do something to get himself killed every day. Can you imagine how drunk he’d be all the time? The only interesting dynamic of it would be watching Stefan keep Damon alive (it would be a full time job). And somehow he would get blamed for being the one to get the cure, even though he’s the only one who doesn’t want it. Damon rarely gets what he really wants. And he doesn’t want this.. I don’t want it for him! I wouldn’t mind if he died and was resurrected though. If only for the reactions.

  29. N/A says:

    there was 12 council members that died,12 hybrids that died and there are 12 vamps looking for the ‘cure’. maybe there is no ‘cure’? maybe silus just brings back the dead. so Damon could die and come back as a human because of silus.

  30. EES says:

    Despite not following them to the letter, the writers do take some ideas from de books! So, my guess is that Damon takes the cure accidentally (the black rose in the books) and becomes human. He doesn´t like it and goes in the search of becomming a vampire again (maybe next season). The altered state of mind of Elena can be related to her ressurection by Silas… And then Silas could be this Guardian that appears in the books (that would explain why Kol was so affraid of him). I just hope it doesn´t go by the books to its very end because I woul throw my TV set ou of the window!!!! Elena with Stefan and Damon moving on with Bonnie (implied in the books). NO WAY! I only whatch this show because I hope it ends differently from the books (for the sake of those blue eyes). All the rest is totally boring (Elena included).

  31. Beth says:

    Just going to say: Elena’s TOTALLY not worth it. I think the time has come to stake Elena and be done with it. Then the Salvatores can go around the country together solving crimes and stuff. There’s a plotline I can get behind!

  32. Rachel says:

    Damon may end up human, but the spoiler clearly says there will be a major DEATH. Not death of someone’s vampirism, but DEATH as in dead, as in they won’t come back alive anymore.

    • A says:

      Jeremy? This would be interesting because it could cause Elena to go to a really dark place and change the entire dynamic of the show.

  33. AAO says:

    In the books Damon turns human, he hates it. Go to hell to become vamipre again, suceed and end up dead saving Bonnie. Don’t panic he return from dead. Its a good storylinte to follow. I think.

  34. Michelle says:

    Professor Shane has mentioned several times that Silas will raise whomever died in his name. There has to be a reason for him to say this. So I believe somehow Damon will sacrifice himself to get the cure/raise Silas and then will be brought back at the end of the season (lots of episodes without him- boo). I don’t think they’ll make him human. He’s too entertaining as a vampire. But the sire bond would be broken. However, I do feel like Elena will be human again at some point.

  35. sarah says:

    Well yesterday online there was an article that something INSANE happens that will change Damon, Stean and Elena forever! I have not read the books so everything is new to me but some people said Damon dies and then comes back human! That will be super crazy if that happens. I guess if he were to die again after that then he can not become a vampire again!

  36. kelride says:

    I think if Damon turned human it would be a great plot device to take the story in a new and refreshing direction. We have had to watch Elena come to terms with going from human to vampire, but what about the angst that a vampire would have turning human? I remember Damon says he did miss being human, but how much? I imagine he probably remembers his human years as good but I don’t think he would be willing to give up all the abilities he has as a vampire to experience it again.

    Also positive note, he becomes human the sire bond is broken. I think that is what he was most afraid of, that if Elena got the cure she wouldn’t love him anymore and go back to Stefan. At least if he turns human we know his feelings won’t change and hopefully if the writers follow the logic of the sire bond (the bond controls actions not feelings), Elena’s feelings won’t change either.

  37. Cathy O. says:

    Anyone else read this?

    The star, who plays Elena on the Vampire series, hinted that “something pretty tragic” will be taking place amongst the characters on the show including her off screen beau Ian Somenhalder who plays Damon.

    Nina told E! Online: “Something happens in the near future, something pretty tragic and terrible and kind of show changing.

    “It’s going to really affect every single person. It’s going to especially affect Damon, Elena and Stefan in a pretty crazy, controversial way.”

    Nina added: “The whole show is going to shift. It’s going to be explosive.”

  38. Cathy O. says:

    Okay we all know if Damon dies, he will be back since he is a main character. So supposedly someone is going to die permanently. I think it will be either Tyler or Caroline who dies permanently. Elena is suppose to be in an altered state. I am thinking she will somehow lose her memory or something in that nature. I am hoping not for Delena’s sake but if she and Damon ends up having a real relationship, it won’t be anytime soon if that happens. OMG what if she loses her memory and thinks she’s still with Matt!

    I was just reading where Julie Plec said the show could actually last for ten years with the material they have. I love TVD but ten years is a bit much. There is no way in hell I could watch the love triangle going on for that long. Hopefully she was kidding.

  39. smthkly says:

    I think Rebekah will somehow die. I may be wrong but I don’t think she has been mentioned as cast in the spin-off unless she is going to stay around on TVD as Stefan’s love interest/occasional villian.

    I think Damon will sacrifice himself to get the cure for Elena either on the island or by the hands of Klaus who will eventually be free & even more upset over the loss of Kol and being imprisoned. She will then take the cure (assuming it is some kind of liquid) but give it to Damon instead of drinking herself. He will awake but as a human. What I can’t figure out is why he wouldn’t immediately want to become a vampire again, is there a chance of Elena still being cured, will he really die if he changes too quickly, etc?? If he has Elena turn him, will that mean he will be sired to her?

    SPOILER….Saw article that said Ian was to be in all eps but that when he ‘dies’ he will meet Alaric on the other side. I don’t want Damon to die but I am excited to see him with Ric again. I love their bromance and all the little hints as to how much Damon misses him this season.

  40. Love Tvd says:

    You’ll be happy to know there is only one cure. The one cure was made so the hunter could hunt it down cute sylus and kill him. That’s the purpose. I think rebeka is going to throw this massive tantrum when she finds out. And I think everyone who wants it is going to fight for it. So everyone is going to get a bit selfish over the cure. Shane is now evil I hate him.. & I want Claus amd Caroline to be together.

    • Jesseca says:

      I think everyone doesnt see Klaus as what he truly is. Hurt! & That he just wants to be loved. I love him! He is my favorite on the show..<3

  41. j.p says:

    If Damon dies then he would have time to make 50 shades…Just saying

  42. silvia36 says:

    the rope is for Damon to save his own life from the sun …. because his ring is gone. He has hope they (Rebekah, Stefan & Elena ) will save him. And they will, but Damon dont want to go for the cure and leave or, beacuse love Elena soo much is going too, but he is very sure that Elena will leave him afther. Bonnie & Jeremy must deal with the rise of Silas and the cure, and I think it will bee the death of them because Shane need another bloody death in order to rise Silas. And I think back in the Mistyc Fall Elena is very ,,out of mind,, because of fear for Jeremy and Bonnie life and came out with a plan to rescue from Shane, and beacuse she realize that the Silas and the cure must stay where are now – in the ground. In the end Elena must deal with Damon way to be and must decide if she love Damon ,,just like/way he is,, and not to turn him to Stefan way. But for Damon the sire bond will be still there and create him doubt. It is the way of the producers to kill Delena. and we must dealt with that or we must figt back !!!!

    • Cathy O. says:

      Hi silvia36, did you read this somewhere or is this your opinion as to what will happen? Just wondering. I read a while ago that Elena will lose her humanity after Damon dies or something to that nature and will be wearing his ring. But I am not sure Damon is going to die or just become human again. Also, what happened to Damon’s ring, did Vaughn, the vampire hunter take it? I am hearing so many different scenarios, can’t figure out what’s next. I will just have to wait and see.

      • silvia36 says:

        This is what i think. In the final of 13 ep Damon was trapt by a hunter. By the photo from ep 14 Vaughn the hunter keep Damon tide wth a rope. I think want someting ….maybe he know the team SteEleRek will come to rescue Damon and want to kill 4 vamp one time. The rope is not for kill Damon is for keep him . The poster with Damon with mesage ,,give him emough rope,, is avmesajeto tell us like Damon is in danger.

  43. Jesseca says:

    Damon better not die.

  44. Carly says:

    I really don’t want Damon to be human … I stoped reading the books as he became human cause I just don’t like it.
    He is our strong, fast, Bad/Good VAMPIRE and not a human…
    Please I don’t want a human Damon….

  45. Lisa says:

    I think it only has to do with his ugly run in with Vaughn where he is being tugged by his neck with the rope. Just like the Stefan, Rebekah, and Elena unlikely threesome promo pic which is about them working together and fighting for the cure together in 4×14 Down the Rabbit Hole.

  46. Damonlovefforlife says:

    SPOIlER it’s not a cure it only brings back the dead jeremys dead damons going to die and meet rick and elenas going to lose her humanity and then damons going to come back somehow and tell Stefan that even he can’t bring elena out of it this time x

  47. osumare says:

    Damon and Elena are going to end with eachother any way Stefan and Rebecca’s obviously have feelings for eachother and Jeremy and bonnie like eachother an sooner or pater we all know klause and Caroline have feelings for eachother

    • osumare says:

      And why is Catherine back and kills Jeremy all of this is happening because of. Elena. And the cure just in case u haven’t noticed

  48. Ryley says:

    I think Stefan is going to get the cure. Him or Kathrine. They r the ones ur least expecting. Or it’s going to be Klaus because u r expecting it but thinking it will be someone like Damon or Stefan. I will DIE if Damon gets cured. He doesn’t want to be cured so it will be sad.

  49. p.harrell says:

    Am i the only one who loves elana and stegen together, i mean look what happended to elana because of the sirebond instead of going on the animal diet stefan wanted her to do, because he knows she does not want to hurt peopl, damon wanyed her to bite humans. stefen makes elana a better person, i tottally agree with caroline in this stefen and elana are soul mates.

  50. VampLover says:

    Stelamon. Best name ever guys.